2007-07-10: Canvassing With Extra Cheese


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Summary: Jaden places an order at Famous Vito's.

Date It Happened: 10th of July, 2007

Canvassing With Extra Cheese

East Village - Famous Vito's Pizza

Nadia is completely ignoring her papa's wish that she not spend so much time around Vito's. Here's to hoping the place isn't bugged with security cameras on the inside! Dressed in a pair of rather short shorts and a tee proclaiming 'Kiss Me! I'm Italian' on it, the Selvaggi daughter enters Vito's amidst the jingling bell over the door. She pushes her sunglasses up and into her hair as she drops her messenger back in a booth.

It's a slow day in Vito's. Really slow. Apparently, New York is using every other Italian pizza place in the city to get their fix - even the yelling out the back is much quieter! As Nadia comes into the store, she may see two sneaker'd feet resting casually on a table, jean-clad legs disappearing behind the short wall of the booth that Leo is slouched in. Soft music seems to be playing from a headset, but not loud enough that Leo can't hear the jingly bell when it rings. Considering no one is at the counter, he jerks to life, tugging the headphones down around his neck as he springs to his feet. "WELCOME TO VITO'S SORRY DID— oh." Leo grins lopsidedly at Nadia, and waves with the crumpled car magazine he'd been reading. "It's just you."

Nadia grins widely at the unfortunate boy she's chosen to fancy before rushing over to well, throw herself at him, "Yeah, just me, you wanna rephrase that, DiCaprio?" A big ol' kiss is smacked against his cheek. Obviously, she's got a head's up that the old man isn't around.. and won't be here anytime soon. Otherwise.. she wouldn't be molesting Leo anywhere near this joint.

Leo isn't about to stop her. In fact, as time's gone by, the confrontation with Carmine hasn't haunted the boy as much as it should - his innate ability to shrug things off just sort of takes care of that. And you know. Boobs. "Rephrasin' that to 'wow, we don't get pretty girls in here so often'," he says, before kissing her on the cheek, hands planting themselves on her waist. "How've you been?"

And there is very much to fear about Carmine. Nadia has a lot of sway with the man, but there are some things that the man will not budge from. "Smartass," she comments with a smirk, looping her arms around Leo's neck. "Damn straight you don't. I've threatened them all with disemboweling if they look at my man. I've been alright. I'll be better with a proper kiss y'know." She beams a smile up at Leo, definitely angling for a good smooching. "Ma's nagging me about having you over for dinner.. and my friend Elena, who I gotta introduce you to."

"Sure. I don't got any plans, so maybe sometime this week. Your Ma still likes me?" Leo says, holding back on the smooching to arch his eyebrows at her, then grins a little. "That 'cause your dad hates me?" The comment is softened as he tugs her nearer to kiss, despite this reminder. There probably is security, but really, Leo has a hard enough time saying no to Nadia as it is.

"Duh. She likes you.. she just likes you more /now/ cause it'll piss off papa." Nadia says, grinning widely. She shuts her gob though in favor of kissing Leo. One of her hands strays from around the young man's neck to lay against his cheek.

The soft touch is warming, and Leo's just glad he decided not to skip out on the shaving today. Playing with her hair, he backs up just a fraction to smile at her, before glancing down in between them. "Man, Nadia, you look— there a special occasion?" Considering Leo's idea of fashion is probably rolling around his bedroom floor until clothes finally gravitate on to him, considering the lack of finesse with which he matches anything, short shorts are probably the height of fashion in his mind. Hey, if it makes the girl look that hot, it's gotta be special.

Nadia snorts in an unladylike fashion as she comes up for some air. And HEY. This girl doesn't need assistance in looking hot. "Puhlease… I dressed down just for you. Wait til you see what I picked out for the next time we go someplace." If y'know, for some funky reason Leo's finding short shorts to be a special occasion type attire.

