Cake Day!







Some crazy-ridiculously awesome people apparently created an entire conspiracy over this cake. I'm not sure what gets any better than that. <3

The story goes: So I'm getting back from a long double-run for my work when a coworker comes around to tell me that there's a package for me at the front desk. A package? Specifically for ME? That seems… improbable. So I get up, in the middle of Hallis and Tracy paging me some thing or other, and go to see… indeed, there is a (rather large) package waiting — specifically for ME. Becky walks by at the moment, explaining she signed for it for me around lunch time while I was gone. Well, I think, maybe it's from my family. They ARE in town. But as I get closer, I notice… it's from… a bakery… and it's… CAKE DAY on HeroesMUSH… this is… also very improbable. So I pick up what I'm beginning to think is a MAGIC BOX and take it to my little assistant's room for closer examination. As I sit down, I see that Hallis' page now says that I should go check the front desk. Somehow, this doesn't alleviate ANY OF THE SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT WHEN I OPEN THIS THING, PEEK INTO THE THICK WHITE PROTECTIVE WRAPPING— AND SEE LAURIE'S FACE.

The rest is history. Or in Cody's log.




I was going to do HeroesMUSH Cupcakes but then I got lazy… maybe for the next official cake day.




My MESSY cake that was finished at the same time as Cody's!




Duo cake is teh love! <3 <3



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From afar, Tracy (TS) :D
You paged Tracy with 'Squee~'
You say, "My dog put a dent in my couch pillows and is sleeping on the pile… Like the king of the castle."
Long distance to Tracy: Hallis logs Cake Day!
Tracy XD
From afar, Tracy (TS) :D!
You paged Tracy with 'I want her to log in from her phone!!'
Tracy (TS) pages: Why phone!? XD
You paged Tracy with 'Or just come back!!'
From afar, Tracy (TS) wills her.
From afar, Tracy (TS) reads Sookie book in an attempt to calm down until Daphne comes back.
Long distance to Tracy: Hallis is too!!!
Tracy (TS) pages: Yay!
You paged Tracy with 'Which one are you on now?!'
Tracy (TS) pages: Club Dead.
You paged Tracy with 'I just got the last one XD'
You paged Tracy with 'Dead in the Family~'
Cam has connected.
Tracy says, "Hi Cam!"
Cam waves!
Hallis waves to Cam!
KeLyssa has disconnected.
KeLyssa has connected.
Tracy (TS) pages: She's been gone too long! Ahhh!
You paged Tracy with 'I KNOW!!'
You paged Tracy with 'I'm trying to pose but every time this window bleeps I flip back so I don't miss the reaction! XD'
Tracy (TS) pages: I'm doing the same thing while reading my book every time the window flashes!
From afar, Tracy (TS) peeks over her book cautiously every time.
Long distance to Tracy: Hallis makes the window bleep.
Tracy (TS) pages: dfghjk
Long distance to Tracy: Hallis busts out laughing!
Tracy (TS) pages: dsfdgsdh my phone literally just went 'bleeeeeeep'.
From afar, Tracy (TS) was like WHAT THE HELL
Tracy (TS) pages: But's running out of life.
From afar, Tracy (TS) blames you anyway!
You paged Tracy with 'Hahahahahaha!!'
Daphne says, "So, Uni and NW are basically right next to each other are far as driving distances go. Thus, whenever you're going to Uni, you typically ask around if there is a NW run. Nope. 'No NW run' she tells me."
Tracy (TS) pages: dfghmj
Daphne says, "I get so far as stepping /over the threshold/ of the workplace just returned from Uni… to have them tell me there's a NW run."
From afar, Tracy (TS) edge of seats.
Max :(
Tracy says, "I /thought/ you were gone a long time!"
Daphne says, "Yes, I was!"
Daphne says, "Because I did the same drive twice in a row!"
Tracy (TS) pages: Should. Should we tell her to check with BECKY????
Tracy (TS) pages: I CAN'T HANDLE IT!!!
From afar, Tracy (TS) curls up in a ball!
Erin has partially disconnected.
Carrie has disconnected.
You paged Tracy with 'YES!!'
