2009-09-24: Business Unusual



Date: September 24th, 2009


Kitty meets with the consultant her mother used for Hanner Enterprises and is surprised to find a face she thinks she recognizes. (YOU SAW NOTHING.)

"Business Unusual"

Hanner Enterprises

New York City

Kit is standing in front of the window facing New York City. In her hand, a glass of water that she takes a sip out of. Her hair is pulled up and back into a loose bun. Today, the CEO wears a dark blue skirt and an even darker red blouse. Her black heels are stylish and it doesn't look like someone should be able to walk in them.

"Hello New York.." she says softly. Her office is pretty big, there are various paintings and art pieces around the place, including the katana she practices with when she gets a chance. On her desk is a file, opened and the name Tracy Strauss can be read on the top.

The young woman walks back over to her desk and sits down, placing the water on the desk. Just waiting.

"Trust me, Governor, I've worked with you how long?" The sure strides of Tracy Strauss echo down the hall of Hanner Enterprises, en route to the CEO's office. Pristinely professional, the woman fits in to a tee amongst the corporately dressed: sleek black pumps, black skirt and tailored business jacket, the cut of the grey satin top underneath a modest one beneath the string of pearls at her neck. Pale blonde hair is pulled into a firrm ponytail, slender and long. The phone pressed to her ear is almost an accessory. "You know where my loyalties lie. I'm just feeling out his motives."

Slowing down as she reaches the door that says KITTY HANNER, CEO, Tracy smiles at something said on the other line. "I'm at H.E. I'll see you when I get back." Phone thusly disconnected, the woman takes a moment to check her messages with a troubled look that doesn't remotely match her tone with the governor. she takes a split second to stand straight and prepared before knocking on the door.

"Come in." Is what the young woman says aloud for Tracy to hear. The file is closed and she folds her hands over it. She crosses her legs and waits for the other woman to enter, very business. Kitty has a light smile on her face.

Tracy opens the door on cue and steps on in, politely shutting it before those sharp heel-strides take her closer to the desk. "Hi," she starts out, friendly, business-like to the newest CEO at the window. "Kitty Hanner? I believe you're expecting me." Perhaps not looking quite so stunningly similar to another face Kitty knows. Even her voice is similar, but the inflection is entirely different; the woman's blue eyes look on expectantly, ready to get past introductions and down to business.

Kitty stands and is offering her hand before she looks up at Tracy's face and hears her voice. Niki?? Kit's eyes widen and she gapes for a moment. Stunned into silence.

But she..

"Yes, nice to meet you Miss Strauss." Save. While Kitty is going crazy inside her brain, good thing Tracy can't read minds. "The young woman smiles softly, "I'm sorry, you just look like someone I knew." She says and shakes her head. Ok.. maybe this is a new personality.

Tracy's first impression of Kitty: she is young. She raises her brows faintly when the younger woman seems … stunned, or confused, or whatever it is. Looks like someone she knew? That comment earns a quick pause, but she's just as quick to throw away the comment and march right up to Kitty's desk. Smiling, she tucks her phone into the slick black purse she carries over one shoulder, and offers her hand to Kitty. "It's nice to finally meet you. I was sorry to hear about your loss," she says, sounding both sincere and business-like — which is a skill, certainly. "I always liked working with your mother."

"Why thank you, it is truly.. a pleasure to meet you. Clearly my mother liked working with you too." She smiles and takes a seat after she shakes Tracy's hand, she gestures for Tracy to sit as well. "You were at the top of the list of qualified people as an consultant."

"Her comments put you on a very high pedestal. And I expect nothing less.. if you provide me with less than satisfactory work.. I'll have to shav-."

"Just kidding." She chuckles softly and stands to walk towards the water jug on the table, "Would you like some water?" Kitty is a good hostess, yes she is.

Tracy takes a seat as well, setting her purse down and settling with poise. She gives Kitty a brilliant smile, taking the compliments gratefully as much as she's indulging the woman's half-joke. "Sure, thank you," she answers the offer of water and folds her hands over one knee. "I'm pretty busy between here and Washington, but I've always had respect for Hanner Enterprises. I use your airline whenever I can. I'd be more than happy to offer my services as a consultant again. It's the least I could do."

"Great." Kitty says simply as she pours the water and then walks back over to Tracy, handing her the glass before taking her seat again. "I wouldn't want to take you away too much from Washington. How are things over in the capital?" she asks with a tilt of her head.

"I also must confess, as you know. My mother died a year ago and left me the company. I am in no means an expert at this. Quite frankly, I'm still learning things about the whole running a company thing today. I don't want you to go into this thinking you are dealing with a seasoned and well groomed young woman for this life. I was a mechanic and book writer a year ago." She says with a bright smile. It's not something she is ashamed of too say.

"But the Board of Directors have been shocked to learn that just because I don't know everything about this, doesn't make me an idiot." That is a subtle warning to Tracy, don't try to pull one over on me.

On the contrary. Kitty's admission means one thing: "Then you need me that much more." Tracy takes the glass of water with a smile of thanks. "Washington is fine, thank you — politics are politics." More to the point, she leans ever-so-slightly toward Kitty's desk with sharp-eyed determination. "You're obviously doing something right if you've managed to keep a company this size in the air even with a Board of Directors around you." She gives Kitty a look that, while critical, isn't nit-picking; she's just sizing the young woman up. "I can't hold your hand, but I don't think you need that. But I can give you the same kind of advice I gave your mother."