"Dress down?" Leo just shakes his head, with a slightly bewildered smile. "Alright. Taking your word for it." He himself is dressed in jeans with general car garage dirt and grease on the knees, boots worn to hell and back, and a T-shirt that used to have some kind of print on the front, but years of washing has all but cracked it beyond recognition. Leo glances back at the kitchens, before slinging his arm around Nadia's shoulder and steering her towards the exit at a slow meander. "Then I guess I'd better be taking you somewhere nice soon. Oh man, did I tell you? I'm picking up a car of my own next week."

Nadia runs her hand against Leo's cheek. So she's a little liking the scruffy look. Leo's cute anyway. It just makes him look a little tougher. (Cause he needs help in that department. *cough*) She grabs up her messenger bag as Leo steers her off towards the door. "You are? OH MY GOD. That's /great/. What kind of car are you getting?" Not that it matters what kind to her. She's excited for Leo. She knows cars are his thing. "And damn straight you better take me someplace nice. You'll like what I have to wear /under/ my dress even more."

"The prettiest Chrysler Crossfire you will ever lay your eyes on, I swear," Leo says, clearly excited that Nadia is excited that he's excited. It'll be his /actual/ first car, as opposed to the many borrowed cars he's driven (and occasionally lost) over the past few years. "My mom's helping me dish out some of the cash, but I've been saving and all." It's the last comment, though, that manages to /completely derail/ his car talk, walk slowing briefly. "Man. Uh. Nadia? You gotta be careful with just bursting out with stuff like that," he says. "Y'know I could ditch my shift tonight if you wanted."

"/Really/? Those are kinda hot y'know. Getting it all rigged up so she's not street legal? Gonna race it?" Because.. Nadia kinda digs the car racing. When Leo's steps slow down, she just laughs, "Why should I? I like surprising you, and now you're gonna keep guessing until you get to see. WELL.. Would Tommy wring your neck if you ditched your shift? Not only that, what about the money you'll be missing?" Her arm lowers to resting around Leo's waist, and it's oh so tempting to drag him off someplace. Cause y'know. She totally wears the pants.

"Wring my neck, mostly definitely," Leo says, with a casual shrug. "But I'll make it up to him, do a morning shift and cut up some tomatoes or whatever. What're they gonna do, fire me?" NEVER. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT. "I can get by without a night's pay. Car's paid for." And that's all that matters. "And yeah, I'm gonna see if I can't add my own improvements. I'll take you for a spin in her as soon as she's mine, what do you say?"

Fire you out of a cannon perhaps.. but you can't /fire/ family.. not unless it's actual termination. Permanent termination. "Mmm.. that sounds like a date," Nadia says, tilting her head up to smile adoringly at Leo. Disgusting huh? "You just want an excuse to finally make out with me in your own car.. cause making out in your ma's Nissan? So not cool."

"I like cars."

That voice belongs to Jaden Cain. He's the man that's leaning up against the opening of the door. He keeps his arms crossed over his chest and tries to look as cool as possible. Probably fails, but that's okay. He's Jaden Cain. He can do whatever he wants to do. "I also like pizza." He flashes a big ol' smile, pushing off the door and sliding into the business. "And I need about forty of them." What.

Snap. He'd almost made it out to freedom, too. When Jaden speaks up, Leo turns towards the door, arm falling off Nadia's shoulders. Wait what! Forty! Leo manages not to gape, but only just. So much for a slow day. Stepping away from his girlfriend, Leo gives a chin up to Jaden - he's not behind the counter, nor dressed in any way that indicates he works here, but he assumes the role all the same. "Got a party or something? We usually do orders like that when we got notice ahead've time, man," he says, with a head shake.

Nadia's brows arch upwards as her attention is drawn away from Leo. Sorry baby.. hey.. woah.. "You're that.. guy.. from the papers.. Not that I read a lot of news, but ma likes to gush over the entertainment.. what's the name.. Yeah.. Cain, right?" She snaps her fingers and points at Jaden, grinning all the while. "Man.. Leo.. get the guys to get busy in the back. We got a celeb wanting our pizza." Nevermind she doesn't work here, and has no part in the business at all. "Shush Leo, ain't gonna be a problem at all." She gives her man a little push towards the counter, "It might take a bit of extra time." 'THE HELL IT WILL' can be heard from the back. Whups. Voices carry, and that would be Guido protesting about having to /work/.

