Cassandra Aldric
Cassandra Aldric
Portrayed By Maggie Gyllenhaal
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 16th, 1979
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Cass, Cassie, only her father calls her Cassandra
Place of Birth Buffalo, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Owner of Enlightenment Books
Known Relatives Dr. Aldric (Father), Kathleen Aldric (Mother), Abigail Aldric-Deatley (daughter)
Significant Other Lachlan Deatley (husband)
Known Abilities None (briefly Emotional Manipulation)
First Appearance Self-Help and Mid-Life Crisis

Cassandra Aldric is the newest owner of Enlightenment Books in the East Village. It's a bookstore that specializes in the esoteric and the occult. And, yes, indeed, it does carry Activating Evolution by Chandra Suresh.


Born in Buffalo, New York, Cassandra Aldric was always a good student, if a little eccentric in her friends and her activities. Her family moved a lot because of her father's work. As a child she went from Buffalo to New York City and then finally they settled in Hartsdale, where Cass spent most of her teenage years. After high school she went to a state college for psychology, which she excelled in. Once she graduated, she found herself at a loss. She didn't really want to be a therapist, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to do next. After a short break where she tried to figure out her footing, she finally decided to follow in the footsteps of her father, a prominent doctor. Unbeknownst to her, after a few unsuccessful years as a private practice doctor, he joined up as a lower level doctor for the Company after their move to New York. He worked his way up and is now a fairly prominent doctor and researcher at the Hartsdale facility.

She applied to med school and was accepted at Columbia University in New York City. However, once there, she wasn't all that happy with the med school environment. It was too serious and to rigid for her tastes. Everything was too high stress and everyone took themselves far too seriously. After two years, and to the great disappointment of her father, she dropped out.

One again, Cass was at a loss of what to do. Her father refused to pay for another degree unless it was for her to go back to medical school. Needing rent money, she started working for a small occult bookshop in the East Village by the name of Enlightenment Books. Thomas, the owner, wasn't looking to hire anyone, but he took a liking to Cass and let her stay on. He was getting older and didn't have any family and was starting to have a difficult time with the physical labor needed to keep a bookstore run. After three years of working in the bookshop with Thomas, she came into the shop one day to find him dead on the floor. Though she called 911 and tried to resuscitate him, it was no use. He was announced DOA of natural causes.

The bigger surprise for Cass was when she was called by Thomas' lawyer and was told that the store and all of his money was left to her. It was by no means a lot of savings, but she no longer had to pinch pennies or scrounge thrift stores for her clothes.


All the craziness of that year is contained here!

One Year Later…

After going through a terrible rehab from the drug she was tested on at Pinehearst, it was a slow recovery for Cass. Lachlan nursed her through it, staying by her side and oftentimes sleeping in Bat Country with her to keep her company. Without him, Cass isn't sure she would have made it, or would have succumbed to the temptation to keep on drugging herself in order to keep her power and keep the pain away. However, she made it through and is again without powers. While keeping Bat Country's space open, she's decided to return to Enlightenment Books and reorganize her efforts there and keep a safe space open for anyone who may need it. Activating Evolution is, obviously, still for sale there.

Much like many things in the future, some things are inevitable, meaning the addition to Abigail Aldric-Deatley into Cass' life. After realizing that she was pregnant, Cass and Lachlan sped up their plans to tie the knot and did so a month or so ago. The ceremony involved some sort of craziness which no one can seem to quite agree on, but everyone loves to make up a story about. Maybe that's really what happened for them, it doesn't seem like anyone knows for sure! For now, Cass has been busy getting the reopening of an expanded Enlightenment Books ready as well as taking care of the new addition to her family. On the sly, she's been taking a few medical school classes in order to finally obtain the degree that she left so long ago.




