2010-07-13: Canadian Goose Chase



Date: July 13, 2010


Sierra's phone is located. Or is it? "Hallis" expresses her gratitude.

"Canadian Goose Chase"

Hallis's apartment, Greenwich Village

Hallis' apartment is immaculately clean. Perhaps even more so than people are accustomed to. Hallis has been cleaning…yes. You heard right. Hallis has been cleaning. Meticulously. What might cause her to do such a thing? Well, she's not exactly been herself as of late. Perhaps there's been a change in her that has caused that. Of course, she is, for the most part, her regular self otherwise. While she's not at the studio filming, she's out shopping. But if she's not doing either of those, she's found cleaning her apartment. And that is what she is doing at present, this evening.

And that is why, in about five minutes, she is liable to become very upset. Leaning heavily against the side of the elevator, looking more bedraggled than he would even after a typical jog, George takes out his phone and checks for messages again: anything to take his mind off the guy who just tried to beat the crap out of him about an hour ago. Unsuccessfully, thank God, but still.

One new message. "Hey, it's me. Lucky break on that search— it's still on the grid. Either it's got a good battery, or it was left plugged into a charger." A latitude and longitude are rattled off to several decimal places each, at which point George stops the playback - it's meaningless until he can get to a decent computer and look up where it is - and steps out into the hallway. Anyway, first he needs to go check up on the starlet who asked him for all this in the first place.

Knock, knock, Hallis.

Her head perks up at the nodding. Taking off the rubber gloves and placing them down on a nearby side table, she brushes some hair out of her eyes and walks over to the door. Look through the peephole she smiles and opens the door. "George!" She says happily. "How are you?!" She steps to the side. "Come in! I was just doing a little cleaning. I probably look like a total mess, I'm sorry you had to see me this way!" She says cheerily.

The thing about Hallis? She changes every other day. It's a large part of what drew George to her in the first place— well, no, actually that was the pretty face. But it's a large part of what kept him interested. The cleaning kick is easily accepted as just the latest of these changes to be rung.

"What, you? No, I am a total mess, I'm sure I look like it— this guy nearly hit me on the way home! I'm okay, just a little freaked out." It could just as easily be describing someone on the road. "The place looks nice," he adds, looking around and self-consciously staying close to the entrance.

Hallis gasps softly. "Oh no! That's horrible!" She frowns deeply and takes George's hand, making sure the door is securely closed behind him. She leads him to a chair nearby. "Have a seat!" She says sternly. "Can I get you something to drink? Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? Whiskey? Or a combination of these?" Her face is rife with concern, as is her voice.

He really is freaked out - George has encountered violence first-hand before, but not on anything approaching a regular basis - and so he's led easily enough. Of course Hallis would have some liquor stocked, but… "I already had a couple drinks earlier. Coffee sounds good."

Once he's settled, he digs through his pockets, producing the phone and setting it down. "Hey, do you have a laptop handy? I got something here about Sierra but I need to look up what it means."

Hallis furrows her brow. "Irish coffee or regular coffee?" She has to ask, of course. Liquoring up is always a good idea, after all! "I do have a good Irish Whiskey that would be a great addition! Especially if you're feeling shaken up." She seems confident in this fact. "Hmmm…laptop?" Thinking for a moment, she nods. "Yeah…just a sec!"

"…you know, I'm not sure I've actually had Irish whiskey before," George replies, after a second's thought. Irish coffee, yeah, but he can't remember what they add to it. "Might as well try it." While Hallis is looking for things, he taps in a message for his staff: security meeting, first thing tomorrow morning. Better have someone keep an eye on both their apartments, come to think of it, in case the arsonist decides to bring the grudge to their doorstep.

"Well! I'll make you some then! It's really yummy!" Hallis says happily, moving to the kitchen to make the coffee. Setting the coffee machine on its drop cycle, she goes to get the laptop. Bringing it out, she places it in front of George. "Here you are!" She says brightly to him. "So, what'd the people at your office say about finding Sierra?"

Darn tiny keyboards - the message is sent on its way, but not before Hallis would have time to shoulder-surf at least the outlines of it. If she's looking. "Well," he explains, "apparently it was left plugged in somewhere, so we just need to see where these coordinates show up." Or someone swiped it and has been keeping it charged up… but that seems pretty unlikely. But not out of the question; there are some dumb crooks out there.