"Somethin' like that." Jaden is, of course, trying to be all cool and suave. Which is probably failing. He starts to make his way over to a counter where he can probably get more comfortable on a stool or something. "Oh and some pieces of pepperoni for my friend here." There's nobody in sight… until he pulls a naked mole rat out of his POCKET. He sets the cute little thing on the counter and spins to look over at Nadia. "Just call me Jaden. Cain sounds like I'm about to try and take over the world or something." His eyes pretty much linger on Nadia since she's the one with the boobs.

Celeb? Leo is pretty clueless about his own every day life, let alone local billionaires. He gives a very intelligent, "Huh?" as he's pushed, looking about to protest… but Nadia's smart, and knows this kind of thing, so he takes her word for it, stepping around the counter. "Uhh. Okay," he says. "40 pizzas, huh?" He arcs his arm over his head to indicate the menus displayed above him, about to ask which ones he'd like, just as a man comes out from round the back to fire off some angry Italian, and Leo snaps back just as fluently. It goes something like,


…and /lots/ of arm gesticulating until the guy just waves his hand dismissively, and goes back into the kitchen, presumably to get to work. Leo smiles at Jaden. "Sorry. You got a preference? And some— pepperoni for your— " What the hell is that? Leo just… starts doing the pricing, shaking his head.

Nadia makes her way over to the counter as well. Which she chooses to sit upon. She's never met anyone famous before, so pardon if she gets a little starstruck. (Her daddy being somewhat of an infamous figure doesn't count.) A little shriek escapes as the mole rat is produced, "What the /hell/ is /that/ thing?" She stares bugeyed, hands gripping the edge of the counter as she leans forward to get a look at it.. from a distance. "<Knock it off! Behave for the billionaire, dammit!>" Nadia throws over her shoulder in rapid Italian at the boys. To which she gets in response..

"<Hush it you, or I'm telling Carmine what choo been doin' in here!>"

Which.. effectively shuts Nadia's commentary up, and causes her to scowl.

"Naked Mole Rat. Name's Rufus. He's harmless. Unless, of course, you guys aren't really a pizza place and are really some kind of front of a criminal organization of doom. Which doesn't really seem like you guys. You guys look totally legit. Honest. Straight up." Jaden's not exactly doing anything that's evil. Just showing off his evil mole rat of doom. His attention, kind of, turns towards all of the craziness that's going on… and then to Leo. Which isn't a good thing. Because Leo doesn't have boobs. Boobs are good. "Huh? What? Were you actually talking to me? Could you maybe just pass the words to her, because she's hot and we just like handle this conversation this way?"

Eyes shift to Nadia, then back to Jaden. Blink. Leo looks more than a little guarded, whiiich is quickly forgotten when Jaden gets all snarky on him, and his 8| face goes to a >( face, resting his hands against the counter. "Well Nadia doesn't work here," he says, firmly. "So unless you want forty vegetarian pizzas or whatever, you can pick something until me what you want." Then, his whole demeanor brightens, and he says, "Now, you wanna pay this with credit card or what?" with a bright customer-service smile to go with it.

And that.. was the wrong thing to say. Guys in the back hear that, and they start gathering things, preparing to make someone disappear. If it's necessary.

Nadia's brows raise at Jaden's joking around. Is he for serious? He's definitely not what she has in mind when she thinks about billionaires. Ordinarily.. she might get snarky back, or knee a guy who wasn't Leo for telling her she's hot and staring this way.. but Jaden's like.. /Loaded/. So she'll tolerate it. She kinda scootches away from the mole rat though, because that thing's kinda creepy to look at. Planting her hands behind her on the counter, she crosses one leg over the other, which probably won't help keep Jaden's eyes off her. Maybe the short shorts were a bad call today. "Leeeeeooo…. be nice.." Or you're cut off later. Maybe. Okay. Not so much.

