2007-02-15: Chapter One: Combustion - Mistakes


Rainer and introducing Jacob

Summary: Rainer faces the consequences of the "accident" at Hartsdale.

Date It Happened: February 15th, 2007

Chapter One: Combustion



The interior of Jacob's office can be described in one word: high-class. From the plush leather chairs to the extravagant pieces of art, from the one piece glass desk to the large, floor to ceiling window that overlooks the city, it's quite obvious that the person who occupies this office has worked long and hard to get to the top. And boy, are they at the top.

Jacob is currently standing in front of the tall window, his eyes narrowed and focused on the city below. His arms are crossed over his chest, and he's expecting the door to the office to open any minute now. The fiasco at the Primatech Research facility is unexcusable.. and he wants to know why it happened.

Indeed, the door opens. First, there's a firm but unobtrusive rap on the wood - a business-like knock, its creator doesn't waste any time standing around. A man opens the door and immediately steps to the side once he's in the spacious office. Rainer Madson has seen better days. His skin has a red tinge to it, as if he's been drinking or has out-of-control blood pressure; in reality, it's a mild burn. The colour doesn't suit him. Furthermore, he looks haggard. His eyes are bloodshot. But he's not entirely down and out: there's a quiet, seething rage beneath this Company man's exhaustion. Sheepish? Nope. No time for that.

The moment the door opens, Jacob turns his head slightly to the right; if Rainer were to look hard enough, he could just barely see the corner of Jacob's left eye. "Sit," the man commands, expecting Rainer to do so. Once time has been provided for Rainer to find a seat, Jacob turns around, and takes a seat in his own chair. He wastes no time getting right down to business. "Explain what happened at Hartsdale."

Rainer walks slowly over to the chair in front of the desk; he's not stalling, walking that slow on purpose. Getting a steel door thrown on you isn't something you recovery automatically from. He sits down stiffly, pulling at the creases on his pantlegs. Before he makes a reply to Jacob, he clears his throat and lets out a very long-suffering sigh. "A mistake. A mistake we should have seen coming. Saw it coming… we didn't do enough to prevent it."

"I don't want excuses, or "should have"'s. I want an explanation. I want to know how subject K-11E escaped, where it is, what it's after, and how we're going to find it," Jacob says calmly, his voice remaining even the entire time. There's no anger or disappointment, just an extreme busiless-like nature. The Company man stands from his chair and turns back to the window, once again crossing his arms over his chest. "This is why I wanted Bob run the Hartsdale facility. However, he's too busy with other matters and that psychopathic daughter of his."

"I was visiting … her," Rainer answers gruffly. He always answers gruffly, though - this is nothing new. That said, he's not the most sentimental of people, but referring to K-11E as "it" is beyond even him, it seems. "Trying to get into her head. See what was going on in there… the psychologist, Dr. Eames, he was getting nowhere. Says she might be a sociopath." The man sighs again, a harsh and rattling expulsion. "Only had the door ajar. Closed it. Before I knew it, I was on the floor, she had blown it clean off… whole cell block was on fire."

Jacob closes his eyes when Rainer calls Kellie 'her', but with his face to the window, this remains unseen. Jacob doesn't consider Kellie a 'her', but if that's how Rainer feels, he can use the term for this conversation. He listens to Rainer, and when the other man finishes talking, Jacob takes a few moments to think, gathering his thoughts on the situation. "Sociopath? We created her. We've kept her in a cell nearly her entire "life", and when she wasn't in the cell, she was on a table, being cut up, tested, and put through experiments. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if she was the equivalent of a sociopath." Jacob turns from the window, facing Rainer directly; his cold, blue eyes stare at the man, his face expressionless. "This Company was created to find these people and track them. Study them. Protect the human race from them. Protect them from -themselves-… and you've let one of the worst of her kind escape."

"No," Rainer says firmly, clutching the arms of the chair and pushing himself up to lean over Jacob's desk. "The /Company/ let her escape, and you're wrong. We didn't let one of them escape. Two. ONE. TWO. Because of Kellie's instability and… how strong she's become-Monroe is a free man. You know he'll stop at nothing short of madness to bring this company down. If I made a mistake— well, so be it, but we should have been more vigilant. We had it right there in front of us because of Mendez's last series. We could have destroyed her in advance."

"You were in charge of the facility," Jacob calmly responds, ignoring the fact Rainer is leaning over his desk. It's such a trivial thing to get upset over, so why get upset? "I know all about Monroe. I've already dispatched a team to find him and bring him back. However…" Jacob pauses for a moment and reaches into his desk, retrieving a file. "Monroe isn't our top priority. He may be able to regenerate, but that's not exactly something he can use to cause too much havoc. Besides, I imagine he's going to lay low for a while. He doesn't need to be drawing attention to himself." The file is pushed across the desk towards Rainer: it's a file on Kellie, but it's more than likely he's already seen the file. "What's done is done," Jacob says, referring to her escape and the fact they should have been more vigilant, "K-11E is our main priority now. She's too dangerous to be left alive at this point. I want her terminated." Jacob pause again to take a hard, cold look at Rainer, and for a very brief instant, there's a flash of anger in his those icy blue eyes. "If you manage to complete this, you may just save your job."

Rainer shifts his jaw about as he meets Jacob's icy gaze with his own dark one. These eyes have seen calmer days. He slowly sits back in his seat. "Yes, sir." Flattening his hands on his knees, he's quiet for a time, dwelling, thinking. Finally, he takes the folder. He doesn't so much as glance inside it, however. "What methods do you suggest?"

"Whatever will get the job done. However, it -must- be kept quiet. We can't risk K-11E, or 'Kellie', as you have seem to grown so fond of calling her, going public with what we are, or what she is. She's never been out in the wild, so to speak. She's dangerous, and we have to expected the unexpected. Hope for the best, plan for the worst," Jacob says, finally retiring to his seat again. He places his hands in front of him, steepling the fingers, and glances over his fingertips at Rainer. "The Haitian might be helpful."

Rainer's mouth is a thin, stern line. His head falls and rises in a slow nod to Jacob. "He usually is." He pushes himself up from the chair, tucking the folder under one arm. "It will be taken care of, sir. I won't let her become a threat to the Company, no more than I'll let her be a threat to the city at large for much longer. We'll work fast. You can be rest assured."

"Good," Jacob replies, taking one last, hard look at Rainer. "I can rest assured?" A ghost of a smirk flits across Jacob's face, but then it's gone. "I hope I can, Rainer. I hope I can. For your sake, more than mine." With that, Jacob spins his chair around so he's once again looking out the window.

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