2007-04-27: Cancerous Suntans Of Death


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Claudine confesses to Orion what's been going on and asks for advice for what to do about Peter and Elle. He consoles her and they end up making out.

April 27th, 2007:

Cancerous Suntans of Death

John Jay Dormitory, Columbia University, NYC

There's been so much that's been going on lately, that the poor young Filipina girl is starting to get overwhelmed after the little incident today, she's rather paranoid, so when she called Orion to tell him to come over, she seemed a bit on edge. So, she's waiting at home now, chewing on her bottom lip as she runs her fingers through her hair while looking over some notes..

Orion has been out of town for the past two and a half days. Company Business. At Claudine's call though, he made his way across town to her apartment/dorm. The tall man raps his knuckles upon her door, waiting patiently in the hall with a bag full of Chinese food. MMmmm. Chinese food.

Claudine goes all shiftyeyed once she hears the wrapping on the door, and so she heads on over, peeking through to see who it is. Once she sees it's Orion, she opens the door and lets out a sigh of relief, motioning for him to come on in. "Hey.." she says, obviously on edge while giving him a quick squeezy hug.

Granger steps in once the door is opened. He wraps his arms around Claudine's waist and gives her a frim, reassuring squeezie hug. He can all but taste the paranoia in the air around the Filipina.

"I miss much?"

"Yeah..you can say that.." Claudine admits ruefully as she looks over at the door and locks it afterwards. She definitely seems a bit more relaxed now that he's here and she steals a quick kiss on his cheek while grabbing a few of the cartons of food to bring over towards the dining table. "I've apparently been followed for a good bit of time.."

Orion tilts his head to one side. "That's not entirely surprising… Although I somehow expect you mean to indicate this is something other than routine Company surveillance?" Granger sets his Chinese food down and gently settles down on a chair beside Claudine at the table.

"A man who can turn invisible asked me about Peter Petrelli. I..I've been doing things I probably shouldnt have been doing. Like agreeing to do something for a certain electric blonde.." Claudine says softly as she sits down next to him before leaning against his shoulder. She isnt sure how he's going to react, but at least she's coming out with the truth now. "I'm in way over my head..I agreed to do what Elle asked cause well..she's..rather..frightening."

"… A man who can turn invisible?"

Granger's expression turns thoughtful for a few moments before he catches the bit about Elle. Orion arches an eyebrow curiously, tilting his head to intently study Claudine's face.

"What has she been having you do?"

"Her memories were wiped. even I know that. As to what memories they wiped out?" And with that, Claudine takes a deep breath, chewing on her bottom lip as she looks down for a few moments, to regain her composure. After a good bit, she looks back up towards him.

"She's been involved with Peter Petrelli. Romantically linked even. Things seem to be falling in place..at least from what I see it. I dont have proof, but consider this: She disappeared when he escaped. I dont think it's a coincidence. And I havent been able to contact her since she asked me to investigate as to whether these pictures were real or not."

It's then that she runs off to her room to pull out a series of pictures, like something from a photobooth. It's Elle and Peter, being all snuggly together.

Orion's eyebrow remains arched. While Claudine is out of the room, he quickly prepares two plates of beef chow mein, crispy noodles, some steamed rice and broccoli, and perhaps some extra soy sauce on his plate. The tall man examines the photographs thoughtfully for a few moments before nodding a little bit.

"It's possible… Probable even if she was romantically tied to Mr. Petrelli."

"That's what these photos seem to indicate. She asked me to confirm whether or not she was memory wiped, and whether these photos were real. After a bit of testing, these photos are real, but I cant confirm or not whether she was erased or not, unless I start asking some questions, that I dont want to ask.."

Claudine then takes a deep breath once more as she eases on down, looking at the dinner, smiling warmly at the setup as she reaches out to pat him gently on the hand. "So..I met with Peter. Asked him what was going on, and he pretty much confirmed that they were romantically linked. He loves her.."

Orion is trying very, very hard not to tell Claudine just how reckless and/or stupid such a course of action is. He frowns for a few moments, the expression deadly enough to sour milk at twenty paces. While it's still in the cow. Granger spears a piece of broccoli and munches it quietly for the moment.