Jaden continues to ogle Nadia, only because he's a guy and she's a girl and all of that good stuff. He goes into his pocket and pulls out a stack of cash. All hundreds. It's in a money clip and he tosses it across the counter towards the dangerous man that's ever so not dangerous. "That should cover it, the tip and anything 'hush money' in nature." Which is basically his way of saying sorry. "I need the clip back, though. It's special to me. I bought it for myself in the war of christmas past." What in the hell is he talking about? Nobody knows. "So. You don't work here?" Back to Nadia at this moment. "What say we blow this popsicle stand and make ice cream?" … What.

Oh hell that's a lot of money. Leo picks up the small stack and… removes the clip, sliding it back over towards Jaden. "It's all yours," he says, before swiftly counting the cash out. He steps back to lean around the wall separating the kitchen from the front room, and there's a quieter murmur of Italian, not really audible from here, before Leo steps back into view, splitting some of the cash to put into the register. The rest is stuffed into his pocket to decide upon later. When Jaden invites Nadia to do /something/, he's not sure what, but it's enough to get his attention, he glances over at her with a raised eyebrow. Want me to hit him or something? is what the look says, although he's feeling substantially less animosity towards the stranger at this point. No one tips that generous!

Nadia just.. stares at the money.. She doesn't even really see her father deal in that much cash. Like. Ever. ".. The war of Christmas past?" She finally tears her gaze off the roll of money and looks at Jaden. This guy.. is so strange. "No. I don't work. I'm in school." Which really is frowned upon, and her working would be considered worse! "Make.. ice.. cream?" Aaand on that note, she's turning around on the counter, putting her back to Jaden before hopping off onto the other side. With her man. "It's a generous offer, and my girlfriends would probably call me crazy.. but I already got plans." OMG.. He's got money.. and she's with Leo who almost has a car.. and.. wtf is wrong with her??

Jaden looks. And then gets it. "Ohhhhhh." He reaches over and grabs the clip, pulling it back and pocketing it. "Gotcha'. My bad, dogg. Word up on the Italian Tip. Straight Godfather, yo'." Yes, that was Jaden Cain trying to be hip. Scooping up Rufus, he gives a wild wave at the menus or whatever and finally places his order. "Oh, you can make the pizzas whatever. Just? I need a huge favor. On the toppings? They need to spell out: VOTE PETRELLI." Jaden flashes a big ol' smile. "Send 'em to whatever addresses you want."

Well. There's crazier orders. Well not really, but Leo just raises an eyebrow and shrugs helplessly. "Whatever you want, man," he agrees, with his usual lopsided smile. "I'll go tell the guys back there. Looks like I got some delivering to do." Forty stops, apparently. He kisses Nadia on the cheek, having never really loved her MORE for totally siding with him in the face of going on a date with the richest man Leo's ever even spoken to. "We're still on for tonight," he promises, before moving back into the kitchen.

Okay.. Vote Petrelli. Good Italian name, we can do that.. Kid's got a sense of humor too. This should be .. interesting as Hell. Nadia turns to look up at Leo to see his reaction, cause right now, she's a little flabbergasted. "Are you.. for real?" She can't help just blurting that out as she looks forward at Jaden. "Whatever address as in… we're free to go through the phonebook at random?" Jaden Cain is one crazy son of a bitch.. that's for sure. "Alright Leo," she says, turning her cheek for the kiss. Hell. She just might even help with the deliveries.. then watch Carmine have a coronary about it later. While Leo goes on into the back, she steps back up to the counter, folding her arms against it and leaning in. "You are even crazier than what the papers say," she just has to point that out.. and nevermind the lack of tact.

"I'm not crazy. I'm just drawn that way." Jaden says, before heading off towards the exit. He stops and reaches down to pull a pair of shades out of his jacket. He pops 'em open and slides them on his face. "I'll be back." is totally the Terminator style. He spins around and tries to leave. But that's only tries because he smacks right into the door! "OW! OW OW! SUPER OW!" He holds his face and shakes his head. "Don't worry! I'm okay! Happens to me all the time!"

Nadia just.. blinks.. and stares after Jaden. Ooookay.. you get all kinds in New York, but this.. this has to take the cake. "Alright.. you come on back. Anytime." Bring more money. "And.. watch the door.. We probably shouldn't clean it so well." Which is a joke, because it could use a proper cleaning.

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