Cameron "Cam" Reynolds
Portrayed By Tommy Knight
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 13, 1995
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Many used once, none regular
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Thief
Known Relatives Janet Reynolds (mother; in jail, charged with murder and accessory to fraud and grand theft), Daniel Reynolds (father; in jail, charged with fraud, grand larceny, resisting arrest, assault, among others)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Water Manipulation
First Appearance Rif

A young thief and con-artist in training, Cam is friendly and outgoing and usually has something up his sleeve.


Cam Reynolds was born a pretty normal boy in a pretty normal family. Well, alright, not so normal a family. His father was a professional thief and con artist. Cam grew up learning to follow in his footsteps, and listening to his adventures. His father, though, had a temper. He was never violent, but Cam learned to walk on eggshells around his father when he wasn’t learning things.

As a result, Cam was a lot closer to his mother. She was a school teacher, and to Cam it seemed like she knew everything. Cam’s a smart kid, but next to his mother he never realized it, but he didn’t mind. He was fascinated listening to her explanations of weird trivia.

When Cam was old enough to start school, his mother, as a licensed teacher, decided to homeschool him every afternoon when she got home from work. (Better than risking his revealing his father’s job, after all.)

That doesn’t mean Cam didn’t have friends, of course. Every day he’d be out in the park, which was practically right across the street, and he made friends with many of the kids in the area, though as he grew older he saw them more on weekends than during the week, except for summer.

In the summer after he turned eleven, things started getting weirder. Cam, by this point, was a skilled thief, if nowhere near his father’s level yet, and his father started letting him commit small jobs by himself. His first five jobs went perfectly, managing to get two iPods and a Gameboy Advance, as well as some pocket money, with nobody catching him. Of course, stealing from kids and basic shoplifting didn’t really compare to jewel and technology theft like his father specialized in, but to Cam it was great fun. Until his sixth job.

Everything was going well. He distracted the shopkeep by ‘tripping’ and knocking over a display, waited for his moment, and grabbed a video game from the pile on the floor and started to slip out. Making a mistake, he forgot to pull the security strip from it like he was taught, and the alarm went off.

Mall security started chasing him at once. They were near to catching him as he slipped through a door, and pushed it shut behind him. Instantly, a layer of ice formed over the door’s latch, locking it shut as the guards tried to open it. Not questioning his luck, Cam ran for it.

He returned home safe and victorious, though the close call left him nervous about trying again for a little while, which raised tension with his father. Then when everything he touched started freezing, it just ended up too much and he ran away.

Of course, surviving on his own on the streets of New York wasn’t much easier, but he was too stubborn to go back at first. Especially as he was still learning some control over his power. He was terrified he would freeze someone. Thief he might be, but he was soft-hearted as well.

His skills, and his growing (but still limited) control over his power, helped keep him alive on the streets. He learned how to keep it from happening against his will when he’s calm for the most part, though when wet he often ends up freezing it. He can freeze things at will, and create ice out of thin air, but only in very limited quantities. Enough to freeze a door shut, but not to make a wall of ice.

Finally satisfied he had control, and missing his parents more than ever, he went back home… only to find them gone. Some asking around showed that the FBI had come after his father, and they had vanished to escape. With no clue how to find his parents, he’s still on the streets, but suddenly a lot more lost.



  • September 28, 2007 - Found a store he doesn't need to steal from: Rif
  • September 29, 2007 - Started at school in order to get net access to try to find his parents: Home Rooms
  • September 30, 2007 - Had a (mostly) honest conversation for the first time in a while: Not In Front Of The Kids



  • Cam is quiet a moment, and then nods a little, "Sorry. Didn't mean… just, I think powers are real. 'Mean, not like superman powers but, X-men type stuff. Without the aliens and big robots. My mom said there were stories about powers like that goin' all the way back to ancient Greece. Some of it's gotta be real, right?" - Not In Front Of The Kids


  • Loves Spider-man (all versions) and the X-men, especially Iceman.
  • Hates math, but loves science and history. Doesn't like Civics as a subject, but Lee is his favourite teacher.
  • His assigned family services worker was Isis, until she died in Repeat Offenders.
  • Is a fan of Takezo Kensei, Heracles/Hercules, and Jason (of the Argonauts).
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