2007-12-06: Changes And Preparations

WARNING: storyline contains Season 3 Material. Though this log is clean of it.


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Summary: While sitting over the bed of a comatose serial killer, Peter and Cass discuss the past, the future, and the future that is the past. And what to do about the near future yet to come.

Date It Happened: December 6th, 2007

Changes and Preparations

Bat Country Labs

The afternoon stretches on and Cass is restless. She thought this feeling would go away once she helped bring about a cure for the virus. However, with this new emergency, new set of problems, it's only deepened. Especially when she's waiting for results of a test that she can't handle herself. And when she's trying to find something, anything that will keep Sylar safe enough to wake up and have Peter question him, she's not exactly a pharmacist. Stepping out of the lab, hands stuffed into the pockets of her lab coat, she sighs and moves toward the room where Peter has been keeping watch all night with a mug of hot coffee for him. He may need it. "How's he doing?" More of the, 'he's still totally out in a coma, right?' sentiment as opposed to the 'is he alright?' one. "More importantly, how are you doing?"

At the bed side. Every minute of the whole night. Peter has no intention of leaving for a while. He brought a serial killer into this place. He had to ask Elena to take care of Snowy until he knew for sure he could leave this place alone, even for a few hours. Those hours haven't come yet. Glancing over at the mug of coffee, he shakes his head, "I don't need it. I have an ability that makes it so I don't have to sleep," he explains, though that hadn't worked out well when he used his powers too much, or when he was sick. "I'm not tired. But— drugs seem to be doing the job. I'll have to take him out and question him but…" Not until there's some way they can do it safely. "I'm okay."

"Right. Sharon's." Cass' trainer. Of course she knows Sharon, everyone seems to know each other in some strange way or another. Sighing, the woman takes the cup for herself and slides down the wall until she's sitting on the floor by Peter. "That's good. The last thing I'd want is for them to not work any more all of the sudden and then we have a very angry serial killer on the loose." Which is why she's been just as careful to check the dosages. "We could try it here. We've got a lot of locks. I don't know if it'd be enough to keep someone like him locked in. Or how we'd put him back out once we was already awake, but…" she's offering. She just wants to help.

"I don't know if I want to do it here— I can probably teleport him somewhere else. I wish I had a spare a bank vault or bomb shelter laying around," Peter says, rubbing his hands over his face mildly. It's not easy trying to think of how they could keep him from escaping. "I can probably stop him again if he tries to leave— inject him. I just don't know if I want anyone to be around when he's awake. I can protect myself but the rest of you…" He's mostly concerned about the fact that can't heal. All it'd take is a stray bolt of lightning. "I'll think of something. He's not going anywhere right now." Hence the coma. "Thanks, Cass— for all your work on the virus. I never properly thanked you."

"Because those are always easy to find lying around." Cass gives Peter a wry smile an takes a drink of her now stolen cup of coffee. "I don't doubt that you couldn't take him out again. I just…want you to know that the place is open should you need it." Maybe he doesn't even want her around when he questions Sylar. She wouldn't exactly blame him. "We'll think of something. I'm looking into finding out a way to get my hands on some Haitian pills in order to keep him awake without—-" she pauses and then thinks that through. "I…I think I may have something for that. Something my father gave me awhile ago to protect me. Let me look into it." Curare. Ability dampener. Handy. As for the work on the virus, she shakes her head. "You're welcome, but it wasn't just me. And it's far from over. I got a name that I was told that you could help explain to me. Victoria Pratt? Does that ring a bell?"

"I know it wasn't just you. But I've already thanked Samantha— and I hadn't had the chance to thank you yet," Peter says, smiling faintly that she did pretty much the exact opposite of what Samantha had done. It vaguely amuses him. "If we can keep him awake and powerless, that'd be very useful." Sometimes he wishes they had a Haitian. But when she mentions that name, he looks over. "Not really. Who is she?"

"We keep seeming to miss each other." For one reason or another. Everyone is off doing save the world things. It's understandable, though. Not aware of any other sort of thanks or otherwise, Cass just shrugs her shoulders. "I may know something…but it's not going to be as neat as a Haitian pills. It's going to require an IV, still." She shrugs her shoulders, looking between Sylar and Peter. She's not sure what that man can hear while in a coma. She doesn't want anything getting back to the Company, no matter what. "I'll…explain that part later. But, I was told that she was responsible for what happened." Not Peter, not anyone else. But this woman.

The IV earns a nod. "If that works— you can test it on me first. See if it holds me, keeps me powerless, and then we can put it on him," Peter says, giving some though, but… She's the one who's responsible. If that's true… If she really did create it. He shakes his head. "Someone— She might be the source of the virus, the creator— but I'm the one who brought it back. A friend had a vision of the future— something that I was involved in while I was there. But she saw something I didn't— a vial dropping and shattering. If she really is responsible for it— she hasn't created it yet. It means she isn't responsible for it yet— her future self is."

There's a pause. "The way I heard about it was very different. That this woman was dangerous, possibly making more." Shaking her head, Cass sighs. "I don't know anything about her, but I definitely want to find her. Make sure that she doesn't make anything else like this if I can." There's a definite frown. If she doesn't stop frowning, she's going to start getting frown lines. Strange for someone normally so happy. "You're not responsible for it, either, Peter. There's a lot of hands in this. Whatever the case, I'm going to try and find her. I thought you might know more about her."

"I'm no more responsible than an infected monkey that got put on a plane," Peter says, shaking his head a little. It's not so much a pass on his responsibility as it is demeaning himself to a witless plague carrier that brought death to a couple people and misery to many more. "The virus— the protein coating at least— it wasn't released until two years in the future, at a… event." Another word was supposed to go there, hence the a instead of an. He doesn't say what he originally intended. "We should find her, yes— and talk to her. We can't assume we have two years until she perfects and releases it, especially not if she got a sample to speed her work along. But she did release it in the future— so this one— whoever we question— will not remember why or when. Or possibly even the circumstances. But since the vision happened only a little while ago… that future more on track than I'd hoped."

