2010-05-14: Bugs Are Crunchy (The Amazon)



Date: May 14, 2010


Yossarian looks after Jo.

"Bugs Are Crunchy"

The Amazon

There is only one in this group of displaced New Yorkers who doesn't care if they ever make it home or not. The rainforest is like a home; comfortable, surrounded by wildlife and animals, with the soft soil underfoot and plenty of nourishing things to eat.

That individual is not Dee. It's Yossarian.

An hour prior, the smarter-than-average meerkat noticed that Frizzy-hair-injured-man-thing-with-a-gun - AKA Jo, was not eating.

Naturally, meerkats feed those in their group who are unable to feed themselves. For some reason, Jo has become unable to feed herself, and is in dire need of Yossarian's services as a provider. In Africa, the best things ever to get hold of were giant millipedes. As this is the Amazon, and on a completely different continent, they don't have those here. However, they do have really nasty-looking centipedes! Crunchy! After beheadding the wiggly thing with a quick snap of the teeth, Yossarian brings the thing back to Jo, climbs up on her chest, and attempts to push it right into her mouth.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Jo isn't entirely all there; she's confused, unclear, and struggles to bring the world into focus. Thus, she's laying down with her eyes closed. But when something is climbing on her chest, her eyes pop open, and she shrieks at the bug being pushed into her mouth— sitting up with a start. Although when she relaxes some, she actually begins chewing. The centipede isn't half-bad. In fact, she kind of smiles as she calms down and lays back down. After chewing and swallowing she smirks. "Heya half pint. Don't worry, I'm still alive… hopefully that wasn't poisonous or something." Her eyes close gently again.

"T'chk!" Yossarian says as Jo sits up, and he goes sprawling across the ground. He's standing up again shortly, though, head tilting, picking up the words he's being told with a little difficulty. Not having Dee there to translate is a challenge, but he understands the whole chewing thing. And the smile. That means she's happy!

Poy-zun? Naaah. Yossarian made sure to drag it through the dirt REAL GOOD to get all the poy-zun off, just like he used to do in the desert. Just like momma taught him! Sure, if there's poy-zun on the inside, he couldn't get to that, but hey. He eats them just fine. Jo can, too.

He runs off again. Minutes pass. When he comes back, he's got a scorpion in his teeth, tail and claws very thoughtfully chewed off, because it's quite angry at being half eaten. Since Jo is awake, he sets this offering in front of her, and sits, looking up at her.

Jo eyes the scorpion a little more skeptically. "I'm not sure I can eat that…" she says with narrowing eyes. "But… thank you?" She pokes at the scorpion and the examines its lack of stinger and claws — that should make it safe, right? With a hmm and another grin she brings it up to her lips to chomp on the crunchy sucker.

If she dies of poisoning at least she'll have had the memory of being fed by a meerkat. With a broad grin she reaches out to tickle Yossarian's stomach. "Your a cute little fella. Even if you interrupted my pool time back in Manaus. I bet you can find all kinds of awesome bugs." She glances around the area for stray ears— she can't very well let anyone know she's got a soft side and not only talks to animals but also enjoys doing it.

The scorpion is sufficiently de-poisoned. It's also got a whole bunch of good stuff in it to promote healing. Scorpion is VERY healthy. At least, that's what Yossarian thinks. And Jo is definitely in need of healing.
"K-hk," the meerkat says when his tummy is tickled. Rolling over on his side, he playfully nips at Jo's fingers. He can't really say much in the way of providing any sort of conversation, but he can make someone who's hurting feel a whole lot better.

When Yossarian is back on his feet, he climbs up on Jo again. It's actually not too hard without claws, once you figure out how, and it's not long before he's in the former agent's hair.

Giggling, Jo reaches up to her hair to tickle Yossarian again, even though it tickles to have a meerkat in her hair. "It's a mess, I'm afraid. Had it under this sombrero for a bet so…" she grins further as the meerkat snakes through it. "Whatcha lookin' for? The good bugs I bet. They tend to migrate into hair. I've heard though that most stick better to clean hair than dirty. The good news is it's kind of dirty so I might be okay in that regard.."

