2009-12-17: Cap and Linda, Revisited



Date: December 17, 2009


Gene is on his way back to New York, Hallis gives him a call to spread some good news.

"Cap and Linda, Revisited"

On the State Highway — Pennsylvania

It's been a rough morning the Geek God. After speaking with both halves of a slightly morally gray couple, Gene has realized serious blood has been spilt in New York City. While he is not a fan of cleaning up messes, the idea Evolved killing FBIs en mass doesn't thrill him.

A member of his grandfather's personal staff is currently driving Gene back up to New York, the young man working on making some random device as he attempts to pass the time in the car. At least he is on the northern end of Pennsylvania.

It's been a day and a half, between leaving the hospital this morning and coming home tonight, Hallis has shopped and shopped and shopped some more. It's a good thing that her job involves her favorite pastime. Unfortunately not all of her shopping was for work, but it was fortunate for her acquaintances today. "Andra! Zorro! I'm home!" she calls out as she tosses her keys into a small dish close to the door.


Her room mate must be out again, walking the dog or something. With a sigh, she pulls off her winter gear and then pads into the kitchen to take a look around. She's thirsty. Though she feels like a cup of hot chocolate, she hasn't quite got that mastered yet, so she peeks her head into the fridge and pulls out a beer. Not quite hot chocolate but if you drink enough of them, you get the warm fuzzies anyway.

Once she's settled in the living room, she pulls out her phone and begins to dial the number for the Geek God. Ring…. Ring…. Riiiiiiiiing.

Gene pulls out his PDA as it 'rings', putting aside his work for the time being. As usual, the device is channeling a call that is filtered through his computer. Pulling it out, he looks at the name before he answers, "Hallis, that you?"

"Yeah, it's me. I used my own phone instead of Sydney's, I hope you don't mind. I don't want to run her bill up." Hallis says in a low voice, just before taking a sip of her beer. The mouth pops as she takes it away and she wipes her lips with the hand that's holding the bottle. "She woke up the other day, she can't talk yet though. She's writing on a little white board. I'm sure she'd say hello if she knew I was talking to you."

"Ah, glad to hear that she's woken up… Lena was just asking about her today. For obvious reasons, she feels really badly about what happened to Sydney. She didn't expect her to as hurt as she was," Gene replies as he relaxes into the seat. Good news is few and far between, but Gene is willing to take it as it comes. "So, how are things with you?"

Hallis grits her teeth when Gene mentions that little tidbit but refrains making any comment. She made a promise after all. "Things with me are fine," she answers, her voice strained. "I've been spending most of my time keeping Sydney company. There's a restraining order against Bryce, but I think she's still scared that he's going to find her." She pauses for a beat while she takes another drink from her beer, this time a longer one. "How are you?"

There is a long pause at the final question. Gene gives a short sigh before speaking, "Been better, been worse. Had to cancel some plans with my grandfather to be back in New York… Should be there tonight. Apparently there is a woman that killed some FBI agents. An Evolved. Trying to see if I can talk to her… Get it so this doesn't happen again."

Hallis' breath hitches and then she grits her teeth. "Kil- But…" Then she shakes her head, this is something that definitely has nothing to do with her. "How many people did she kill? Because…" Her voice drops, the young woman isn't above calling the kettle black and she's definitely out to save her own skin and those few skins she cares about. "I hope it doesn't happen again. Because if evolved people are killing government, they're going to kill back."

"Exactly my concern on the matter. I don't know the details yet. Just know that I'll be doing my best to handle it" is all Gene really has to say on the comment, looking out the window to see the passing scenery. "This is a complicated time. I'd advise getting out while you aren't dragged in too deep, but I find that few people really give much to that sorta advice."

A small smirk comes to Hallis' face as he gives his piece of advice. "Don't worry about me, Gene, I have my bases covered. I'm only in it as far as Sydney needs someone. She certainly can't rely on her room mates to do the right thing by her." Then she sighs and looks out toward the lights in the window. "I'm sorry I said that." She doesn't sound very sorry, but she said the words.

"No, you're not," Gene states as he DOES look sorry. He feels like he's working so hard, but just like Pinehearst, there aren't results. Trying to get people to work together was like herding cats. So much distrust, so much hurt, even during this time of Peace and Joy on Earth. "We'll get this figure out either way, glad you're taking care of yourself though."

"You're right, I'm not… I'm sorry you caught on though." Hallis says lowly, a very small smile appearing on her lips. There are some people you can just never fool. "And I meant that one. If you need anything, let me know okay? I mean, I know you and Eric must have millions and millions between you… but sometimes money doesn't work." Finishing her beer, the small woman slides out of her chair and pads toward the kitchen again, placing the bottle in the trash (no, she doesn't recycle either). "I should get to the hospital, Sydney will be bored if all she gets to do tonight is knit."

"Sounds good. If there are any new updates, be sure to let me know," Gene offers with a small smile, trying to be positive at least for the last part of the message. "If I don't talk to you in a week or so, Merry Christmas and all that good stuff."

"If I don't talk to you in a week, I'll just assume I've been dumped." Hallis says matter of factly, "But Merry Christmas, I hope you don't work too hard."

There is a long and awkward pause. Hopefully, Hallis hangs up in time before Gene replies, "Dumped… I didn't even know we're dating."

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