2007-03-12: Crude Awakenings


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Summary: Drunken doorguests, vomit, Fraiser style sit-com misunderstanding

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

(C)rude Awakenings

High Rise Apartments - Winters Apartment

Sometime in the little hours of the morning, Benjamin's door gets rattled on, "HEY, WINTERS!" says a slightly slurred voice from without, "BEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNJJJJAAAMIIINN!" Rattlerattle.

Benjamin nearly stabs himself in the cheek (from the inside) as he was brushing his teeth when the racket ensues from outside his door. A strangled sort of 'aaaack' is issued as his eyes narrow in pain, and annoyance. Rinsing out the toothpaste and wiping his face, he exits the bathroom and rushes for the door. Just don't wake anyone else in the building.. The temptation to knock the early morning visitor asleep is pretty luring, but squelched. He opens the door, fully dressed for work and looking a little harried, "What do yo.. AAAH!!" The last bit is said in surprise as he jumps back at the sight of Anders's face and injuries.

Anders, conversely, is obviously still dressed from last night, dishevelled rather than windswept and interesting in a nice shirt and leather pants. Even injured and bandaged up, he apparently made at least the effort to go out last night, "We need to go drinking, Mister Benjamin," he says, gesturing at his poor neighbour with a hand holding a beer can (his other hand is holding the remains of a sixpack), "We need to find /women/." Anders adds, as if explaining it all.

"What.. the.. it's.. What /happened/ to your /face/?" Benjamin says, unable to draw his gaze from the disaster zone that is indeed, the face of the Scandinavian. "I think you've already been drinking, and I don't need to do anything but finish getting ready for work. You know, work? I /do/ have a job? A nice job, that doesn't involve knee-capping people and kidnapping them."

"I had an argument with a dog, and then one with it's master, Mr. Benjamin," Anders replies, grinning even as he leans against the doorway, "You do not have to go to work, you have to come out drinking with me, I insh.. insist!" the big norwegian grins as he manages to get the word out before starting to turn green.

"I.. can see that.." Benjamin says, then his eyes widen in panic. He scrambles for a wastebasket and thrusts it at Anders. "Here! Get sick in this! I think you've already been drinking and I don't drink, not since college. There's good reason I don't drink and looking at you reminds me of that."

Curling over the wastebasket, whatever Anders was going to say in reply is lost in frankly horrible noises and ever so slightly bloody vomit. When he straightens back up (which takes some time), the man nods slowly and blearily looks in the direction of his own apartment, "Perhaps you are right, Mister Benjamin.. we will go drinking some other time and find us fitte."

Benjamin steps back, making a face, and looking green himself. Away from the splashback please, yes, thank you. "Ugh, gross, you are one sad little man.." He gingerly tries to nudge Anders inside. Okay, so the man pistol whipped him, but he's kinda pathetic at the moment.. and so Benji doesn't want some pitiful looking guy vomiting in the hallway. "I /don't/ drink."

"We will still find you a girl," Anders says, but he doesn't go into the apartment, instead he folds over the wastebasket again. After what follows, he nods, apparently feeling a good deal better all of a sudden, "I am ssorry Mister Winters, I will clean this and send it back to you," Anders offers, before pushing past benji and running upstairs with some speed, head held over the basket.

"…. I don't need to be found a girl.." Benjamin says, watching horror-struck at Anders. Good lord man, where is all of that /coming/ from?? Now, the accountant's finding himself feeling a little ill. Great.

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