Cass' Timeline

+Timeline for Cassandra Aldric+


August, 2001 - Starts Columbia Medical School
May, 2003 - Drops out of Columbia Medical School
June, 2003 - Starts working at Enlightenment Books
September, 2006 - Thomas dies and leaves Enlightenment Books to Cass.

February 2007

  • While fixing the radiator of Enlightenment Books, Cass meets Benjamin who is having a bit of a mid life crisis. She recommends some books for him.
  • Is in a bank while three robbers attempt to knock it over with Niki and Hailien. Danny comes with his SWAT team and is amazed that most of the bad guys are already dealt with by the time they arrive. Cass is eternally grateful when Niki tosses a bad guy who was putting a gun in her face.
  • On the sidewalk when a bus plows right into traffic.
  • Elena and her father, Ramon, stop by the store to pick up a copy of Activating Evolution. Ramon shows Cass a mysterious symbol in hopes that she might know what it means. While she doesn't, she agrees to research it for the Gomezs.
  • While restocking her shelves she finds a book she never ordered or put there that has the exact symbol she's been researching for the Gomezs.
  • Ramon stops by the store to talk about what she's found out about the symbol she's been researching. When she tells him about the book magically appearing, he scares her by suggesting her store is bugged and that there are more serious things afoot.
  • On the street, Cass runs into a carjacker. Eliana's drug-inducing abilities have a strange reaction on her and she decides to try solve the problem with love and hugs. Jack has a more straightforward approach by smacking the guy over the head with concrete before fleeing the police.
  • Unsure about what has been happening around her lately, Cass goes to visit her father and runs into Benjamin. They have a short talk about what has been going on lately and fearing that Cass may be stumbling onto more dangerous fellows, he gives her a syringe filled with curare.
  • Cass runs into Jack again when he comes in to pick up a certain popular book. They have an awkward reunion of sorts.
  • While at Oldcastle, Cass meets some odd folks of different sorts. Adam breaks a glass and heals all but in front of their eyes. Odd!
  • A chance meeting with Jack ends up terrifying and confusing Cass when he becomes very interested in the Mendez painting the store owns. He calls in Hiro and the two try to explain why having a Mendez painting is dangerous and that there is more to the world than meets the eye.
  • More strange meetings when Cass goes to the Noodle Heaven and meets Tamara and Namir.
  • While at a bar, Cass meets Lachlan who has the squaring the circle necklace on the bar for all to see. She lures him back to her shop in order to try and steal it for Ramon. He catches her, but also agrees to let her borrow it.
  • Cass calls in Ramon to tell him of the updates she has on the Squaring the Circle case. He reveals to her that he's a telepath.
  • Returns the necklace to Lachlan as well as averting his attempt to beat up a Noodle Heaven employee.
  • Gets asked out by Lachlan in a very awkward manner.