Tracy (TS) pages: YDFYGHLJ
You paged Tracy with 'WELL?!'
Tracy (TS) pages: YOU DO IT
You paged Tracy with 'How?!'
You paged Tracy with 'Just page her?'
Tracy (TS) pages: I DON'T KNOW
Tracy (TS) pages: XD
You paged Daphne and Tracy with 'Daphne~'
Long distance to Tracy: Hallis wiggles with anticipation!
Daphne (Speedy2) pages Hallis and Tracy: Hallis~
Tracy (TS) pages: eeeeeeeeeee
You paged Daphne and Tracy with 'You need to check up at the front desk~'
Long distance to Tracy: Hallis squeals!!!
Daphne says, "…"
Tracy (TS) pages: AHHHHHHH
Daphne (Speedy2) pages Hallis and Tracy: I…
Tracy says, "…"
You paged Tracy with 'EEEEEEEEEEE!!!'
Tracy says, "/…/"
You say, "!!!!!"
Daphne says, "………."
From afar, Tracy (TS) just starts losing it! XD
Hallis waits.
Cam has disconnected.
You say, "I think I killed her :("
Hallis blames Tracy.
Daphne says, "O"
Daphne says, "M"
Daphne says, "G"
Tracy is losing her mind!!!!
You say, "HAPPY CAKE DAY!!!"
Daphne says, "AHHHHHHOMGOMG"
Tracy says, "HAPPY CAKE DAY!!!!!!"
Tracy says, "ROFLROFLROFL"
Tracy claps her hands!!!!!!
Daphne says, "this"
Hallis squeals!!
Daphne says, "isthemostbeautifulcakevever"
Tracy says, "TAKE A PICTURE"
Tracy says, "I've been like."
Daphne DOES
Tracy says, "A ball of excitement and nerves for SEVERAL LONG HOURS"
Daphne says, "HOW CAN I EAT THIS?!?!?!?!"
Tracy says, "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW"
You say, "DUDE! DAYS!!!"
Tracy says, "This was all Hallis and Sydney!!"
Tracy says, "Then they roped me in!"
Daphne says, "/YOU SENT ME CAKE/"
Tracy says, "And I made the image"
Tracy dwfdghj
Tracy :D
You say, "Tracy made the image :D"
Daphne says, "there is not a heart big enough to express"
Tracy says, "They had to double check with me to see if Hallis stalked the address correctly (she did)."
Hallis is now a bonified stalker!!
Daphne says, "… you really are."
Tracy says, "I was nervous that you were going to kill us!!"
You say, "Originally it was going to be a pizza… but I couldn't find a place that would print stuff in pepperoni."
Tracy says, "CAKE IS BETTER"
Daphne says, "Why would I kill you?!"
You say, "Because we're stalkers!!"
Daphne says, "I was just bemoaning that I had no cake on Cake Day…….. wtfffff"
Tracy says, "And it's a PRETTY WEIRD CAKE if you had to explain to anyone! XD XD"
Daphne says, "Umm. I'm going to have to put this in the fridge."
You say, "Cake day was really just a clever ruse around the stalking surprise."
Tracy XD XD
You say, "That was Sydney's idea."
Daphne says, "You guys made Cake Day JUST FOR ME?!"
Tracy says, "You deserve it for being awesome."
You say, "YEP!"
Daphne says, "OMG"
Tracy <3!!
Daphne <3 <3 <3 <3 etc etc etc forever
Hallis <3 <3 <3!!
Tracy <3!!!!!
Tracy can, like, breathe normally now. Maybe.
Daphne can't
You say, "I was so scared that you were going to put a restraining order out on all of us XD"
Tracy says, "This morning I was laying in bed, thinking about sleeping longer… then I was like…"
Tracy says, "OMG CAKE DAY!"
Tracy says, "And literally leapt out of bed."
Tracy says, "LTIERALLY"
Daphne says, "AHHHHHHH"
Hallis did too!
Tracy :D
You say, "We were worried that you were going to buy a cake while you were out XD"
Daphne says, "Hahahaha."
Tracy says, "You can put it here! :D"
You say, "AT THE TOP!!"
