2007-03-02: Bwuh Moments


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Summary: After Elena leaves, Benjamin has another visitor.

Date It Happened: March 2nd, 2007

Log Title Bwuh Moments

Winters Apartment

After Elena has left, Benjamin flops back onto his sofa and stares up at the ceiling. The two cans of coke, the two plates, are still left on the coffee table. Both hands are brought up to scrub at his face tiredly. The whole day just seems to be catching up with him.

Now that there's quiet, Benjamin can probably hear the sound of someone moving around in his bedroom. Bwuh?

Definite BWUH moment. Benjamin lowers his hands and looks in the direction of the hallway. "What the.." Unless Rose is taking to the habit of sneaking up the fire escape.. This is when he normally would reach for a makeshift weapon. Instead, he rises to his feet and steels himself in preparation to use his power. He tries to walk as stealthily as possible down the hallway in order to listen in at the door to his room.

"It's about time you got here, I've been waiting for an hour and a half," a familiar voice calls from the other side of the door. There's no more movement to be heard from inside. Benji will just have to grow a pair and go inside. Or run.

Benjamin's eyes nearly bug out at hearing Elle's voice on the other side of the door. In HIS room no less. What the! He groans inwardly and debates.. does he /really/ want to know why she came in this way to his home? "I.. have a front door you know," he points out. Through the closed bedroom door, hand hovering over the knob.

"Oh my god… why didn't I think of that. I mean, it totally makes sense. And then, when the Company found out I was visiting you, you could explain to them why. And golly gee, sounds like a smart thing to do, doesn't it." There's the sound of heeled shoes from within approaching the door before it's tugged forcefully open and Benjamin is face-to-face with a blue-eyed Elle. "Hey."

"You.. have a point." Benjamin says, although either way, if they found out she was here, what does her point of entry matter? He jumps back a step when Elle opens the door. "Uh, hey." The man's tired, he got a good scare earlier, and it's catching up with him. "I got the camera this morning. Which is good, because if I had of waited, I would have forgotten."

"I know. It's how I roll," Elle says to Benji's conceding her win. She extends a hand and brushes at the man's cheek, sans shock this time. "You know, I really appreciate you doing this for me." Giving him a genuine smile, she turns and heads back into the bedroom, settling on the edge. Her coat is folded and set on the other side of the bed. The woman in question is wearing a short blue dress with a low scooping neckline and some knee-high black boots. Her blonde hair is bound back behind her head in a long French braid.

Benjamin takes a step back as Elle reaches for his cheek. There's just something off about the girl, even he can see that! "You asked me for the help." He says simply, as if that's the end of why he's assisting her. He retrieves the camera from the closet, where he put it earlier in the day. Fumbling a little, he opens up the box. "Sorry, I didn't get a chance to open it, or figure out how to use it. I kind of forgot to, it's been a lousy day."

"From what I hear, they're pretty stupid proof," Elle says, adding under her breath, "Though, I'm sure if you really tried, you could find a way to break it." Eyeing the man, she adds, "You hold it like this," and she demonstrates, "Make sure the recording media is actually in the camera and then power it on. All you have to do after that is hit the red button. It should say RECORDING up in the top of the LCD screen."

Benjamin misses the comment. Which is good, cause he's in the kind of mood where he might actually refuse to do this. For a few minutes anyway. He follows Elle's directions on the camera setup. "Oh, well that's easy enough. It just looks complicated." He hasn't touched a video camera in ages. The camera is set down as he rummages through the box and finds the included tape. "Oh, that's nice, I didn't think about buying any of these." D'oh. Okay. Tape in camera, camera turned.. "It's not turning.. oh. Power cord. Wait, I've got it."

Elle watches Benjamin throughout all of this, head canting to the side. Uh oh. She's got a predatory expression on her face now, biting her thumbnail. "You know, you are adorable."

Benjamin fumbles with the power cord and comes close to dropping the camera when Elle speaks. "Uhm, thanks. I think." Trying to keep a freak out under wraps, he gets the cord plugged in (correctly) and turns the camera on. "Okay, I've got this on, let me know when to start recording."