March 2007

  • Their first date involves blood, guns and death. What, this doesn't happen to everyone? Later, Lachlan, Elena and Cass end up at Jack's bar in Brooklyn and talk about the aftermath.
  • Cass gets some more evidence on the Evolved when Stefanie shows she can bring plants back to life.
  • A talk with Lee about what happened at his school. People walking through walls - ghosts or evolved? Science gone awry?
  • Mr-Hendrickson stops by to buy a book. Terrifying.
  • Their second date involves blood as well, in the form of a hurt dog. Lachlan tells her about his ability to hear and talk to dogs.
  • Talks to Eliana about Hiro's plans to save Peter Petrelli from the Company. They agree that they think it's foolhardy.
  • Calls Hiro and offers to collect and store all the information the team gathers. She also offers to accompany him if he goes to try and get information in the future. That evening, after Lachlan has found out the rescue plans from Jack, he stops by Cass' drunk. They have a half coherent conversation about it.
  • Goes to visit her father to to find out Suresh's number. What she finds out is that her father is most likely part of the Company. Oh, and Dr. Suresh is dead. She has to talk to his son.
  • Boy, Activating Evolution is a popular book. Samantha comes in to buy a copy.
  • Trapped in a subway with a bunch of people.
  • Meets with Mohinder to talk about science, Sylar, and the Company. She confirms that he works for the Company, but she thinks he's there for the greater good. She tentatively offers her help on the science end of things.
  • Gets a call from Lachlan asking for her help to bail him out of prison. Not the best phone call she wanted from a potential boyfriend.
  • The raid on the Company does not go well. Team 2 ends up at Enlightenment Books where they scare Alyssa and Lee. Lachlan's dog dies on Cass' desk and they believe that they've been betrayed.
  • After finding out Mohinder was at the meeting Cass assumes he's the rat. She confronts him about it, but he denies any involvement. Angry, she goes to tell the others what she found only to get into a huge fight with Jack. She storms off determined to contact her father to try and convince him to release Hiro, Eliana and Jane. Lachlan follows her back to her apartment and they patch things up after their tempers have cooled off.
  • Preparing to go off and visit her father, Cass has a talk with Alyssa about what happened during the break-in and why it happened. Immediately afterwards, she runs into her father in the middle of the street and makes her case for the Company to release Hiro. Though her father makes no promises, he does reveal some interesting information about the Nakamuras. She also doesn't get killed or wiped from the experience. Bonus.
  • A meeting is called and it's revealed the Peter escaped, Sylar is out and there's a possibility to dampen powers. Shenanigans before the meeting may have scarred Elena and Eric for life. Or it may have given them pointers. It's all up for debate.
  • After Lachlan has an unsavory liason, he stops by with a gift for Cass. Jerk.
  • Cass hires Niki part-time at Enlightenment. Later, Claudine comes by to apologize for shaking up the bookstore and offer to help clean up.
  • St. Patrick's Day finds Alyssa and Cass working with an anxious Lachlan wanting to go out drinking. Benjamin comes in and embarrasses Lach when he recounts the Scot's misadventures of being beaten up by Margie Winters. After Lach storms off, Cass manages to calm him down. When Benjamin leaves, he manages to remind Cass that he was a patient of her father's.
  • Though Benjamin left before she could catch him, she runs into him in the East Village and manages to talk to him about his stay with the Company. They have patently different views on the Company's rule, but he gives her an idea. Then, at the store, Tamara comes in to buy a book and they have an interesting conversation that Cass doesn't really understand anything about.
  • When Elena stops by Enlightenment to talk to her, Jaden interrupts a serious conversation to offer Elena a job and build Cass a secret Batcave. When he leaves, Lachlan stops by to show off his new dog and embarrasses Elena by inquiring about the condom he gave Eric. After some note passing between Elena and Cass devolves into a wrestling match between Lachlan and Cass, Elena leaves with a promise to come back.
  • Later in the evening, Elena comes back and the two discuss Cass' plan - which is to open up an independent clinic to help people with powers that is not Company affiliated. Benjamin comes in to apologize and Elena and Cass realize they both know him. Niki comes to borrow Activating Evolution. Plans are made. (However the log was lost because Cass' computer is a bitch).
  • While out with a girlfriend, Cass becomes suspicious when she meets up randomly with Lachlan and the two have a big blow out fight before shooting breaks out. They make up afterwards. Running back into shooting for someone you're fighting with gets bonus points.
  • After the make up, Lachlan and Cass meet up again at the Den of Iniquity while Jack is tending. Earlier the two had epic napkin passing about Lachlan's indiscretions while seeing Cass. Riya, one of those very same indiscretions, is there and attempts to flirt with him some more in front of Cass. Everything is fine until Cass finds the napkin and storms out of the bar.
  • Lachlan comes by the store to to apologize to Cass for everything. She doesn't accept. In the evening, she goes out to drink, her klutziness managing to make even more of a mess.
  • Trying to forget heartache, Cass heads out to an opening night at a new nightclub. When she gets home she finds that in a drunken state, Lachlan has passed out on Cass' floor after a fight with Nathan.
  • A Mighty Odd Ducks typical odd conversation in Enlightenment Books brought to you by Ethan, Jane and Eliana. If it's possible, things get even stranger when Jaden and Elena come by with secret plans for Enlightenment Book renovations and costumes. No, not kidding.
  • Ramon comes by and the two talk about Cass' idea to start a clinic as well as his serial killer case. As he's leaving, Nima and Lee come by. Some awkwardness broken up by Ramon passing out. At least the awkwardness disappeared.
  • Trying to clear up more of the Squaring the Circle case brings Cass to the Jones'. They discuss Ramon and past events over dinner.
  • Cass and Jack find themselves in the middle of a robbery in Enlightenment Books.
  • In an effort to win her back, Lachlan sings the Cure outside her window. While she doesn't take him back, she doesn't throw him out, either.
  • A normal day at Enlightenment turns into something a little more exciting when Peter comes in and absorbs Steven's power. After shaking up a bookshelf, he flees the store with promises to come back to talk to Cass later.