Well, there's a lot of dirt in here. And damp. And yeah, a couple bugs, but nothing really interesting. Jo really should sleep somewhere other than on the ground if she doesn't want bugs in her hair.

Winding around her shoulders and using her ear as a stepstool, the meerkat makes his way to the top of Jo's head, standing, looking out over all he surveys. And he surveys Dee! Quickly, he dives right into Jo's shirt.

Jo squeals as Yossarian dives into Jo's shirt. Her body tenses, her nose wrinkles, and she's giggling again. Yes, Katherine Josephine River Scott is giggling. You better take a picture because you ain't nevah gonna see it again. With that same bright smile, she is looking into her shirt for her meerkat friend, "Whatcha doin' in their, friend? Come oooon. You wanna come out…"

As Dee gets closer, she can better focus on the incessant chatter of the little meerkat in her head. He's very excitable. And apparently, he's bothering their patient.

"Sorry, Jo. He was just tryin'a take care of ya."
Yossarian peeks his head out from Jo's collar, sticks his nose into her ear, and then romps right down to the ground and rolls to a stop at Dee's feet. The animal handler puts one hand down in the dirt and gently lowers herself to the ground, keeping her bad knee straight out in front of her. She's been walking on it so much lately, that she doesn't think it'll ever get better.

"How're y'feelin'? Seemin' more lucid; that's good. Yossarian tells me y'ate some of 'is gifts. 'least yer eatin' somethin'. Lemme see your eyes." Dee produces a pen light from the pocket of her torn, dirty clothes and shines it in Jo's eye. "Blink for me.""

"Don't worry about it. I like him," more than she likes most people, "even if he force-fed me a centipede. A bit crunchy for my tastes but… hnnnh." With a weaker smile she straightens and complies with the vet's request. She blinks before looking away from the light. Now she's blinking harder because she sees spots, bright purple-hued spots.

"Ugh. I think I'm okay. Maybe. I dunno. Still have a headache." Instinctively she raises a hand to her forehead before her eyebrows furrow. "Wait. You know he fed those bugs. And… he told you…?" her mouth gapes a little. "Thats…" weird. Freakish. Something she shoot. "…interesting…" An odd choice of words for Jo Scott. Maybe she's growing?

Dee pulls the light away as soon as Jo seems uncomfortable with it. Not a good sign. They just don't have the supplies out here to deal with someone as hurt as she is. "I'ma check your bandages."

As she works on that, pale blue eyes meet Jo's for a moment. "Aye. Figured ya'd be better off knowin', so y'don't throw another bloody strop next time you see Bashir patrollin' the camp." There's a small smile after the statement. "Dunno if y'know abou' people like me or not. S'a little weird, but it's got its high points, like talkin' to meerkats. Looks like we got that in common, though."

Pulling one of Jo's old bandages off, Dee reaches into her bag for another one, only to find that she's only got one pack of sterile gauze left in there. Maybe there's more with the other supplies, but… it's a harsh reminder that they have to conserve their supplies. Tearing the pack open, she then further tears the gauze in two.

"Who is Bashir?" Jo asks idly as she shifts into a more comfortable position very slowly. She has a high pain tolerance, but all things considered everything hurts. Everywhere. And she feels worn thin… like too little butter on too much bread. "Thanks for the warning," she says quietly. She wonders if Erin was right; if some evolveds aren't inherently evil. Nothing about Dee was mean or foreboding; she's not sending animals to kill people or anything. She contemplatively presses her lips together. Massaging her temples, she frowns a little, but only very little. She forces a weak smile, "How long have you been able to do that? I bet Yossarian likes being understood by someone…"

"You don't… Remember." It started as a question, but midway through, Dee realised that she really shouldn't be surprised at all, with the head trauma at all. Biting her lip - and remembering how much Jo enjoyed Yossarian's company - she looks over her shoulder for just a moment, and…

The big cat appears, lumbering forward through the trees almost placidly, yawning as he approaches. Yossarian, undisturbed by the large animal's arrival, hops right up on its back. "This is Bashir," Dee says. "You actually named him."

