2007-05-22: Bubbalicious Ghetto Flavored Bubblegum


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Summary: Leroy gets an unexpected visitor!

Date It Happened: May 22nd, 2007

Bubbalicious Ghetto Flavored Bubblegum

Bitchin' Stitchin' and Jeremy and Leroy's Flat, Midtown, NYC

Nighttime at the Bitchin' residence, Leroy is seated at a table, sketching a new design while sitting on the table, by his sketch pad is a hairless cat. This is Khan…the bane of the little fashion designer's world. Well he's working hard and nursing tea while Jeremy is doing whatever he does at night time (not having dates mostly). "I just /fed/ your ugly little ass…" But it's said with love, alas, he loves his pussies.

The (not-so-) little fashion designer's world is about to get even more colourful. Outside of the alterations store, a young woman with a mission can barely contain her excitement - but she has a bit of nervous energy running through her, too. Patricia Cherise Pieletta Jones runs a hand through her long, dark hair as she waits, shifting from one high heel to the other; her jewel-encrusted nails sift through her locks, curled and voluminous, ruffling them into place. She looks up at the sign. Bitchin'… Stitchin'. Shaking her head and blinking, she knocks. *Knock, knock, knock!* HI, LEROY, YOU BETTER BE HOME.

Leroy blinks and pulls off his glasses as he points to the cat. "Stay." Then he gracefully raises to his feet to make his way towards the window so he can peek his head out and squint. "…Who dat is?" He looks down. Did he miss an appointment today? He looks very confused for a few moments before squinting. "Can I hel-CAN I HELP YOU?"

She was watching the door, expecting it to, you know, open. That's what doors do, they open. People open doors when the person on the other side knocks! Thus, Cherise snaps her head up in surprise when someone - Leroy! - calls out from above. Heavily glossed, pink lips spread into a bright, sassy smile and she plants a hand on her hip. "Leroy Jones! I know it's been too long but DAMN! You betta not be goin' and forgettin' me that fast!" … The neighbours are going to talk. "Hell YEAH you can help me, fool!" She says it with love. "You can let me in and give me a hug!"

Leroy stares for a few more moments, and just continues to stare. Then he continues to….stare before quietly and numbly dropping a set of keys out the window down to Cherise. "…CHERRY BABY GIRL GET YOURSELF UP HERE RIGHT NOW! Oh mah GOD, where your clothing?!"

"What you mean?!" As far as she's concerned, she's wearing clothing! Snatching the keys from the air, she goes about unlocking Bitchin' Stitchin'. Jingle-jangle-jingle. "Aight, aight, I'm comin' inside, you betta' be decent up in there!" Cherise is one to talk, right? She hustles on inside, a whirlwind pink, bling, dark skin and bouncing curls, giving the inside of the store curious, wide-eyed glances on her way upstairs.

Leroy is waiting for Cherise, throwing the door open and reaching out for his sister to tug her in before anybody sees her. He moves quickly when he really has to! The cats meow, the Donna Summers CD somehow reaches the end right on time and he continues to just -stare- before closing his eyes. "…Oh mah lawd…mama went broke and homeless didn't she?"

Cherise is just gonna assume Leroy's pulling her inside to welcome her. Yeah. She throws her little self at man in a hug. Squeeeeeal! She brings with her the sweet scent of - surprise, surprise - cherries, vanilla, and… a hint of the certain variety of smoke which Gimmie Dat and Q-Train were filling the damn stolen bus with. She can't be blamed. Honest. "/Mama/ ain't the boss of me. Dayum, bro', look atcha, all fanc— OH MY GOD WHAT THE HE-EEELL IS THAT?!?" Cherise backpedals /very rapidly/ in her heels, gesturing wildly behind Leroy. At Khan.

Leroy just hugs Cherise tightly, inhaling deeply even though his nose wrinkles as he picks up a familiar scent but dismisses it quickly in favor of grinning and squeezing Cherise again as he sighs softly. "Oh lawd, lookit you…if she ain't dead she 'bout to be…look at -" He looks behind him at Khan to open and shut his mouth. "Well uh, that's Khan, c'mon in and have a seat. He ain't gonna eat you. I'm going to go find you a bathrobe."

Just when she looks like she's on the verge of leaping into Leroy's arms to get her feet up off the floor (incase the weird little hairless /monster/ gets any smart ideas), Cherise is reassured…. slightly… enough to keep her cool. …slightly. "It has a name? Ohmygod it's--" Her eyes narrow, squinting at Khan. "--it's a /cat/. Tell me you ain't been practicin' the hot wax again." Waving her hand, she smiles, mouth poised— but her smile drops when Leroy announces that he's getting a bathrobe. Nonetheless, she looks around and perches her booty-short wearing booty on a chair. "Uh. Le… Leroy?"