April 2007

  • April 1st: Her home is broken into by two armed robbers. After being tied to a chair, she is saved by The Omega Man.
  • April 1st: After reading about the robbery in the newspaper, Lachlan comes running over to make sure that she's alright. The two have a reconciliation of sorts to work toward trust again. Also, Cass learns from a text from Elena that Sylar has his powers back.
  • April 2nd: The night after Lachlan slips up again he comes to pick up his dog and phone from Cass' place. He spills the beans about his indiscretion and Cass is less than happy. Though she starts to throw him out, his patented Lost Puppy Dog look saves him from a complete booting.
  • April 4th: Without the possibility of customers to interrupt, Peter stops by Enlightenment after hours to talk to Cass. They discuss her ideas about opening up a clinic, he confesses he might have a deal with the Company and Cass offers to help him control and strengthen his powers.
  • April 5th: Talks to Jack about their mutual relationship problems over bourbon and cigarettes.
  • April 6th: While in a taxi, Cass becomes involved in a gang shoot out and explodey badness, ultimately helping Ling to an ambulance and meeting Niki's alter-ego Jessica.
  • April 7th: Starts building her relationship with Lachlan again.
  • April 8th: Goes to Jaden's benefit with Ramon as her date. While there, Lachlan becomes jealous and almost picks a fight Ramon and Batman crashes in through the ceiling. Crazy. Afterwards, she and Lachlan head back to her apartment and mostly make up.
  • April 9th: In the early hours of the morning, Peter stumbles to Cass' for some help after an epic fight with Sylar. She and Lachlan watch as he regrows a hand. Lachlan escorts him back to his apartment to rest up and then returns to Cass' for pancakes and explanations about what just happened.
  • April 10th: Talks with Alyssa about what's been going on around them lately.
  • April 12th: Goes to the zoo with Lachlan where he gets into a heated argument with Daphne about keeping a Mama Dog with her pack. Later that night, the two play Scrabble and Jaden and Eric drop by. Eric tells them he's a Lancaster…but that means little to them.
  • April 13th: Out for the night with Lachlan, the two (along with a group of others) are injured when Mobsters try to blow up Nathan. They go to the emergency room for stitches and meet Samantha.
  • April 14th: Not allowing stitches to get her down, Cass takes Alyssa out and sets her up with Oliver, whom she remembers as a nice boy who helped her after her klutziness injured someone.
  • April 15th: While getting food for her employees, Cass runs into Eliana whom she had not talked to since learning the woman had slept with Lachlan.
  • April 18th: Frightened that mob fallout might hurt Cass, Lachlan asks her to move in with him. She declines, though she also doesn't fully understand why he's asking.
  • April 19th: Elena comes over to talk about various plans in motion. Topics include: Peter's training, Jaden's CEO troubles, new developments with powers.
  • April 20th: Early in the morning, Peter comes by for some telepathy training. Tom Waits is involved. The two stop by the store for a quick moment to find with food. Later that night, Cass helps Lachlan pack up his apartment and gives him some advice on his business.
  • April 21st: Out in Battery Park, Cass is present when a child is is carried off into the bay by a freak wind caused by Claudine's sister. She tries to help, but ends up falling into the bay and nearly drowning.
  • April 22nd: Peter stops by deciding to try out his painting ability. What he paints is a very bleak future with Cass dead. She makes him promise not to tell anyone about what they've seen.
  • April 24th: On the search for a telepath, Elle kidnaps Jane and brings her to Enlightenment Books where Alyssa and Cass are on duty. She demands they tell her a name of a telepath and when she doesn't get the answer she wants, she starts to electrocute Cass. Peter stops her, but in the ensuing fight, the front, back and window of the store is broken. Alyssa uses her power to drench Elle, but it also ruins most of the books.
  • April 27th: Starting to clean up the rescue mess, Niki comes by to find out what happened. The two talk about Activating Revolution and Punnett Squares. Later, Lachlan and Elena come by to check up on Cass and the store. Morgan and his temporary partner drop in to ask a few questions and cause quite a stir. Elena gives Cass a list of new possible Company Agents and when Cass finds out that one of them is someone she warned about the Company, she and Lachlan have a serious discussion about what they should do if they try and erase her memory.
  • April 29th: While trying to pack up boxes of books to give away, Jane comes by to apologize and offer to pay for damages. Cass refuses to let Jane apologize or accept her paying for anything. Elle and Peter swing by to do the same. Cass refuses Elle's apology, but says nothing more about it for Peter's sake.