As Bashir stretches out across the ground, Dee continues changing Jo's bandages. "I dunno… a few years? Started hearin' voices in my head. Thought I was goin' crazy 'til I realised my cat was talkin' t'me. Then I knew I was crazy." She laughs. "Then they started doin' what I was tellin' 'em. I'm better friends with some o' them than I am with people, I think."

There's a long pause before she adds, "Found out it runs in fam'lies, too. My twin sister had a power." Had.

Jo's eyes widen at the jaguar. "Really? Bashir? Bagheera would've been more appropriate."

It runs in families. Teddy. Jo's eyes narrow just a little. Could one of her other brothers have an ability? Her eyebrows furrow. It's not like she'd kept in touch with any of them after her parents died. In fact, besides Teddy, she'd become the veritable black sheep of the family; the member who didn't do Christmas, Thanksgiving or the like. What if one of them could do what Teddy can? She presses her lips together to silence her thoughts.

"My brother had one too," had. Teddy is dead to her. Anyone who murders his own parents in cold blood would be.

Dee chuckles again. "Hey, I dunno what goes on in your head. You're the one who said Bashir. So Bashir 'e became!"

Leaning back on one hand so she can reach into her pocket, she pulls out a small foil-wrapped pack containing exactly two Motrin. "I don't want you to take these now. But if the pain gets so unbearable that you want to scream, then you take them. We don't have enough for anything else, aye? I'm no' even taking anythin' for my knee." In fact, she hasn't offered the Motrin to anyone else at all, but she's pretty sure Jo could use that reassurance about now.

Noting use of the word 'had' as well, Dee looks at the ground. "Me sister was murdered. Y'know there was an 'ole group out there just dedicated to findin' people like me and… Well, they got 'er. She's gone. S'pretty weird lookin' into yer own dead face." Pulling back the leg on her cargo pants, she shows off the scarred, burned leg. Thankfully, it's the same one with the damaged knee. "I was a lot luckier. Sorry abou' yer brother."

Jo frowns now as she pulls the Motrin into her pocket. "I have a really high pain tolerance, I will be fine." Yet she still took the drugs. Maybe she won't be so fine. Her head more than anything is in a large amount of pain.

She frowns further at the mention of the Alpha Protocol. Her guilt burns more than the pain itself; she didn't know what they were doing and she believed they were all dangerous. Regardless, she sighs, it's not worth talking about. "Sorry about you being like… caught and stuff." Why was her sister killed? Most were kept alive regardless.

Technically, Jaz's death was probably some sort of accident. They didn't dose her high enough, or they gave her the wrong drug - like the one that made Dee's ability go haywire. In any case, Dee will never know. It's one of those great mysteries she'll never be able to solve.

Dee smiles, though, reaching out to scratch between Bashir's ears. "Y'know, Jaz and I weren't really that close." It's the first time she's admitted it. Still, it was the principle of the thing. "It'll be okay, I think. With time. Time heals all, and stuff, hah! But really. I've go' an amazin' talent. And I've already done more for the poachin' problem in Africa than anyone ever 'as before. I mean, teachin' the animals how not t'get poached - that'll really 'elp. And they'll pass that knowledge on. So…" she shrugs, and starts pushing herself to her feet.

"Anythin' I can do ta make you more comfortable? We don't 'ave much, I'm afraid."

Jo stares at the ground and nods a little. "Losing family is never easy. Close or not." If one of her brothers died now she'd be in that same boat. She used to be close to them. She used to know everything about them. But then her parents died and she became… well her.

Managing another smile she shakes her head. "I'm fine. Honest. I just need rest or something." She shrugs a little only to cringe seconds later. It hurt. The simple motion of a shrug hurt. Not good.

Dee smiles as she finally makes it to her feet. "I am far too young t'be 'avin' problems walkin' already," she mutters. "C'mon, guys. M'gonna put you to work," is added, and Bashir gets to his feet, with Yossarian still on his back.

Though Dee isn't entirely sure about Jo, the wounds looked all right, and she's in good spirits - it seems. Maybe their hardest case will make it, after all! Well. Their hardest case besides the deceased, but Dee's no miracle worker. There's not much she could do for them. "Just stay there, aye? Don't move around to much, don't get those injuries dirty, and I think you'll be A-ok."

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