"And that's when I met this fellow asking for Peter. Scottish, or Irish or something. He can turn invisible. I thought I was being careful, but apparently, I didnt take into consideration people who can be invisible.."

Claudine knows she messed up and she facepalms, closing her eyes for a few moments before opening them once more to take a bite of food. "And that's why I went to you. I know I screwed up. I shouldnt of gotten involved, but Elle..is like I said, scary. I didnt think she'd take no for an answer, and to find out what I needed to, well, I did what I had to. But now, I dont know where to go from here? Should I report it to Mr. Bennet..or worse..Mr. Bishop?"

Orion reaches over with one hand and gently strokes his hand up and down Claudine's back, hands briefly running through her hair. He offers a cheerful, helpful smile and shrugs.

"It's up to you to whom you report Elle making contact with you. You will, of course, need to tell someone other than me that Elle contacted you and 'requested' that you assist her in determining whether or not she has had her memory erased, as well as whether or not she and Peter Petrelli were romantically linked."

"She's the daughter of the head of the Company. I tell and I might get killed. If they wipe her again, surely Peter will just find her and remind her once more.."

Claudine definitely is in a conundrum of sorts as she forces a smile to her lips. She looks down at her food, and decides to take a couple of bites. Maybe it'll make her feel better..

Orion smiles and keeps stroking Claudine's back. He leans back in his chair, falling silent for a few moments as he tries to simply reassure her through his presence alone. That sort of thing works right?

The food didnt help, and she just rises from her chair to flop down on his lap. She closes her eyes, if he lets her sit on his lap and she just curls up on his lap while resting her head against his chest. "I should tell Mr. Bennet or Mr. Bishop huh.." Claudine whispers softly, knowing it would be the 'right' thing in this case. But would it be the most moral? That's still up for debate.

Orion gently holds Claudine in his arms and on his lap. The tall man's hand continues to softly stroke up and down her back, the other arm firmly wrapped around her waist to keep her rooted in his lap. For the time being, he lets her ponder the meaning of his suggestion and her course of action. After all, just because he offers a brilliant, super-spy plan doesn't mean she has to or will follow through with it.

"If I go..will you go with me? And..maybe..can I stay at your place?" She remembers what Claude had told her afterall, about knowing where she lives, and that just makes him seem all the more creepy, especially since he can turn invisible and all.

A soft laugh is Orion's first reply. He gently squeezes Claudine in his arms and leans in to kiss her forehead. He smiles warmly to her and squeezes her again.

"Of course I'll go with you… And yes. Of course you can. You're always welcome there."

Claudine giggles impishly as she leans in and kisses him gently back on the cheek, taking a few moments to cuddle up to him. "Good." she says with a warm smile, definitely feeling a bit more at ease now. "And..please dont tell anyone else about this yet. I still need to figure out how I'm going to present it to them..and how I'm going to make sure that Elle doesnt know it's me..though really, I think it would be obvious."

Orion squeezes the Filipina in his arms again, smiling gently. There's a certain glint to his eyes and a cast to his expression; it reads as trouble, but what trouble could Orion possibly get into, especially with a situation like this?

"I won't. Take your time and just let me know when you need me there."

It's a wonder she's still fervently loyal to the Company, even after all that's happened as of late. But eventually she may reach a breaking point. Who knows? But right now isnt the time.

"Thank you.." Claudine whispers softly as she looks up towards him, with raised brows and her head canted to the side. "What do you think of all this? Your honest opinion..and dont hold back. Feel free to tell me how much of an idiot I am.."

"I think you've gotten yourself in over your head and just proved the old adage. 'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.' Maybe not in the most literal of contexts, but good intentions sure have gotten you in a mess, Claudine. You need to be more careful."

Orion doesn't sound bitter or angry, jaded or cynical, tired or sad; he sounds neutral. It doesn't sound in the least like he doesn't care, the expression on his face and in his tone should be proof enough of that, but he isn't letting his concern or annoyance seep into his assessment of the situation. Granger squeezes Claudine firmly in his arms again and smiles, kissing her on the cheek.