May 2007

  • May 1st: A nightmare wakes up Lachlan and the two have a silly discussion about what keeps them together.
  • May 4th: A windy and rainy day forces Cass and Claire to run into each other, in the most literal sense when Cass accidentally pushes Claire in front of a moving car. Claire heals and the two talk in Enlightenment Books.
  • May 4th: Time Square, always annoying, becomes for so when a punk picks a fight with Lachlan and Cass and a a mini tornado pulls people off their feet. Foreshadowing! (duh duh duh) Later in the evening, those present meet in Enlightenment to talk about what happened.
  • May 5th: Cinco de Mayo! Walking in on Jessica searching her store, Cass is knocked unconscious. While out, Jessica eviscerates Peter and steals the Mendez that had been so carefully hidden. When she wakes up she helps Peter clean up and head off then calls Lachlan to help clean up the mess. The two fight about her safety, find out the store has been bugged, and finally tell each other that they love one another. After cleaning up a murder scene. Yes, their relationship is that awesome.
  • May 6th: Cass calls Alyssa to warn her about the danger of the Company knowing about her. Lachlan comes by with a present which makes Cass less than happy - a gun.
  • May 11th: After being tortured by Elle, Elena comes to Cass for medical help and comfort. After inviting them in for dinner (cooked by Lachlan) she finally gets to meet Gene and learn about his amazing ability with technology.
  • May 14th: Determined to get her painting back, Cass uses Niki's resume to search out where she lives. There she talks to D.L. about Jessica and then has a short back and forth with Jessica herself. And she gets her painting back without being ripped apart or otherwise injured. Score.
  • May 15th: Restocking the entire store with Peter leads the two of them to get into an emotional conversation about Elle, Isaac Mendez Paintings, and the mystery disease at Mt. Sinai.
  • May 16th: Still in the store, Cass and Elena share the fact that they both came to the same conclusion about the mystery virus: that it was something to do with the Company. When Cass tells Elena that Elle's father is the head of the Company, Elena panics and tells her of the plot that Jack and Lachlan came up with to kill her. Cass promises to talk to Lachlan and when she does she does not like what she hears. Confronted with the idea that Lachlan may be more dangerous than she realized, she asks him to give her a night. That night is spent drinking and commiserating with Nathan, who she meets at the Fly By Night. The two go back to her place to continue drinking and end up passing out on the couch, somehow ending up on the floor.
  • May 17th: The next day, the two wake up to find an extremely angry Scotsman glaring at them. Lachlan picks a fight with Nathan, growls at Cass and almost walks out until Cass loses her temper and yells at him. Nathan high tails it out of dodge and Cass and Lachlan make up, mostly. Later in the day, Cass is putting the finishing touches on Enlightenment when Elle comes by with an envelope containing enough money to fix the door she broke plus enough to cover her entire insurance deductible. It makes her a little harder to hate. Curses.
  • May 20th: Gene swings by the newly reopened Enlightenment Books to discuss the portable MRI machine he is building for the clinic. He also offers to rig out Enlightenment with a high tech security system. Cass offers him dinner. Fair trade, right?
  • May 24th: Cass sees Elena in a chicken suit and drags Peter out of work so they can document such a joyous occasion. She also meets Heidi for the first time. Later, Ryan stops by the store in search of a book to help him with his powers. He unknowingly lets slip that he may work for the Company, and arranges to stop by the store again.
  • May 25th: After locking up the store, Cass is attacked by a mugger and shot. She's rushed to the hospital, operated on and almost dies, but Peter uses his powers to heal and help her.
  • May 27th: While her father visits her while she's still unconscious, he manages to meet Lachlan have an awkward conversation. During which she wakes up. Later, Jack and Lachlan visit while she's still on morphine and spouting nonsense. Dr. Dickstein and Intern T.J. stop by and ruffle the visitor's feathers.
  • May 29th: While visiting Peter, Nathan stumbles onto Cass' room. They talk about Jell-o and Peter's tendency to get himself into trouble by helping people.
  • May 30th: After Jaden's party, Nathan again stops by, but this time with incriminating photos.

