Carrie Anne "Stitches" Slaughter
Portrayed By Amber Tamblyn
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 14, 1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Stitches
Place of Birth Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Aspiring Med Student
Known Relatives PFC Lisa Slaughter (mother; deceased), PFC Buck Slaughter (father; deceased)
Significant Other Randall Kirkwood
Known Abilities Healing, Life Support, Empower Others
First Appearance Comically Strangers (5/29/10)

Carrie is a new arrival to the city of New York. Right now she's just trying to get her feet under her and survive. Her friends back in NoWhere used to call her "Stitches."


Doctor Steiner says I have to write this down.

My name is Carrie Anne Slaughter, though my friends sometimes call me Stitches. I'm nobody special. I mean, I was born near an army base in NoWhere Colorado. My parents were both Desert Storm veterans, and when they shipped off home, they found some wind and threw caution at it, celebrating. Nine months later, oh hey, it's me.

Looking back, I grew up in the f-ing meth capital of the state. It was normal to see guys with their teeth rotting out, who hadn't showered in a month, who looked a century old even though they were only twenty or so. Meth's hard on your cells. It really corrupts your whole system over time. I can feel… erm. One thing at a time

Anyway, I went to school, played in the street, did all the usual things kids do until I was eleven. We were in Seattle that year, and had a solar eclipse. And that's when things started getting weird.

Besides the usual. Quit it.

We were back in Nowhere Colorado, where I was born, when they died. Nowhere's not big on child welfare services, and my grandparents were gone by then, so it was like a year before they noticed I was an orphan and not showing up for school.

I wound up shacking up with a bunch of meth heads. Never tried the stuff. It stunk too much. But there was this knife fight, you know? And Les was like, bleeding all over everything. We were sure he was going to die. I knew a little first aid. Manual pressure, and like that. So I pressed. And my hand sunk into him. And then there was that connection, only this time with someone else. It was gross. I mean, like kissing someone who's been smoking only a thousand times worse. But it was like I could feel the edges of the cut. I could feel where the natural pattern of his body'd been severed. So I thought about fixing that. Making him back the way he was. It took me a couple hours. I could do that kind of repair in five minutes now, but it was the first time.

After that, I got a lot of practice.

I got good at it.

I got so I could find cancer and destroy it. I got so I could keep someone alive while I worked on their hearts and lungs, but that takes a lot more touch. I don't know, maybe it's in my head, but it's easier to make their blood circulate if it feels like it could go through my heart. I have to kind of… lean into them. The sinking in thing, that works with pretty much any part of my body, though they make different connections in my head. I haven't figured out what connections my feet are good at yet.

The connection thing is how I wound up here. One day the cops came while I was patching up a guy who got hit by a car. They pried us apart. It broke the connection. And he died.

Addendum from Phineas Steiner, MD: Carrie Anne Slaughter was released from involuntary psychiatric care at the WestView Psychiatric facility on 1-May -2010. Her delusions persist, though she appears otherwise rational. She has been released against my recommendations, and I fully expect we will see sad failures due to her delusions that she can heal people, and that she will wind up in permanent care. But clearly it will be someone else's problem.



I know what is real.


Wears a small orthopedic plate as a necklace charm.

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