2009-11-11: Calling The Shots



Date: November 11, 2009


Nicholas calls Ivory for some orders.

"Calling The Shots"

On The Phone

Its later in the day, closer to evening when the phone of Senator Ivory Wynn starts to ring. The number is from one Nicholas Drake, one of his…collection agents.

Wherever Ivory is, it's kind of hard to hear. There's loud music bumping and the fact that he's sitting down can probably assist with the knowledge of him being in the back of his limo. His hand slaps against the partition behind his head, as he flips open his phone. The music gets turned down and he answers, "Wynn."

"Its Drake," Nick is back in The Building. Yes. That Building. At the moment sitting down at a desk with his feet up and watching video files from the tapes of Tracy's holding cell trying to figure out how this happened. "I know its my day off Sir, and I'm sorry to bother you. Is this a secure line?"

"Always." Wynn doesn't seem to be too disturbed by the phone call. He's used to not having any time to himself. It happens like that. Comes with the territory of being an evil Senator of Injustice, according to some people. "What's up?"

"Someone came in and questioned Strauss. Don't know what it was about, they took over the security controls and killed the audio, upped the temp in the room to something like a tanning bed and broke her arm. I have medics in there now working on her but she's out of it. Didn't know who it was but I'm going through the video feeds now to find who it was. You want me to put a team out after him once I find out who did it?" He doesn't mention the guards that just stepped aside to watch the action either.

"Broke her arm?" Ivory voice has immediately turned into something a bit more… angry. Calm anger. The kind that, well, shouldn't be heard. "Everyone on duty when this happened is no longer a part of our organization. They are wanted men. I suggest the authorities find them before we do." Which is probably code for 'put warrants out on them' or something like that. "She needs to be moved to a different location. Can you handle that?"

"Yes, I got the medics working as soon as I got there. She's recovering fine and they have her on a morphine drip. I turned the lamps off, but I'll get her moved to a new location with no problem." Nick reples as he nods his head once, snapping his fingers as he gets the attention of one of his seconds. "Everyone on duty at the security cameras?" He asks before he shrugs. "You're the boss Sir. I'll find out who all was responsible and get them ghosted."

"Good." Ivory is about ready to end this phone call. Because there's too much bad news coming from it. Especially, well, considering that the longer he stays on it, the more bad things can come from it. "Anything else?"

"No sir, thats it," Drake replies as he stands from the chair he was in and starts gathering up a clean up crew. "She'll be moved by the time you get back."

"Excellent." And, with that, Ivory flips the phone closed. "Gimmie? Turn that shit up, yo'."

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH!" Tupac blasts from the system.

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