Tracy says, "DOES IT REALLY LOOK AWESOME? Because I was all 'I have no idea how things translate onto FREAKIN' CAKES!'"
Daphne says, "… so… somehow i'm going to have to eat this without slicing right into Maggie or Laurie's faces…"
Tracy XD XD
Daphne says, "It looks pretty amazing considering!"
Tracy says, "Even— even making it was surreal."
You say, "You can Sylar them!"
Tracy says, "AFTER you take a picture!"
Daphne took a picture!
Tracy eeee
Hallis squeeeeee~
Daphne says, "Did you notice that they have the same crazy blue eyes?!"
Tracy says, "The best part about that is that I baaaarely even edited the colouring of their eyes."
Tracy says, "They're just that freaking blue."
Tracy made Laurie's match Maggie's a little more and that was IT.
Daphne says, "They have amazing eyes."
Tracy says, "True story!"
Daphne glances down at cake and just cracks up again.
Tracy says, "And now you can eat their eyes!"
Tracy XD XD
Tracy is sitting here laughing.
Hallis is so happy!
You say, "I've been waiting and waiting and waiting… Today is better than Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!"
Tracy says, "You said 'mmm cake' earlier and I just about lost it."
Daphne XD XD
Hallis XD
Daphne says, "I DID!"
Tracy says, "<OOC> Roscoe says, "Mmm cake." <— YOU DID!"
Hallis dies!
Daphne dies.
Tracy says, "Sydney wanted to stay awake so bad."
You say, "omg I can't wait to see what it looks like!!"
You say, "She did!"
Daphne says, "Awwww, Sydney!"
You say, "SHe made me promise to log cake day XD"
Daphne will re-enact the reaction— oh good, log is even better.
Tracy says, "You can thank her right now in log!"
Hallis is going to post it (complete with pages) to the bottom of cake day.
Daphne says, "YAY SYDNEY <3 <3 <3 <3 <# <— that one's food! Like cake!"
Tracy says, "Oh god the pages?!?!?!"
You say, "YES THE PAGES!!!"
Tracy says, "AHHHH!!"
Tracy was flipping out.
Daphne hahaha.
Tracy thinks the term 'nervous like a school girl' was used at least once.
Daphne loves Tracy like a schoolgirl.
Tracy :D
Daphne says, "And Hallis."
Daphne says, "And Sydney."
Daphne says, "And this game."
Tracy hugs game.
Tracy hugs Daphne.
Tracy hugs cake.
Daphne hug Maggie/Laurie cake.
You say, "Aaaahhh don't squish it!"
Daphne says, "/There's a Maggie/Laurie cake/."
Daphne says, "And Maggie/Laurie fanfiction."
Tracy says, "I couldn't help but wonder what the … cake people thought."
Daphne says, "What have we created!"
Tracy says, "Something awesome!"
Daphne says, "They probably thought that 'Mmm cake' was the best cake wording ever."
Tracy XD XD
Tracy says, "If any of them were Lost fans they'd be like 'this makes absolutely no sense'"
Daphne XD
Hallis XD
Daphne says, "Probably if I took the plastic and stuff off it'd be a better picture, but I don't want it unprotected in the fridge."
Daphne does not trust coworkers.
Tracy XD
You say, "omg I can't wait to see it."
You say, "Tracy's been tracking it on FeDex since yesterday XD"
Tracy says, "Me neither! It's like half a present to me even though I'm not there because it's MAGGIE/LAURIE WTF WE PUT THEM ON A CAKE."
Daphne says, "hahaha"
Tracy says, "I have been."
Daphne says, "THEY ARE ON A CAKE"
Tracy says, "I saw when it was received by someone named Becky."
Daphne says, "This is going in his trivia."
Tracy says, "Maggie's too."
Daphne says, "Because Laurie loves food."
Daphne says, "And now he IS food."
Tracy XD XD
Daphne says, "There's, like, a part of him missing, though."
You paged Daphne with 'Thanks for the awesome HeroesMUSH video <3'
Daphne (Speedy2) pages: This was more amazing than I can describe. <3
Tracy says, "Maybe he ate himself."
Daphne says, "He /does/ look pretty content."
You paged Daphne with 'I'm glad you like it and aren't creeped out by us sending it!!'
