2010-06-14: Buy Me



Date: June 14, 2010


Jaden makes the trek to Hallis' apartment to make sure she's okay. She's not.

"Buy Me"

Hallis' Apartment

Jaden Cain. The Epic of all Epic CEOs is making his way past some random flower salesman, tossing some huge wad of cash at him and snatching the flowers on the way. It's more than just roses. It's a nice chunk of different kinds. Anyway, he's also digging into his jacket pocket and coming out with a card (of the credit variety), which is shoved into the middle of the bouquet.

Within moments, he's hopping up stairs and whirling past people and suddenly: Hallis' Apartment. There's no time to waste! A hand goes up to smooth through his hair and he adjusts his tie, all in an effort to make sure he looks as good and trustworthy as possible.

Bam bam! His fist slams against the door! "Hey! Open up! It's the Blonde Police!" Jaden snickers a little bit. "We're here to conduct a strip search!"

Since the epic fight on the street, Hallis has been holed up in her apartment, dodging phone calls from everyone including her grandmother. It's been all over the society pages already and she's suitably mortified at being caught in such a low class predicament.


The blonde just about jumps straight up to the vaulted ceiling and stays there when the pounding and yelling from outside begins. Slowly, she catches her breath and grabs a pair of dark shades that cover pretty much all of her face. To add to the disguise, she pulls the hood of her sweater over her head and tiptoes to the door.

"Who is it?" she calls out as she pulls the door open a crack, only to see Jaden… and the flowers. "Uhm… Hello?"

Jaden holds up the flowers. "There's my favorite little morsel of blondeness!" What in the hell is Jaden talking about? Even he doesn't know. "I heard it through the Tabloidvine that you were not feeling well. Sooooooo. I figured, what kinda' smokin' hot boss would I be if I didn't come over and cheer you up?!" Jaden flashes a huge grin at this point, wanting to see if he can already get the cheering up going. Even though he's doing all this posturing, there's a certain obvious 'worry' that's located in his eye region, as he tilts his head to regard the Unabomber Look that Hallis has decided to sport this particular moment!

"The tabloidvine? Jaden… I got punched out by a girl that said she was your girlfriend! Your girlfriend!!" Hallis' lips are pursed into a very unseemly frown and even though she's gripping the door tightly, her face is pointed toward the flowers. Then it tilts up to him, and that frown softens a little. "I didn't know you had… have… had… whatever. You have a girlfriend!!!"

That's not the part that bothers her though, letting out a huff, she opens the door a little wider to let him in and steps back. "If you're going to have a girlfriend, you could at least have the decency to warn me. Especially if she's a caveman that likes to beat on people. By the way… I'm going to sue her for everything she has…. and press so many charges she's not going to see the light of day until her face is lost in wrinkles."

"… My what?" Jaden looks as innocently confused as possible. "I would like the record to show that as far as I know, I'm not exclusively attached to anyone. But I'm pretty sure that I can take care of anything that needs to be taken care of. There's no need to sue anyone, babe."

Jaden sighs as he makes his way inside and tries to figure out the best way to handle this situation. "If this chick is my so-called girlfriend, then why am I over here, trying to make sure you're okay? I'd like to hope my actions are speaking louder than her words." Jaden isn't sure he should stick around. Hallis isn't in a playful mood. He can smell it. This may not end up going too well.

The dubious look she's giving him at the moment is lost behind the dark glasses. Her baby blues flicker to the flowers still in his hand and she reaches them and shrugs. "I guess you're right… but I'm still going to sue her pants off. She's such a bitch. She deserves to rot in a prison cell. What she did is called entrapment, it really is. She lured me out for ice cream so she could beat me up."

Liberating the blossoms from his hands, she holds them up to her nose and takes a big smell. Then something clicks against her glasses and she turns to look up at him and gives him a small smile. "What did you get me? You really got me something? Is it a million dollars in danger pay for almost getting killed in the line of duty?"