Hallis smiles a little bit. "Oh. That's strange, isn't it? I mean…why'd they keep it be kept recharged?" She tilts her head and gazes at the computer curiously. "Well, I hope we find her! I'd hate to think that there's something wrong!" A little beep is heard from the kitchen. "Coffee is done!" She says happily. "I'll be right back with your Irish Coffee!" And she's off! She returns a moment later with two cups and hands one to George. "Here's yours!"

It takes a little while to sort through everything. Numbers are copied down from the phone message - and then what do you do with those, once you've got them? While he's trying to figure that out, George scoots back a little, offering Hallis a spot on his lap. He'll get to the drink in a minute— "Ah, there we go. Pennsylvania? What would she be doing there, I wonder." Looks like they'll be going on a road trip in the near future.

Hallis smiles widely and takes a seat on George's lap, snuggling up to him. She frowns as she looks at the computer. "Pennsylvania? What would she be doing there? I mean…what's out there?" She frowns a bit. "Nothing interesting, that's for sure! I've never seen or heard of anything interesting there!" She says after a moment of thought. "Are we gonna try to find here there? Make sure she's alright?" She asks worriedly.

George shrugs, drawing her closer to himself for lack of anything else to look up right away. Road maps, sure, but that can wait till he gets to something with a printer hooked up. "Might've been chasing down a story, I guess? I'll have to work to get out of things but— yeah, I think I can get free late tomorrow afternoon. 'Missing friend' ought to make the point pretty clearly."

Hallis takes a sip of her own liquored coffee, smiling up at George. Planting a kiss on his cheek, she says, "You're such a sweet guy. I know she'd appreciate your searching for her. I know you two broke up…but…well…it's sweet of you. I owe you big time for this. More than you know." She sighs lightly. "Any idea if there could be something wrong with her ability? I mean…she did mention something about being stuck. Could that be possible? Something causing her to be unable to use her ability, that is."

George peers curiously at Hallis. "She did? I thought that was just us making a guess." With everything else that's been going on, he can't remember for sure - and the drink isn't helping. Hey, she knows her booze, what can he say.

At the mention of the breakup, he sighs, leaning back further. "It was kind of my fault. We got in an argument and— I could have kept my mouth shut, and I didn't. Kind of went that direction with you, too, even though I was trying not to." Ugh, that last encounter at the Afterlife studio. That was a mess.

Hallis shrugs a little bit. "Maybe. But…I'm sure it didn't help that she'd had that trouble with her visa, too. You know, having to go back to Canada for a while." She says lightly. "I'm sure that it was more than just an argument. I mean…you two…there was strain on the relationship, I suppose, eh?" She frowns. "Well, I was um…hoping we could move past that? Maybe. I mean. We were both stressed and everything. Maybe we could put that argument behind us?"

George turns, looking into Hallis's eyes as best he can, considering he's still sort of halfway behind her. "I guess so— but, I mean, have you really changed your mind about it? I'm only going to be more busy between now and November, and it didn't feel like I was ignoring you, but…" Maybe he should aim for the Senate in 2012, they only have to go through the song and dance every six years instead of two.

Hallis smiles as she gazes into George's eyes. Nodding, she says, "I've been really considering it. I do care about you. A great deal. I'd hate to lose you." She looks quite serious. "I love you, George. I do." She looks down at her coffee. "But of course…if you didn't want me back, I'd understand completely. I mean, I don't want to hold you down at all. I'm sure you've got other options. But I wanted you to know. I really do love you."

When she's so up close and personal, it's easy for George to… forgive and forget? No, not quite yet. But he's getting there, at least, and he does enjoy spending time with her. "C'mon, let's go out somewhere," he says, trying to get up. "Your choice." She's sure to know someplace exciting off the top of her head, right?

Hallis blinks slightly, big eyes staring at George. "Where do you wanna go, Georgie?" She asks, looking hopeful. "There's lots of different places." She says softly. "I'd really enjoy spending some time with you. I love spending time with you." Her eyes are bright, hopeful.

George thinks for a second - then shakes his head, just heading for the door, taking hold of Hallis's hand along the way. "I don't know, let's just try to find someplace new. Shouldn't take long to find something." If they don't, y'know, get burned down within a week of opening night. It feels like his lucky streak is on its way back, though.

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