2010-02-19: Bump in the Night



Date: February 19, 2010


A strange delivery turns a university student's quiet evening into a nightmare.

"Bump in the Night"

Downtown, NYC - Eastern Centennial Apts - Apartment 509

Cora is sitting on her bed as the sun is going down, relaxing and tapping at the laptop beside her. She had a long day at classes, so the first thing she did when she came home was made a cup of tea and got into something cozy to relax in. Of course, a tank and undies isn't exactly answer-the-door clothing, but she's not expecting visitors.

The brunette woman dressed in the Dean and Deluca uniform steps up the stairs carefully before arriving in front of Cora's room. Overall, she seems unassuming. Her curly hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail, and her lips curl into a warm and inviting customer-service-type smile. Her build is slim, her features dainty, all in all, she doesn't appear threatening. The delivery girl carries a large box with her containing a dozen cupcakes from the bakery. There's a gentle rap on the girl's door. "Delivery from Dean and Deluca!" she chimes musically.

Cora blinks, moving her laptop and sitting up. "I, um, I'll be right there," she calls, pulling on a bathrobe and making her way to the door. Sure, she's been to the bakery, but she never told them where she lived, and after her neighbor's vanishing, she's a little more paranoid. The door opens a crack, still held closed with the heavy chain lock, and Cora peeks outside. "I didn't order anything."

"Oh?" Jo asks as she wrinkles her nose. "Maybe someone ordered them on your behalf?" She fishes about for her delivery form, but she can't manage to find it while still holding onto the box. Finally she asks, "Are you Ms. Cora Walker?" Her eyes narrow. "It's just cupcakes. And they're moist and delicious. The bakery always does a good job, I swear…"

Cora frowns a little more, then unchains the door - against her better judgement, perhaps - and closes her bathrobe tightly before opening the door up. "I don't have any money on me," she warns, though if someone ordered them for her, they're probably already paid for.

"They've been paid for," Jo answers with a toothy grin. "Here, hold these," she passes the box over to Cora again. "They're amazing, really. Just incredible. I would eat the strawberry vanilla ones first. And then move onto the mocha." She winks.

Cora smiles a little and opens the box up, looking the cupcake assortment over. "They do look really good," the woman observes, adjusting her glasses and taking another sniff. It must have been the same secret admirer from the 14th, she figures.

"Juuuuuust… sign here for them," Jo points to the line of a small pad that she carries in her back pocket. "They are phenomenal. Best thing in the bakery, I think. The bakers could sell these puppies for much more than they do…"

Cora nods and takes the pad, scribbling her signature on it. The comment draws a bit of a giggle from her. "Well, I hope they taste as good as they sound," she replies, handing the pad back with a smile.

"Excellent. Well I hope you enjoy them," Jo smiles as she backs out of the doorway. Across the street one of her colleagues is using binoculars to watch the red head in her apartment, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Cora closes and locks the door again, looking at the cupcakes. They look really good, but she's trying her best not to eat snack food after dinner - the temptation is a little too much though, and she takes a cupcake before tucking the box in the fridge for tomorrow, then turns back to her room. Her clothes are all laid out for the morning, so she closes her laptop and slides it back into her backpack, grabs a pair of pajama pants for the night, and lays down with a good book. It'll be a few minutes before she turns the light off, leaving the apartment dim, but not dark, and starts trying to get to sleep. The cupcake sits forgotten on the table next to her bed, blocked from view by the pillow.

And the soldier across the street radios his superior, "Boyscout to Freelancer, come in Freelancer. The eagle has landed. Repeat, the eagle has landed."

Jo reaches for the radio at her belt and brings it to her lips, "Roger, roger! Boyscout, shoot the darts — I'm not getting ambushed again!"

Vaughn shoots the solution darts towards the window, but the windows are sturdier than he thought. Instead of taking the time to radio Jo that he didn't manage to shoot the target, he tries again. Meanwhile the ground troops begin to move.

Black clad men fill the hallway, fully ready to take the woman down. There is no underestimating the evolved.

The team of black clad men break down the door to the apartment.

Cora hears the darts hit the window and starts awake, then hears people in the hallway. Something feels very wrong to her right now. She rolls out of bed, landing on the floor, then moving over toward the desk and trying her best to blend into the room.

And a number of black clad men enter the apartment with their team leader in the middle of the crowd. She points towards the bedroom and sure enough three men pile in. "No sign, Freelancer!"

"Dammit, boyscout," she murmurs quietly as she holds her dart gun in front of her, ready to shoot her target should she spot it again. Another five men linger in the hallway while five more peer about the apartment.

Cora quietly stuffs a few clothes into her backpack, pulling on a pair of actual pants and slipping her feet into shoes. There's a look of wide-eyed fear on her face as she sneaks through the kitchen and toward the door. If she can get out, she'll be home free! However, when she gets into the hallway, she realizes another problem: The hallway is narrow, and the black-clad men are standing in the middle of the way. There's almost enough room, so she tries it, pressing herself flat against the wall and trying her best not to brush against them, only to have her weight come down on a squeaky board.

And the squeaky board gets two of the black clad men's attention. Both begin blindly shooting Solution darts in the general direction of the squeak, drawing their superior into the hallway. She glances around the area and motions for her team to lay silent. In wait.

Cora turns to run, but isn't quite lucky enough to make it far before one of the darts catches her in the back of the arm. She manages to get a few more steps before crumpling to the ground, fully dressed, wearing her backpack, where there clearly was no one visible before.

The black clad men are on her in instants, surrounding her with their tranquilizer dart-filled guns. One of them gets an itchy trigger finger and fires, his superior frowning a moment; they're supposed to do such thing on her order, but then, it needed to be done, right? It's always easier to take them in when they've been sedated.

Cora doesn't move again, having /almost/ made it to freedom. Had any of them been able to see her face before she fell, they would have seen terror and confusion - She has no idea why they came for her.

"Take her away in the van on the street," Jo orders before she reaches for her radio, "Freelancer to Boyscout. Boyscout, you're getting beats when we get back. Just an FYI." That said, she turns the radio to silent as her men move Cora.

As far as things that go bump in the night, the AP agents are somewhat terrifying.

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