Caleb Ross McCarty
Caleb Ross McCarty
Portrayed By Jake Gyllenhaal
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 24th
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Caleb, Cay
Place of Birth Cresson Ridge, PA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Zookeeper-In-Training; Aspiring Wildlife Photographer; Student
Known Relatives Olivia McCarty (mother); Joseph McCarty (father); Erin McCarty (older sister), Mikayla and Janet (triplet sisters)
Significant Other Sloths… not like that.
Known Abilities Crumpling
First Appearance Slothpile

A dorky zookeeper with aspirations for more. He also crumples things, but doesn't have superhuman strength. Lame.


The best thing to do when you have four sisters is mostly to duck and cover, because they will kick your ass, man. Caleb isn't even kidding, he still feels the bite marks and he hasn't lived at home or even really seen any of them for a while. One of a set of triplets, growing up a blue-collar family in Pennsylvania meant mostly trying to cut a piece of the world for yourself and establish your own identity, which meant mostly being kind of a geek. Caleb was a reader - scifi and fantasy, mainly - from the start. There wasn't a lot of room, growing up, but at least this way, he could content himself with his own little world of books and imagination, even if both of his twin sisters thought him a little weird for it.

As he grew up, it became clear that was he was a lot smarter than his own family gave him credit for. His mother was set on older sister Erin becoming a famous actress that would lever them all out of lower-class living, and his father was convinced that Caleb would do better to learn a trade, work in the factories like McCartys past. No one could really recognised that Caleb's quirkiness was partially due to creativity and interest in things like the environment, rather than recognisable goals like becoming a doctor or a football star. He was never discouraged, exactly, just a little taken for granted, and to this day, Caleb has a chip on his shoulder about this.

Caleb has limited memories of Pennsylvania, due to the whole family packing up and heading to New York so that Erin could pursue her child-acting career. Fine by Caleb, because books and imagination didn't depend on where you were in the world, and he hadn't made a lot of friends anyway. He grew up jealous of his parents' attention on Erin (never recognising that she wasn't very happy with her position in the world either), and a little resentful when, on occasion, his mother would attempt to drag him along to auditions for commercials and what have you. He went along with it and even had some success, but it certainly wasn't his passion. He just didn't like people enough to want to entertain them.

Besides, his interest was in animals and the ecosystem. Captain Planet was his absolute favourite show, only helping to build his attitudes and interest towards conservation and environmentalist concerns. Caleb was an excellent recycler, had pictures of exotic animals on his walls (instead of, say, WWF wrestlers or whatever it is other boys had), and wanted to be a vet/wildlife photographer/zookeeper/etc. when he grew up. This was a goal he had to work towards himself, as his parents weren't financially comfortable enough to set up a college fund, and so he worked towards earning a scholarship to go to university. He hit the jackpot, and ended up doing a degree in zoology (specifically, ecology) and animal science, living out of the dorms and working parttime as a kitchenhand in numerous bars and cafes.

But now, Caleb now has secured himself a pseudo-apprentice job at the Bronx zoo, still working towards his degree, focusing on the sloth, of all animals. His dream is to travel to Costa Rica and do field studies on Costa Rican ecology and wildlife (which naturally has SLOTHS), and considers his current position to be temporary - but he still loves it. Drawing on early acting experience, Caleb is also a PR face for the zoo, featured in a few ads - all in the name of generating more money for the animals, rather than a yen for the old acting biz. He is mostly estranged from his family, after a heated argument with his father before he left home, and still with that chip on his shoulder about feeling under appreciated (whether he actually was or not).

As for discovering his power, this came during his later teenage years. It's a half-unconscious ability, as when he exerts even a little force on something, the basics of the ability are triggered. So far, Caleb has worked out that he is not in fact superstrong, he can just somehow make objects more malleable, or something. He's never told anyone about it, despite being rather excited when he realised that he actually had some sort of crazy ability, but since this discovery, he's been focused on other things. Caleb came to the realisation that being able to bend things in weird ways only got you so far in life, and has since come to the decision to keep it to himself. For now.


August, 2007

  • 15th - Slothpile. AAAHHH. Aaahhh. Surprise older sister visit. Erin shows up at his door to eat his sandwich, drink his juice, and steal his money. And she apparently has something she needs to tell him, but doesn't.

