2011-08-17: Buttons
AIR DATE 2011.08.17
Cast: Harry_icon.pngAlvin_icon.pngKev_icon.png
Guest Starring: Angela_icon.pngGideon_icon.png
Location: ACRU HQ
Synopsis: ACRU's Affairs are about to become Internal.

The main room is crowded and bustling. There's always crime in LA and these are the people who make sure that they are taken care of. The fire from the other night is one of the many things that Harry has been finishing the paperwork on. As one of the witnesses as well as one of the first officers on the scene, she's written up her report as well as catalogued all the evidence - such as it was. The young scientist slips into the room from the separated CSI lab, still wearing her lab coat and her red framed glasses. A stack of folders and papers is in her arms that she intends to pass on as she slips through the people and tables.


That's the general look of distaste that's on Alvin Davis Drake's face at this exact moment. He's decked out in one of the many suits that he's forced to wear for this particular job. He actually looks more the part of a lawyer or something than he does an officer, considering the briefcase that he's carrying. There is, however, a badge hanging around his neck to make sure that anyone that notices him is treated to the sight of him actually belonging there. Those that know their badges will recognize it as one that belongs to the time-hated job: Internal Affairs.

Alvin stands just inside the main room's main entrance and is keeping a close eye on almost everything that's happening at this moment. Taking mental notes for his report, as well as possibly looking for someone in particular to start his line of questioning. Hm.

A few members of the team fill the already bustling spaces even further, drifting in noisily from a practice run with the atmosphere of a group of friends leaving the bar or joking around after a workout. That they're outfitted from head-to-toe in dark field gear, however — most notably, bulletproof vests and grade A weaponry — lends an air of seriousness to the gathering as they move to disassemble their gear in the small exercise area. Kev is among them; so is the blonde-haired, bright-faced negotiator, Angela King, who notices the man from IA and narrows her eyes.

Strangely, it's Harry that starts the line of questioning as she wanders by Alvin and sees him standing in the main entrance looking around. Seeing the briefcase and the man, she stops on her weaving to offer him some help. She assumes that he doesn't know where he's going, or is there to discuss something with the Captains. "You look a little lost, need some help?" The brunette gives the man a friendly smile. As she sees the team regrouping after their practice run, she gives them a wave.

Alvin happens to pay very close attention to those that have just come in and the way they handle the dismantling of their gear and weaponry. He's almost staring and looking for one of them to make an actual mistake and cause a ruckus or something. Hell, the look in his eyes is that he almost wishes it would happen. Then, in a moment, he matches eyes with a blonde and her narrowed eyes causes a dark smirk onto his own lips.

It is at this moment that he is accosted by the Harry and he pulls his gaze away from the field team and looks to her with a raised eyebrow. "I suppose that depends on what you're offering by way of assistance. If you're saying I have your complete cooperation and honesty in terms of what I'm here for, then I'll gladly accept any help you'll be willing to give. However, should you just be a distraction or attempting to 'stall' me so that your cohorts can hide the booze, then I'm afraid you'll find I'll be less than amused." Glare.

A few waves greet Harry in the midst of by-the-book procedures to strip out of their vests and head to the weapons locker to safely put away the big guns (literally). Kev's is a half-formed, lazy thumbs-up before he turns his back, not caring a bit about whoever the dude in the suit is. Angie doesn't wave from there — instead, she marches straight on over, still narrowing her eyes right at Alvin without removing her gear.

As the thirty-something woman in the monotone SWAT-like attire nears, it becomes increasingly clear that the squint of her eyes bears nothing but pleasant, intelligent blue and the quick marching of her steps is because of the happy bounce in them. The only typically intimidating features about Angela King is her bulletproof vest and her sidearm. She waves super duper cheerfully once she meets up with Harry and the new face on the end of his words. If she heard them, however, she makes no display of it. She takes in the details of his badge without any obvious judgment. "Hi! IA, huh? Well, if there's anything you need that our amazing crime scene investigator Ms. Parker here can't get for ya … let me know. If I can't find it, I'll find someone who can. The Caps are around here somewhere…"