Kit nods her head. "Thank you." She says and takes a sip of her water. "I would appreciate your advice a lot. I ran away from this all my life and now, well it's time to take responsibility." The woman says and places the glass back down. "We can take a look at things and go from there?" she offers and folds her hands in front of her.

Tracy takes a moment to sip from her own glass of water. "Of course. And like before, I'll be coming in as an objective party — I'll need to need to take a look at your current business models, take a look at your books, your hiring processes." A confident smile spreads across the blonde's lips. "Don't worry, Ms. Hanner. I think Hanner Enterprises is in a good spot to be at the top of its industry."

"Done. You can have access to all of that, if you can't look at it, while you are out here. I can have copies made and you can take them with you back to Washington." Kitty says and writes it down so that she won't forget.

"Thank you for having confidence in the company. That's exactly the sort of thing that we need her at H.E." She says and grins at Tracy. "You've been doing this a while, yeah?"

Pleased, Tracy's satisfaction with how this little introductory meeting has gone shows only through a wider smile of light painted lips. Her demeanor is cool, calm. "Consulting? Yes, I have. Like I said, I've worked with a lot of different companies before going to work for the Governor."

"Ok good, well. Miss Strauss, I think that's all." Kitty says and stands. "I really look forward to working with you more closely." She says and extends her hand again. "I'll have those copies and papers for you, very soon." She says and smiles lightly. "Thank you for your time."

Tracy is in the process of taking another drink of her water when Kitty closes the meeting for good, and she sets the glass neatly on the edge of the desk. "You're welcome, Ms. Hanner. I look forward to hearing from you." There's still a light layer of condensation from the water on her hand as she stands and takes Kitty's hand in her warm, professional grasp.

What Kitty sees from Tracy's touch, this time, is not so warm.

A sudden snap of cold. It's as if Kitty and Tracy have switched POVs. Kitty can see Tracy's hand, grabbing onto someone like she does to Kitty in the present day, but not so polite, not so friendly. Cold starts to visibly spread up the other person's arm, and in a matter of seconds, there's no telling their identity: ice takes them over, turning their skin a hypothermic shade of blue before they fall back and break into frozen pieces.

When the vision begins, Kitty's eyes turn from their usual doe brown to a milky white. Her mouth drops open but she holds onto Tracy's hand tight. "Cold.." she says and when the vision is over, her milk white eyes return to normal and our staring at Tracy. The blonde woman must have seen what happened.

"You.." she shakes her head. "That isn't the ability you had.. before." She says softly.

Snap. Back to reality and Ms. Strauss's smiling face. However, her smile is already on its way out. And fast. Blue eyes widening, in shock and confusion she outright stares, gaping, at Kitty and her changing eyes. She slowly draws her hand back. She'd step back, if there weren't a chair in her way. "I'm … sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." There has to be a reasonable explanation for this— Tracy's brow furrows critically, giving Ms. Hanner a subtle shake of her head. "Your eyes… what just happened?"

"Tracy.. I just saw.. you freezing someone and they.. shattered." She says softly and moves away from Tracy to lean against the wall. "I thought you were Niki.. only a different personality.. but Niki doesn't have that ability."

Kit looks up at Tracy. "I won't tell anyone.. but, how long have you been able to do that." The woman closes her eyes briefly and shakes her head. "I can see things.. visions when I touch people or objects.." she explains.

Tracy's gaze searches Kitty's face for answers and she finds them. The consultant's horrified face doesn't seem to like what she's heard. She looks swiftly away at a random wall of the office — decorated by the antiques, the old weapons — and goes quiet. With a tense jaw, she eventually purses her lips into some semblance of a smile, still trying to be polite. To be normal in the face of this whackjob psychic. That's what she has to be. CEO or not. "I'm not Niki," she eventually states, adamant, and looks sharply at Kitty. "Whatever it was you thought you saw? It wasn't me." Tracy whisks her purse off the floor, ready to take off.

"Miss Strauss wait!" Kitty says and she strides to the door, so that she can beat Tracy to it. "Listen. I won't tell anyone, this company needs you and I'm still paying you." She says with a soft sigh.

"I should have kept it to myself. Look if you don't want to talk about the fact that you can freeze things, it's fine by me. I won't mention another word.." She also adds. "I know you aren't Niki.. now I do. You scared me for a moment." She smiles tensely but it's a smile, she's trying to make this moment go away.

Tracy's march to the door is halted by Kitty and she comes to a hard stop in the middle of the office. All but gritting her teeth, she's reluctant to look at the woman — and so she doesn't. "Call me when you're ready to talk business," she says evenly and controlled as possible, not even acknowledging the rest. The attempt to stay polite shatters in favour of an appropriately icy brush-off as she tries to move past Kitty.

Letting her go, Kitty lets the door close also. Then she breathes a sigh and strides over to her desk. Picking up her cell phone she dials number on the phone. After the voicemail clicks over, "It's Kitty.." she begins and she leans against the desk . "Peter we need to talk, immediately." She says and ends the call.

She looks at her office door, that Tracy just left out of. "Don't worry.. I'll be here." She says softly.

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