Daphne (Speedy2) pages: I… I think a themed cake surrounding a pretend holiday you made up FOR MY CAKE cancels out any weirdness of you, like, knowing my name. XD
You paged Daphne with 'Well you know mine too!!'
Daphne (Speedy2) pages: See! No creepy. :D
Hallis is so giddy XD
Max finishes eating his tiramisu~
Max says, "Happy Cake Day, Daphne. <3"
Hallis hugs Max.
Max piggybacks.
Tracy says, "Yes! Tiramisu~"
Max hugs. :D
Daphne says, "Yum!"
Trina has connected.
You say, "Hi Trina!!"
Hallis hugs!
Trina says, "Heeeeey!"
Max leans on Trina.
Trina supports.
Tracy says, "Hi Trina! Are you still at doctor?"
Trina just got home. Shipped hubby out to go get drugs.
Tracy hugs.
Trina hugs back!
Cam has connected.
Cam waves again. :)
Hallis waves to Cam!
Tracy says, "Heya Cam!"
KeLyssa says, "HI CAM!"
Daphne edits cake page.
Tracy runs to see.
Tracy says, "AHHHHHHHHHHh"
Tracy freaks out again after seeing .1 second of it.
Daphne XD XD XD XD
Daphne cracks up again.
Hallis DIES!!
Daphne says, "AHH my mouth hurts"
Daphne says, "from /smiling/"
Tracy smiling so huge!!
Tracy says, "It does!"
KeLyssa says, "What is this cake page that is spoken of?"
Tracy says, ""
Daphne says, "Tracy and Sydney look very serious for Cake Day Conspirators."
You say, "TOO SERIOUS!"
KeLyssa thumbs up!
Tracy says, "It really turned out fantastically! This is what it was from!"
You say, "Hahaha, I was telling Tracy to put the words on the image.. and she said "They can do it!" and I was all "THEY'LL GET IT WRONG!!""
You say, "Poor Tracy… I was a slave driver."
Peter can't make a cake. I want to though.
Tracy was glad to do it! XD
Tracy says, "Buy a cake, Peter!"
You say, "Yes! Buy a cake!"
Hallis has a coupon for her next stalker cake.
Peter says, "That would require a way to actually leave the house besides walking."
Tracy understands that dilemma all too well.
Peter doesn't think they have a cake down at Kum 'n Go.
Tracy sdfghj
You say, "They have Twinkies!"
Peter says, "They would have twinkies, yes."
Daphne still can't believe this, guys.
You say, "Twinkies count as cake… because they're cake-like treats!"
Tracy :D
Peter says, "I dunno if I can handle buying a twinkie at Kum 'n Go."
Hallis is so happy!!
Daphne just informed her other IM friends how amazing this was.
Tracy giggle.
Daphne says, "I can't even.. I.."
Daphne says, "I don't think it could have gone more perfectly."
Daphne was /thinking about cake/.
Tracy says, "I know you were! BECAUSE IT'S CAKE DAY"
Daphne just dies forever.
Tracy giggles so much.
Hallis grins.
Tracy says, "Now you know why we've been so excitable."
Tracy says, "Not that that's much different from usual…"
Daphne says, "And shaking me!"
Tracy says, "AND SHAKING YOU"
Tracy says, "Yep!"
Daphne says, "Tracy, man."
Daphne says, "You are like the keeper of excitable secrets."
Tracy is.
KeLyssa has disconnected.
Daphne says, "This is getting me back for only telling you about the video for so long."
KeLyssa has connected.
Tracy says, "It is."
Tracy says, "I deserved to keep an excitable secret and you deserve cake for BEING AWESOME + VIDEO so it works out."
Daphne is not awesome enough for this cake.
Tracy says, "AU CONTRAIRE"
You say, "LIES!"
You say, "It just occured to me that we didn't say "THE CAKE IS A LIE!!" Sydney will be so disappointed."
Tracy XD
You say, "Daphne! You have to tell us how the cake is! Sydney made up a fake allergy just to fish if you were allergic to chocolate!!"
Tracy diiies yes.
Tracy was cracking up in pages so much during that.
Hallis was having so much trouble trying to figure out what flavor!
