2007-08-05: DF: Call You Brother



Guest Starring:

Luis Salonga

Summary: Orion meets the current Salonga Patriarch. Leads to someone getting beat up.

Dark Future Date: August 5th, 2009

Call You Brother


It seems that there was someone watching the helicopters and their little fight with the two evolved the previous night. A tall, muscular older man, maybe in his late 20s/early thirties seems to be exploring the sewer system of New York. He's dressed in a pair of jeans and a form fitting blackshirt as he clutches onto a flashlight tightly.

The raw sewage doesnt seem to be bothering him, as it parts, leaving a nice dry trail for him to walk along as he continues looking at every nook and cranny for any possible entrances to the underground tunnels made by his sister.

He curses in Tagalog, and anyone knowing Claudine would definitely recognize some of the few choice words. To make sure that no one else understands what he's saying, he calls out «'Dine..where are you? I know you're here somewhere..»


« She cannot come out to play. »

The voice comes from behind the tall Filipino. It is slow and careful, probably because the speaker is still not entirely comfortable with Tagalog. Even so, the voice has a very… Very clear point. Or, more exactly, the speaker has a very sharp point pressed to the base of the Filipino's skull.

« But I can play. »

Swallowing a bit nervously, the Filipino feels the sharp tip of the point on the base of his skull, but he doesnt recognize the voice. Water sloshes under his mental command, though he doesnt do anything yet, knowing he's at a disadvantage.

«You butcher my language. Where is my sister?» he says angrily.


« I told you. She can't come out to play. »

Wait. Sister? The speaker pauses for a very long moment, the sharp point of the blade not wavering a millimeter in the meantime. Behind the tall Filipino, another tall man narrows his eyes as he considers the Filipino.

« I apologize. Language was never my strong subject. I have learned Tagalog rather quickly, under Claudine's tutelage. »


«Dine? Where are you?»

He's getting annoyed the the waves in the water start sloshing back and forth. As Orion was with the Company for quite sometime, he'd know that a good number of her siblings tested positive for the genetic marker, though they hadnt shown any obvious powers. It seems that elementalism runs in the family though as the sewage continues to move back and forth.

«How do you know her? Are you what made her what she is now? A terrorist?»


« I found her while her… »

Orion growls angrily, possibly at himself, possibly at the Filipino in front of him. The sharp point presses more firmly to the base of the Filipino's skull as Orion steps forward, putting his goateed face over the Filipino's shoulder so that the two are side-by-side in face alone.

"I apologize. I am pretty bad at Tagalog. Maybe it's just that trying to speak it reminds me so much of Marilou. Maybe it just makes me feel like I'd be intruding upon Claudine's privacy if I really learned to talk it."

Orion's expression is grim the whole time he talks. It's almost reverent really, as if speaking of the dead and of privacy is something that he considers to be the most solemn and serious task he may ever undertake.

"I found Claudine when her power was still developing. When she didn't know what was happening and she was causing tremors all over the place when she got excited, afraid, or expressed any tremendous emotions, really. I trained her to control her powers. I trained her to do many things, some of them I am not proud to have trained her to do, but when the time comes… I did not make her a terrorist. I taught her what she needed to know to survive in the world she opted to join and when we both became fed up with the policies of an organization either corrupted by its own power or else corrupted by some other, unknown influence, I took her out of that world. Now we try to atone for our sins. What makes you think we are terrorists?"


His eyes widen as she sees the goateed face next to him, though he still doesnt move an inch, not wanting to have a big piece of metal stuck in his head afterall. He takes a deep breath, clenching hist fist tightly upon hearing the name of his deceased youngest sibling and mutters a soft prayer under his breath.

"I know of you and your organization. Marilou and Claudine were so young, so innocent. This war ravaged them both, and look what's left. My only sister now kills and destroys without any show of remorse. It's disgusting. If our parents only knew the monster that she would have become, they would have wished she take Marilou's place.."

Such harsh words coming from the eldest as he still remains completely still.

"I know of the news. Only my sister has the capability to wreck such havoc upon the lands and I saw footage of you and her. Peter Petrelli killed many people that day, soit's obvious the three of your are working together.."


For a half-second the pressure on the back of the Filipino's skull lessens. And then he mentions Claudine taking Marilou's place. The spike presses back against his head again with renewed force, the tip almost digging through flesh this time.

"Don't. Ever. Say. That. Again."

Granger turns his head slightly, staring directly at the Filipino. His eyes are full of a mixture of fury and sorrow, his face remains expressionless though. A second blade suddenly rises up from under the Filipino's chin, the sharp metal point pressing against it to help Orion turn the Filipino's head to face him.

"Your sisters, both of them, were good people. Claudine is still a good person, deep down in her heart. She did not kill anyone last night. I did not kill anyone last night. Peter Petrelli acted last night on his own in one place. An unscheduled train, so far as I know, came down the line he was destroying and he did all that he could to save it, but he failed."