"Hallis. I can't give you a million dollars if you're going to sue this girl. The press is going to eat me alive if you do this. I need you to be with me on this one. I'm not saying to let it go. I'm saying… maybe you should just let me handle it. There's so many more FUN things that can be done besides… lawsuits." Jaden just lets the words flow out of his mouth, even though he's sticking close to the door. Just in case he gets thrown out for Semi-Defending the attacker. "I can make this whole thing go away. And, even better, I can have one of Hollywood's best make up artists here with a phone call to take care of whatever you're hiding under those glasses." Yes! Appeal to the Hallis Vanity. "I can also get you a million dollars. But you'll have to come to my place…"

"I'm not leaving my house until my face is fixed. Sorry." The blonde spins and waltzes to her kitchen with the flowers. Plucking the card from the flowers she looks at it, then at Jaden and tilts her head. "How big is the limit on this?" Not that Hallis is a gold digger, she's trying to figure out how much buying her off goes these days. "Because I don't go for cheap. If you want me to drop this, it's going to cost. A lot. A LOT."

Money. It always calms her down, especially when it's in her possession. Putting the card on the counter, she takes the flowers and arranges them in a vase, fluffing out the blooms until she's satisfied that they're perfect. "Seriously, I don't know why you're defending that low life piece of garbage. Does she beat you into submission or something?"

Jaden holds his hands up and just starts inching towards the door. "Okay. I can see that coming here was not the best idea." Jaden sighs and gets to shaking his head. "All I wanted to do was come and check on you. See how you were. See if there was anything you needed from me. Cuz, y'know, I care. But it seems like you're in a forever state of Pissed, which means anything I do is not going to be taken well so…" Jaden gives a dismissive wave of his hand. He's an idiot. "There's fifty grand on the card. Happy spending."

Looking down at the card, Hallis' lips downturn again and she inhales sharply in a sniffle. "Take the card back, cancel it, give it to your girlfriend, whatever. If you cared about me so much you'd defend me… the victim.. instead you're taking her side. I get it. Really, I do." Picking up the card, she marches over to the door and places it in Jaden's pocket. "Happy life. I quit."

Then Hallis turns and storms back to her couch to flop down in front of the giant television that's been left on pause since his last visit. Pulling her knees up, she hugs her legs tightly to her chest and rests her chin on them.

"Oh my god. I cannot understand this. I'm not defending anyone! If you want to sue her, sue her! I didn't DO anything! When the hell did I become the bad guy here?! What, do you want me to go back in time and get hit in the face instead of you? Jesus…" Jaden throws his hands up and shrugs. "I don't know what the hell is happening right now. I don't know how the hell coming to help suddenly turned me into the biggest jerk ever. But whatever. If you want to take it out on me, fine. But I don't accept your resignation. Not for this. I'll give you some time off, fine. But when you're ready to stop blaming me for something I didn't even do… you know my number." And with that, Jaden is turning to leave.

Sniffle. Choke. Sob.

Then the tears get turned on and Hallis pulls of her glasses to reveal a black eye so big that her eye is nearly swollen shut. "I don't even have medical insurance and I had to spend the rest of my Christmas bonus on a CAT scan and MRI!! They had to make sure that she didn't crack my skull open or damage my eye!! I can't even go back to work until it's gone and I might be fired and nobody cares!!" Hallis just starts bawling, shaking, and sobbing giant tears… mostly from just her one eye. "She's probably not even sorry and now I'm not allowed to sue because it might make you look bad!! So I have all these hospital bills that I can't pay for and that pretend doctor doesn't even get a stupid slap on the wrist!! She was smiling when the police took her away!! She was happy that she punched me almost to DEATH!!"

Figures. Just figures. Jaden can't even really leave because there's too much happening right about now. Mostly, well, because he can't figure out how he got in the middle of something that shouldn't even be an issue in the first place. He doesn't really have anything to say at the moment, because there's so much freaking crying that's happening at the moment.

