2008-02-06: Can't Keep a Secret


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Summary: A random meeting in a diner leads to talk of powers, secrets, and being careful.

Date It Happened: February 6th, 2008

Can't Keep a Secret

Lucky Joe's Diner, New York City

It's not, actually, all that bad outside, at least compared to some days this year, though still below freezing. But it's getting dark and when you've been outside all day like Jamie has, it gets *cold*. The girl comes into the diner more like she just found a door that would open rather than any conscious choice. Once she's inside, though, she looks around curiously, making her way towards the counter. For the moment, she kepes her coat on.

William is sitting at one of the barstools at the old style diner counter. A cup of soda is in front of him, but food hasn't been delivered yet. He grins over to AJ, sitting beside him. "So, how has work been this week? Any good stories?" He asks, with his usual easy going attitude. Will is dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt with his coat over the back of the stool.

Sophie pushes open the door shortly after the child. She looks thoroughly chilled, as she rubs her arms, shivering. She pulls off the coat, revealing a turtleneck and jeans combination. She keeps on her gloves, though, interestingly enough.

"Other than Anika slipping and falling every time we go into rehearsal, not really." AJ laughs softly, shaking his head. His hair is pulled back into a tail as he grins. "And I know nothing about it. After all, she's a friend. Or as close as you can get to one in the competetive field. But I'm still a little sore from those extra workouts."

Jamie hops right into a seat at the counter, asking, "Do you got hot chocolate here? I got money," she adds. She digs out some coins from her pocket to put on the counter. It's not much money, but enough. When the server goes to get it she starts to swing her feet under the stool, not noticing Sophie's arrival behind her yet.

Sophie seems to be taking great care to avoid contact, as she skirts chairs and customers. She settles, finally, into a stool at the counter.

William looks over to the kid giving Jamie a smile. "I wonder if they keep marshellows for that." He states, because everyone knows that hot chocolate is better with marshmellows. He turns his gaze back to AJ with that same easygoing smile. "Well, if you get sore, I can always use that as a chance to offer a massage." He flashes his boyfriend a grin before Sophie gets a curious look.

"Oh, you can offer that ANYtime." AJ laughs, running a hand through his hair. "Hopefully. I just realized, some convenience stores actually carry little shaky things of marshmallows for their hot chocolates now." He says, giving a grin to the others nearby.

Jamie smiles brightly at William's words and says, "Yeah, I hope so!" She finally pulls her coat off, dropping it so it's at the base of her stool. Then she says, "The little ones are the best for hot chocolate, yeah."

Sophie hunches a bit, looking tense. She raises a gloved hand toward the waitress, trying to get attention. When one arrives, though, she leans back a little. But she manages "Coffee, please. Just black is fine."

Sipping at his soda, AJ nods around William to Jamie. "That's cause they get all melty and make kinda a foam on top of the cocoa." He says, wrinkling his nose and offering a wink.

William nods his head with a smile. "Exactly. More surface area so they get to be soft and squishy faster. Really, they're one of the better parts of hot chocolate." He states before AJ gets a grin. "Feel free to ask anytime."

Jamie nods quickly in agreement with AJ and William, (though she probably doesn't understand the part about surface area), grinning. "Yep!"Sure enough, probably having heard the conversation, her hot chocolate arrives with marshmallows freshly added. Jamie says, "Thanks!" She takes a sip, and then looks over to Sophie, giving a wave with a smile, "Hi."

Sophie waits for the waitress to put the coffee down, before picking it up. Hearing the greeting, though, she turns. There's surprise, then a smile of recognition as she says, "Oh hey there." a lot more cheerfully. She almost reaches then pulls her hand back turning it into a kind of fingerwave.

AJ chuckles at the conversation, shaking his head. "I'm not looking forward to the show's run ending. They may put it on a little longer, though." He says, hopefully.

