2009-12-08: Bugs and Blushes



Date: December 8th, 2009


Gene takes Lena along to run some errands. His attempt to be nice ends up biting him on the you know what when they find Lachlan, not Cass, running the shop.

"Bugs and Blushes"

East Village, NYC - Enlightenment Books

There is no angst like that of a nineteen year girl having relationship troubles. If Lena could do it, she'd blot out the sun so everyone was as sunk in gloom as she. But as Gene refuses to make a machine capable of blackening the skies, she's had to settle for projecting her misery in other ways, namely makeup and wardrobe. So black is the order of the day as she slouches along a step behind Gene: black skinny jeans, black hoodies, black gloves and lots and lots of black eyeliner. Oh, and Tracy's stolen red lipstick because the red symbolizes the tears pouring from her heart.

Overlooking Little Miss Storm Cloud there, it's been a nice day, really. Cold, crisp, a decorative sprinkling of snow (although the weathermen are predicting heavier flurries later in the week). Just the sort of weather to do some window-shopping. Hey look, a bookstore!

"What, are they like hippies or something?" Lena asks her companion, nose crinkling and overlined eyes squinting at the display of texts in the window. Without awaiting an answer, she jerks the door open to step inside. A sniff tests the air. "Heh…is that patchouli? It is, isn't it?"

When Gene first saw Lena after her disappearance, he got the idea that maybe asking right off the bat about it would be bad. And when it's strong enough that Gene gets that vibe, he figures it's a vibe worth following. That in mind, instead of trying to give a talk, he decided to invite Lena with him as he went to do some visits here and there.

Moving toward the door, Gene goes in as well. "Well, kinda… And I have no idea what patchouli is… That a kinda pasta?" he inquires, looking around for the owner or one of the cashiers. Maybe this time it will be yet another person in need of part time work that he knows about.

Fortunately for Gene, Lachlan has no idea what patchouli is either. Gene is not alone in his ignorance. A silent bond has been made totally unbeknownst to either party. The Scotsman is not usually one to hang around Enlightenment Books as a general thing, but today he was dropping off something from Cass and he is therefore standing at the front desk with cane held in the crook of one arm as he speaks to the girl manning the counter. He glances up when the bells on the door ring and his eyebrows go up in some surprise when he spots Gene — and Gene's company. Wow. Nnnnot exactly the sort of girl he'd ever peg Gene to hang out with. Maybe she's his sister. "Hey, Gene," he greets with a nod. "S'been a while."

"It's incense people burn to cover up the pot smell." She is a veritable font of counterculture information, Lena is. Shoving her hands deep into her pockets, like a kid warned not to touch anything, she pads towards a bookshelf only to be called up short by an unfamiliar voice calling a familiar name. The squint returns, reducing her eyes to narrow slits of blue. "Hey." Not that Lena was greeted. But hey, she's used to that when entering stores; paranoid observation is far more common. The young woman eases back towards Gene, tilting a questioning look up at the genius.

"Hey, Lach…" Gene replies, looking around for anyone else in the store. Seeing that they are long, he gives a bit more information than he normally would. "…was in prison for being awesome. Cass will tell you about it if you ask her. Is she around?" Considering that Lena is wearing gloves, he pulls out an odd device that looks somewhat like a Star Trek phaser. "Lena, run this over the store… If it beeps red and it isn't near an electrical socket or one of the semi-noticible camera I put in here…" He pauses to point them all out. "Let me know. Want to know if The Man has made a visit." He looks back toward Lachlan. "Not an issue of trust, I know The Man can be sneaky, that's all."

Up goes Lachlan's eyebrow at this, but he doesn't argue. Paranoia is another thing he's acquired lately. "Dunna worry 'bout it," he intones. "Keep tryin' ta get Cass ta think the same way." A nod is given toward Lena in greeting, and then his eyes track her, narrowing slightly in thought. "Tha' yer sister 'r somethin'?"

Camera, camera, camera, check. Lena accepts the gadget and gives it a quick once over after noting the locations Gene has indicated. "Got it. No buttons? Good. That's the best kind of gizmo," she observes with a rough sort of approval. Off she'll go then to complete the appointed round, flourishing the phaser with the thorough care required of paranoids. Only a few brief pitstops are made in order to get a better look at a title here or there; for all of her mockery, it is difficult to resist pawing through a new source of books.

"Heh, yeah." Lest they forget she's there, this interjection comes while crouched down to scan the baseboards behind a bookcase. "He got the brains, I got the…hey! No, wait. Socket thing."

"Wha? No, this is Lena. She's my friend. I have lots of friends now. I have this sexy charisma now that makes me all that and a bag of chips," Gene replies, though it's clear from smirk that is far from serious. "Anyway, she's golden. Special like we are," Gene replies. "It's alright, Lena… Doing great," he calls over before looking toward Lachlan. His voice is a whisper, clearly not wanting his friend to overhear.

"Can you tell Cass the next time you see her that I talked with Angela? She claimed that the government took all the stuff about the pills that stop powers. Apparently the gas they use to stop Evolved from using their abilities is based of it. Angela said that Cass had some of the pills, so I think if anyone can make more of them, it's gunna have to be Cass. I'll try and get the formula from the government, but for obvious reasons, not sure I'll be able to get it."

