2010-03-30: Canon Ball



Date: March 30, 2010


Trent, Jamie, and Sydney go poolside.

"Canon Ball"

A Pool — NYC

Next day and after his 'school' work and morning routines Trent has changed into his new swim trunks, grabs a towel and he's headed off down to the gym. He could work out, or something, anything.. but he wants to swim. Dropping his towel on a bench and he's running to the pool's side "BONZAI!!!" With a leap and curling up into a ball 'Splash!'. Right into the deep end.

Of course, Jamie isn't far behind. Sure, she could be practicing her acrobatics, and probably would be, but the pool, especially with her friend already going in, is too tempting. She, though, is heading for the diving board, climbing up the ladder. She's, of course, currently wearing the rainbow tankini she picked out when they went shopping for swimsuits the day before.

Traipsing well behind the pair, Sydney is somewhere between relaxed and tense. Relaxed now that she's gone to talk to Fred and semi-smoothed things over. Kind of. Maybe. Enough that she knows he doesn't hate her, anyways — which in a way is reassuring. Kind of. Even if things are semi-damaged. Her strides are small, and she isn't one for swimming today. Unlike her charges she's dressed in blue jeans, a grey shirt, and a black cardigan. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail and she carries a book in her hands — a journal. As she enters the gym, she sits down on one of the beach chairs and issues the pair a slight smile.

Trent resurfaces soon after and swims over to the ladder, where he pauses to watch Jamie. But then gets out and heads over to the diving board. He's not too big on hights, but if Jamie can do it, he can, right? He hopes anyway. Peering over he spots Sydney and waves at her as he waits his turn for the diving board. He does eye the higher one, his eyes growing huge.. he swallows and stays well away from it.

Jamie is, of course, *going* for the higher one. This girl loves heights. She gets to the end of the board, or at least as far as she can safely stand on it, and calls to Sydney, "Why don't you change and swim too?" With so few people in the gym this early in the day, she doesn't have a problem drawing attention to herself. After she's asked the question, she steps back, and jumps forward onto the board. Bouncing, she launches into the air. Diving is definitely an acrobatic sport, and Jamie has no trouble doing a few flips and twists in the air. Of course, landing in water is nothing like landing from an acrobatic jump, so she has a bit of trouble there, kicking up a splash as she hits the water feet-first. She's back on the surface in moments, though, laughing.

Sydney waggles a few fingers back at Trent along with a broad grin. "I'm content watching today," she says with the same grin. Leaning against the back of her chair she watches Jamie's jump and claps. "That was amazing! You have a talent, friend." She glances down at the journal in her lap. She opens it and scribbles some words on the margin.

Trent sees Jamie headed to the higher one.. and he swallows even more. "W.. wow that was cool." he says, with a nervous tone.. He then steps onto the lower board, and walks out to the very edge. Sure enough vertigo is kicking in, and the board's not that high off the water. He swallows and really looks scared. He tries to step back, but the board moves too much. He nearly loses his balance and ends up sitting on the board.

Jamie grins as she comes up to the side of the pool near Sydney, and says, "Thanks! I wanted to try trapeze with my mom, but never got a chance. This is kind of like that, just with nobody to catch and water underneath." She looks up to Trent and giggles, "Maybe you're not ready to try diving?"

Sydney visibly tenses as Trent loses his balance. She cringes just a little and lets go a little sigh of relief as Trent ends up sitting on the board. "Yes… I don't think you're ready yet… can you get down?" Her eyebrows furrow in concern.

Trent bites his lip a bit, "I.. I can dive on the edge, i.. it's just k.. kinda high here." He's not sure if he can get down, or off the board at all. He tries to turn and crawl off, but his movements are making the board move again. He usually has good balance, but not on this thing that moves. He eventually stands up again. Counters aren't too high, but this board is.. for some reason. And he doesn't walk on them.. just tries to get what he needs and that's it. He feels ashamed for being so afraid though.

Jamie grins up to Trent and says, "You can do it! Just jump towards the middle of the pool. And tuck into a ball. You'll make a really big splash, but won't hurt like landing on your belly."

"Jamie's right!" Sydney affirms with a smile. "Just tuck altogether and you'll be okay…" It's not a dive, and certainly less scary. "And splashes are awesome! Extra points if you get me wet…" even though she's entirely NOT dressed for it.

Trent swallows and laughs, it would be silly, but he's pretty nervous yet. He somehow makes it to the end, where he could easily get down now. He turns and between looking at the floor, and the end of the board.. he is clearly debating. But the shame is greater then the fear, right now. He begins to run the board, like he saw Jamie do, then jumps. Closing his eyes so he can't see what or where he hits, or how high he is now.. Until the tight cannonball hits the water with a huge splash.

