Cass Relationships

+ Cass' Relationships +

"I can't have my daughter thinking she's insane, or thinking I think she's insane, can I?" - Dr. Aldric


Dr Aldric

Cass' father. He's the reason why she went to med school. He's been a Company man her entire life, but she had no idea until she started asking questions about the Evolved. When her friends were kidnapped, he's the one she went to to try and negotiate their release. What with the reorganization of the Company and how it is run, she has started to trust him more with her own research and thoughts about the Evolved and how to best help them. With the addition of Abby, she's wanted her parents to be an active part of her daughter's life. Though there are still some things she won't trust her father with, she'll always be Daddy's little girl.

Mrs. Aldric

Cass' mother. Though she does love her mother, she's really more her father's child.


Lachlan Deatley

Cass met Lachlan at a bar where he had the Squaring the Circle necklace laid out. With the intention of helping Ramon, she lured the Scot back to her store and then attempted to steal it. So began their odd relationship. After meeting again, the two exchanged numbers and the day after, he awkwardly asked her out. Somehow, their dates always managed to stumble upon a lot of violence. Despite that, she developed a real fondness for him and his obvious affection for her. Their relationship hit a large snag when she learned he was cheating on her. They started to rebuild, but then a night of drinking and Eliana's gas made him slip up again. Only puppy dog eyes and how shaken up at the idea of losing her saved their semi-relationship. After Jaden's benefit, the two finally seemed to put things aside and start working again. Their relationship faced another test when Elena's powers caused Cass and Nathan to kiss. The two worked through it, however Lachlan ended up in jail for punching Nathan in the face. Obviously, there is work to be done. Despite their obvious differences, Cass finds Lachlan extraordinarily comforting and really cares about him. After all their missteps and misunderstandings, they finally put it all aside when Lachlan asked her to marry him in 2007. Two years later, they were wed after the birth of their daughter, Abigail.

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