Alvin's response is certainly not what she had expected. The friendly CSI investigator blinks and studies the IA man a bit more. "A-actually, I was just sayin', that if you needed to find Captain Ramsay or Shea, I'd be happy to show you the way. The only booze I know of is the champagne bottle I've got in evidence for a case we've been working on. And I can't hide it, because it's kind of already hidden. Not on purpose or anything, just because it's in the evidence locker and…" she pauses, realizes that she's rambling and attempts to get back on topic. "I'm sorry, can I actually help you with something?" When Angela swoops in, she smiles at the negotiator with a friendly demeanor. She enjoys the woman's presence and knows how she gets about the 'flock'. "Oh, no, I was just trying to see if he Mr, er, Detective, er, Agent?…" what do IA officers go by? "I'm sorry, your name didn't come up. I'm Investigator Harriet Parker. This is our negotiator, Detective Angela King."

Alvin can barely muster up the energy to continue looking like the jerk that he's sure that everyone is already thinking he is. In fact, there's such a wave of happy-go-luckiness that comes pouring off Detective King that it is actually kind of hard for Alvin to keep up his professional facade. However, he does manage to reach up and adjust his tie, which gives him time to come up with a thought or two to throw his mind back into professionalism.

"Agent Drake will be just fine." Alvin's tone has taken on a slightly more baritone level than before. Almost as if he's attempting to put a bit more 'umph' into his voice. Just in case this is all a ruse. "I'll be getting to your Captains, soon enough. As for right now, though, I believe a tour of the facility is in order. I'm not sure if your Captains debriefed you, but I'll be here for the next week or so, evaluating every single nook and cranny of this… unit." He's not even sure that's what it should be called. Already, it sounds like he has it in for this place. "Not that you all have anything to hide, I'm sure." His eyes dart from Angela to Harry and then back again, as if trying to catch them communicating silently or something.

Angie's eyes are cheerfully on Alvin. "Good to meet you Agent Drake," she replies with a friendly, guileless smile, and offers her hand. "Some've our people might get a little twitchy with Internal Affairs poking around." Zero negativity leaks into her voice despite her words — her chipper attitude carries on easily, but neutrally. Convincing nor accusing Alvin of anything. "Don't hold it against 'em!" She holds up her hands innocently, not meaning to boss the guy around. "But you're probably used to that, huh? They're good people. So, hopefully we'll make your job easy. I'm not anyone's boss, of course, but I'm just saying! We work hard here in the ACRU." Now she does look to Harry with a communicating eye, one that hops to the lab indicatively, and back, toward the offices. "Maybe you could show Agent Drake around the lab." While she goes to search out at least one captain.

Far from the contrary, Harry doesn't assume anyone is a jerk upon first meeting them. And so far, Alvin has proved puzzling, but not exactly jerky. Instead, she tries to subscribe to the mailing list of friendly is as friendly does. "Nice to meet you Agent Drake. I, actually, had no idea, but I'm sure you won't find anything out of place. We're a good unit and my year here hasn't shown me anything different." The eye shift toward the lab isn't missed and without a beat and without - hopefully - letting Alvin see the sneaky women telepathy technique, she grins. "If you'd like, I could show you the lab. I just came from there. We're working on a pretty exciting case, if you'd like me to run you through it." She smiles at both Angela and Alvin, happy to be of service.

Alvin raises an eyebrow. But then again, he does that a lot. He practically clings to his briefcase to make sure that he doesn't have to actually shake anybody's hand and he's shifting his focus to Harry, since she seems to be the one that's going to lead him to the lab. There's just an ever present, slightly disgusted, frown on his face as he moves to follow Harry. "Exciting, hm? Let me guess. Someone with some dangerous ability did something dangerous and it's up to the amazing ACRU unit to solve the case using their combined human intelligence and special 'powers'." The sarcasm might as well be chiseled into his facial expression. "Does that about cover it? Or should I be even more vague?"