"There are things even I can't fix."

"I should just become a bitch.."

Of course she's just kidding, and the statement is made mostly to add a little brevity, but even she knows that he's right. "And you're right, I cant please everyone. I have to choose, and I dont know Elle, and I know the Company. They've helped me, and I think in the end, they'll do the right thing. Hopefully.." she continues softly while cooing a bit at the kiss.

The tall man smiles warmly at Claudine and nods, fondly hugging her at her response. Gently Orion returns to stroking up and down her back with one hand, his other arm locked into position and holding her comfortably on his lap. For the time being, he seems quite content to maintain this position.

Claudine closesher eyes and just enjoys his warmth against her body and after a few minutes, she looks up towards him once more. "Thanks for listening to me. This has been kinda on my mind for a bit and it's been really bothering me, so sorry to bog you down with such emotastic news right away.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath. "So..how did you little mission go? I hope you didnt get a bunch of..paper cuts?" And with that, she starts to look him over to see if he was hurt or anything like that.

Granger doesn't look wounded. In fact, the only change from the last time Claudine saw him, is that Orion appears to be more tan than before. He smiles warmly and kisses her gently on the lips for a long few moments; he even lets the kiss linger a little before slowly pulling back.

"It went well."

She melts into the kiss, definitely surprised by how long he kept it, and she has a dopey little grin as he pulls back. "Mmm, I missed you too.." Claudine whispers softly while caressing his cheeks gently with the tips of her fingers. "And I'm glad it went well..where was it? And what happened?"

There's a goofy little smile on Orion's face too. He smiles at Claudine's question and nestles against her gently, leaning back in the seat just a smidge with a creak of protest from the afflicted furniture. For a few moments he remains silent and mysterious before Orion shrugs a little bit.

"Virginia. Some guy suddenly manifested the ability to project UV rays. He has since been trained in how best to apply that ability and how to keep people from getting cancerous suntans of death."

"Cancerous suntans of death would be bad, but I do like the tan on you. Very sexy.." Claudine quips with a playful waggle of her brows as she leans in and kisses him deeply once more, just wanting to show him just how much she's missed him afterall. A few moments pass, and she pulls back, gently tugging on his lower lip. "That was for coming home safely.." she says with a toothy grin.

"Being able to coat myself in metal is a surprisingly useful ability," counters Orion. He smiles at Claudine and winks, leaning in to rest his nose against hers. The tall man stares into her eyes for a long few moments, hands gently gripping her body and holding it close and warm to Orion's larger frame.

"Yes, but depending on the composition of the metal, you might end up glowing due to the photoelectric effect." See, she paid attention in her physics classes to know what can happen! A wry grin curls onto her lips as she nuzzles his nose softly and her eyes twinkle brightly as she meets his gaze. "Love you.." Claudine whispers softly in the end, while wrapping her arms tightly around him once more.

A small laugh comes from Orion and he murmurs a soft 'Touche.' The tall man resists the urge to goose Claudine's butt while murmuring touche, but only just barely. He smiles and nestles in his chair under the Filipina in his lap. "Love you too."

Her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red, as it's obvious she's still not use to hearing that from someone NOT in her family. Claudine nuzzles against him once more as she reaches around and gooses him in the rear playfully, cause well, she's feeling playful now. Getting all that off her chest was definitely a cathartic moment, and back is the bubbly young Filipina. "So..what do you feel like doing?"

Orion smiles warmly at Claudine and squeezes her in his arms. The tall man jerks in the chair, hips/lap shifting forward and back with a decided screech of protest from the chair. He eeps softly and diverts his attention from the Filipina in his arms and lap for just a few seconds, long enough to make sure he's not in danger of having the chair collapse into a pile directly under him before he returns to admiring Claudine.

"I dunno. You?"

"Well, we could ya know..go over there?" she says, pointing towards the couch while continuing to enuzzle against him. She pauses for a few moments and raises her brows while beaming brightly at him once more. "And make out for a good bit?"

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