2007-11-03: Calling In Favors


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Summary: After experience a single ray of hope, Peter calls Nathan.

Date It Happened: November 3rd, 2007

Calling In Favors

Bat Country Labs, and the Petrelli Mansion

Out in the hallway of the Seville Medical Center, Peter walks to one of the spots he learned had good reception during his long stay in Bat Country and dials a familiar number. It's getting towards the late evening, days after he was supposed to stop by the Labs to meet this maybe-cure of his bosses— things happened to delay it a few days. Only been a short time and he feels better already. And hungry. Really hungry. For the first time in a month. That'll have to get taken care of later.

It doesn't take a long time for the phone to be picked up. Secluding himself in his guest room, Nathan is sitting on his bed, laptop in his lap and glasses reflecting the screen in front of him. There's a mug that had been previously filled with coffee just next to him, along with his mobile phone, which vibrates silently when his number is called. Partially closing his computer, Nathan clears his throat, as if to eliminate the chance of coughing when he picks up, and answers the phone after checking the caller ID. His voice is still rough, however, when he speaks. "Peter," he greets, glances at the time. "You're staying over there tonight or something?"

"Good guess," Peter says into the phone. His voice still carries a tone of tiredness, but it's less hoarse than it had been the last few weeks. "I'm going to helping Cass out here for the next few days, probably— until we find something." Else. He pauses for a moment, then looks up toward the ceiling, unseen where he is across the river in Brooklyn. "You still have your political and police connections, right? Cass got the names of the rest of the people in quarantine with us. She said she checked them out, questioned them, and they're all clean. She can't figure out why they didn't catch this second bug and we— and that man her dad mentioned did. I was thinking maybe you could use your resources to check it out, see if there's any supsicious patterns to the man that died that made him different from the others. More like us."

The laptop set aside, Nathan gets off his bed to pace, bare feet against carpet but otherwise dressed from the day. He moves towards the window just to not really observe the outside surroundings as Peter talks, frowning just a little. "What sort of suspicious patterns?" he asks, leaning just beside the glass. "Just if he was sick?" A shrug, useless because Peter can't see, but a shrug all the same along with, "I can try, if you get me a name and some other details. Location, career."

"More than one, but the one who died too. Cass checked the others and they aren't sick, but…" Peter's moving a bit as he walks, trying to think this through as he goes. "We need to find if there's any connection between us. Maybe if he travelled recently, or— I dunno, but there has to be a connection. He's the only one who got sick. And you could check on the other people too, eliminate some factors. It's something." Which in his opinion is better than what they've been doing the last few weeks… "I also need you to… keep an eye on Elena. Make sure she doesn't get worse, or ignore it if she does."

"Then if you can have Cass send me details, I'll see what I can do," Nathan says. Which is really all he can do. If Cass couldn't find anything… well maybe a little heft from the police wouldn't go astray. Next, a roughened chuckle comes down the line. "We're all looking after ourselves, Peter, you know that," he says. "As much as we can." Pause, then, "You sure you should be working? You're just as sick as us - worse, last I checked."

"I'll get that soon, by email probably," Peter says, dropping that topic there, since he can't give them much more than that right now. But there's something much more important that might give him reason to delay more. "That's just— the point, Nathan. That's why Cass called me in. She wanted me to meet somebody. This woman— she's— She can control viruses. Give them to people, take them away… She was able to cure me of the virus, but she nearly put herself into a coma doing it."

There's a silence as Nathan digests this information, blinking rapidly out the window without really seeing anything. It. It cannot be that simple. "You're— so you're okay now? You're not sick?" he asks, with a tone that suggests he really doesn't believe it. That's not— how the world works, people get sick and go to hospital and die— but he supposes people don't fly either, in this reality.

"I'm not sick anymore," Peter reassures again, thought there's a tinge of guilt in his voice. "Cass is wanting to find a permenant cure, something that doesn't tire anyone out doing it. I'm going to be looking into the life of the man who died— the one who isn't us. If there's something he did that connects him to us— it might be the key to figuring out how this got worse. I figure you could help me with that with your connections too." There's a moment's pause, before he adds with emphasis, "We will fix this Nathan. I promise."

And Peter isn't rushing to drag he and Elena to Bat Country Labs to get cured right away for a reason. That little flicker of hope is promptly doused, and Nathan leans heavier against the wall. "Yeah," he says, in reply. His tone is a little hollowed out, as if he's not really listening to himself as he says, "I can put in a few calls once you forward the information my way. I can't make any promises, it's not as though law enforcement don't have better things to do in this city but they might have information on file we don't know about."

There's reasons why he's not, but most of it has to do with concern for the safety of the person who has the ability. "Er— the person who healed me is too exhausted to do anything else tonight. Probably for a few days, even," Peter says, speculating outloud even if he doesn't need to hear a thought to have an idea why he needs to explain this. "And I've never used her ability before— I'm not sure what effect it would have. I might end up making you worse by accident. But that's why we're going to find a permenant cure, one that will work on anyone." It's not much… "I know there's not much you can do, but— it's something. It'll help me out if I know something that doesn't come from the Company."

"I know," Nathan says, a little impatiently, snappish. "Did I ask you to do anything?" No, he didn't, but he really wanted to. Resisted by the barest of fractions. There's a short pause, and a sigh. "Well every little bit helps, right? You know where to find me."

The snappy response makes Peter pause in his walk and lean against the nearest wall. "You're my brother, Nathan," he says, voice serious and whispered. There's no need to go much further into that, but it also sounds like he wants to. There's a slow inhale and he adds, "Yeah, I know where you are. I'll be checking in on you guys whenever I can, keeping you up to date on anything that's going on. And I hope that you'll tell me if anything changes."

"No. No changes so far," Nathan says, relaxing a fraction now that they've moved on in conversation. "Still sick as a dog. But I haven't— tested my ability or anything but that's probably for the best." Pause. "And I'll see how Elena's holding up for you, if she's still awake."

"Thank you," Peter says, beginning to move again. "I'm probably going to try to call her in a bit, but having someone there to keep an eye on her and make sure that she's not pushing herself too hard— she's been sneaking out a few times. I don't know if she thinks I noticed or not but…" Apparently he did. "I'm not asking you to tie her down or follow her around, just make sure she doesn't push herself."

"Easier said than done," Nathan comments, and there's the sound of curtains being drawn closed as he moves back towards his bed, sitting down. There's the slightest of sounds, the hitching of his breath as still bruised muscles protest the movement, but nothing more. "And that's rich, coming from you."

There's actually the hint of a laugh at the comment. "Well, I wouldn't be the first one in the family that's kind of a hypocrit," Peter responds, that light laugh present in his voice as he moves again. "I'm not going to do anything reckless. If we can't find a cure soon, we need the back up plan, and I have to be alive if I'm going to help with that. So just take care of yourself and Elena— and give me a hand when you got the time."

Time. Nathan bites back a sarcastic comment at that, knowing what Peter means, just amused at the concept of himself being at all busy. "Yeah," he agrees, instead. "Will do. Good luck with saving the day and everything."

"I'll do my best— just focus on taking care of yourself, Nathan," Peter says, staying on the line a little longer after that than he probably should. And Elena too, from the sound of the rest of the conversation. There's a moment where he lingers on the line, to get a response if there is one, before he moves the phone away and hangs up

"Working on it," Nathan replies, and with uncharacteristic reluctantness, he pauses before he hangs up. Not a moment later, his phone is flicked open again. Time to start calling in some favours.

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