2010-01-12: Calling in the Geek Squad



Date: January 12, 2010


Cody and Jo enlist Carl to help them learn some information.

"Calling in the Geek Squad"

AP Headquarters — Computer Lab

It's nice to be able to get out of the van for a while. The computer lab back at the office is roomier. And they make sure the coffee never runs out.

At the moment, Carl is leaning back and watching as a five-by-five array of monitors play back footage of the Level 5 raid - most of them are static feeds, but the one in the middle keeps switching angles like a big-budget action movie. Eventually, he stops the playback and shakes his head, reaching for a half-empty cup that's starting to go cold. "Still not quite there yet. I'm gonna have to crack open the facial recognition module after all."

The lab, ugh, not exactly a place that Cody would be caught barefoot in during the rainy season in some tropical jungle… but there's a job to do. Too bad it has to involve a computer, one of the redhead's personal vices. She hates them, especially now because of the whole hacker issue. She walks into the room at Jo's side, her long, straight, red hair swaying gently as she walks. "… and then the guy says 'You think I wanted a 12 inch pianist?'" Cue the raucous laughter and the slap to the brunette's back. "Can you believe it? I almost DIED laughing!" Yes, it's a dirty joke in the workplace, deal with it.

The joke is met with a suppressed chuckle, "That's terrible." But despite herself, the ex-SEAL, can't suppress all of her chuckles, a fews escape — a testament to the comedy of the joke considering it's a lucky day when she even cracks a genuine smile. Jo shakes her head at her colleague, "Just don't tell it to superiors." Her lips find their way to her comfortable cool-yet-distant smile. Until her gaze falls upon Carl, "So this is where they keep the computer trolls." Whether she's joking, trying her hand at an insult, or completely serious is difficult to tell. "Hello Carl." That same cool smile plays on her lips as she looks through him rather than at him.

Finishing off the alleged coffee buys Carl a few precious seconds to think up a comeback or two. Tit for tat is the only way to keep certain of his colleagues from being completely insufferable. "Too late," he murmurs, before turning around and leaning one arm across the back of his swivel chair. "Trolls, harpies… it's a real menagerie down here. Hello, Jo." The approving-only-not-really look and tone will serve him well as a butler if he ever loses his job here. "Sergeant Baker, always a pleasure."

"Hey, I'll tell it to the president himself. It's not my fault if he gets a little gun shy from a twelve inch joke." The man at the screens garners Cody's attention only because of Jo's announcement of his presence. At the greeting, the redhead bristles. Sergeant… she didn't spend 4 years in college to be some mid-level NCO. But she lets it slide for the sake of 'the team.' "Yeah, I'm not a Sergeant, but pleasure's all yours." Kind of. She turns to one of the computers and points to it, "So are you one of the plebs that's supposed to teach me how to use it without attracting a billion hackers to the mainframe?"

"Don't you mean shrieking death harpies or some other tragically overdone symbol of feminine sexuality turned awry?" Jo asks after crossing her arms over her chest and arching a single eyebrow. She glances at Cody and then retorts to Carl in an oddly gentle tone matched with her infamous strained disingenuine smile, "Ma Baker's been around the block. She should garner some measure of respect after her years of service" even if it's not to this military, "furthermore I'd have thought you'd learned not to agitate women that pack heat. Seems old habits die hard."

Carl makes a sour face. "Teach? Oh, you don't want me teaching you, I'm awful at it." He is! The last assistant they sent him ended up storming off! (And then got fired for incompetence, so it's not like Carl didn't have good reason to lambast him.) "The training staff are down the hall— I'm just the guy who'll chew your ass out if I find you ignoring your lessons."

At Jo's words, he merely turns the chair around and glances over the monitor bank, which has switched to a set of live feeds of nearby corridors. "Not all habits. I dropped the 'shrieking death' part, didn't I?"

A frustrated sigh is given as Cody turns to Jo and shakes her head. "Seriously, what do they pay these people for? All they do is sit and watch TV and play on the internet all day." Apparently selling nuts and hotdogs is much more important. Looking back at Carl, she pulls out a piece of paper with strange writing all over it and tosses it in front of him. "I need all the information I can get about a guy that we apparently arrested, his name is Gene. I need a last name, last known address, any known relatives… the full meal deal. Can you provide or is there someone else I need to give a blow job to get some work done around here?"

"I'm not aware I've ever shrieked anyways. So the descriptor would be wholly inaccurate, anyways," Jo says simply before pressing her lips into a slightly more genuine smile that transforms into a smirk at Cody's approach. "Cody is prepared to do what she needs to in order to get things done."

Oh, good, some actual work to do. That'll save Carl the trouble of bothering to keep a straight face, he just has to keep his voice under control. "I have a Gene Kensington listed— no special ability that we know of, got sent to Otisville." Federal prison, formerly a looney bin. He sends something to the printer, filling in the details of his spoken outline. "Last known residence was cleared out the night he was detained. Circumstances of his escape are… the evidence is inconsistent, let's say. His grandfather is Senator John Kensington, Maryland, so tread carefully— the last thing we need is for him to start pulling strings to box us in."

"Always the team player, that's me." Cody mutters grumpily, not that she'd deliver on the promise of a blow job to anyone… well except that one guy and maybe that other one… okay and that one too. Rodrigo might have been thrown into the mix somewhere in there, except he's a pretty important mark. Then Cody's brain goes into overdrive as she begins her list of possible candidates for the dirty deed done dirt cheap. When Carl actually takes the scrap and complies? Well computer geek gets some respect! Maybe even a little bit of forgiveness from the slight. When he provides the information, Cody is quickly scribbling it down in sanskrit in her notebook. "Thanks, do we have an address? Place he worked? Anything?"

It's okay, Cody, who you do on your own time is your own business. Just don't put Carl on the list, he's not your type. "All in the printout," he replies, reaching over and handing it to her. "All a bit out of date by now, but I suppose you can ask around. Might get lucky, even."

Lucky. The comment earns a chuckle from the redhead and she grabs the list, scanning it for any details that she might not have already. "Thanks, you're tops in the geek squad for this one." Who knows, he might get a great recommendation to a position at Best Buy from her. Anything's possible. Turning to Jo, she smiles and raises her eyebrows just a little, "So whaddya say? Wanna go out and grab a few beers? We might even get lucky."

"If he escaped you'd think they'd have checked his last residence, but maybe you can figure out some his former connections," Jo glances from Cody to Carl and back again. Her lips twitch into an amused smile — not her usual fare, all things considered. "Yes. Let's go have some beers. Just remember, you don't need luck when you take responsibility for your own fare." And then, replacing the bemused smile with her famously cool one she turns back to Carl, "As usual, Carl, your performance has been above satisfactory." She shoots him a pointed look.

By all appearances, Carl is content to let the conversation trail off there, turning his attention back to the Cool Cam project. Until just after Cody leaves, and just before Jo does. "These walls are soundproof," he offers, without turning around.

Lingering behind Cody, Jo pauses just inside the room. A mischievous smile flickers across her features, but she doesn't dare turn to face Carl either. Instead, she fingercombs her hair into a tight ponytail, giving her a reason to linger just a little longer. "So no one will hear me scream?" she asks idly. "I wouldn't want that on record, now would I?" Pressing her lips together she secures her ponytail with an elastic band around her wrist. "I assume you still work late. I'll be back."

Only then does Carl turn again, leaning one arm like before - and, with the other, briefly switching the bank of monitors to a uniform gray. And allows himself the barest of smiles. It probably won't last any longer than it did the first time around, but it'll be fun while it does.

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