June 2007

  • June 3rd: Elle visits Cass in the hospital and the two have a reconciling of sorts.
  • June 11th: In attempt to cheer Cass up while still in the hospital, Elena brings baked goods. Then, Lachlan and Jack burst in dressed as a pirate and a ninja like from her morphine visions.
  • June 12th: Peter stops by and the two discuss what happened. Also, they practice his healing ability on another patient.
  • June 14th: Ramon visits with news about Mary Jones. He helps Cass escape the hospital and they plan to stake out the Alchemist's Lair. Going straight to Lachlan's, she surprises him by being out of the hospital, but denies him sex. Poor guy.
  • June 16th: At the stake-out looking for the Alchemist, Cass, Ramon, Desiree and Peter discover Mr. Jones and an empty plumbing business. Then, later, they discuss what this means and try to safe guard those he may prey on next.
  • June 26th: Peter stops by the newly installed Bat Country and the two talk about his power to persuade as well as his relationship issues.
  • June 27th: Cass breaks up a brewing fight between Niki and Lachlan in her hallway and offers to help Niki in her problems. Lachlan finally figures out the difference between Niki and Jessica.
  • June 28th: McAlister comes into Enlightenment for a book, Elena comes in to talk to Cass, and Trina comes to invite Cass and Lachlan on a double date of doom. Fun times!