Orion pauses a moment, as if he were going to say something, but decided not to broach the subject. Granger fixes the Filipino's eyes again, spikes pressed into his flesh ever so carefully, yet firmly.

"Peter Petrelli, like so many others in this world, do not trust Claudine and I. We are outsiders. Freelancers, occasionally asked to do undesireable things, but we do everything in our power to avoid harming civilians and the innocent. We pay our pennance by saving the lives of those that the government would destroy for not being… Able to do things."


His eyes squint for a few moments, wincing in pain at the sharp spike threatening to impale him. His expression remains steely and neutral, not having fear at all in his voice, though the fact that he swallows nervously gives him away.

He offers no resistance when he's forced to face Orion and just looks at him coldly, though occasionally glancing down as he feels something sharp up against his chin.

"Make my sister stop then. I know what she is doing. I know Mr. Donovan has contacted her, and I know she is helping the government. You say that you two are not trusted by those who would seek to dispose of the government. The President offers order, structure,things that are needed in this new day in age. Why not join us? I can make it to where your records disappear. Your considerable training would make you valued members.."


"Allow me to ask you something, Mr. Salonga."

Orion's eyes harden, for a moment it might almost seem like they're ready to turn to steel, but they don't. His gaze simply hardens; the sorrow and the pain, the remorse and the regret, all of it vanishes in a puff of imaginary smoke.

"If you know so much, Mr. Salonga, why is it that you think that you know what it is that this world needs? Why is it that you think you know what will make your sister the happy, bubbly, remarkable woman I met two years ago? Why is it that you think that you know so very much? Do you know my name? Do you know the thoughts that haunt me every moment I am not with your sister? Do you know what it is that drives your sister? Or do you just think that you know so very much?"


"You have known her for what..two..three years at most? I am Luis, the eldest. It was I who brought her to school. It was I who saw her grow up. I know what she needs because I know her.."

His fists clench once again and the sewage starts to move back and forth, merging into a ball of green, brownish icky crap with his heightened emotion. He stares and meets Orion's gaze, not even flinching for a few moments.

He's oh so typically eldest sibling, thinking they know all and what's best for their younger ones. "Our parents are dead..they were killed when the Philippines, in it's rush to become like a Western power decided to do the same thing. I am the oldest and I know what's best for her.."


"How did you come to know what is best for her?"


"I am the oldest.."

Nothing more needs to be said, but with a mental command, the ball of water raises, hoping to hit Orion, to at least take him by surprise so that there wont be too metal claws near his head..


Orion's spikes swish through the air with Real Swashbuckling Action Noises <TM> as he abruptly drops backward and away from Luis. The metal man drops into a backward roll and comes up to his feet again several feet away, taking on a terribly Hugh-Jackman-as-Wolverine-on-the-Statue-of-Liberty's-crown pose. Foot long spikes extend from the palms of both of his hands, glinting in the dim light with their own metallic composition and with the sewer water dripping from their tips.

"Answer the question, Luis. How did you come to know what is best?"

Impressed withthe dexterity of his opponent, Luis crouches down into a low stance, bending his knees as he raises her arms wide, trying to get ready for anything. The water swirls around him for a few moments as he doesnt yet make a move, his eyes just remaining focused on Orion.

"I am all that she has left. Our brothers are dead, having fought against oppression in the Philippines. I am all that she has. And what of you, what makes you think you know what is good for her?"


"I do not think that I know what is good for her. I know that I do not know what is best for her, save keeping her safe from harm."

Orion doesn't move except to flap his jaw. He stares at Luis, watching the Filipino warily. As usual, Orion is in the environment best suited to his opponent. As usual, Orion is at a marked disadvantage. Perhaps this is his environment.

"I love her enough to let her live her own life, to let her make her own choices and to learn from her own mistakes. If she needs help cleaning up the messes afterward, I am there to lend a hand. How did you come to know what is best?"


The sewage starts to whip up around him, keeping him encircled as he stares towards Orion for quite some time. It's only when he hears that this man, this man who looks as hold as he is, says he loves his sister. His eyes widen with rage as the water soon coalesces into another ball in front of him, though he doesnt attack.

"You..love her? She had mentioned someone when she visited three years ago.." and he hrmmms for a few moments, not quite sure what to do now..either way, this man is still bad in his eyes.


Orion could be the Devil. He really could be, but then again… He doesn't look like he's lying. He doesn't look like he's bluffing. Granger stands his ground, staring calmly at Luis. It could well be infuriating that Orion can be so calm, so cool, so collected in this situation.

Then again, it could be reassuring that he is so icy cold about this situation. He is, after all, standing up to the family patriarch in a situation where he is at a very clear and distinct disadvantage. It implies stability, courage, and something more deep than the English language has words to describe. Chutzpah, perhaps?


"You are seventy percent water. I could kill you if I really wanted. So answer me. Do you love her.."