"Halli." Jaden finds himself moving over to the sofa and dropping down on the arm of it. "I can take care of this. I can. But you have to stop fighting me and let me fix it." He reaches out to offer a hand towards the blonde, not quite sure if she even wants him to try and console her. "Just… tell me what you want me to do. And I'll do it."

She's too embarrassed to even look at him. Her face is ruined, possibly forever (as far as she knows), she's a hideous wreck. "How are you going to fix it? Are you going to make her tell me that she's sorry for destroying my life because she beat me up in public?" There's a series of hiccups, choked sobs, and sniffles as Hallis tries to compose herself.

Her tiny shoulders hunch forward as she hugs her knees tighter to her chest, ending up in a little ball. "It's not fair… Everyone hates me… I didn't even know she was your girlfriend… or whatever she is. She just beat me up for no reason. What if she gets a gun and tries to finish the job?" Then she panicks and starts taking huge gasping breaths, "Oh god… what if she tries to finish me off because you're here?!"

"You and me both." That's definitely an understatement, to be perfectly honest. Jaden's not sure he's got a girlfriend, but he's certainly not about to discuss that with the person that hates her… but has good reason. And then Hallis is freaking out even more and that's something that doesn't need to be happening right about now. And that's got him reaching down to try and console her some more. He's not even sure he's doing anything good. He's not even sure he's helping. All he's trying to do… is help. And cover his tracks. "And, for the record, I don't want to be included in the Everybody Hates Me category because I'm about to fix all of this. And to prove it, just keep… watch the news. Jaden Cain's not going to take this lying down!"

When Jaden's hand lands on her back, Hallis tilts and lands with a soft bump against him. "I can't watch the news… I don't know how to work my television." Comes the soft whine from the celebutante. This would explain why it's still on the paused game from his last visit. The little man in red still twitching every once in a while. She's been watching that whenever she gets the urge to waste time in front of the big screen.

"I still want a million dollar though," she sniffles and tries to smile. "Just because that would be the best danger pay ever. Did you know that I used some of my stunt training when she was trying to kill me? I would have gotten hurt soooo much worse. And she tried to kill a homeless woman by kicking a hot dog cart over on her and squish her. I thought she was dead for a minute, but then she got up and ran away from … her."

"I got it. You hate her. I'll make it better. I promise." Jaden, of course, has no idea on EARTH how he's going to do that. But he can figure out how to do that in the next day or so. Hopefully. "Here's what I'm gonna' do. I'm gonna' go get your money. And I'll bring back some people to help you around here for the next few days. I'll also score you some sweet In House doctor that'll come and make everything all better. How's that sound? Did I forget anything?" Yes, Jaden is just trying to get his laundry list of things that he needs to do to make this go away, all together.

Blink. Blink. Before Hallis actually looks over at him, she pulls down a bunch of hair to hide the eye. "Really? Jaden you mean it? All of that just for me?! Oh thank you thank you thank you!! Now I don't have to be late on rent, or lose my apartment… or or.. Oh my god, I'm so — You're the BEST!!" She wraps her thin arms around the man and hugs tightly, trying not to cry again because the tears sting her warwound.

"I was so worried. Between her sister beating me up on set and then her… I think they have it in for me, you know? I just… Thank you Jaden. Thank you for taking care of this." Sniffle. And another one. Then a choking sob and she hugs him tighter and doesn't let go.

"Her… sister?" Jaden grins a little bit to himself. Even though it's actually helping him formulate a plan. "I think I just figured out how to get even." He finds himself getting up, after making sure there's a handful more pats against Hallis' back, to make sure that she's not about to fall back into the fits. "But! I just need you to give me a couple days to get everything sorted out. And then you'll have your revenge. She's not going to know what hit her. Trust me on this." Uh oh. That's Jaden starting to figure out even more.

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