The comment that Alvin makes is met with a raised eyebrow. "You know, you can use a vague statement to describe anything. Just about any romantic comedy can be described as 'A girl meets a guy and there's problems that get in the way before they actually get together in the end.' It's the specifics that actually interest me and the rest of the people I work with." Harry gives Angela a reassuring smile as she leads Agent Drake toward the CSI lab and, in particular, the station that she normally works at. "Every ability can be both harmless and dangerous. A person with the ability to light fires can use that power to make s'mores or they can use it for arson. The same could be said for any person with a match." As they reach the door, she punches in the code and holds the door open for Alvin in a moment of reverse chivalry. "I think this team really is amazing, but I also found the last team I worked on amazing, as well. The case I was working on most of the last week involved a man who may or may not have been killed by an Evolved with the ability to manipulate gravity."

Verbal sparring. That's a good check that Alvin is making in his head for the Harry. She seems to be keeping up with his banter quite well and not even daring to back down. Which is a good thing if one considers the fact that he's the one that could make or break this team. At least, that's the way he's looking at it in his own eyes. "Fair enough." is all the response he has for her and her ability to make withstand his verbal jabs. His briefcase is set down just inside the door, in case anybody wants to do any sneaky searching through it or something. A test? A trap? All of the above? "Gravity? Really?" Alvin's voice is decidedly more normal at that point, sounding almost as if he had just discovered this character in a comic book he's been reading. "I mean. Really. Hm. Have you cross referenced this information with known Gravity Manipulators in the area? And by area I mean the United States of America?"

When Alvin starts to talk more normally and also, more interested, Harry grins. The third door on the right leads into the lab section she's been heading in order to attempt to finish what she's been calling the 'Lonely Heart' case. Just as excited about all the possibilities that the case exhibits, she quickly launches into what she has found so far. "Yes, exactly. Here," she pulls out the photographs that she took from the scene and lays them out for Alvin to study. "See, here is the floor, where there is a blood pool, but then, there is a second blood pool that is on the ceiling. The blood spatter was inconclusive and nearly impossible to discern, which has led us to conclude that gravity was an issue. Detective Parrish has run through the known Gravity Manipulators in the database and all of them have solid alibis for the time of the killing." She sighs. "I think we're dealing with an unregistered Evolved."

"You mean we're dealing with a psycho needle in a psycho needlestack." Alvin is not exactly too happy to hear the news that he has heard in terms of there being solid alibis. He takes a moment to look at the photos, trying to see if his keen observant eye can spot anything that others might've missed. Something he would definitely put into his report. "The case seems interesting enough but…" As much as he'd love to keep talking about it, he must stay focused. "What are you all doing to find this psycho needle? Anything… special?" Involving ABILITY POSITIVES MAYBE! HMMM!

"That's a good way to put it." Harry frowns and allows Alvin to look through and think about all the pictures laid out in front of him. Once the show an tell demonstration is over, she carefully gathers each of the photos and puts them back in order to put in the correct folder and file it away. "At the moment we're looking at two different people who are involved. Delivery guy, who was tracked down through phone calls and the man's date who we have not yet managed to find. The Delivery man has refused to give a sample to check for ability positive DNA, but from what we've seen so far, we don't believe he is the suspect. I think it's the date, to be honest."

"Could be a Red Herring." Alvin states, as if trying to make sure that everything he's saying is good enough to be actually adding something to what's being said. "That's usually the case when you're dealing with something like this." Alvin almost sounds like he's speaking from experience. But then again, there has to be a reason why he's here to keep an eye on the ACRU. Hm. "Perhaps there's another way to get the information from the Delivery guy. Don't you have someone on this team that can… make him?" Alvin grins.

Harry raises a skeptical eyebrow at the idea of making the delivery guy give them the information. "That would be unethical, Agent Drake, not to mention suspect under the law. We can't force him to give DNA, much like we cannot force him to give testimony." As for the Red Herring, she nods, crossing her arms in front of her body. "We think that's what the delivery man was for. It worked as much as the fact that we had to bring him in to make sure that he's not actually involved. We'll find the date, though. It just may take a few days for him or her to slip up."

"I don't remember Waiting being one of the skills of the All Powerful, All Amazing, All Perfect ACRU… crew." Alvin has no qualms about making sure that everything he says has a secretive dig towards the team that he's been sent down here to investigate right now. But then he's shrugging a little bit more, in the midst of making more insults rain down upon the ACRU team. Maybe he's just pushing buttons to see what happens. "But, I suppose you all know what you're doing. And know where you're headed. I'm sure there's a psychic on the squad somewhere, isn't there?"

