2007-04-02: Calling the Jewish Mafia


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Summary: Oliver tracks down Eliana at work and she tells him about current events with Jack. Oliver isn't amused.

Date It Happened: April 2nd, 2007

Calling the Jewish Mafia

The Pink Pony

There's little else that's as horrible as going to work with a hangover, but when that day at work is only one's second, and it's the day after sleeping with an acquaintance's (friend's?) man because you discovered your own was cheating on you, it's even worse. But Eliana is doing her best to put on a happy face for her customers as she bustles about the Pink Pony in the early afternoon, serving coffee, bagels, and other brunch items to the bohemian cafe's artsy clientel. It's the sort of place where she can wear her own clothes to work, and so over her layered long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts and jeans, Eliana simply wears an apron with the cafe's logo.

Oliver brought his bike and no sitar today. His days off are usually spent playing in subway stations or on the street, but not this one. This one is going to be spent chasing down Eliana at her new job and then going to a late rehearsal for a musical in which he just recently landed a role. He's not unknown to the Pink Pony, though he doesn't frequent it, and upon stepping inside, he tucks one hand into a pocket of his olive corduroys and searches the interior for the one waitress he's actually come to see.

It's not hard to pick Eliana out of the crowd, even though she isn't the only one present sporting an "alternative" hair color. After exchanging pleasantries and serving egg sandwiches to a table of customers, she's on her way toward the kitchen, but faces the door which her cousin is darkening. When she's not directly interacting with the people who hold her tips in their iron claws, Eliana lets her pain show. But when she sees Oliver, Eliana sighs softly and casts him a look that is pleading and relieved at the same time. One of the other waitresses sees it, and as she passes Eliana on her way to the kitchen, she gives the new girl a nudge. "Go on. Get him seated. I'll cover you for a few, and you look dead already. Go." Huzzah for relaxed work environments. Eli mutters a thank you before she starts for Oliver, already lifting her arms for a much needed hug.

As soon as he spots Eliana, Oliver's lips pull upward in a warm smile, but it takes on a very concerned sort of tone once she drops the I Am A Happy Employee Let Me Serve You facade. That hug is given without any hesitation, and it's given broadly and snugly. "Are you okay?" the Bohemian asks quietly. "You look like somebody ran over your cat or something." It's got him worried.

"Mai is fine," Eliana assures her cousin, her face half burried in his shoulder. "I think if he ever went out of the apartment, he'd die in a minute." Inside cats are inside cats for a reason. But no, that's not why she's upset. "Let's go sit." It's only after Eliana has set Oliver up in one of the comfy corner chair arrangements and offered him coffee (and served him some, should he want it), that she comes out with it. "Jack left me."

Coffee is accepted, if only for something sociable. It's not like Oliver hasn't had plenty of it already today. As soon as Eliana has settled and made her announcement, his brow furrows in real concern and a hint of contempt for the man in question. "He what? Why? Did he say why?" Oliver didn't get to know Jack very well before this happened, so he has never gotten over the initial skeptical stage typical of protective friends and family members. However, the last time the artist saw Jack, he was bringing Eliana flowers and champagne, and that was recently. This turn of events is entirely unexpected.

Clearly, Eliana is having a rough time keeping herself together. The headache doesn't help. "He… he didn't tell me. He showed me. We were supposed to meet at DnAs to celebrate," and Eliana casts her eyes around the cafe, "celebrate me getting this job, but he…he was with this other…this kurveh." It's likely that Yael isn't /really/ a prostitute, but it hardly matters to Eliana.

The contempt that was only a hint in Oliver's expression before quickly bubbles to the surface. His eyebrows drop, as do the corners of his lips. "Mamzer," he growls softly, and he could not possibly fit any more venom into the word. This revelation casts the champagne-and-flowers incident in a whole new and horrendous light. His expression softens slightly when he reflects again on how bad this is for his cousin. "God, Eli, I'm so sorry. I … y'know what? I'll fly Malachi in from Seattle and we'll go relieve that inconsiderate jackass of his balls. He obviously doesn't deserve to have them."

Eliana smiles at the offer and reaches out to cover one of Oliver's hands. "He'll be coming home for Passover soon, anyway, right? But still, don't worry about it. Just…well, don't go to the Den of Iniquity." Even if just for awhile. "Anyway, I had the super change the locks, so…so he won't…or if he does tell…" but then Eliana starts to chew on her lip. "Oli, he was the first person I told, and…" Betraying trust is betraying trust, bottom line.

Den of Iniquity? No problem. Oliver's not much of the drinking type anyway, leastwise not the sort that would be found in a place called 'the Den of Iniquity'. He does, however, file the name away for later, then shakes his head and moves his other hand over to rest on Eliana's. Hand-sandwich! "Don't worry about it," he murmurs. "If he so much as makes a /peep/, he'll have an army of Pasternacks bearing down on him so hard and fast, all the kurvehs in New York wouldn't be able to save him." He gives her hand a reassuring squeeze. "Remember, I know about him /too/, and so do you. If he's stupid enough to risk blabbing his mouth about you, then he deserves what he gets."

It's the old 'eye for an eye' concept, and the brutality of it makes Eliana frown for a moment. But it is the only weapon she has in such a situation. "I…I hope it doesn't come to that. Really." Eliana sighs and gives Oliver's hand a squeeze in return. "Thank you. …do you have an aspirin? I think I'm due for another." She isn't, but another would feel very good right about now.

"Can't be your drug dealer today, Eli," Oliver chuckles, grinning. "I left my bag at home. They don't provide you with free aspirin around here?" He glances around the restaurant critically. What kind of establishment is this? "With how much of a pain this sort of work can be, you'd think they'd offer it as a courtesy."

"I don't want to ask them," Eliana admits, lifting her free hand to rub her forehead. "Second day and all. And someone's bound to ask /why/ my head is splitting." With the news Eli's given her cousin, it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out.

As if nobody in this restaurant hasn't been hungover before. Oliver smirks a bit. "Yeah, well, just because they ask doesn't mean you have to tell them. That's what creative truth-telling is for."

"Oli, you're /horrid,/" Eliana chuckles lightly. Squeezing his hand again, she moves to go back to work. "Can I get you anything?"

"Me? I'm not the lush here." It's light ribbing, but he doesn't push it too hard. Oliver knows why she was drinking last night, and it's a perfectly understandable reason. He probably would've been knocking them back right along with her, had he been there. Grinning, he turns a little more serious as he glances at the table, then up at Eli. "Yeah, an egg sandwich wouldn't do me any harm. Especially after all those sandwiches I've made for /you/."

Putting on a mock of offense, Eliana pffts and rolls her eyes. "Hey, buddy," she says as she moves to lean over Oliver's chair. "I don't make 'em. I just serve 'em." But Oliver does get a kiss on the forehead before Eliana moves away. "I'll make sure Joey cooks yours with extra spit."

"Mmm, spit of the working man — my /favorite/," Oliver offers dryly. After Eliana's slipped off, he settles back into his seat with a quiet sigh, growing more contemplative and folding his hands on the table. How many ways can he curse Jack in his head before his food arrives?

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