Charity Nicole Davies
Charity Nicole Davies
Portrayed By Sandra Bullock
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 20th
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Char
Place of Birth New Jersey, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Carnival Mechanic/Owner of Davies Repair and Customs
Known Relatives Martin Smith (Father) and Rebecca Masterson (mother); Barry O'Donavan (Godparent); Thomas Davies (Son – Died at 9); Lane Davies (Son – Died at Age 6)
Significant Other William “Billy” Davies (Husband -Dead)
Known Abilities Mechanopathy
First Appearance Early Morning Roadside Assistance

A widow and once a mother, this unusual biker has moved back into the area hoping to pick up her life again. She ended up hunted and eventually fled the area.

The mechanopath is returning…

"I am in your Carnival fixin' yer rides…"




In the Beginning
Charity wasn't the product of a married couple. She was an unplanned baby between two lovers, Martin Smith and Rebecca Masterson. Guess her mom forgot to take the pill one day. Martin try to make things right and proposed, but she refused. The reason? Cause they were two people from two different worlds, he was a high school drop out and she was a finishing law student. She saw him as just some impulsive fling while she finished up her law degree. So when she had Charity, she handed the little girl over to Martin to raise.

Martin was a mechanic at a little mom and pop shop in New Jersey. His boss Barry was also his best friend, which is probably why the old man put up with Charity as the years went on. In the beginning, Martin's mom Isabelle had to move in so that she could watch the baby while he worked. However, when the little girl was around four years old Isabelle started to get sick a lot. So it was lucky that Barry seemed okay with little Charity hanging around. Maybe it was the fact that Martin made him Charity's Godparent. In fact, all the mechanics seemed taken by the little brown haired girl. And so her education in the world of mechanics began. Her daddy was especially good at fixing cars, he was the best mechanic in the place. Some say he developed a 6th sense about cars.

Not much to really say about those early years. They never had too much money for anything, so more often then not, Charity didn't have all the fancy toys like all the other kids did. Her and her dad's favorite thing was to go to the park and fly little balsa airplanes or camping. Which really what kid could ask for more then her dad's full attention?

Of course, as she got older her grandmother grew sicker, making it where Charity spent more time in the garage sweeping up or helping the guys fix cars, then at home. When she was about sixteen Barry even started to pay her for her work. Before, when she was younger, she'd get a few bucks here and there for sweeping, picking up, or helping with tool retrieval.


Teenage Rebellion
Her teenage years were kind of a mixed bag really. Granma got really ill and Charity started to rebel a little. She got into illegal street racing at one point. She enjoy stripping cars and rebuilding them into better racers. However, that passion didn't last long for her. It lasted until some of her buddies were killed during a last minute race. She would have been killed too, if she hadn't been grounded at the time. It was kind of a wake up call.

As her grandmother got worse, Charity found herself stuck more and more with the elderly woman's care. She was so young and of course consider it God punishing her for something. Kids that young never quite understand. They only see it as an inconvenience. So she'd skip out when she could and did the minimum of what she had too. Of course, later on she'd realize how horrible she was to her grandmother and she'd regret if from then on.

Towards the end of her grandmother's life, Charity spent less time at the garage and more time dealing with school, her grandmother and the run of the household. This probably made her grow up faster then she really should have. However, through it all she kept up with her school work and graduated High School. She might not have been top of her class, but she did make it, and a week after she graduated High School her grandmother passed away. Meant a new time in her life.


Charity has the ability to mentally control and manipulate mechanical things, pulley systems, motors and the like. If it has a motor and/or moving parts, chances are she can mess with it. Works best on older cars and motorcycles. New cars take more effort cause of the technology involved. She's not a technopath, she can't use her mind to use a computer and surf the net or anything, most she could do with a computer is turn it on, start up the motors and make the fans work.

When she taps into the object, it's like her consciousness extends to it, becoming an extension… like another limb. How easily she manipulates it, depends on a variety of factors. A simple pulley system or a lock is nothing compared to the complexity of a machine. Just like a car is easier to manipulate then a giant crane. Turning on and off a machine is easier then making an engine run without say gasoline (this being almost impossible for her.). A slick well oiled machine is easier then a rusted bit of machinery. So each machines is a different degree of difficult.

She has three major things she can do with her ability. The first is fairly simple, she turns on and off anything with a motor. The second is a bit more complicated, She can understand and diagnose problems within mechanisms. And lastly and the hardest, is her ability to control and run anything mechanical.

Her limitations include the fact that she has to touch the object. Such as a locked door. She has to touch the knob to be able to reach the mechanism inside. To start a motor she has to touch the vehicle/or the object it's encased in. When she uses her ability, it tires her out. She can run herself into unconsciousness if she runs her ability too long. The first sign that she has to stop is when she gets a nose bleeds and headaches , followed by extreme fatigue, and then passes out. She has to rest after each use, else if she uses it too many times in a row, the same problems can occur.


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Davies Repair and Customs

Specializing in older generation cars and motorcycles.

(Currently, this business is being handled by Mack, until she's ready to take over again.)

A small quonset hut, surrounded by a tall, barbwire topped fence, sits nestled between larger buildings. With two bay doors on one side of the building and are often open to the elements and exposing the workshop within. A door sits at the front end of the half cylinder construction, with a large sign declaring that the building is the home of Davies Repair and Customs. The yard itself is full of various vehicles, either for scrap or waiting to be serviced. While outside the gates, at anyone time, could be found an old customized car or motorcycle for sale.

At the very back of the compound is a nice fifth wheel trailer. Further observation would show that there doesn't seem to be a truck able to pull it. The awning is out, and there are plastic chairs sitting on an Astroturf rug. All suggesting that maybe the owner lives there.

NPC Workers

Mack - A heavy older man with a bushy grey beard. Helps out at the shop, takes notes when Charity is diagnosing and is her go to man for the electrical systems in the newer cars. Drive an old Indian Motorcycle and when too cold a beat up old truck.


Past Icons


RP Hooks

Just some ideas to help people with ideas on how to meet her.

  • Need your car fixed? Charity is a mechanic and owns her own shop!
  • Lock your self out of your car/house/ect.? No Problem! Charity can open those locks!
  • Like Motorcycles? Hey! So does Charity! In fact she is into custom bikes.
  • Got an Old car? Dude! Charity is so totally into those!

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