2007-02-19: Charles Atlas Gets You Pumped


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Summary: Making friends, Company style. Benji rants, Anders reveals backstory, but he's still an arse.

Date It Happened: February 19th, 2007

Charles Atlas Gets You PUMPED (or: The Ominous Chocolate)

The hospital, Company Wing

Much like the day before, Benjamin has been escorted from his hospital room on down to another area sectioned off and safely set up for testing. It's been just as exhausting as the previous day, working on studying and estimating the limitations of his abilities. Some of the aspects he likes, such as learning control and manipulation, yet the other aspects, being a lab rat, are not enjoyable. For now however, he's back in his room for a break with the threat or promise of more testing later. He flops back onto his bed, debating on turning the tv on, or just sleeping.

Much grumbling, the squeak of an I.V. rig's wheels and some heavy hand knocking on Benjamin's door heralds the arrival of Anders, dressed down in a particularly ratty pair of jogging pants and an equally ratty wifebeater. His head and face ate pretty well covered in bandages from last night's fun, but they don't stop him grinning (wincing, natch) at Benjamin as he pushes the door open, "Wardmate!'

Benjamin rests an arm across his eyes, and his debate is ended by a third factor. At the heavy knocking, he sits up, "What now?" is muttered, and quickly followed by a loud groan when Anders comes in. "So now they're holding you prisoner too?" Eyes narrow and his lips turn down into a frown as he looks at the IV stand, the bandages, and bluntly asks, "What happened to you? Didn't understand the meaning of the word no?"

"Prisoner? No, this is a hospital, Mr Winters, we are here to get better," Anders says, acting, if not looking, much like a perfect Company drone, "I was caught unawares by a thief, if you must know, Mr. Winters. I thought I'd be a good neighbour and share with you some of the get well soon chocolate I recieved." He does, indeed, have a hefty bar of chocolate in his non-I.V. rig holding hand, "You should know, Mr. Winters, that I understand the word "no", but I rarely hear it. You'd understand if you looked after yourself."

Benji rolls his eyes at Anders's explanation. "I'm not deluding myself any more. If this is just a hospital, I'd be able to use the phone or walk outside." However, it's an old argument, one he's tired of posing. The chocolate and Anders are both given a very suspicious glance. "Wow, a treat? And I didn't even have to tell you anything." Oh the sarcasm dripping from that statement! He then exhales softly and adds in a flat tone, "Thanks but no thanks, I'm not a big chocolate eater." The frown has yet to really leave his face, kind of hard to put aside bad feelings against the guy who basically kidnapped you. "What's that supposed to mean? I look after myself."

"Very droll, Mr Winters, I was merely trying to be a ray of light in your otherwise gloomy life," Anders says, before shaking his head and throwing the chocolate down on the foor of the bed, "Are you serious, Mr. Winters?" Anders is obviously a regular gym patron himself, to the extent that the following partonising critique of Benjamin should be half expected, "Where are you muscles then? Where is the "Oh, baby, I'm so glad that you kicked sand in my boyfriend's face" girl in the bikini? You do /not/ take care of yourself."

This might be where anyone but Benjamin would tell Anders where to go and how to get there in no unspecific terms. However, this is mild mannered Benji. "Fine, fine." Frown deepening and creases forming across his forehead, he looks down at himself then across at Anders, "That's not a priority for me. I get enough exercise walking on my commute to and from work. I don't need to bulk up in compensation." Or to win women over.. not that he's in the habit of charming women or anything.

Outside, in the hall, a pair of heavy boot falls approaches, and thuds by, receding down the way.

"Oh, its not a priority," Anders says, incredulous, before realisation hits, "Ahh, well, I never realised you were married, I was almost married once." He pulls over a chair from the wall and opens the chocolate bar once hes sat down, before grabbing a Benjamin's chart and flipping through the pages, "Do you miss your wife?" he asks, before his eyes widen, "Do you have kids? I'd kill people if they took me away from my children like this."

"I was married for fifteen years, she divorced me last year when my powers starting .. whatever you call it.. manifesting?" Benjamin says with some hesitance. He doesn't want to get all bare your soul with Anders here. A look is flashed over at the man as he picks up his chart. "Look, it was an ugly divorce, and.." in a sign of showing some common sense and realization that this could be an attempt to lure information from him, "We didn't have any kids." He frowns, swinging his legs over the side of the bed to sit up. "So did you get taken too, or did you go quietly?"

"I didn't get "Taken", Mr. Winters, I was a medical marvel for a few months until a Company doctor took me away," Anders says, nodding and even smiling, but he ignores the chance for a subject change in the end, "Fifteen years and no.. Oh, well, women are rarely pleased when they are married to an infertile man, you have my pity. I have some children, somewhere." Is this an attempt to draw information from Benji? Is Anders smart enough to do this?

"Must be nice to put such a delusional spin on your situation." Benjamin says in a tone that has a sharp edge to it. "Medical marvel.. What pill do you take to keep looking at things like this? We're not second class citizens or something, we're hum.. You.." At the jab against his manhood, well, that has his ire up. "That was extremely uncalled for and you don't know anything about me. For your information, she didn't want kids and.. neither of us were the problem.. healthwise."

