Sullivan Bros. Carnival

Welcome to…


Sullivan Bros. Carnival is currently in: New York City

The Sullivan Bros. Carnival is a traveling carnival, full of colourful sights, sounds and smells. It's a spread of rides, games, concessions, and exhibitions to thrill and amaze. Illusionists, fire-breathers, fortune tellers; buy a ticket and get an exciting diversion from the reality. From Tokyo to Costa Verde, the Carnival can travel just about anywhere in the world.

What most visitors to this Carnival don't know, though, is that the wild sights of the Carnival aren't the illusions they seem to be to the average eye. A close-knit "family", the carnies of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival are people with abilities, hiding in plain sight.








Slushy Cones
Popcorn Stand
Spaghetti & Meatballs, Meatball & Sausage Sandwiches


Fortune Teller, Knife-Throwing, House of Mirrors, Fire-breathing, Tattoo Girl, Juggling, The Puppet Master, Psychic Booth (psychic readings, tarot cards, horoscopes, palm reading), Illusionist…



Just a few of our family…

CarnieJoseph.png Head of the Carnival
CarnieSamuel.png Barker
CarnieArnold.png ???
CarnieLydia.png Painted Lady
CarnieEdgar.png Knife-Thrower
CarnieDamian.png Runs the House of Mirrors
CarnieMrsComey.png Cook
CarnieDoyle.png Puppet Master
CarnieCharity.png Ride Mechanic
CarnieJamie.png Aerial Ring Acrobat


The Carnival Family…

Behind the scenes, the Carnival is a family, however mismatched. They call each other cousins, typically eat meals together, and are each expected to do their fair share of chores around the Carnival in addition to using their special talents. It is home for them.

They are expected to look out for one another and keep no secrets… though that doesn't always pan out. Concerns are to be brought to the head of the family — presently, Joseph. Every so often, a new member of the family will be welcomed through special circumstances, but with Joseph at the head of the family, the Carnival doesn't recruit more outsiders. When someone does join the Carnival, they are given a ceremonial baptism.

Technology is low within the Carnival, outside of the machinery that's needed to make the rides run. Phones are not allowed to be kept by the carnies, as they represent a link to the outside and the "normal" world that might threaten their comfort and safety. The same logic holds for computers.

Putting the Travel in Traveling Carnival…

The Carnival has the ability to collectively move from one place to another, vanishing as if it was never there and reappearing somewhere else. In this way, it can also be hidden from outsiders, and
it fools traditional methods of tracking, like GPS. People can be transported to the Carnival just as strangely. Though this is all likely due to someone with an ability inside the Carnival, the how remains elusive, just like the Carnival itself.

The Compass…

The mysterious compass is a tool unique to the Carnival. Emblazoned with the Sullivan Bros. imagery found throughout the Carnival, these compasses are kept by various members to find their way back home. Somehow tapping into the energy of the Carnival and the many evolved humans there, these special compasses are the only way to find the Carnival if it doesn't want to be found. They work only in the possession of a person with abilities. Special tattoos of the compass, by Samuel, work similarly — if just as mysteriously.

Exploring the Carnival…

The public entrance of the Carnival is closest to the games, rides, and exhibitions. Near the back is is a circus tent and Ferris Wheel. Not all of the areas of the Carnival are easily accessible to the public; the trailer park in which the "carnies" live is private.


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