Pulling back, Gene says to Lachlan in a much more conversational tone, "So, how's the kid?"

Whispered information is given a short nod. This is Important, and Lachlan will obviously not forget it. "Fine, fine," he replies with a faint grin. "Growin' like a bloody weed. Y'should drop by an' see 'er sometime. Cass' got 'er right now." Clearly. Another glance toward Lena. "So wha's she do?" Generate black? That seems to be the impression.

"Think it's all clear, it didn't beep at me none. Or do the flashy thing." That would be Lena, popping up like a poison mushroom at Gene's side. Post-whispering, fortunately. The phaser is offered back to the young man but she's focused, at least visually, on Lachlan. Curiosity is met…with curiosity. "Where are you from, dude? Because that's a fuc—frigging awesome accent." She pauses for a beat, a moment spent glancing at the man who names her friend, before mustering a thin smile. "You guys were talking about me, weren't you? Jerks."

"I might, but I need to wait until things clear up a bit. Only reason why I'm coming here is I wanted to make sure things were okay for you both," Gene says with a faint smile. Of course, this would be the point that Lena comes back. "Other than him asking you about your ability, nope. I didn't tell him so you can explain it if you want. He has one two, so you guys can share. 'Sides, if we were talking about you, Lachlan would likely say something to make me blush and right now would be really awkward as opposed to the kinda awkward that I make it when I talk a lot and don't shut up." Two second pause. "Look, it's books." With that, he picks up the closest book and begins to leaf through it.

"Scotland," replies Lachlan easily. "S'a matter with sayin' 'fuckin''?" He smirks slightly, wider at Gene's input. "Tha' kinda friend? A'righ', Gene." Getting laid? Lachlan Approves. He extends a hand toward Lena. "Lachlan Deatley."

Lena's eyes light up and for the first time today, she appears genuinely happy. Delighted even. "I'm trying to turn over a new leaf, you know? 'Cause he goes all squirmy, but hey…" Oh, no, wait. She is trying to behave. Cue the look of casual disinterest again, although she does reach out to accept the offered handshake. "Lena. Something or other. I never did figure out a cool last name to go with it. I make drugs and get people all cracked out when I touch them but I'm not fucking Gene."



Yeah, that good behavior didn't last long.

The Geek God continues to read his book, which has to do with UFOs and the Kennedys. It is a horrid book, but it beats making eye contact with either potty mouth by a long shot. While the style was not Gene-like, at least the truth is made known. The final word causes Gene to blush as he gets a slight confused look to him. He's never gunna understand women. At all.

"A'/righ'/, then," snickers Lachlan with a broad grin. "Maybe Cass an' I'll take 'im out an' get 'im pissed fer ye sometime." Was that supposed to be a whisper? Oops. "No' tha' ye need it, 'parently." After a firm shake, he lets Lena's hand drop. "'R ye supplyin' 'r just makin' fer yer own use?" Drugs, that is.

Mission accomplished! Perhaps the world isn't so cruel after all. Lena peeks at Gene, having to fight a grin at seeing the stain of color in his cheeks. One of these days, she might figure out that not everyone enjoys teasing as much as she does. But that'll have to wait for later. "Hey Gene, I like this guy! He's almost as cool as yo— Huh? Oh…nah, none of it works on me. What I make or much of anything else really, I can't even drink. It kinda sucks, you know?"

But she'll dwell on that later. Right now, questions! "Who's Cass? And what do you do?"

"No one is seducing Gene! He is a wall of wallness!" Gene states without looking up from his book. "Glad you guys are getting along though."

Uh-huh. Lachlan shoots Lena a knowing look. Seduce! Seduce like the wind! Or something seductive, at any rate. "Sure, Gene, yer safe." Grin. Back to Lena: "Train dogs, 'cause I can talk ta 'em with my mind. Cats, too, some rodents. Started off as just dogs, though." He gives a small jerk of his chin toward her. "Used ta deal, but Cass put me straight. M'wife."

"Pft, walls get more action than you do, man. Pick a different…thing." The retort sounded so much cooler in her mind. But then, they usually do. Lena cants her head to size up Lachlan, expression shading towards the calculating as information is handed over. "Yeah? That's pretty awesome, do they talk back to you? 'Cause I got Chi this cat and I swear to god the little shit hates me even though I was the one that saved it." Pause for gloom. Pause. More pause, and a sigh.

"Yeah, nevermind. Doesn't matter…Cass made you stop, huh? So, she's like, a good influence?" How depressing, all of these stellar role models around her and not one suits the emo princess.

"Ceiling of Ceilingness then," Gene replies, though it lacks the urgecy of his last reply. He listens in on the two still though, glancing up from time to time. Now he's browsing through the part of the book that discusses UFOs and Lincoln.

"Yeah, they do," Lachlan responds. "Sounds crazy when ye put it tha' way. Can give yer cat a look at least, if ye want." He fishes about in his pocket and comes up with a business card, which he holds out to Lena. "Free o' charge, since I dunna train cats." Just dogs, as the card would attest. "An' yeah, Cass' a good influence." Something seems to state that he doesn't mind being goodly influenced, really. And with a glance at his watch, the Scotsman takes up his cane. "Better get goin'. Nice meetin' ye, though, Lena, and Gene, s'good ta see ye."

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