Jamie gives a cheer as Trent makes the running leap from the board, though she gasps in a breath and holds it, ducking a little as the splash washes over her. She lets it out after, laughing again and clapping now as Trent comes back up.

Sydney claps again although she holds her breath while he goes under. For Jamie water is water — her hitting it doesn't concern the woman in the least. For Trent? Well Syd doesn't really know. There's so little she actually knows.

Trent soon resurfaces and he blinks and then laughs, nervousely. "W.. wow that was kinda fun. Though my eyes were closed." He'll have to try it with his eyes open. Hearing the clapping he grins. "Did I get you wet?" he asks, as he rubs water out of his face and eyes, that dribbles from his hair.

Jamie grins to Trent and says, "You got me anyway, and I'm right over at the side!" She looks up, though, to see if Sydney got wet. Then she looks back to Trent and says, "And 'course it was fun! It's supposed to be."

"You got me!" Sydney points to a few droplets on her pants with a broad grin. "Extra points! I think that deserves ten extra points!" she winks and then nods at both kids, "That's right! It should be fun! And it takes time to get good — I bet you'll make an even bigger splash next time…"

Trent giggles at this. But nods at Jamie. "I just don't like high places too much. Probably never go on the other one." he says pointing to the high one. "Makes me dizzy just lookin up at it." He swims over to the ladder, climbs out and heads over to the diving board again. He's going to keep at it, till he is no longer scared of the low board, before he tries diving from it though. He climbs up and yeah, he is still a little nervous of it he bulks up his courage and with an almost rebel yell he's running, not holding back any. Then with a big leap, and his eyes remaining open this time he curls up 'KERSPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Jamie grins up to Sydney, and then takes a deep breath and dives under the water, swimming along the bottom of the pool, under where Trent lands so she can tickle his feet on the way by, before coming up for air on the other side.

This time Sydney is drenched much like a spectator in the splash zone at Sea World. While this might annoy the average spectator, it only causes the blonde to giggle uncontrollably. For whatever reason, this is HILARIOUS to her. She's grinning ear-to-ear as she leans forward in the chair and uses one of the kids' towels to dab at her hair some. "You are both awesome," she murmurs with another giggle.

Trent squeaks when Jamie tickles his feet and nearly has to scramble to resurface cause he's swallowing water.. With a sputter though he is at the surface again and laughing. Once he's regained his composure and sees how wet he got Sydney, he giggles.. "Oh but your book is wet." he says a bit worried. "I'm sorry." Jamie is not out of the water yet.. so to speak. He's plotting his revenge, but right now he is more worried about Sydney's book. At least, as far as he knows, it's just a book anyway.

Jamie comes up on the far side, grinning back over to Trent. When she sees how wet Sydney is she laughs, "Wow, that had to be a hundred extra points!" She swims back over to Sydney's side on the surface.

"No need to apologize! A woman doesn't go poolside without the sneaking suspicion she's going to get wet!" Sydney says as she wrinkles her nose. "And it's just a journal anyways," she lets out a heavy sigh as she slides a thumb over the pages filled with her own thoughts. "Not really important, just a place for me to scribble down what I'm thinking especially when I'm working so I don't mislead anyone and I can figure out what I think about something before talking about it with someone else." She winks at Trent. "So don't worry about it. It's nothing more than old thoughts…"

And most of what Sydney said went a bit over the boy's head, but he got enough of it to sort of get what she meant. "Oh, kinda like a diary, but not so private. Or my wish books." He's got several by now, and though he has some new things to add, he hasn't at Hallis' afraid she'd have a fit about that. He then looks at Jamie, "We need like some of those diving rings or something.. though dad used to throw his change in, and whatever I got, I could keep. But can't really do that with money and it's dirty, it would make the pool all dirty with all the peoples hands that touched it and stuff."

Jamie just looks to Trent in confusion, "What's a diving ring? A ring you have to jump through when diving?" She looks back up to Sydney and asks, "Is that the book you were writing in when I went to sessions with you?"

"Still private. Maybe not as personal as a diary though…" Sydney contemplates if there really is a difference between a diary and a journal. She stopped calling her writing books diaries when she decided they were specifically designed for thirteen year old girls while she was in high school, ever since then she's referred to books containing her thoughts as journals. "But this is one of many that I own. I go through one a year or so. The rest are in storage…" at the townhouse. She cringes slightly. The thought of the government looking through her thoughts is just a little creepy.

