2007-04-01: Change Yourself, Change the Future


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Summary: Hiro's aid is enlisted so that Mara can do the one thing she promised everybody (except herself) that she would not do.

April 1st, 2007:

Change Yourself, Change the Future

The Secret Location! and Mara's Flat

The injured detective waits on her couch with a cup of tea after hanging up her phone. Clock's ticking. … Poor choice of words. Either way, she's timing him. Let's see how fast Hiro can teleport to a place he's never seen before.

"Ite—" That's a mumble from… the closet. "Hello? Detective Damaris? Um. It is me! Hiro. I do not know where I am. I think this is a closet?" He knocks on the door a little bit. "Hellooo?"

"Nakamura," Mara groans, "come out of the closet." She pinches the bridge of her nose. He teleported into the freaking closet. Good job.

Hiro pops the closet door open and peers inside. He is clearly glad to see her in one piece, but he doesn't light up. These are serious times. "Detective Damaris."

"Thank you for coming." Mara smiles, but it's still a serious expression. "I'd get up, but…" She gestures vaguely to her knee. Can she even call herself a detective anymore? "Tell me somebody has a plan. One that's better than mine."

"Yes," Hiro says. "As much as we can have. Some are hunting Sylar down. But it is likely that he will find us before we find him. I am staying with the cheerleader, as her protector." Hiro looks momentarily crestfallen. "I am sorry to leave you on your own. I know that he wants to find you, maybe as much as the cheerleader, but I swore I would protect her with my life. And when he comes for her…" Hiro scowls. There's a long day — something held back, something he hasn't told before. Mara is, however, not the same audience. "… I will kill him. And anyone else who helps him."

"You and me both, kiddo." Mara nods solemnly. "Did Peter tell you that someone like us predicted…?" She trails off, taking in slow, even breaths. "Predicted my death?"

Hiro stares at Mara for a second. He pushes his glasses up on his face with a finger, a gesture more like the old Hiro — the other Hiro, the other Hiro who doesn't spend all day preparing to take a human life. And his mouth goes a little wide. "You—you could be number four."

"The painting?" Mara raises a brow. "I've seen it. A woman named Niki had photographs." She leans back on the couch, tipping her head back to stare at the ceiling as though answers might tumble down to her from the rafters.

Hiro looks down at his feet. "I have a theory," he begins. "I was in love with a girl once, but she was going to die. I did everything I could to go back and change time, but I could not. She died anyways. Nothing I did could have changed it, no matter how much I wanted to. When we had to stop Sylar, even after saving the cheerleader, the future still turned out bad."

Somehow, this is not very encouraging. "So… Your theory is what, exactly?" Mara fixes Hiro with a skeptical gaze. "That I'm screwed no matter what?" All the same, his story about the girl that he couldn't save tugs at her heartstrings and Mara swallows back the lump in her throat.

Hiro shakes his head. "We stopped the bomb, but not because we changed the past. We stopped the bomb because a man changed," he says. "Nathan. Nathan Petrelli. Peter's brother." He doesn't know how familiar Mara is with Flying Man. "He was a villain, but he saw that he was truly a hero. So if one person — even just one — can really change, then the future can change."

"So who has to change so I can live, Nakamura?" Fear wears patience thin, though Mara's trying not to take her frustration out on the enigmatic time traveler. The only answer she can come up with is Gray. If he, you know, decides to be a hero? Then everything's cool. That's not bloody likely to happen, though.

"Maybe you. Maybe me," Hiro says. "When Sylar was in jail, I was not strong enough to find him and kill him. I was not prepared. I must be a different man. I must be prepared to kill — him, and others." Hiro shuts his eyes, saying this. "It could be anybody."

"Do you think you can do it?" Mara's more than just reasonably certain that she could pull the trigger if she got the opportunity. She studies him a moment, obviously sizing him up. "You really could now, couldn't you?"

"It is not Sylar I am preparing for. Sylar, I am ready for," Hiro says, before looking away — breaking contact. "I should go. Claire needs me."