"Yes…he's a cat. We got 4 of 'em really." Leroy keeps up his bastardized southern gentleman accent as he disappears behind a beaded curtain and comes back out with a satiny maroon dressing gown and offering it to Cherise. "And I'll have ya know, I'm really good at hot waxin', thank ya kindly." There is a pause. "Yeeees, babysis?"

Cherise picks up a miniature statue of Buddha/incense holder and turns it over a few times with idle curiousity while Leroy is fetching the (UNECCESSARY) robe, but puts it back down once he re-emerges. "What's this for?" is her question as she reaches out for the dressing gown, feeling the satiny fabric and wondering if it's Leroy's. One delicately-tweezed (or hey, waxed) eyebrow arches.

"You standin' there lookin' like Lil' Kim's Christian Twin doin' a commercial for Bubbalicious Ghetto Flavored Bubblegum. I don't wanna /see/ all that baby." Leroy tosses the hair he does not have and snaps his finger before wiggling a finger. "Go on ahead, and get dressed. Put it on and let me get you some nice iced tea."

Long, mascara'd lashes blinkblinkBLINK at Leroy. Cherise stares. Oh, if her brother only knew… but since he doesn't, and she doesn't /want/ to give him a stress-related brain injury, she obliges. But first, she leans back, one arm crossing her torso haughtily. "Well *I* think my outfit's tight. I got style! /Ghetto bubblegum…/" she mumbles that last bit as she swings the robe around her and slips her arms through with a jingle of her bracelets. She flips hair she /does/ have over her shoulder. "You know I missed you like crazy, B."

Leroy just place a hand on his hip and gives Cherise a once over, lips pressing in a grim line as he eyes her assessing the style. "You got the right idea, but it's so cookie cutter /passe/…" He tsks. "Who's the fashion consultant hm? Me or you?" He moves though to work on pour glasses of tea, chuckling lowly. "I missed you too Babysis, don't nobody talk about you. I was sure you was off at college somewhere or married or sumthin'."

Cookie cutter p— Cherise rolls her eyes, but there's a smile on her lips that hints at the laugh she's repressing. "/You/, and fabulous as always, I got no doubt about that." Some things never change! She gets up and wanders toward where Leroy is fixing the iced tea. The only thing the dressing gown really covers is her arms, since it's untied, but A for effort, right? "Psh, me? Naw," she waves a hand. "I been— busy," she decides. "Gettin' by. Florida. We rolled up in New York jus' the other day, me and my boy and his crazy-ass cuz."

Leroy listens and offers a glass to Cherise, squinting as he shakes his head, resisting the urge to do the inquisition thing just now. "Mm…close ya clothes baby, close 'em before somethin' flop out and scar poor Khan for life." Then he freezes up and worries his bottom lip. "Your boy. Please tell me you mean your man or your boo and that you have /not/ reproduced without a ring on your hand!?"

Cherise rolls her eyes, squints at the cat thing (Khan is scarring her more than she's scaring him, she's sure) and tugs the dressing gown over her outfit. She tiesthe sash in a bow before she takes the glass of iced tea. Promptly, she almost drops it. "Nonononono! Chill! Rewind dat!" Someone's been around Gimmie too long. "I ain't got no babydaddies! No thanks. I'm talkin' about my boo. You'll meet 'im, no doubt. We stayin' at his cousin Shaniqua's."

Leroy pinches the bridge of his nose and just shakes his head. "Good good…Shani-oh lawd, it's like you livin' in a rap video." He shakes his head again. "Ya'll will have to come by for dinner, Jeremy can cook maybe…"

You don't know the half of it. Cherise takes a sip of the iced tea. "Mmmmmm." Her heavy lashes flutter closed for a second in respect for the tea. "Yea, I see if I can drag Q's ass over for a home-cooked meal. You think I can crash here tonight? I'ma be needin' a break from the Ghettro." Don't ask. Just don't ask, Leroy.

Leroy opens his mouth and shuts it before opens his mouth again…and the he shuts it again. "Sure! I…" He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "Ghettro." He frowns. "I'll go get the bed linens and such, if you see a white man…chanting and eating toast, don't be afraid. It ain't White Jesus. It's just mah room mate."

It's Cherise's turn to open her mouth and shut it before opening it again and shutting it again. "… I. Aight." She sips on her ice tea and watches (Chaka?) Khan and comments, largely to herself in awe: "Jus'… dayum, that's one ugly motha' of a pussy."

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