Elle just smiles. The predator goes away. The moment has passed. For now. "I'm ready." She waits for the man to get the device recording before speaking: "Hi Elle. If you're seeing this, it means they brought you back yet again and tall dark and handsome did that memory trick he's so good at." Smiling ironically into the camera, she pauses for a few seconds, obviously thinking of what to say. "The thing you need to know. The thing they don't want you to know is that Daddy lied to me. To you. You get the picture. They experimented on me. He knew about it. And he didn't stop it." Another pause. "He may have even prolonged it." She settles her hands in her lap, the dark expression on her face growing moreso. "That's what I wanted you to remember. No matter what, you have to remember that. And you have to make all of them pay for what they did. Especially daddy."

Benjamin remains quiet as Elle speaks to the camera. His mouth does start to fall open as the girl goes on. He's horrified to say the least. He only just met his own daughter, and despite their differences, he can't imagine doing anything untoward at Rose. He lets the tape roll, waiting for Elle to signal that she's done.

"That's all," Elle says, looking up from the camera to the man behind it. "That's all I wanted." She waits for him to shut the recording down before saying, "Thank you."

Benjamin shuts the camera off and remains quiet for several minutes. "Your own father actually.. okay'd experiments on you? What kind of a person does that?" He's still too horrified beyond words to really formulate an articulate comment on the matter.

"I don't know, but they'll all pay for it," Elle says sharply, a slight electrocrackle in the air. She looks a little tense now that the deed is done. "Hide the tape. Keep it safe. And don't tell anyone I was here. You want to keep Rose safe, right?" Pushing to her feet, she turns away from Benjamin, arms crossing over her chest.

Benjamin takes the tape out of the camera and nods. "I'll find a place to hide it." He's not exactly sure just where as of yet though. The tape is pocketed for the moment and the camera set aside. Elle's comment about his daughter has him turning slowly to face the woman. "You.. went through my things." That's the only way she could know.. unless Elle had been hiding since he and Rose came back from the park.

Elle turns back to Benjamin, a purely innocent expression on her face, "Keep my secret and I'll keep yours." She steps up to the man, looking up into his eyes directly. "You can do that, right?"

Benjamin suddenly feels very used, as well he should. He also feels angry with himself for being such a pushover and so easily walked on. "Fine. I won't tell anyone," he says as he makes eye contact with Elle.

Elle reaches her hand to the man again, this time for a handshake. "You're a good guy, Benji. But you have to understand, with what I've been through, I don't trust easy. Force of habit. Also, the Scooby-doo Underoos were so /cute/."

Benjamin hesitantly takes Elle's hand to shake. "I.. guess I don't blame you. Your own father.." He still isn't to thrilled at being duped this way, but he does understand Elle's position. Gosh darn it, he just has to be a schlub doesn't he? ".. You went through the box of photos??" His gaze darts from Elle to the closet. He must have been .. what.. thirteen at the oldest? Right now, he really hates that his mother had a very loose idea of his privacy as a kid.

Elle shakes Benjamin's hand and doesn't even shock him. She's making progress. Giving him a disarming smile, she says, "That burning violation of privacy is really chafing about now, huh?" Then, thinking on it, she adds, "Well, you know. Fair is fair. I violated your privacy, so… Turnabout is fair play." She reaches up to the straps of her dress and starts to slide them down her shoulders.

Benjamin really has no idea where Elle is going with her statement until.. his eyes just about bug out. "… NO NO! That's okay!! I don't care about fair play!!" He waves his hands before jumping forward to try and stop Elle from what she's doing. "It was an old photo! I don't care! Just please.. keep your clothes on!"

Elle manages to keep a straight face until Benjamin comes over and actually tries to stop her from moving the straps. Then she busts out laughing. It's a high mocking laughter. "Oh Mister Winters. You are a riot." And without giving him a chance to get angry or step away, she pushes up on her tiptoes, wraps him in a tight hug and kisses him. With tongue. That's better. Not pushing her luck, she lets go of him and then grabs her coat, pulling it on. "Catch you later, Shaggy."

Deer In Headlights. That's the only way to describe Benjamin's reaction. He just freezes there. What.. the HELL just happened there?

Elle has her coat on and in the next second, she's out the window and onto the fire escape. She pauses to shut the window and then with a wicked grin on her face, blows on the glass. Once its good and fogged, she traces a heart and puts EB + BW 4 Ever in the middle. And the coup de grace? She electrowelds the latch on the window into the locked position. Winking at the man and blowing him a kiss, she disappears from sight.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Sorry, Benjamin's not in at the moment. He's still more or less frozen in a state of shock. Did she leave yet? Oh yes, there she goes… oh she just did not.. *whimper*

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