"Hiro…?" Mara actually climbs to her feet, wincing as she balances herself on one crutch. "I need a quick favour from you, actually. I… need you to take me home. I can't exactly come and go through the front door. In, out, nobody gets hurt. Promise."

Hiro thinks for a second, and then nods, holding out his hand. "Okay. I remember where it is."

Mara reaches out and takes Hiro's hand firmly, closing her eyes as she braces for the strange sensation that is teleportation.

And… there. There you are. An immediate teleport. "Okay. You can open your eyes."

Mara actually looks surprised when she opens her eyes and finds herself… home. "My God. It feels like forever since I've been here." She starts moving toward the bedroom carefully, where she stops in front of the clock, staring at it.

Hiro sniffs. "Your apartment smells worse than Sydney's," he says, plainly. "Um, no offense."

"Great. My apartment smells worse than the stripper's." Mara shakes it off and waves Hiro into the bedroom. "I've had my injection, but… Just in case." She reaches out toward the cherry wood grandfather clock, but hesitates just before she touches it. A glance is thrown to the Japanese man. "Definitely don't tell Nathan."

"Injection?" Hiro asks, and sort of follows after into the room and looks at the grandfather clock. "What are you doing?" he asks, with some measure of curiosity.

"I'm watching myself die." Trembling fingers brush over the ornate detailing of the standing timepiece and Mara gasps sharply when it hits her. Mohinder's experimental drug does the trick, however, and she doesn't lose consciousness. Perhaps it would have been better if she had? Mara collapses heavily against the clock, eyes shut tightly.

"Maybe you shouldn't come back to your apartment, then--" Hiro begins. "--you can't get killed unless you come here, right? To the clock."

Mara doesn't respond. Not at first. She's shaking with the effort it takes not to scream. Finally, it seems she's seen all she's going to see and she throws her hand out to Hiro. "Bathroom," she orders, dropping her crutch as she presses her other hand over her mouth.

Hiro complies, reaching out and teleporting both to the bathroom. And then he immediately steps /out/, letting her do — you know, her upchucking — on her own.

It's not a pleasant sound, but at least the wave of sickness is over quickly. After flushing the toilet, Mara pulls herself up off the floor with a firm grip on the sink. She rinses her mouth out and splashes water on her face before finally looking up at her reflection. "So I don't come home again, and it happens somewhere else. Do you really think avoiding this place will be enough?" she finally answers his question.

Hiro sort of shrugs. "It cannot hurt. We must at least try to change the future," he says. "But I believe, now, that it is more important to change ourselves." So, that's his philosophy. Kind of. But what's he trying to change into?

"Could you grab my…" Mara waves a hand vaguely. That thing that I use to walk with. All the same, she still turns around and drags herself to the doorway, panting heavily. Let's not do that again. That was far too difficult. "Damn leg."

Hiro holds out a hand, at first. "Oh. Yes," he says, and reaches for her cane. He hands it over to her. "Is it getting better?"

"A bit. Not fast enough, though." Mara rakes her fingers through her hair and sighs. "If I were just able to walk properly, I wouldn't be nearly so scared of the creep." That might even be the truth. Maybe.

Hiro nods, gravely. "I will do everything I can to protect you," Hiro says. "Everything I can do to help. But you must be careful."

"Thank you." Mara smiles faintly, casting a brief glance toward her bedroom again before she reaches out to take Hiro's hand again. "Okay. I've… seen what I needed to see."

Hiro nods. "Back to the other place, then?" he asks, and holds out a hand. "I will take you, and then go back to Claire."

"That works for me." Mara takes a deep breath. This time, she decides to keep her eyes open.

She doesn't really see /anything/ — there's no in between. You're one place, then you're another. It's immediately. Wink. There you go.

"That is so cool," Mara admits, in spite of the seriousness of the situation. "Go on, then." She lets go of Hiro's hand. "Go take care of Claire."

Hiro nods. "I will. Please. Call me the moment anything happens. Tell me where you are. I'll find you. Anywhere," Hiro says, and then disappears abruptly.

"Good luck, samurai." Mara says to the empty room.

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