"I don't think it's this one… I think that one was retired in September…" Maybe. Possibly. Then again. Furrowing her eyebrows she begins to glance back through the pages.

Trent grins at Jamie, "No, these are kinda heavy, they sink when they are put in the water. So you got to swim to the floor and pick them up. They have other things too, just rings are easier, cause you can slip them on your ams like a bracelet so you can swim back up." He explains. Then mention of sessions and possible important things in there. He bites his lip and waits for the verdict.

Jamie looks back to Trent and grins, "Oh, really? Cool. Yeah, that'd be fun! Maybe they have something like that here, it's just not setup." Then she looks back up to Sydney when she starts flipping through the pages, curious still.

"Hmmmm," Sydney finally manages as she thumbs through the pages. "There are notes from one of our sessions here," way back at the beginning. "I can't believe I thought you were delusional…" she smiles somewhat sheepishly and shrugs her shoulders. "Sorry about that." Her cheeks flush slightly before she shakes her head. "And don't worry about the notes. Even if it contains some session notes, anything formal — or important — is typed and put in computer files." She winks again.

Jamie grins again up to Sydney and says, "It's ok. You know better now." She climbs out of the water then, and runs around to head up onto the big diving board again, and starts climbing. Even as she does she calls, "Any trick you want me to try?"

Trent nods, "Oh alright." He smiles at Jamie, "Yeah it is a lot of fun." he tells her. Crisis resolved and he's climbing out and following Jamie. At least to the low dive. He conciders, but doesn't know any of the dives, so he says "Um I don't know. Know any fancy ones? Like from the Olympics?" he asks her. Peering up and getting dizzy enough for the both of them at how high she is.

"I have no ideas, m'dear. Just do something fancy. I know nothing about diving to be of any help," Sport wasn't exactly Sydney's scene in high school. No, she hung out with burnouts and goths, not athletes. "Just do something to wow your audience!" she flips to the latest page in the journal and starts scrawling out some ideas in virtually illegible cursive.

Jamie bites her lip when she gets to the top, thinking. She steps out onto the board and starts to bounce, trying to build up more height. When she's as high as she can manage while still hitting the board, she pushes forward on her next bounce and flips out over the water. She twists and flips through the air, not with the perfection of an Olympian but with the flair of showmanship of a circus act. She ends up, facing towards the 'audience' and upside-down, to splash into the water and almost to the bottom before she stops and comes back up. She grins as she resurfaces, "How was that?"

Trent almost has to close his eyes as she jumps, higher and higher. He holds his breath when she leaps finally.. then looks in awe at the array of tricks and flips, before she hits the water. "Wow!" hemanages. eyeing the board again. He almost wants to try that one too.. 'almost'. But doesn't. "That's pretty wild." he says at her, grinning. Once she's out of the dive zone, he climbs on the lower one and ponders.. then steps to the end of the board, but not looking afraid. Looking like he is considering or calculating something.

After scribbling down the thoughts, Sydney claps again and lets out a cheer. "That was magnificent…" she grins broadly before standing from her chair. "While the show is great, I need to go dry off." She winks again as she snaps her book shut. "You both stay safe. I will be back in awhile to check in and call you for dinner." Maybe she is becoming maternal… that's an odd turn of events.

She hangs on a moment, "What's wrong, Trent?"

Jamie climbs out of the water to sit on the edge of the pool, and says, "I'm getting kinda tired too." Of course, she'll probably recharge quickly after a small rest at the edge. Sitting with her feet still dangling in the water, she looks up to Trent.

Trent grins at Sydney, "Nothing's wrong. Just figuring something out." He eyes them both and there is a twinkle in his eye. He then turns. His feet just barely on the board. He gets a little springyness going to the board.. Then he's in the air, back a little, safely away from the board, and arches back, landing head first into the water. With barely a splash. So it was just a simple back dive, but it works.

Sydney claps again. "A beautiful dive, my friend. There you go. It took some doing, but you did good. It takes bravery to conquer fear." Ironically she may be saying this more for herself than anyone else. She looks at the door and shuffles towards it in her stick-to-her-skin, wet jeans. "Alright. I'm going to dry off, fix dinner, and do… other things." That said, she opens the door and disappears down the hall.

Jamie claps for Trent as well, giving a cheer, "That was awesome!" She looks up to Sydney then, waving quickly and says, "Ok, bye!"

Trent resurfaces in time to hear them clapping. He grins and swims over to the edge. "Ok Sydney, see you a bit later." He's having fun, but he's getting a little warn out too. And hungry. He clambers out and over to his towel. Wrapping it around him. His fingers and toes looking a little like raisins already.

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