2007-11-11: Call Her A Snobby Alumna


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Summary: Two musicians nearly run into each other.

Date It Happened: November 11th, 2007

Log Title Call Her A Snobby Alumna

Brubaker Secondary School, Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC

An unfamiliar sight is happening in the area outside this particular middle school as classes are ending for the day and students are being let out to go home, where they will no doubt toil over that aspect of school which follows them beyond its walls. A thing they'll lie about having, struggle with, and in some cases outright ignore. Some of those, the next morning, will even claim their dogs ate it or try some equally thin excuse. Homework. But that's the standard stuff.

The unusual thing is a woman in her mid-twenties, with guitar case and backpack over opposite shoulders, striding up toward the building's front entrance.

One such student slowly making her way out of the school itself to trek her way home or to some other equally exciting location, is Portia. Her guitar case is also in hand, though she's done a very good job of managing to protect it in spite of those who would badger her and try and snatch it away. She'd protect the thing with her life, if she had to. It's been a long day, so Portia isn't paying too much attention as she moves to open the school's front door to step out.

The door she's reaching for suddenly opens, and there's a student coming through it. Not wanting to collide, the twenty-something brunette steps aside to let the girl pass and doesn't immediately spot her face. No, Jane's attention is on the instrument first. It causes a smile to form. Ah, young musicians, and one so dedicated as to take her axe to and from school. When her eyes move on, to the owner's face, she double-takes. "Portia. Hey."

"Oh!" Portia looks up, guitar case held protectively as one would a child as she steps out of the doorway so as to make sure anyone else won't be obstructed by her and her instrument. "Hey. How are you doing?" She questions. It's indeed been a while since she's seen her fellow musician.

"I'm good," she replies with a spreading smile. Jane moves a bit more to the side so they don't get run over by hordes of teens trying to escape that building's confines and display exuberances. "You? I… never thought you went here. I thought you'd be taking courses in a much smaller town upstate."

"I like being in the city." Portia remarks, glancing around a bit. "Makes it easier to get to things.. thinking about enrolling in some after school programs that are offered here in the city, so it's definitely easier." She scratches the back of her neck. "What are you doing here?"

"I got invited," Jane replies. "One of the civics teachers asked me if I could come and speak with his class about election procedures, when he learned I had degrees in political science and law. So I thought I'd pop by to look the place over and speak with him a little. I wanted to float an idea or three." Placing one shoulder against a wall, she makes eye contact with the younger musician. "I'm thinking of ways to blend the session with music. To make the point that boring stuff like civics can mix with rock."

"Oh! It's not Mr. Jones, is it?" Portia grins. "I have his class. He's a cool guy.. if you want help I'd love to. I dont ever really get to do anything with my guitar anymore other than lug it around and sit and play it by myself when I can spare a moment."

"It is," Jane answers, "if his sister runs a comic book store in the East Village and his name is also Lee." Her head tilts. "You don't practice a lot?" She looks surprised, perhaps even more surprised than she had just moments ago on learning this is Portia's school. "Or take music classes here at school?"

Glancing back to Jane, Portia grins. "Yeah. The comic store is pretty cool.. I've been there once or twice. And his name is Lee, I think." She rubs the back of her neck again. "I mean, I do practice.. but like.. I can't really learn much more here. That's why I'm trying to find some new after school sort of things.. someone told me that Julliard had some classes that you could take as a middle-schooler or high-schooler, so I'm thinking about looking into those cause I know they'll be challenging."

"Oooh," she replies. "Juilliard is a great place to aim for. Schools like that teach music, schools like this one," Jane gestures toward the interior, "teach about understanding the world. Best to have both," she opines. "But I still say shoot for Yale as your college." Because it has musical and performing arts programs, and is Ivy League. Call her a snobby alumna, she believes Yale beats all others.

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