2010-08-07: Career Day



Date: August 7, 2010


When you eliminate the impractical, the possible is all that remains.

"Career Day"

Randall and Carrie's apartment

Carrie sits at the computer, reading handwritten notes and typing busily into the computer. "Wait, wait…" she says, and rereads the sheet. "Outpatient surgical removal of a root vegitable." Carrie scratches her head. "Okay, I'm gonna assume there was an embarrassing fall here. Geez. Insurance company will have to sort out whether they cover that." She types. Moves on to the next one.

About halfway through the read-aloud, Randall eases the door open, wincing at what he overhears. "I don't want to know, do I," he murmurs, locking the door behind him and heading over toward the back of Carrie's chair. By the time he gets there, though, the momentary look of amusement on his face has already passed; he's clearly got something on his mind tonight.

Carrie looks over her shoulder. "Hi sweetie. I got a temp job typing stuff in for a medical transcription company. Pay sucks, but it comes with a computer and internet access."

Randall rests a hand on Carrie's shoulder, leaning in to steal a kiss, then reaches over with the other hand to grab an extra chair and pull it closer. "Hi," he echoes, seeing an opening to get right to his point. "I… got an offer from a recording studio." His expression and tone are equally incredulous. "Well, Portia did, but they specifically want us as a double act."

Carrie slips her arms around Randall and kisses him softly. "Seriously? That's awesome! You and Griffin?" She smiles a bit. "I'm glad things between you are still good enough to work together. Kinda makes up for stealing you.

Mmm, arms around him is always good. "Well…" Randall continues, after returning the kiss, "that's where it gets tricky. I mean, you're shooting for med school, and then we were thinking about the Carnival, and then this. We all need to work out what we can actually handle, you know?"

His face falls a little. "So I tried to explain some of that, and she didn't take it well at all. This is the big deal for her. And it's potentially tangled up with the girlfriend issue— I'm not sure if she's seeing it that way, or just thinks I am. It was a mess, whatever it was."

Carrie nods. "Well, if I'm working at the Carnival, and you're recording music with Griff… I dunno. It seems like at least we can make an honest living and still keep our clothes on. I can try to talk to Griff. I dunno. Apologize or whatever. I mean, I'm sorry she got hurt. Not sorry for the rest, but it's like she mighta told you.

"I know. I mean, yeah, we could make a living… and I did like performing with her… but I'm worried what could happen if we wind up as a long-distance relationship, you know?" Randall's last major one didn't have that problem - a kidnapping incident aside - and it still ended up foundering. "And we had that idea of working at the Carnival together, but if the only way I can show people my ability is something that wears you out pretty quickly…"

"Anyway, I promised I'd go with her and talk to them. And if you think it'll work, then I'll go for it. But if you feel like it's causing problems, tell me, all right? So I can tell the studio, see what we can do to fix whatever it is."

Carrie nods. "Okay. I mean, the studio might have a use for me too. How many people come in sick or with fried vocal cords or things like that?" Or high, or hung over, or the whole list of things she can't really fix, right Carrie? "'Course that would mean telling a recording studio what I can do. I'd probably be a lot safer with just the carnival knowing.

Randall scratches his head. "That could work, I guess. Even if you just got some kind of token job, and fixed people's throats under the radar… I don't suppose you can sing or anything?" She didn't mention it, and the shades of Yoko are bad enough already as it is.

Carrie shakes her head. "I sing in the shower. That's as far as I go, and it frightens cats sometimes." Carrie hugs Randall. "You're really worried about this. What're you worried about?

"I'm worried that I'm gonna screw up her career. Or our relationship. Or both." Randall leans into the embrace. "I mean, I'm not in a panic over it or anything, but… I can't help but think about it, you know? And like I said, she got the impression that 'I gotta be careful about this' was practically 'I'm gonna end up saying no'."

Carrie nods. "We should probably all sit down and hash this out between us. If you can get her to be in the same room as me again." Carrie sighs. "is it always like this? That when you get happiness you have to steal it from someone else?

At that, Randall draws closer. "No, of course not, you're not—" He shakes his head a little. "And you're right, we should. If I do this, we're going to have to deal with each other at some point, so we might as well do it up front and get it over with."

Carrie sighs. "THe other thing to think about is whether her parents are going to go along with her signing a record contract. She's underage, remember?

Oh, great, like there weren't enough monkey wrenches looming over this plan. "I guess you're right… but I don't think they'd have a problem with it. Like I said, this would be huge for her… I figure it's the equivalent of the NFL wanting to draft somebody straight out of high school. Means, not only are they that good, but they actually think they'd make it at the top."

Carrie nods. "And it mean's she's got longer while she's young and pretty." Carrie looks at Randall. "If you get involved with this with her, you look after her, okay? You always hear about the record industry being basically scum. Keep her from becoming the next Brittany Spears and stuff like that. I mean, they put her on all kinds of psych meds and messed her up, in addition to her being basically not real bright and pimped out by her mom.

Carrie says, "Or am I thinking of the other one?"

Randall frowns and nods. "I'm not sure— and she knows enough to look out for herself. But yeah, I'd do it too, anyway." Who knows, it's possible that fame could go to her head once she actually gets some. "I'll call her back in the morning and get things moving— well, no, better wait till afternoon. But definitely no later."

Carrie nods. "And tell her I said congratulations? I mean… it's a big deal.

"I will! I just hope it all works out." With that, Randall sets the idea aside for a while, glancing back over toward the computer. "So should I let you get back to work, or—?"

Carrie rubs her hands a little and glares at the pile of papers. "Yeah, prolly. I gotta get back with the Carnival folks and see if they can use me. This typing doctor records is for the birds.

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