Cass' Relationships


  • Ramon: "I think Miss Aldric's made of too tough stuff to be afraid of a look on someone's face." Cass: "I don't know about tough stuff, but I'm not exactly…squishy."
  • "Hey! I didn't mean that much love! I didn't ask you to give me that kind of love!"
  • "Where do you think you have the right to just grab my butt? That's rude! And inconsiderate! And not very gentlemanly! The least you could have done is asked!" - While under the influence of Eliana's drugs
  • "It's not your fault, Mr. Nakamura. You didn't tell me to stock Activating Evolution. And you didn't give me the painting. But if you /can/ help me from getting killed, I'd be really grateful." - to Hiro after he tells her about New York Apocalypse
  • "I like your hair." - to Mohinder when she first meets him
  • "What are your feelings on alien abductions, the apocalypse of 2012, and government conspiracies?" - to Niki when she interviews her for a job.
  • "So what do we do now, Jack? Become embittered and vow to never trust another man/woman/dog again?" - While discussing being cheated on with Jack
  • "Is…is this something you can regenerate? Or do we need to find your hand? Somewhere?" - to Peter after his hand was cut off
  • Lachlan: "Di'ye no' read m'letter?" Cass: "I did. It was rather….forceful. Pus-filled has two ls. And 'asses' has two Ss in the middle and one at the end." - about Lachlan's angry letter to the zoo.
  • "No, Father, I know. I do. Yes. You know, I think Jesus was pretty awesome, but…no, I kinda like my sin-filled ways. Um, right." - to a priest on the phone, after trying to donate Occult books to his church
  • Jack: What happened? Cass: "They had a /huge/ fight over the water fountain out front. I think the ninjas wanted it for a koi pond or something. But the pirates, they claimed it /centuries/ ago. As an /ancient burial ground/ for mutineers. Now they're fighting over the land rights. I think the ninjas are winning because they have stealth on their side. Tell him, Lachlan. You were telling me about the latest pirate attack a second ago." - Cass on morphine
  • Jack: "Baby? Didn't know we were on such good—BOOBIES! It's… With the buttcheeks. And the ladybits." Cass: "Don't talk about my buttcheeks! As if they're something you're familiar with!" Jack: "OHGOD! It was an accident! I don't know your buttcheeks, I swear!" Cass: "Stop saying buttcheeks! That…it's /not helping/." - Cass and Jack after he accidentally sees her in lingerie
  • "Right. Fierce pillow wielding lady. I'm sure there'll be poems and songs about your valiant fight against her. Alas. Poor Lachlan. We lost him to the vicious cushion filled with feathers. We shall always remember this place as where he fell." - After Cass attacks Lachlan with a pillow.


  • Her first onscreen words were: "Son of a!" in Self Help and Mid-life Crisis to Benjamin.
  • Cass is a speed reader. It's how she gets through all those books in her store in such a short amount of time.
  • Has two tattoos. One on her upper arm like so (…um. Hi Benji). Don't mind the other one.
  • Is terrified of heights.
  • For some reason Cass is both a weirdness and trouble magnet. So far, however, she only has two scars to speak of. A faint ring of pink around her right wrist from Mandy, and a Symbol shaped scar on her right thigh from Jeremiah
  • Cass' original engagement ring was an ugly thing made of duct tape that Lachlan made on the spot. Later, Peter took Lachlan out to get her a proper one. She wears the duct tape ring as a necklace.
  • In The Dark Future, Cass is a mom!

Everything Ever

From working at Enlightenment Books, many of her customers have done various personality, astrological and numerological profiles of her over the years. Here are a smattering of what has been found:

Western: Cancer

Eastern: Earth Sheep


Playing Card by Birthdate:

Birthday Meaning:

Floor Count

For some reason, people love to fall asleep on Cass' floor and make friends with her carpet. Current Carpet Friends:

  • 1 Lachlan: After a drunken fight with Nathan, Lachlan broke into Cass' apartment for an ice pack and passed out on the couch. When Cass came home, she pushed him onto the floor where he stayed for the night.
  • 2 Jaden: Jaden dropped by Cass' during a Scrabble night with Lachlan. For reasons unknown he fell asleep curled up with Bonnie on the floor.
  • 3 Nathan: Nathan and Cass met at the Fly By Night, where they drank a lot and then went back to her place so they could continue the trend. They passed out on the couch and then ended up on the floor.
  • 4 Cass: Yes. That is right. Cass is part of her own floor count, unfortunately. See above.


Mushaboom by Feist
Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire
If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly
Open Book by Cake
This is Not a Test by She & Him

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