William nods over to AJ. "When is it scheduled to end now?" He asks, likely he heard before, but well, it's good to refresh his memory. Sophie gets a quick friendly smile before Jamie gets a warmer one. "Ah. Now that looks like the perfect ratio of marshmellows to hot chocolate."

Jamie nods quickly to William after taking a sip, "Yeah, it is!" Then, what AJ's been saying finally sinks in and she blinks, looking up to AJ. "Show? What kinda show?" Suddenly very curious.

Sophie can't help but overhear. Ok, she's probably eavesdropping. But she does look curious at that, too.

"I'm a dancer. In an off-off-broadway show." AJ says with a grin to Jamie. "I'm hoping this one will last a little longer. I always get nervous auditioning." He chuckles, wrinkling his nose again.

William gives AJ a smile. "Yeah, but the last audition went well. Now you've got a show to put in your resume. Plus, you know that you can do it an audition well." Will is all in cheerleader mode tonight it seems.

Jamie blinks at AJ's words and says, "Really? Cool! Dancing's lotsa fun. I usedta be an acrobat, will be again someday too. Not much diff'rent 'cept dancing's on the ground."

Sophie tilts her head, smiling at the idea. Then she looks a little, well, down as she bends her head over her coffee.

"Really? That's fun." AJ says with a chuckle. "I never got a chance to try anything like that. Mine was always on the ground. Though, I dunno. I might do alright with some of it. I just don't know about being way up high and not knowing if I'm gonna catch something." He laughs softly.

William grins over to Jamie. "That sounds like it could be fun. I like things up in the air. Skydiving. Fast roping down from a helocopter." There's an almost wistful tone to that.

Jamie giggles at AJ's last comment and says, "That's the most fun of all!" Then her eyes widen at William's mention of things, "Wow, you done those things? Wish I could! That'd be great!"

"In his past, yeah. We're supposed to go skydiving sometime soon." AJ grins at Jamie. "I dunno how I feel about it. I spent enough time slipping and sliding for a while there anyway, I don't wanna risk it with my hands as well." He takes a sip of his soda and leans against the counter, enjoying himself.

William gives AJ a smile. "You'll love it. It's such a rush." He says before he gives Jamie a smile. "I used to work an interesting job where we did things like that. Maybe you'll get the chance to do some when you're older." He says before he gives AJ a smile. "We really need to get that scheduled."

Jamie grins to AJ and says, "You put this weird powder-stuff on your hands and it doesn't slip as much." Not knowing why AJ would be having that problem, of course. She nods quickly to William and says, "Hope so! Biggest thing I can do now is jump between roofs, haven't figured out anythin' bigger than that yet."

"I'm more worried about something being there when I reach out for it… not so much the sticking." AJ offers with a snicker. William will understand why. "I think you two will get along wonderfully in that arena." He laughs lightly.

Sophie murmurs, probably enough to hear her, "All that sounds so dangerous."

William gives AJ a grin for that statement before the kid gets one as well. "Jumping between roofs. That sounds like it would be pretty cool." He states. "But I like the adrenaline rush of things like that." And miss it a lot. Sophie gets a smile. "It's only really dangerous if you haven't been trained properly."

Jamie nods quickly again, sipping her hot chocolate as she says, "Yeah, it's the best!" Then she looks to Sophie and says, "It's ok. I *never* fall, not when there's no ice to slip me up anyway. Well, once, but I'm ok, didn't get hurt."

Reaching a hand out for William's, AJ nods. "I prefer little to no danger, except from my own movements, thankyouverymuch." He chuckles. "We should do it when it warms up a little more. I still freeze my little buns off every time I step outside the apartment."

Sophie nods as she says, "I guess…" then she blushes, 'Oh, sorry.. I interrupted."

William takes AJ's hand and gives it a squeeze. "I wouldn't be dragging you into doing anything I thought would hurt you. But yes, we can wait until it warms up. We'll find a time around my training and your show schedule." He states before he gives Sophie a quick smile. "Don't worry about interrupting. It's really alright."

