2009-12-13: Captain America It's Julie Madison Calling



Date: December 13, 2009


Hallis calls Gene to give him an update on Sydney's condition.

"Captain America It's Julie Madison Calling"

Lenox Hill Hospital

It's a day after the mess, well into the morning and Hallis is finally finished with the police and worrying over Sydney. Using the therapist's phone which she liberated from her apartment, Hallis searches through the directory and finally finds Gene's number. Breathing a sigh of relief, she presses the call button and waits while it rings.

The line goes to the internet account, which transfers it to Gene's PDA. Lifting the device to his ear, the young man rests his head against the wall of his apartment, the end of his solace of silence and darkness. With only the light peering through the blinds, Gene speaks to Hallis. "Sydney?" he inquires simple, clearly using the phone ID to try and identify the caller.

"No, it's Hallis." The young socialite answers glumly. She's not in very bright spirits, she's very tired and she's still in yesterday's clothing. It doesn't need to be said that she probably needs a shower and aside from an accidental mud wrestle in high school, she's the dirtiest she ever felt in her life. "Sydney's not going to be talking on the phone for a while. But she's going to live. You can tell your friend that had she not gotten to the hospital when she did, she would be dead."

There is a slight sigh from the other end of the line. "I figured as much, but I can pass along the word to her the next we talk. I take it our 'friend' has been properly arrested?"

"They're going to charge him with attempted murder, if she doesn't wake up… it'll be second degree or manslaughter." The female voice says lowly, "But the doctors seem a little bit positive that she will. He crushed her larynx or something." She pauses for a moment and clears her throat, then she continues on. "I've been thinking about this all night, Gene or Luke or Prometheus, once this trial is over, I'm out. I don't want to be associated with people that throw their friends lives away because they're afraid of the law."

"A lot of people wanted to join. A lot of people want to help. But the problem is never the ideal. It is never the dream… It is always the weakness within a person that tears the world apart," the voice on the other side of the line offers, distant and tired. "I'm sorry that the weakness has scared you away from the ideal, but I hope that it works out well for you. I am sure that Lena did not wish to risk Sydney's life, but she was frightened. People in fear… Do foolish things. As for Sydney, I am glad she is stable. I'll see if I can find a healer. Some of the gift of healing. If I find one of those, it should be a done deal."

"Lena only cares about saving her own hide. She was more than happy to toss away Sydney's life to make sure she had a place to sleep. I'm not scared of the weakness, I'm scared that one day doing the right thing will be thrown to the way side in favor of doing the easy thing." Hallis says quite harshly, she's not mincing words. "She relies a little bit too much on the drugs she pumps out than on common sense."

"When you're a hammer, the rest of the world looks to be a nail. Lena is doing what has worked for her in the past, even if it is not always the best situation. As I said, I do not think she intended to endanger Sydney's life, merely do whatever she could to not involve the police," Gene states as he reaches down, taking a can of Coke and sipping it before going on. "If you cast away a friend because you do not always agree, then you'll never get a world worth living in. A true hero is willing to endure even if it seems hard. If you wish Lena to change, hating her will do little to help."

"Lena isn't my friend, she's my rapist." The blonde nearly spits out. Sure she had a bout of empathy for her, even apologized. That was until Sydney went into critical condition and needed an operation to save her life. "Maybe she wouldn't be so afraid of the police if she wasn't an evil person."

"Can we PLEASE not use that word? Last I checked, she drugged you because she was scared not because she wanted your body. And she isn't evil. I've met with killers before… And she is not one. The only reason she is afraid of the police is because she believes you will have her arrested. I assured her that once I was able to talk to the pair of you, there would be understanding," Gene reaches into his pocket, pulling out the plastic Jesus from the nativity set. He's been keeping it on him, though the Babe doesn't start speaking advice to him, which he figures he could use at the moment. "Friendship is optional, but considering all I've done, I would hope that at least you can talk to me about it and see if there is a better option than assuming the worst of her."

