Charlotte Corday
Charlotte Corday
Portrayed By Rose Byrne
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 2
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Charlie, Chuck
Place of Birth New Salem, Mass.
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Pinehearst P.R. Rep./Pinehearst Agent OldCastle Waitress/Saver of Children
Known Relatives Sarah Doyle (mother), James Corday (father; estranged)
Significant Other Now Hiring
Known Abilities Teleportation
First Appearance Fighting Without Moving

I've never stayed in one place longer than a few years at a time. I don't have a family, not anymore. No money, no education…but you just wait. You'll see. I'm going to do something great.


Charlotte Corday was born in New Salaam, Mass. to a mother and father, like most human beings. Her family was very loving, very close and decently well off. Her mother, however, was a modern-day Mrs. Bennett, and the family was often subject to her wild lifestyle. One of these constraints was the constant need to move. Charlotte grew up, never living more than four years in one place. This gave her personality a unique aspect that would be vital to her survival later in life: the ability to adapt.

Charlotte was used to her lifestyle by the time she'd turned 15. She didn't have many friends, a few aquaintences but that was all. She played piano, and always managed to find at least one after-school job waiting tables someplace or another to help support herself for the things a growing girl needs: clothes, shoes, makeup, tampons, etc. However, it was at this time that it came out that her father was a drug addict. They were broke, and had been broke for about five years. Charlotte came home to find her mother confronting her father about it. When her father tried to leave, her mother lept to his feet and begged him to stay. He agreed.

But Charlotte couldn't have that, and she demanded he choose: the drugs or his family. He left, and Charlotte's mother screamed and cried. It wasn't long before they moved again, this time out of money. Charlotte's mother had never gotten past high school, and had never worked a day in her life.

They moved around a lot, both women waiting tables in order to make ends meet, but ends never met. Charlotte spent her free time reading, studying arts and history mostly. She'd always wanted to go to college as an art history major, but now it was impossible. By the time she was 17 she was in a deep depression, taking scores of pills for it from the clinic. She balanced out this lifestyle with sex and alcohol. It was a self destructive lifestyle that she existed in for quite some time. Suicide was an option: but Charlotte was afraid that wherever she ended up after death, there wouldn't be beautiful things like art for her.

When she was 22, in Mississippi, her mother finally got what she'd always wanted: a husband. No longer having to work any more, she moved in with her new family. Charlotte continued to try to scrape by, moving to Texas to follow a possible job opportunity that never panned out.

She was 24 when the eclipse happened, when the car came at her in the alley on her way home from work, when she teleported onto the roof. It wasn't much longer after that when Pinehearst found her. She lept at the opportunity, and moved to New York the day after Christmas.

Currently, Sara Doyle is living with her new husband in Mississippi. They have one child, and Charlotte does her best to dodge her crazy mother. Her father is still missing. Unknown to Charlotte, Pinehearst is perfectly aware of his location: A Cambodian prison for drug smuggling.

A year ago, she discovered that Pinehearst was using the orphanages in Africa she was working on to find Evolved children, or to use some people for experiments. Terrified, she fled the company, the country, and everyone she knew. She spent the next 12 months bouncing from country to country, but doing what has yet to be seen.



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Powers and Stunts

Charlotte Corday is a teleporter. It's technically known as Molecular Redeployment, or some such thing - long story short, Charlotte's atoms fade from one location while simultaneously collecting in a new location. She can be anywhere in the world in a span of 2 seconds. Charlotte's teleporting is different from others, as she can aim where she lands and even in what position she lands in. It's slower than most teleporters, but the finesse makes up for her lack of speed. When teleported, hitch-hikers become tingly, their vision becomes blotty as they fade from one place to the next.

Charlotte can carry a person (or many persons as the case may be) with her on one of her teleportation adventures. All she needs to be doing is touching the person. It doesn't have to be skin to skin, either, just a hand somewhere on the person's body or an article of clothing that they wear. It's something they cannot defend themselves from. If she touches you, you're going on an adventure.

Shove over, Molly Walker! Charlotte can find people just as good as you can! Maybe not just as good, but with the WHERE'S WALDO stunt, Charlotte has the ability to teleport to a person wherever they are in the world, no matter where they are. All she needs is the person's name, and she can teleport directly to them.

Similar to the WHERE'S WALDO stunt, Charlotte need only know an address (or general location of, say, a field) of a place and she can go there, whether or not she's ever been there before in her life. This means that she can teleport directly into the Eiffel Tower or right to the base (or head) of the Sphinx if she so desires.

Although Charlotte can't tell where someone is like, say, Molly can, she can teleport directly to anyone with the WHERE'S WALDO stunt. The INTERNAL COMPASS is an off-shoot of her ability to allow her to figure out roughly where she is. This isn't to say that she can figure out where others are, she just has the uncanny ability to figure out where she is standing at that exact moment, such as what country or state she's in, even if she's never been there.


Charlotte is entirely unaware that Niki is dead. Normally finding someone isn't very difficult, but lately it has been. She has a sinking feeling that something is wrong, but she won't stop looking.

  • Wrong Turn - Charlotte's ability finally works - but it brings her to the wrong sister.


  • "There are so few patriots who know how to die for their country; everything is egoism; what a sorry people to found a Republic." -Real Charlotte Corday
  • "Wherever I am, it'll only take me a second or two to get here with whatever you need." -To Niki in Warm Welcome.
  • "Sometimes doing something dangerous is worth the outcome." -To Peter in Getting Into the Safe.
  • "You're going to be a regular 'belle of the ball.'" -To Ndugu, the African rebel killer in Playing Dress Up.
  • "Niki, it's valentines day, middle of the night. You're watching a sappy movie and holding the phone waiting for the Senator to call. All you're missing is a half empty bottle of wine and some cheese. Good cheese, like smoked gouda." -To Niki in Somethings Going On
  • "I like to do all of my shopping wholesale. I figure it's more eco-friendly that way too - they don't have to ship what I buy from the source, so it saves gasoline. I'm like…an airplane that travels 8 bazillion times faster and doesn't burn fossil fuels." -To Kory in They Came From France

Shirley the iHero

Charlotte has an iPod she has fondly named Shirley. Recently, Shirley had an accident. But Charlotte managed to get the little girl fixed. Rebuilt Shirley has an ability of her own: She'll start playing randomly, and always a song that eerily fits the situation.



  • Her favorite place to go is Africa.
  • Charlotte is estranged from her family.
  • Until recently, Charlotte was suffering from serious depression.
  • Charlotte is named for Charlotte Corday, a young woman who murdered a journalist named Marat for patriotic reasons. Look it up.
  • Archetype: The Idealist (NF) on the Meyers-Briggs test.
  • States Charlotte has lived in: Mass., Virginia, Washington, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi and now New York.
  • Charlotte has always wanted to study art-history.


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