July 2007

  • July 1st: Cass attempts to teach Lachlan how to talk to cats. And one kitten in particular.
  • July 2nd: Jack accidentally springs a surprise Cass meant for Lachlan. It is awkward, but ends well. *cough*
  • July 4th: Niki comes over for some emergency dog training on the Fourth of July. Barbecue has to wait.
  • July 6th: Out for a night on the town with Elena and Benjamin, Elena's abilities go crazy, making the entire club horny. Jack and Desmond kiss, Nathan and Heidi make out on the bar, Jack and Benji Roxbury Cass, Heidi kisses Elena and Nathan dipsmooches Cass. Whups? Later, Cass comes home to explain things to Lachlan. He's not happy.
  • July 7th: After punching Nathan for kissing Cass, Lachlan calls Cass to explain. Now she's the one that's not happy. Later that day at work, she and Peter talk about powers and the night before. Later that night, Lachlan is sprung from jail and scares the crap out of Cass by crawling into bed with her while asleep. She attacks him with a pillow and a visiting Peter comes to the rescue. Everything is resolved and then the three talk about helping Niki.
  • July 8th: On the subway, Jack and Cass meet Jason, who has lost his memory. The two decide to help the poor guy out by giving him a place to stay.
  • July 9th: After finding out that Trina is in a car accident, she and Lachlan travel to the hospital. They find out that Elena has been taken by John Carter and they need to start a rescue mission. A call to Gene gets them some much needed intel and then they're off to Syracuse. While there they have a facedown of epic proportions. Carter is killed, Ramon loses an eye, Lachlan gets shot in the shoulder, and Desiree gets knocked out by a pipe. At the hospital, the group regroups and then in the privacy of their own home, Cass has a mini-breakdown at the idea of losing Lachlan.
  • July 13th: Things back to normal, sort of, Cass helps old-jonathan find a book for his girl.
  • July 15th: Jason and Lachlan butt heads, causing Jason to leave and Cass to be very angry at Lachlan.
  • July 16th: Heidi and Cass come up with a simple plan in order to help their two friends out. They are meddling meddlers.
  • July 17th: While at the labs, Cass comes face to face with Lee visiting his father. They have a discussion about just how much Lee does not enjoy this situation. She runs off to do some Enlightenment Books business and comes to the meeting to help Niki late. During her absence, Peter told Lachlan that Megan may be in Company holding which leads to some hasty violence. Niki calls Mohinder, Lachlan snatches the phone and finally Cass ends up talking with Mohinder and agreeing to a nighttime rendezvous to find out more.
  • July 18th: Despite the excitement from before, Cass talks and agrees to help McAlister with her ability. Later that night, she and Lachlan meet Mohinder in Battery Park. He assures them that Megan is alright, but in Company holding. Then, to cover his tracks, he attempts to tranquilize and Haitian them. They lose their memories of anything having to do with Megan in Company holding, but Cass manages to get a parting shot by injecting Mohinder with Curare in the struggle to try and keep her memories.
  • July 21st: Gets a phone call from her father checking up on her. They talk about Lachlan and the radio.
  • July 22nd: Early in the morning, Peter stops by Lachlan's apartment to see how the meeting with Mohinder went. Peter finds out that they were wiped and vows to protect them without letting them know the information they were wiped for. Cass figures out that Mohinder took some of her memories, but never finds out what they were and keeps it from Lachlan. While cooking breakfast, she gets Lachlan to agree to meet with her father and somehow the two of them stumble into being engaged.
  • July 23rd: Benjamin comes by Enlightenment to ask for help with his powers. Cass has no idea he's a rat. Later in the day, Jane comes by for a chat and is interrupted by chaos and mayhem. In a good way. Sort of.
  • July 26th: Desiree stumbles by and has a vision of the future that isn't much more uplifting than Peter's painting. They're given the warning that if they stop the storm, they can stop everything. Earlier, Ramon stops by Bat Country to be told about two faces he needs to check out. Cass gives him an eye patch.
  • July 27th: Cass talks to Peter about what Desiree saw. They determine that he has to go back to the future. (Duh duh DUUUUH)
  • Dark Future TP Inserted here. To see Dark Future Timeline, go here.
  • July 31st: After Peter doesn't come to work for a couple of days, Cass is convinced he made it to the future. When Nathan stops by on a whim, the two discuss what the future might hold over mugs of merlot. Cass accidentally insults Nathan's ties.

August 2007

  • August 21st: McAlister comes by Bat Country again for more information about her training. Once home to tend to a sick Scotsman, she gets insight into one of Lachlan's phobias.
  • August 24th: Back from Spain, Elena and Eric stop by Enlightenment for a catch up of what has been going on lately. It includes telling the two of Cass and Lachlan's engagement, gifts from Spain, finding out about Gene's illness, as well as Elena finding out where Peter has been lately. Later, during a particularly gripping episode of One Life to Live, she text messages Nathan excitedly.
  • August 29th: When Elena needs a place to stay, Cass gives her the spare key to her apartment. Unfortunately, Lachlan scars the girl for life when he (unaware that she was going to be staying) steps out of the bathroom naked after a shower.

