2010-04-14: Calm Before the Storm



Date: April 14, 2010


A brief prep session leading up to the Press Conference o' Doom.

"Calm Before the Storm"

George's Special Projects office, New York

Wednesday afternoon, late enough that Robin's out of school and changed from his uniform into his better work clothes, Robin can be found setting up the office for the meeting to come. A projector hooked up to a laptop, in case it's needed, is set off to one side, and he works on another computer all the security setups are in place, to make sure everything in the meeting remains there.

He's not the only one who's out of school clothes and into work clothes. After a particularly grueling psychology exam, Ophelia's a bit tired, but it doesn't stop her from being well-dressed in a skirt-heels-blouse combo. She enters the room, notepad in hand as it appears despite her test, she's been working on all sorts of other endeavors.

Having handed off the more typical issues of the day to the appropriate action teams as best he can, George grabs a cup of coffee while closing out one last phone call. "No, don't worry about it, we'd lose too much time waiting. I'll fill you in on things tomorrow morning."

After a pause, he hangs up, then slips back into the office and nods to the others. "All right, Clarence is stuck in traffic across town, so it's just the three of us— I don't want to keep you any later than I have to, tonight. Tomorrow's shaping up to be a lot more exciting than usual." Exciting is always a double-edged sword in this line of work.

Robin looks up to the two who come in, and nods to George at that, and says, "Ok. Well, things are all setup here, whatever you need." He sits back again, turning to face George and Ophelia now.

"No worries. Take your time, boss." Ophelia nods. She's not got a lot to go home to, after all, so working late doesn't phase her a bit. "I hope exciting in this case isn't going to blow up in our faces. Literally." She glances towards George carefully. After all, one never knows.

George bites his lip. "I hope not. We've been throwing enough monkey wrenches at this, something ought to trip up whoever wants to attack the president." It still bothers him, not being able to put a face on the opposition. "Robin, the usual security measures apply— plus, if you can, keep an eye out for any holes in theirs. Maybe we can do some eavesdropping. Ophelia--" He passes a manila folder across the desk. "Here's what I've got so far on the UN conference. It's a mess— what you'd expect trying to get hundreds of people on the same page, I guess."

Robin nods quickly to George and says, "You got it. And I can eavesdrop on anything if you get me close enough, but that's the trick. They're pretty secure when it comes to their computers, not many holes, but I'll keep looking."

There's a small nod as Ophelia accepts the envelope, giving a peek inside. "Yeah, I can imagine. I'm sure it's quite a bit of a headache." She looks back up from the envelope. "I've got good and bad feelings about all of this, but I suppose that's normal."

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