"Is that our name now on the street?" Harry's eyebrows now both raise at the possible slight toward the team that she works for. "I like it. It's almost like the Amazing X-Men or the Avengers or something." Yes, she's been talking with Theodore long enough to know a lot about comics. Or, at least, their names. "But, I believe waiting is along the same lines as time relativity, which I don't believe is an ability of our staff. You'll have to check with the Captains, however, as I don't tend to separate people into what their genes have designated them into." As for the pushing buttons, she doesn't seem to notice quite so much. Instead, she leads him out of the lab she has shown him into and out into the hallway. There are many other places he can see. "A psychic? I believe there are many 1-800 numbers for those. I'm not sure by what you mean by 'psychic.'"

"Well played, Harry. Well played." Alvin seems to be muttering this to himself as he follows after her, leaving his briefcase there still. Just to make sure that everything stays the way it should stay. Not that he memorized how he left his briefcase or anything. Nope. He would never do something as insane as this. "Oh, don't you worry. I'll be requiring full disclosure from the Captains on everything you guys do here in the Danger Room." Yes, he's letting his comic knowledge shine through for a moment, just to show that he's not a complete tool. He just pretends to be one. "Guess you probably think I'm a big jerk, huh? I mean, here I am, coming in here, picking at your team, making snide remarks… that whole nine? You probably can't wait to get me out of here, huh?"

As Harry leads Alvin out toward the main room again, she can't help but smile at Alvin. Perhaps she realizes that those endless questions are actually his attempt to show that he isn't actually a jerk and wants to show that he's just as much of a team player. "You'd actually have to do something jerk-ish for me to think you're a big jerk. Our team is pretty strong, so I don't mind a little picking. It keeps us on our toes. And as for the snide remarks, well, that's all up to you. If you feel like you need to make them, then you can. You seemed pretty interested in the Lonely Hearts case," that's what she's been calling the case she talked to him about, "and I believe that you're truly interested in what you do. It's like that time when Wolverine kept trying to push Cyclops' buttons to show that he was his own person and didn't have to take his authority, right?" Continued comic understanding! Perhaps the geek study with the coroner has paid off.

Alvin can't stop himself. He really can't. Well, he can, when it comes to his physical walking. Which is what happens in this moment right here, because it seems like Harry is dropping some very extended knowledge that she probably shouldn't have. But somehow she's managing to drop this bomb like there's nobody's business and he can't do anything but raise an eyebrow. "If we can go off the record for just two minutes, I'm going to see if I can work up the nerve to ask you out. I know it's sudden, but there's something about the way your lips move when you talk comics to me that makes me forget exactly what I'm doing here. And if I don't get a yes from you, I think I'm going to have to finish out the tour on my own. For my own heart's sakes."

"Agent Drake." A deep, booming voice, seeming to echo even in the confines, lightly accented but heavy with presence, carries through the labs. It serves as a sudden, interrupting force.

Loaded down with the many weights of his job, Captain Gideon Ramsay moves with a finely tuned precision toward the two figures, one familiar, one less. Every ounce of stress has its place in his muscles and defines his step as bold and calm. "I presume. I see you're getting acquainted already. Come, follow me. We'll discuss your visitation."

Much like the other things that Alvin has said, Harry is a bit taken aback by the sudden 'off the record' conversation. She assumes it's like his attempts before to try and get her to act outside of the handbook. However, the question is honestly not what she was expecting. Blushing a light pink all she manages to reply is, "I…oh?" Then, Captain Ramsay interrupts the conversation and the young scientist is mostly let off the hook for a reply. "Captain," she greets with a smile. "I was showing Agent Drake the CSI labs for a tour."

"… My briefcase is back at the lab. Let me grab it and I'll be right with you." And it is with that does Alvin take his skinny self into the trenches of walking away faster and faster so that he can get back to the labs and grab his briefcase with the quickness. Whatever helps him get out of the epically awkward situation that he had just created for to get blocked in. Yeah, he won't be able to live this one down if people find out about it. Oh Alvin.

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