"You're not an infected monkey, Peter," Cass sighs. But at least he's not trying to say that this is all his fault again. That's something at least, right? "But she's going to remember why she started working on the original. And if we can convince her to stop working on whatever it is that she's working on now, well, then maybe we could stop something. And no matter what happens, what ever happened there…well, it's now our past. I don't know if that's changeable. We'll just have to see what she says." Drinking a long gulp of coffee, she eyes Sylar again. "We'll fix it. We have to."

"We will," Peter nods in quiet agreement. Especially that— especially that moment. The future he left doesn't have a Cass to cure the virus. Doesn't have a Mohinder as far as he knows. Maybe they had Samantha. Could one of them have fixed it? He can't count on that. "The good thing is— we know she's working on it now. We know it's in progress. We developed a cure already. We can stop it. And we can make sure it never gets made in the first place…"

Whatever moments, most of what needs to be changed…Cass has confidence that they'll do it. They managed to find a cure to this virus from the future somehow. Everything else will fall into place if they work at it. She has to believe that. "Exactly." Finishing off the mug, she sets it down next to her and keeps her eyes more on the serial killer on the other side of her than on Peter. "He wasn't much different in the future, was he?"

"He was pretending to be me in the future," Peter says softly, eyes turning back to the man on the bed. "And successful enough at it that everyone was convinced it was me— even Nathan." It's one of those things that he's never quite understood, but… "They had noticed I was different, but everyone was. The times were different. People were harder— forced to do things. He led one of the Resistance groups— a small terrorist cell from the sound of it. Elena— the future one— hated him because the people who went with him often got killed. But he kept the guise for over a year. Maybe he liked being me. I don't know. He only started to reveal himself again the month I was there— and he killed a bunch of people before revealing that— that he wasn't me."

That makes Cass shiver. She couldn't even tell that Peter was Sylar? How good was that impersonation? How good was his inside knowledge? How? How was that even possible? She can imagine Peter's own feelings on the subject. "We're not going to let that happen, either." There's a lot to prevent in the future. But they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it so far. As much as she can tell. With a quick shake of her head, she sighs. "How do things get so complicated and so wrong so fast? Two years. That's almost nothing."

"Just a little over a year ago I was sitting at a bedside of someone in a coma— only he wasn't in it on purpose and he was dying," Peter says softly, still looking at the man. "I was in love with his daughter— had been for nearly six months, and I'd never worked up the nerve to say anything about it." That's kind of a tangent, but in a way it isn't. A lot changed in a year. Still loves Simone— part of him always will, but he's changed. More than one year could normally justify. "Things are changing at a much faster rate for some of us— and throw in the reveal of abilities, the deaths of hundreds of thousands… and things would change even faster. Who knows how much this virus would have changed things if we'd not worked together to stop it before it spread much further than it already had."

It's true. A lot can happen in a year. It's not even been a year since Cass found out that all of this was at all possible. And now here she is in charge of a lab to help and study those abilities. Things change. She's just not used to them changing quite this quickly. "I know. It's just…startling really. Things seem to be going at a normal pace your entire life and then all of the sudden everything changes. That's the way it is with evolution, too, but…it's startling to actually see it in action." She pauses. "I'm sorry." About Simone, about who he was watching in a coma. About just about everything.

"It's okay," Peter says, looking away from the serial killer for the moment, reaching over to touch the woman nearby, her wrist, her hand. "The world's different, but I know what I'm supposed to do— what I need to do. And I'm glad that I have you and everyone else here for me." Everyone keeps saying he does too much on his own, but he's trying to appreciate the people whose help he accepts. Even if he can't always accept it. Like when he went to fight Sylar by himself. "Destiny isn't written in stone. And what's been painted on a canvas can be ripped, torn, and washed away. We'll make a better future."

"No, it's not." Cass can agree with that and she puts a hand on top of Peter's reassuringly. "We'll just take them as warnings." And it's a good thing that they have them because otherwise events may remain unchanged. "We're just glad you're here, too, Peter." Squeezing Peter's hand, she picks herself up off the floor and smiles at him. "I should start checking out if that vial I have will work. If you have any idea on how to find Victoria Pratt, I'd hear those, too." Because, well, it's going to be a lot of time to try and track the woman down going through papers and computer records.

"I'll stay here a few more hours— then I want to go back to where I found him," Peter says, looking toward the man on the cot once again. "Gather up whatever he had there. Maybe we'll have some idea about what he's been up to— what we're dealing with. And maybe I'll even find Hiro's sword. He wants it back." It's almost said with a smile, only it's not. "I hope whatever you make up works— Cause it might be best if I not question him alone." Considering he took his identity in one future. A future still on course.

"Can't say I blame him." For wanting the sword back, that is. Seems like something you'd want to keep around. "I'll keep an eye on him while you're gone." Because Cass may not be that good of a fighter, she can still hold her own and she's fast. "Don't worry, I'm not about to leave you alone with him if you don't want me to." She's curious about that, at least. "And, I don't know what was wrong with future me, but if he tries anything, I'll figure out a way to make sure he doesn't come back." That's a promise.

"If he needs to die, I'll take care of it," Peter says, in that light tone. It's not something he wants to hand off to anyone. Nor is he about to tell her that her fiancee killed him in the future. It's not that man's responsibility anymore. This time it's his. "Thank you again," he adds, in response to her promise, even if he pretty much just denied it.

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