"It's fine." AJ says with a chuckle as he moves to stretch. His phone starts to ring in his pocket. Lifting it, he looks at William. "My brother." He says, giving a soft sigh. "I'll take it outside so y'all can talk." He offers, so that way people can still discuss thing.

Jamie looks up to Sophie and blinks, "You did?" She shrugs and says, "It's ok!" Then she looks back to AJ and gives a small wave, "Ok." She looks back to Sophie again and says, "It's ok, I won't ever get hurt. Well, bad, anyway."

Sophie cups her coffee, in those gloves. She nods as she says, "I imagine that'll be true." in that cheerful way people say things to kids.

William gives Jamie a smile. "Just make sure you're trying out the skills for anything dangerous before you try it for real." He states with a smile after AJ. "Just don't freeze out there." He says picking up his soda for a sip.

Jamie nods quickly to William again and says, "Yep, I do. Sometimes it's hard to get where I can practice. Some stuff ya just can't practice good without bein' high up."

Sophie looks at Jamie curiously, "What do you do, that you're high up to practice?"

William nods his head over to Jamie. "But you're still young. You'll have lots of time to try things, if you're careful enough not to get hurt now." That's the former teacher in him coming out. Or maybe the future cop.

Jamie looks to Sophie again and says, "I tried jumping across an alley to catch a fire escape on the other side once. *That*'s tricker than jumping 'tween roofs." She looks up to William and nods a little, "I guess. But I can't be hurt falling anyway. Not if I know I'm falling. I just turn into water before I hit the ground."

Sophie gapes, then.. gasps. Gapes at the, "You jump across.." then she just stares and repeats, slowly, "Turn into water?"

William doesn't look all that surprised, but then it takes a whole lot to surprise him. "That might not be the kind of story you want to tell in a public place." He states, making no statement on whether it's true.

Jamie nods quickly to Sophie at that and says, "Uh-huh. It's easy. Can do it in a blink." Then she looks back up to William again, first happy that she's believed for once and then confused at his advice, and asks, "How come? Lotsa people seen me do it."

Sophie murmurs, "That's not.. she's just pretending, right? I mean, people aren't supposed to.." she isn't, however, just laughing it off like some would.

William doesn't answer the question about pretending. Maybe he's just humoring the kid, maybe not. "It's not always safe to let everyone know that you are special. Some people might be jealous or scared."

Jamie shakes her head to Sophie and says, "It's ok, though, I pretend lots. Just not that." She looks up to William again and says, "Oh." She bites her lower lip and then says, "Guess I can be more careful."

Sophie lowers her eyes toward her coffee as she says, unthinkingly, "That's what I thought would happen."

William gives them both a smile. "There's rarely anything bad about being careful." He states before he looks towards the door. He takes out some money leaving it on the counter. "I should go make sure AJ isn't freezing his toes off out there." He says with a smile towards them both. "I'm sure we'll run into each other again. Seems like a small world for such a big city." And then he's on his way out.

Jamie answers William, "'cept careful can't make ya famous." She smiles and waves, though, "Bye." Then she looks back to Sophie and says, "Whatcha mean?"

Sophie stills as she realizes what she said. She then says, "I.. nothing. I mean you know, I would imagine if someone could do something.. special, people might treat them weird. Maybe be scared, or try to study them." then she realizes she's talking to a kid, snapping her mouth shut.

Jamie nods and says, "Dunno. Everybody who's seen me do it's been nice to me. Well, 'cept the kids who saw me do it the first time, they got scared, but I just fell off a roof 'fore I changed. And took me *forever* to figure out how to go normal again. I was splashed all over. Bet they thought I was dead." She's sitting at the counter with Sophie, sipping a hot chocolate and feet swinging under her seat.

