2008-02-03: Burger and a Crazy Story


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Summary: Jamie meets Sierra at McDonalds to tell her side of the burglaries, but isn't believed.

Date It Happened: February 3rd, 2008

Burger and a Crazy Story

McDonalds, somewhere in New York

It's the late afternoon on this 'nice' New York City day. The sun isn't shining and the wind is blowing. The threat of rain and/or snow is ever looming from the clouds above. In front of the many McDonalds in the city stands Sierra LeBlanc, all bundled up in the cold weather. As she softly chews some gum, her eyes gaze around the street, as if she is looking for someone, expecting them to be arriving soon.

Jamie comes running up the street, moving left or right to avoid other people but not letting it slow her down in the least. She slows as she nears McDonalds, and stops by Sierra, smiling up to her, "Hi. You came!"

Sierra can't help but notice people being disgruntled at what appears to be a child…who is swearving this way and that while running towards this spot. She recognizes the child and smiles softly. "Bonjour, cherie! Of course I came! Why did you think I would not?" She grins. "Regardless, there was another robbery last night. And if you can tell me something about this, then it would help my story greatly!" Though in all honesty, she doesn't believe that this girl knows anything, but she can still muse with the thought.

Jamie nods quickly to that and smiles, "I can tell you something! But you gotta promise you won't say who told you. Or any names or nothing. And..um… can I have a cheeseburger?"

Sierra shakes her head fervently, opening the door to the McDonalds for Jamie to enter. "Of course, of course! Not a peep. No one will get even a whiff of your name, cherie!" When asked if she can have a cheeseburger, she nods. "Oui. You can get anything you want. I am paying for it."

Jamie grins again and says, "Thanks." She runs on inside, a bundle of energy it seems. She waits, though, once inside. She takes off her coat, but looks unsure whether to go to the counter or find a table.

Sierra chuckles once more and follows Jamie in. "Come on, let us order our food, and then we shall go find ourselves a table, hmm?" She says, leading up to the counter. There seems to be about two or three people ahead of them, however.

Jamie fidgets and looks rather impatient the whole time they're waiting in line, but she doesn't say anything until after they've gotten their food, (Jamie orders a milkshake too to go with the burger), and found a table near the back. "I'm the one that lets them in the door," she says as soon as they're sitting.

Sierra just orders herself something to drink, a small orange coke (trying to watch her figure, don't you know), pays, tucking the receipt in her wallet to get the money back from work, and walks with Jamie to the table. As she sits, she looks slightly amused. "You are the one who lets who through doors?"

Jamie shrugs to that and says, "Whoever Joe tells me to let in. Um.. don't use his name either. Usually it's Switch, though, 'cause he's the fastest. He's kinda mean, though."

Sierra shakes her head. "Who is Joe? And are you saying that you are breaking into these homes, Jamie?" She has her notepad out, taking a few notes, but still not really believing it. Probably just a kid wanting attention and making up a story.

Jamie shrugs a bit, "Joe's… well, he's not my dad, but he kinda is. Looks after me and stuff." She takes a bite of her burger, and then shakes her head quickly. She tries to answer with her mouth full, but she can't even understand herself, so she swallows and says again, "I turn into water and fwooosh down the sewers and back up through their sink or bathtub drain and then go unlock the door for them."

Okay…maybe Sierra can do something strange, and she's seen someone else heal themselves from a really deep cut almost instantaneously, but that's just ridiculous in her mind, for whatever reason. "You can…turn into l'eau? Water? That…" She pauses for a moment before grinning widely. "Ah, you got me! That is a good one. Nice little story."

Jamie blinks at that and shakes her head quickly, "It's not a story!" She makes a face and says, "Everybody always thinks I'm making it up, but I can do it!"

Sierra smiles wryly, nodding. "I am sure you can. I am certainly impressed by that. It's not everyone who can turn into water." She says, humouring Jamie. But then again, it's not everyone who can change to look and sound like anyone else in the world.

Jamie relaxes again, satisfied and not grasping that Sierra still doesn't believe her. "Yeah! Think I'm the only one. Never met nobody else that can do something like that."

Sierra nods firmly, a little glint in her eye. "I have never heard of anyone being able to do that, that is for certain. It is a really good skill to have. It lets you be very sneaky sneaky!"

Jamie nods quickly to that with a smile, "Yep! And if I fall from somewhere really high, I can just turn into water and I won't be hurt." Her feet swing under her chair absently, and she takes another bite of burger.

Sierra nods firmly. "You are very lucky, then! I am very jealous. I wish I could do what you can do!" She says with a big smile, sipping a small bit from her pop.

Jamie nods quickly again with a smile, "Yeah, it's fun." Then she asks, "There anythin' else ya wanna know then?" She picks up her milkshake to take a sip after asking.

Sierra thinks about this for a moment. "Well, do you know when this is going to happen again?" She asks cautiously.

Jamie nods quickly to that and says, "Uh-huh. Tonight." She answers it simply, without any kind of hesitation, and just goes on eating her burger.

Sierra smiles at Jamie. "Do you know when? Or where it is going to happen? Has…'Joe' told you anything about it yet?" She's still humouring the girl, though she keeps her notepad at the ready.

Jamie nods quickly, "Well, supposedta meet Switch at ten. Dunno where he'll take me yet. When he's doing it, he usually goes scoutin' in the day to find a house near a sewer hole, and that nobody'll be home."

Sierra nods ever so slightly. "Ah oui, of course. Of course. That makes perfect sense." She puts down her pen and pad. "So, since you turn into water…does that mean you never need to take a bath?"

Jamie shakes her head, "Nope, I gotta sometimes. Not as much as I usedta, but sometimes. Water can get dirty too. If I hide in a swimming pool I come back to normal smelling all javexy, and if I get muddy I'm all dirty when I go back to normal."

Sierra nods slightly. "That makes plenty of sense, I suppose." She says softly. "So when you do take baths, do you just turn into water in the tub and then you're all clean?"

Jamie shakes her head quickly, "Well, when I'm not too dirty, yeah. But when I'm really muddy and stuff, it only gets rid of some of the dirt that way. 'Cause I mix with the bath water and so does the dirt."

Sierra smiles and nods, finishing off her drink. "Well, we should get going. Do you want me to walk you anywhere?" She asks casually. "We should talk again soon anyway, okay? You can keep me up to date, and I can ask you more questions. Sound like a deal? I'll even buy you more cheeseburgers and milkshakes."

Jamie quickly scrambles to finish the last of her meal, and the last of her drink, and then nods quickly. "Deal! And it's ok, you'd just slow me down."

Sierra nods firmly. "Well then, it was a pleasure to talk to you, Jamie. I look forward to meeting you again!"

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