September, 2007

  • 1st - Freak Like Me. Goes to Erin's place and ends up arguing. And almost dying. Then he destroys her cutlery. They grow closer for it.
  • 4th - The Whole Introduction Thing. Oh good god, socialising. Caleb manages not to alienate at least one person, even if Kasey is a mechanic and Caleb hates cars.
  • 6th - I Just Play One On TV. Trip to Gramma's. Erin and Caleb bicker over the environment, and then Erin pushes him towards a One Life To Live audition. Caleb is uncomfortably tempted by the prospect.
  • 18th - Freaks and Geeks (and Sloths). Zoo date is a go. Kasey gives Caleb a gift.

October, 2007

  • 12th - Sibling Rivalry. Superpower? Not so cool anymore. Erin and Mikayla come over for pizza and it all ends in tears. Lots of tears.


Crumpling means… the ability to crumple. Things. It's about as straight forward as that. Of course, as with many abilities, this can be applied in different ways.

  • There Is No Spoon. The bending and crumpling of small otherwise incrumplible objects of whatever material - spoons and pens and jewelry boxes. Because this aspect of his ability doesn't take concentration, it is not a hard thing for him to accomplish - in fact he can do it without even noticing. The simplest aspect of his power. Difficulty: Mediocre.
  • Modern Art. The bending and crumpling of larger objects of whatever material - trashcans and doors and car parts. An extension on the most basic aspect of his ability, with a higher Difficulty just because there is more mass to break down and handle. Difficulty: Average.
  • Doesn't Bend That Way. The act of inflicting this power onto a person by bending their limbs or any grippable part of their body. Only affects bone. Caleb would have to win a Brawl grappling roll before attempting this ability, unless allowed ICly or OOCly. The stunt doesn't actually break the bone - just bends it as if it was always grown that way and is very painful. The effects are irreparable except by Caleb (or surgical rebreaking/setting) and only if he knows what he's doing medically to fix it (so a separate Medicine roll might be needed). A higher difficulty, because likely the subject would be resisting as well as flesh and muscle not being crumpible. Difficulty: Good.
  • By My Diagnosis. The ability to detect the weak spot or defects in human bone. Difficult due to not actually being able to see bone and only available to him if he actually tries to detect it. This will result in finding fractures or old break points. Difficulty: Good.
  • Weakest Link. The ability to detect the weak spot in solid matter (that isn't bone). If achieved at its minimum, Caleb will get a vague idea of the area most weak. As the success increases it will get more specific - where exactly is the breaking point how much force would it take etc. Difficulty: Average.
  • Dust to Dust. This stunt draws on the theory that Caleb is manipulating the structural integrity of things. In theory, he should be able to psychically weaken matter through skin contact, which will make whatever it is he's touching weaken to the point of breaking or disintegration. An undiscovered stunt that takes a lot more concentration. Difficulty: Superb.

Personality Profile and Zodiacs

According to the Myers Briggs personality test, Caleb is an INTP type personality. This stands for Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving.


Coming soon.


  • "Your eyes glowed. It was awesome." (Freak Like Me)
  • "Um. No. As in, I work there, so I'm a fan I guess, but not like some sort of freak who just wears zoo T-shirts for no reason. This isn't the uniform, or anything, I just like it. So I guess I am, actually. Never mind. Can we start again? I work at the zoo. Ever been?" (The Whole Introduction Thing)


  • Caleb suffers from less than perfect skin, which should have had the kindness to go away after puberty. But no. For this reason, he has a fully stocked bathroom to prevent looking like a pizza face when he wakes up in the morning.
  • He does love sloths, but he has other favourite animals too. These include but are not limited to koalas, chimpanzees, and bunny rabbits. And sloths.
  • He is working on a fantasy book. Ask him about it. He dares you.
  • Caleb, unlike most, does believe that the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morissette is in fact highly ironic. And not just due to the cop out about a song named as such and not holding examples of irony while pretending it does - it's the oft forgotten last line that convinces him.
  • Okay, so, he may like Alanis Morissette.
  • Caleb's height of fashion is unusual or humourous T-shirts, like many a twenty-something in America. Those seen ICly thus far include: "Slothzilla" stomping through Tokyo; "STAND BACK, I'M TRYING SCIENCE"; "I LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD" (and on the back: "BOOM DE YADA").


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