Sophie pauses, "Really? I mean, well, you're a.. a kid." she says, before adding, 'I mean, you know, people, at least grownups.. they're probably nicer to kids.." she grins a bit, wryly, "Cute kids, at least."

Jamie smiles at the compliment and says, "Thanks." She sips her hot chocolate again and says, "I dunno. Maybe that's why. Bet they'd be nice to lotsa people though. Bet it's only some that ain't."

Sophie takes a breath, trying to shrug casually. "Kind of a risk to find out. Of course, if people can do.. things, some are probably more obvious than others. You know…" there's a hint of a grin, "like turning into water.."

It was late… and Tyson was hungry, fortunately he still had money too or the extremely short trip would be a waste. Since that wasn't the case, however, in entered a moptopped individual bundled up against the winter weather for as long as he was going to be out… That being the case, in he walks, spying a booth and making himself comfortable. Looking around, Tyson takes note of the patrons and staff, "… There are so few…" He heaved a sigh of relief, "… Good thing I didn't 'port in…" Laughing to himself, he stops, having caught the tail end of some conversation he thought he heard. Another 'hypothetical' conversation.

Jamie giggles again and nods quickly to Sophie, "Yep. Wonder what else people can do?" She isn't being very hypothetical. Of course, she's ten. Most people who hear her would probably think she's just being imaginative.

Sophie blinks, "I have no idea." she pauses, saying a little more quietly, thoughtfully, "I really do have no idea. I mean, who knows. Maybe we don't even have names for some things.

Tyson actually starts looking around by the sound of the conversation at hand and, seeing as there were so few in the diner, quickly realizes that the voices belonged to a pair in the next booth over…. He decides to say something, understanding what kind of trouble he would be provoking. Tyson scooted over in his seat and leaned over to see just who was speaking; a little girl and one that looked to be around his age… "Um… excuse me, can I ask what you two are talking about? Because it sounds a little like you should read Activating Evolution by Chandra Suresh, a good read if you can withstand the technical jargon." He shrugs, hoping he wouldn't suddenly find himself outgunned by the pair.

Jamie looks up to Tyson curiously at that and just blinks. "Activating what?" She doesn't seem bothered by the new entry in the conversation. Except maybe a little confused at the suggestion. Or, more specifically, at the word outside her experience.

Sophie looks over at first worriedly. Then, as she hears the suggestion, she pauses, repeating, "Activating Evolution? What's it about?" she thinks it over, "I guess, for me, it'd depend on the jargon. I mean, science and math aren't really my thing."

Tyson nods, "Right, well, Activing Evolution is basically just a biological/psychology theory about how some people are supposed to have naturally progressed to a point where they may have certain special skills like… turning into water?" Asked like a question, he eyed Jamie, recognizing her voice and matching it with the voice that had originally said what attracted his attention.

Jamie looks lost through pretty much Tyson's wole explanation, but then she nods quickly to the last part, smiling at the question, proud of what she's able to do, "Yep."

Sophie is a little less forthcoming, though she really doesn't have the talent to really pull it off. She says, curiously, "There's biology to it, maybe? I mean for those who can do those sorts of things? Its sort of natural?'

Tyson shrugs, "Natural or not, people are convinced things like-" The dialogue is cut short when he realizes that the little girl had not denied the claim and had actually acknowledged it. "Oh, so… you are like 5 years old and you can turn into water?" Looking back at the older female, Tyson raises an eyebrow, "Are you buying it?"

Sophie says, "I guess… I could believe that. She said she wasn't pretending." Which could be an admission, since few would ever believe such a thing even possible, without seeing it.

Jamie wrinkles her nose at Tyson's comment and says, "I'm ten! And I can too do it. Could do it for months." She looks between the two adults, and adds defensively, "I'm not pretending."

Tyson looks back between the two a moment longer before turning back in his seat, tapping on the table with his fingers. Doing his best to instigate a /little/ trouble so he could get what he wanted in the form of a display. "I don't know… I'm a little hard to convince about those things. Visual learner, not that I really want to put you on the spot little lady.

