"I get my money the old-fashioned way…I take it from someone else."

Casting: Michael Wincott
Date of Birth: ?/?/1969
Age: 42
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Occupation: Grifter
Ability: ???
Power Grade: N/A
Registration Status: Unregistered
Theme Song: "Shoot Me Again" by Metallica

Carter Black - A grifter, con-man and strong arm, Carter Black has lived his life beneath the radar. After an attempt on his life by his former employer, Carter moved to Los Angeles to make his mark.


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  • "I get my money the old-fashioned way…I take it from someone else."
  • "Nice guys are okay. Someone has to finish last."
  • "God helps those who help themselves…And I don't mind if I do."


  • A heavy smoker, Carter's preferred brand of cigarette is Lucky Strikes.
  • Cash is king. Carter has no social security number, bank accounts or even a driver's license under his real name. He has managed to avoid arrest and has never been fingerprinted.
  • Carter has gone under many aliases including Carter Smith, Carter Stone, James Carter and John Black.
  • In addition to being a skilled brawler, liar and second-story man, Carter is an excellent driver.
  • Although Carter is an expert with small arms, he prefers more brutal weapons such as pipes, clubs and a good old-fashioned straight razor.
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