September 2007

  • September 2nd: While Peter is trapped in the future, Cass is a little strapped for employees. This is how she explains calling Nathan to help her out in later conversations.
  • September 3rd: After being called by Ramon, Cass tries to help him mentally talk to Niki's alter ego, Jessica. It does not exactly go well.
  • September 6th: Peter returns and visits Cass and Lachlan. He bears news both good and bad about what two years in the future has in store for them. Baby? Files? Death? Yay?
  • September 8th: In an attempt to teach Cass how to defend herself, Lachlan gives her a lesson in the subject. This is the sort of thing that can only end in tears.
  • September 9th: Wanting to talk to Peter more, she stops by his apartment to get flashdrive help and a little more insight into the future. They also talk about the new abilities he picked up.
  • September 10th: Benjamin stops by for his scheduled appointment where she confronts him about working for the Company. Not much is resolved. Still at Bat Country, she witnesses Billy Jones waking up from his coma.
  • September 13th: As Peter warned, Daphne stops by Bat Country to talk about her ability. It's an interesting conversation.
  • September 15th: With Mr. Jones recovering, Cass and Lee get into an argument and are only interrupted by Mr. Jones turning traitor, drugging them and stealing some of Cass' files. Jerkface.
  • September 17th: Intent to take self defense lessons without maiming her fiancee, she starts a class at Power House Gym with Sharon.
  • September 19th: Determined to give Nathan some better tie sense, Cass takes him out tie shopping and the two manage to have something like a serious discussion about the possible future. They're weird friends.
  • September 22nd: Stepping out of her apartment, she runs into the wall when she finds out that Taine from One Life to Live lives in an apartment on her floor.
  • September 23rd: After her Pirate Rave, Ali stops by Bat Country to pass on some ideas she has as well as a gift.
  • September 25th: When Peter stops by for some training, they have a long talk on the future, what Cass found in Evelyn's blood, and the possibility that they may be out of their depth.
  • September 27th: A night of Enlightenment Book merlot drinking brings Cass and Nathan face to face with another One Life to Live star, Erin. This meeting has a little more meaning behind it, however.
  • September 29th: Having read about the fire at Primatech Research - the cover company for her father's work - Cass travels to Hartsdale to make sure he's alright. He tells her of the escapees and she asks for his help on the blood samples that are stumping her.
  • September 30th: Ironically, once back in New York, Cass runs into those very same villains her father warned her about when they rob a liquor store. She's cut and burned, but calls Peter to help her out of the scene. He heals her and the two - along with Elena - discuss the repercussions. Then, she returns home to Lachlan and tries to explain, in the least alarming way possible, what happened.

October 2007

  • October 2nd: Lee stops by Enlightenment Books for a quick chat with Cass about past events and new outlooks on life.
  • October 3rd: Peter asks Cass and Nathan to meet him at Enlightenment Books to tell them of the shared dream that he and others experienced.
  • October 5th: Elena visits Cass and Lachlan's apartment to talk about what she found out from Benjamin. What she finds is a couples fight about clothing. Somehow, a a serious conversation comes about.
  • October 7th: As promised, Nathan comes by Bat Country to get his blood drawn and checked for the virus that seems to infect Evelyn.
  • October 8th: A very busy day for Cass. First, she visits her father to get some more perspective on what she found in Nathan and Evelyn's blood. They agree that a meeting with Mohinder is required. Then, back in Manhattan, Cass is met in Bat Country by Peter who has a much more advanced case of symptoms than seen before. He decides to stay in Bat Country in case he's contagious. Cass then heads home for a few minutes only to be met by Elle and Claudine who have a few questions for her about the liquor store robbery. Unpleasant words are exchanged. Then, as promised, Cass gets clothes for Peter and brings Elena back to the labs to test her blood. Benjamin comes to say he'll be away for a few weeks and Ramon storms in to find out that Elena has the virus as well. Peter and Nathan spend the night.
  • October 9th: As agreed, Mohinder meets with Cass and Dr. Aldric at Bat Country in order to try and figure out what this virus is and how to stop it. They find that it is possibly linked to the Shanti Virus. Cass takes some of Mohinder's blood to see if his antibodies will cure it. Later, Gene rigs up Enlightenment Books' security system and Evelyn visits to talk about what is going on.
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