Sophie peers around, frowning, "I don't think it'd be a good idea to do.. here. I mean, people might freak out." she sighs, "Even if they don't know you're doing something.. sometimes they freak out."

Sophie gets up, dropping her top on the table. She mutters, "I should get going." looking around nervously. She sighs, "Nice talkin to you again." to the little girl, then adds, "And meeting you." to Tyson, as she starts toward the door.

Jamie frowns and almost does change right there, or, at least she has an expression like she's about to do something. At Sophie's words, though, she hesitates. Then she nods a little and waves to Sophie, "Bye."

Tyson waves the nameless girl off as she exits and takes the chance to actually sit in the same booth as the 10 year old. "All right… let's say I do believe you… What are you doing with… the thing you can do?"

Jamie apparently decides to give a demonstration anyway, though a slightly more subtle one than she probably would have at first. She raises her finger and the tip of it turns to water, and water squirts out at Tyson. She grins, then blinks at the question, "Whatcha mean?"

Tyson watches the girl closely, especially when her finger turns to water before some was not content remaining a finger and instead shot out towards him. Instead of freaking out, however, Tyson simply held his gaze on the incoming stream of water with the end result being a halted glob of water hanging in midair a moment before he let it fall to the table. There was no need to keep such a thing going on long. To say the least, he was impressed by her age and awareness of her ability; very aware of the fact that she had started way earlier than he had. "… I'm Tyson."

Jamie's eyes widen in an awed look as the water freezes mid-air. After it drops she says softly, "Wow." She smiles again then and answers, "I'm Jamie."

Tyson nods, "Nice to meet you." He was sincerely interested in talking with the girl more, but as he looked around a feeling of ill timing arose in his mind and he opts for something else. "Okay… so… we shouldn't do that anymore; but I'm going to assume you can do that all over?"

Jamie nods quickly to that and smiles again, "Yep. Anytime I want, it's easy. Well, not as easy as that, but easy 'nough. And can go anywhere water can go." She doesn't seem the least bit shy talking about her ability. In fact she seems happy to share.

"Hm…" Tyson thinks about that for a moment, "It's definitely useful and fun, I bet." He shrugs, having no experience in that method of transport, almost preferring to skip right to the end…- "Hey, do you hang out around Central Park?"

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Yep, it is! It's lotsa fun." She then blinks at the last question and nods quickly again, "Sometimes. I like the playground there, it's fun."

Tyson nods again, "Yeah, I bet I'd play on the playground too if I were a little kid, too." That line of conversation felt like it was showing too much of his new ulterior motive so it was time to jump ship before it crashed. "Right, well, I don't know why I even came here. I don't want anything. I think I'm going to go." A lie at first, but he realized that it was actually true with the pit in his stomach forming thanks to Jamie's admission.

Jamie blinks at that and says, "But, you… you're the first…" She bites her lip but then nods a little, "'k. Um… ya know Curly Joe's Bar, in Hell's Kitchen? I live there. Well, upstairs."

Tyson nods at Jamie's speech, catching the first part, and shaking off the vibe he got. Yes, he had made another evolved friend but she was young… and lived in a bar… "Curly Joe's? Uh, okay, I'll stop by sometime…" Getting up, Tyson starts to head for the exit only to stop after a couple steps and turns to look at the girl, "I take it you have a way home…?" He asks before remembering what had previously been discussed.

Jamie nods quickly to Tyson at that and says, "Uh-huh. I'm the best runner in this city! Nobody gets places faster than me, 'less they drive I guess." And it doesn't seem she's talking about her power now. She waves then with a smile, "Bye!"

"We're going to have to talk about all that running around you're doing; but yeah, I'll see you around, Jamze." Tyson waves, all ready giving the girl a nickname, subsequently leaving the diner and heading home… the quick way…

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