2007-09-02: DF: Change Is In The Air


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Summary: More hatchets are buried, or at least tossed into a ditch.

Dark Future Date: September 2, 2009

Change Is In The Air

Ruins of Bank of America branch #4562

It's been a long few days for George. Actually, it's been a long year or two, but having your boss die on you is the cherry on top. He's rifling through the contents of a manila folder with one hand, working on a paper cup half-full of coffee with the other.

When the word was sent out that the government wanted to talk with a Saint, Gene was far from amused by the idea. Still, out of all the Saints, he figured he was the one best able to deal with the matter. Why? Because he can have the conversation without even being there.

Moving through the hallway comes a series of thumps. Finally, the being coming into the ruined room that was likely an office lobby before it was torn apart by storms, war, and looting. The looming figure stands over six feet and seems dressed in a tattered suit and a wrecked trenchcoat. Seems like the Big and Tall store had some bad days in this war too. Over the clothes, a large backpack is slung over, likely a hiking pack from an outfitter store. Bloody bandages cover the right arm and most of the face of the figure, only the upper left side scene, brown hair, pale skin, and a shaded monocle hanging awkwardly out of place over the left eye. It seems like the Mummy met the Mafia… A being known as the Monster, the odd enforcer of the Saints that is all but unkillable, no matter how many times it goes down. There's likely a Homeland security file about the destruction it's caused. It's injuried a lot, only a few dying despite the power it's said to have within the cast of an arm.

Glancing over toward George, the beast offers a simple voice from the bandaged face. "…I am here to represent the Saints. You wanted audience with them?" comes the Vador-sque voice.

In a less interesting time, the techno-golem would drive George to at least take a step backward in instinctive surprise. These days? It's competing with kidnappers, betrayers, civilian casualties, severed limbs… severed tops of skulls. These days, he doesn't bat an eye at the thing.

"I did," he replies, setting the folder down and beginning to pace. "Was expecting one of the angels to answer, but I'll take what I can get. And I'll try to be brief… I want to hit Sylar with everything at once. However many powers he's stolen by now, there's still got to be some limit to how much he can process simultaneously. And I've been watching the Saints; they have a flair for the unexpected… and I believe some of you, at least, are also somewhere on Sylar's short list." In other words, Evolved.

At this point, he stops and looks expectant. This is where the 'why should we help you after you screwed us over?' speech goes.

There is a long silence as the Monster does nothing. "The Saints already have their plan to deal with Sylar. We are currently going ahead with that plan. As for fighting Sylar directly, I suppose we can offer aid." There is no 'why should I help you?' because Gene already knows the reasons. However, the lack of trust combined with what he already knows… it makes a team-up far from Plan A. "I would think you'd have your own people to handle it. After all, I thought your people had access to a lot of Evolved and other people good at killing things."

George offers the waldo a sarcastic smile, one that's become more and more familiar to him in recent days. "We do," he replies. "And investigating, cordoning off perimeters, and and and and and. But, like I said before, I don't intend to stop there. I understand why you'd want to keep details to yourselves, but… maybe just a standing agreement to coordinate timing and try to stay out of each other's way? That alone would be worth a lot." To both sides. Let's hope this thing's audio link is clean enough to pick up on tones of voice.

"That works out well for us. I will need to talk with the rest of the Saints to ensure that this works out for them. I'm sure that the Saints will be able to work closely with the government in the days to come. I suggest you wait for the time being. Know that no matter what, change is in the air and the Saints will assist in the process."

With that, the Monster just turns away. "Is there anything else you wanted to discuss, or was this simple exchange enough for you?"

George considers the question, then shakes his head. "There's a country's worth of anything else… but it needs to wait. I'll stay in touch. And good luck." With that, he picks up the sheaf of notes and heads off down a different alley, waiting till he's well out of sight before dialing the temporary home office to keep things moving.

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