Ignoring the comment about his delusions, such as they are, Anders presses right on in, pausing only to break a square of chocolate off and eat it, "We know more about you than you would like to think, Mr. Winters, there is a file of some considerable size on you, your family and your relationships on the low security server alone. I dread to think what my superiors know about you," the man continues, holding out the chcolate bar to Benjamin in silent offer before concluding with, "If you don't mind my asking, Mr. Winters, is there a reason why you are so sure in your own little delusion that you are a full man?"

"This is not legal, and I'm not obligated to tell you anything," is Benjamin's sour response as he pushes off the bed and stalks to the far side of the room. The offer of chocolate is pointedly ignored. "Why do you care? Just because my wife and I didn't have any children.. that doesn't mean either of are incapable.. oh god.. you sick freaks. You're all sick!" His mouth drops open and he fixes a horrified expression on Anders, "Are you people.. looking for.. oh that's just.. /sick/." Hahaha. Oh silly Benji. The line of questioning takes his mind to a logical conclusion if he's being regarded as some test subject, "Are you people /breeding/ those of us with powers?" He throws his hands up, waving wildly, and keeps his distance from Anders. "Just.. disgusting.. and /of course/ I'm a full man! Abilities aside, I'm a normal human!"

Anders grins at the other man, letting him have his rant and breaking off another block of chocolate, "Mr. Winters, rest assured that whoever you think we should be looking for, we probably are, this is not a business call, this is merely me trying to make friends," he even laughs at the mention of breeding, "We are not breeding you, Mr. Winters, and I have to say it does speak volumes about your fantasies if that is the first place you went with that." He pauses, to chew the chocolate and consider, "Though, I cannot say I blame you, I've not seen an evolved woman that isn't gorgeous yet," he chuckles then, evil brewing in his mind, "If you would like I can bring in my laptop and show you the girl from the next-door room. She is a.. I forget the word, "Camwhore"?"

"You /hit me on the head/!! What do you mean friends!?" Benjamin says as he rounds on Anders. His hands clench into fists and fall to his sides. Red-faced, he starts counting to ten to try and reign in his anger. "It was a logical conclusion with the way we're treating like lab animals," he says through clenched teeth. A fingerjab is aimed in Anders's direction, "You're unbelievable. I don't know what you're talking about. You asked about my wife, and if we had kids. I said no, I don't know where you're getting these fantasies .. and leave Miss Sanders alone, she's got enough to worry about without you being vulgar in regards to her person."

The larger man stands, laughing, "Please, we are both men here, Mr. Winters, Benjamin, you do not have to defend her honour, these walls are more than thick enough to prevent her hearing," Anders says, still jovial even as he adds, "You should calm down and have some chocolate, before you fall down and require further medical attention." and offers the chocolate again.

The chocolate is still steadfastly refused and Benjamin puts his back to the wall and folds his arms across his chest. "I'm not going to just fall down, and no thank you." He looks away, towards the small window his room is lucky enough to possess. "Why do think the Company is so great? If you want to look at it in terms of.. us and normal humans.. why side with them? Why go along with treating others like you do?" His questioning is honest, and his tone even, without a trace of accusation. He knows why Angie thinks it's so great, but Anders? Well, he probably has a unique perspective. "Why just stand by, or in some cases, help kidnap people, tag them like some specimen and pretend we're all in a hospital and not captives?"

Anders takes a few moments to answer that one, caught offguard by the honest questioning. "You are a smart man," he begins his answer, frowning, "I would presume you know your history. What happens when someone is different from the larger group?" Theres another pause (this one with a wedge of chocolate rammed in his mouth) whilst he considers how much to reveal, "I have made some mistakes in my life, Mr. Winters, some very big and bad mistakes, where some "different" people ran into some.. situations," Anders tries to word the next bit, "I cannot help being /different/ in a way that the people I treated badly were really not, so it only makes sense that we solidify our differences and make sure we can use our advantages as best we can. This is what the Company offers, Benjamin, in exchange for helping with finding out why we are the way we are."

"I .. realize it's not really any different than other civil rights situations," Benjamin says with no small amount of frustration in his voice. Maybe he should read X-Men and see the films. perhaps that would help throw some perspective. "So, in other words, two wrongs make it right, so everything is okay?" Clearly, he's not convinced. Niki was right in saying everyone deals and copes in their own way. The CPA is struggling.

Anders shakes his head then, frowning, "Two wrongs do sometimes make a right, Mr. Winters, and I am sorry I took my pistol to you, it was.. overzealous," he says, putting away another piece of chocolate, "It is unlikely you will forgive me for that, even when you have been trained and released. However, you should not believe that the Company is an evil organisation. Suppose you went untrained and put.. put a bus driver to sleep with your uncontrolled powers? With us, your powers will be controlled and useful."

Benjamin continues to look unconvinced, but does say, "Apology accepted." However, forgiveness could be a long time in coming. "Listen to yourself.. trained and released." He turns to go gaze out the window, but Anders's comment has him give a visible flinch. "I've already done that," he says quietly. The last, well, he didn't need to be told that. Controlled and useful.

"Oh, well, my point should stand then, imagine if it was a pilot in a plane," Anders adds after a few moments of shocked consideration, before grumbling, "I have lost my good mood, Mr. Winters, so I should go back to my room. Please consider that the Company is not out to get you and I am not a jackbooted stormtrooper. This /is/ for the best, even if it does not seem so now." He heads over to the door and opens it, "Enjoy the chocolate" he says as he leaves.

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