You say, "Which might have gone way wrong if Daphne was allergic to chocolate!"
You say, "You know… now Maggie and Laurie HAVE to get together… because there's canon cake."
Tracy dies dies.
Hallis challenges.
Tracy is still smiling over cake. XD This much!
Tracy can't actually physically smile /that much/, but.
Tracy :D
Hallis is smiling as big as Cody's icon.
Tracy says, "That's big!"
You say, "IT IS!"
Daphne dies.
Daphne says, "So, I go to put the cake in the fridge, and Lawrence (/Lawrence/) sees it and goes: "ABC SENT YOU A CAKE?!""
Tracy asdfghf
Tracy XD
Tracy cracks up.
Tracy says, "How are you explaining this?"
Daphne scrolls up. "Omg the chocolate allergy thing was /also part of this/— you guys are TRICKY!!!
Daphne says, "Hahahha. Yeeah… cake sort of makes them canon."
Daphne says, "I explained to Alex that it came from the same mystery person as sent the Jacob fax."
Tracy XD XD
Daphne says, "So now he probably thinks I have a really Lost-themed stalker."
Daphne says, "Which I kinda do."
Tracy llllllaughs
Hallis bounces!!
Daphne says, "And Seth informed me that you guys sending it to my work meant you wanted me to share it with all of them."
Tracy XD
You say, "Hahahaha!!"
Tracy says, "It only means… we haven't found your house yet."
Tracy >)
Daphne :O
Hallis isn't trying that one!!
Daphne says, "… good thing I steal internet there…"
Tracy hahaha.
You say, "Though surprise pizza would be funny."
Daphne is going to now watch this new TV show about lawyers and try not to think about Laurie and Maggie.
Daphne says, "and fail"
Tracy :)
KeLyssa grins.
Daphne says, "Oh, there's the police."
Daphne says, "I thought about them."
Hallis must eat some cake now!!
Tracy should, too. It's been sittin' there…
KeLyssa is jealous of all the cake.
You say, "Don't be jelous of my cake Lyss… I'm really not good at baking."
Tracy is— hit or miss.
You say, "I burned the cake itself and my glazes is like toffee…"
You say, "*glaze"
Tracy says, "I burned /myself/ and ruined my glaze the first time."
KeLyssa likes toffee! And kinda likes burned stuff.
KeLyssa weird that way.
Hallis grins!
You say, "I need someone to do this stuff for me."
Daphne says, "Someday, when we all move in together…"
Tracy XD
Daphne will hire someone else to cook.
You say, "I think my teeth just stuck together.."
Tracy says, "Max. Hire Max."
You say, "YES!"
Max >.>
Daphne hires Max.
Daphne puts him in an apron.
Max >|
Daphne says, "And only an apron."
Hallis rowr.
Max :D
Max says, "How may I service you?"
Daphne wants something good to… eat~
Tracy's cake is mostly good!
Tracy asks the Magic 8-Ball, "Is this cake my supper?" Magic 8-Ball says, Sylar uses telekinesis to make your answer, Yes.
Tracy says, "Naughty."
Hallis asks the Magic 8-Ball, "Will Boom Boom ban me from ever touching anything in the kitchen ever again?" Magic 8-Ball says, It is decidedly so.
Laurie says, "Naughty, naughty~"
Hallis is glad that she made a huge mess then.
Tracy cackle.
KeLyssa asks the Magic 8-Ball, "Should I have Tracy and Hallis come over here and make a mess of my kitchen/make a cake?" Magic 8-Ball says, Yes.
Daphne says, "This episode just mentioned stalkers."
Tracy XD
KeLyssa …
KeLyssa has reconnected.
KeLyssa has partially disconnected.
Rochelle has connected.
Tracy says, "Hi Rochelle!"
You say, "HAPPY CAKE DAY!!"
You say, "Yep, I just got banned from the kitchen!!"
Hallis cackles.
Tracy XD
KeLyssa has reconnected.
KeLyssa has partially disconnected.
Tracy diiies.
KeLyssa fears. ;)
Peter says, "No more cakes for you."
KeLyssa grins.
You say, "Nope! But I got my cake for cakeday!!"

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