Luis stares him down, trying to be all intimidating. Can he really have the ability to kill the man in front of him, thus leaving his sister with no one else? He works for the man afterall, and he cant bring a known terrorist in, or can he.

So, instead, he just meets the icy stare with one of his own..


"You are as human as I am. You are weak to blades being shunted through your brain. I could kill you if I really wanted."

Orion's voice is even, cold. It's not a threat. It is a promise so far as Orion is concerned. The tall man stares Luis down, maintaining his stance. To lose the stance now would surely spell death. Granger clears his throat as he watches the Filipino.

"Of course I love her. She is my conscience, my confidante, my best friend, the person that cheers me up when I am down. She is the only person in this entire world that I trust implicitly and the only person in this world that I have ever cared about so strong that it hurts when I am not near her."

The only problem is that Orion cannot prove this to Luis.


Touche, Orion, Touche.

Luis continues to stare towards the man, not quite sure what to do, though he seems to get an idea. If this man truly loves his sister, then he would defend her, and if means to defend her, then he must be tested to make sure that no harm would come to her.

"Prove it.."

And it's then that he lunges towards him, raising his hands as the ball of green and brown water starts moving towards him once more..


Orion waits for his moment. It comes as Luis lunges forward, his hydrosphere flying at Granger's face. The tall man lunges forward as well, his leading hand slashing upward with its spike and cleaving through the middle of the sphere, splitting it in twain around Orion's spike, hand, and forearm. The other hand follows suit, cleaving through the air and the water alike on a diagonal that sends the watery sewage spreading even further around Orion's body.

As Orion passes through where the sphere used to be, the metal spikes turn to gel and retreat down against Granger's hands. They spread out over both hands as Orion moves in close to Luis. He throws a series of punches, largely feints, with his metal coated hands before suddenly launching a knee at Luis' side and following it up with an opposite side kidney shot with Sarge Steel's Fist.


The ball of sewage and muck splatters everwhere, losing it's coherence as it's slashes through with the metal spike. Fecal matter and only god knows what else splashes and hits the wall cause well, they're in a sewer afterall.

Seeing the series of punches, Luis moves with an almost gluid grace, always barely dodging the punches as he can feel the woosh of air accompanying the fists of rage. At the kidney shot, his eyes widen and he grunts, feeling the metal hand brush up against his shirt before he growls and tries to keep some distance with him and the man of metal.

Now knowing what his opponent is capable of, he's going to maintain his distance, or at least try to. There's lots of water nearby and he raises his hands, and the water/sewage reponds to his mental command before he thrusts his palms out forward towards the direction of Orion, hoping a wave of that gross stuff will wash him away..


Orion takes note of Luis' movements. He may not know exactly what Luis is planning, but if it requires him to stay at a distance… Well, Orion's fairly sure that it cannot be good for him. Granger drops backward and rolls back toward the wall. He darts up the curve of the sewer wall and leaps up into the air, his fingers suddenly turning to talons before he sinks them into the ceiling of the sewer passage, freezing his elegant backflip for a moment.

Orion swings his legs back and forth to develop momentum enough to plant them against the ceiling. The tall man skitters across the ceiling before planting his feet fully against its disgusting surface. His claws come out of the stonework as he launches himself through space to tackle Luis.

Almost as soon as he hits the ground, Orion starts pounding at Luis with his metal-sealed fists of skilled fury.

"I apologize, but I cannot allow this nonsense to continue. Claudine could return anytime now. I'd rather she not see the two of us beating one another to a pulp."


Pow! Thwap! Sock! Grunt! Oomph!

Luis is an olderman who has relied on his elemental gifts and thus left his martial prowess lacking. He's used to those he can easily goad with his powers, but it seems that Orion is quite different. He oomphs at the punches and soon his face is black and blue, coughing out a bit of his blood.


He sounds weary and waits for Orion to get off of him, cause well, the only thing keeping the sewage from soaking into his clothes are his powers right now. "You…are a good man. My sister is lucky to have you. You will protect her, and you genuinely seem to care for her. You seeming willingness to kill me for what Isaid about her proved that. And you punching me only emphasized it.."


Orion stands up slowly and bends over to grab Luis by the front of the shirt. He power lifts the Filipino from the water and rights him on his feet before releasing the elder Salonga. Granger tilts his head to one side, metal slowly starting to retreat into his flesh once more.

"I will keep Claudine safe. She is all I have in this world."


"Maybe if things were different, I could have called you brother.."

A wry grin curls onto his lips, as he dusts himself off. With the motion of his hand, whatever sewage seeped into Orion's clothes comes out and he makes his way towards the exit. "Tell her I love her, and that hopefully we'll see each other again soon.." and with that, he departs..


"You may yet."

Granger's reply is quiet, very nearly nothing more than mouthed words as he steps back and into the shadows of the sewer. Orion disappears into the darkness from whence he emerged, making mental notes as he diesappears into a side tunnel, hidden largely by careful removal of the brickwork.

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