"I won't be calling the police on her. As a favor to you and Sydney, I'm going to cover for her. I wasn't going to call the police on her before, but she did that thing to me anyway. She's a loose cannon that doesn't care about anything but herself." Hallis pauses for a moment and peers through the glass to the unconscious woman in the bed. "When she's grown up enough to apologize to Sydney, then I'll consider not assuming the worst of her. But if she's afraid of the police, she'd be better writing a letter, they're crawling all over here."

"You have to understand that Lena has always lived on the run. Fear has just been a part of her life for a long time. Habits take time to break. I'm not saying that as something to excuse her actions, I've already explained how they put Sydney in risk. What I am saying is that if you expect maturity from her, you'll need to show it to her first. Not calling the police on her is a good first step. Another good step would be avoid the name calling… If you want to have dialogue with people, that usually doesn't want to get you far. I know for one she was hurt by what you said. And it would appear that the feeling was returned."

"You explained it to her, what was her reaction?" It's a simple question but one that begs answering if Hallis is to make a decision about the woman. Intent is everything to her. "Was she remorseful or did she 'cop an attitude'?"

"She was unaware that Sydney's life was in any danger. She was hurt more than anything else… But that was more due to the fact that she thought I was taking your 'side' rather than anything else," Gene admits with a sigh before he drinks more of his soda. "As I said and she would likely admit, she has a lot she needs to work on, but she is trying to do so. I have placed my faith in her and am helping her and she wants to do better."

"She needs to stop being childish and grow up and see what's going on." Hallis begins a little tirade of her own. "You know it's ironic when the woman that's seen to be the most selfish thing in the city has to explain that someone else needs to look past their own ego and grow the hell up." It is irony at its best, really. Hallis' own ego is large enough to fill the Goodyear blimp. "I'm sorry, I'll stop. I'll talk to her, but if she's the least bit hostile toward me or makes any little digs or comments, all bets are off."

The young genius coughs at the suggestion on Hallis' part. "Let's wait for that one. For now? Just focus on building up that positive energy. When I think BOTH parties in a place to talk about this, we can do that. You both surprisingly have a lot in common. You both have done bad things in the past, but not on purpose. You both want to start anew and help do the right thing. Maybe in time, you guys will see that you both aren't so bad. You just got off on the wrong foot. And then the other wrong foot. And then a couple more after that."

Hallis is silent for a moment and then she purses her lips together as she licks them. "I doubt I have much in common with her." Comes the very sullen reply. She really doesn't see any parallel between her and the teenager. Not even when it's pointed out. "My past doesn't keep creeping into the present."

"Well, I hope for your case, that your past doesn't. If it does…" Gene leads off, not wanting to go into things like family members looking for revenge and the more dangerous but less plausible threat… Undead. Sighing, Gene taps his head against the wall, deciding not to push the peace matter too much tonight. "Well, it looks like for now, we have things somewhat handled… Can you keep my updated on Sydney? I'll see if I can look for the healer in the meantime."

"I'd rather rely on conventional methods unless she takes a turn for the worse. If you don't mind. I'm still a little leery when it comes to relying on all of your super powers. Especially when the ones that I've come into contact with are more bent on my death or destruction than my well being. If— when Sydney wakes up, I'll ask her if she wants a healer." The little blonde is moving into the room now, the beeping of the machines that are hooked up to her friend are clearly audible through the phone. "I'll keep in touch from my phone. If that's alright."

"If she is just resting up, that's fine. If they are saying she's in a coma or something like that, let me know. Those things are dangerous business," Gene states as he tucks the plastic Jesus in his pocket once more. "I'll look in the meantime. It never hurts to have Plan B ready, but I won't have them come up until it looks like conventional isn't working. And I'll contact you in a day or two. Only call me if it's really important. Constant calls to this line increase the chance of the government getting into it."

"Alright, maybe you should start investing in a bunch of little throw away phones. I think they're virtually untraceable." Hallis suggests, then she breaths a sigh and finishes the call. "They have sitters watching Sydney all the time, so I'm going to go home. I still need to contact her boss and her grandparents."

"Maybe… Either way, I'll leave the contacting stuff to you. I'll keep in touch. Talk to you later." Waiting for Hallis' reply, Gene hangs up the phone. With that, he just keels over and lays down on the floor. "Being a nice guy sucks… I should picked Darkseid as my role model."

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