Chase Bixby
Chase Serene Bixby
Portrayed By Shannon Marie Woodward
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 11
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Chay
Place of Birth Las Vegas, NV, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Lace Bixby (mother; missing), Elliot Parks (father), Roman Parks (grandfather), Annalie Parks (grandmother), Reagan Parks (uncle)
Significant Other None
Vice Distrust
Virtue Integrity
Known Abilities Subliminal Intuition
First Appearance Fox Chase

Chase Bixby was an accident. She was born and raised in Vegas by her mother until she was seven. Her father raised her until he began to loose control of her. At fourteen, he sent her to her paternal grandparents who, though they fail to truly accept her as a part of their blood, agreed to pay for her to go to the same private school her father did. Pushing herself hard, she managed to graduate high school in December of 2008, half a year early. The early part of 2009 found her back in Vegas, spending some much needed quality time with her father. What she's doing back in New York now, no one seems to know. She's smart, sarcastic, and indepedant. She's also a human lie-detector.


Lace Bixby had a dream. Though she was born into a low-class family, little more than "white trash", she was going to make something of herself. She pulled together the money and headed to Los Angeles in hopes to break into the acting business. But there was no big break in Lacie's future and, after falling flat on her face in the cut-throat world of Hollywood, she moved in with an old highschool friend in Los Vegas, Nevada. She lived there for several years, doing what she could to get by until That Night.

Elliot Parks was everything Lace was not. He came from money, class, and had a future. He was way out of her league. He was also a college kid on Spring Break with his buddies. Long story short, Elliot got drunk, as did his barista, Lacie, and being in Vegas, they awoke to several complicated situations. Not only did have massive hangovers, they found themselves married. After they'd had time to sober up, they both agreed an annulment was the only logical course of action. The marriage would last seven days. The after-effects would last much longer.

A month later, a distraught Lacie called Elliot, muttering about something neither of them had remembered clearly. Apparently, they'd had been intimate after the ceremony and … apparently, she was pregnant. They discussed their options. Neither liked the idea of an abortion. He wasn't ready to be a father. She didn't want to give the baby up for adoption. They reached an arrangement. He would help with the bills and perhaps play a role when he matured enough to be a parent while Lacie would raise the child.

Given that Chase Serene Bixby was born on the eleventh, the one sunny day of a very rainy August, one would think she would have had a brighter future and more bubbly personality. That was not to be, though. Lacie, bless her heart, tried her best to be a good mother. And she did quite well for a while. But the older Chase got, the more difficult she was to raise. Eventually, Lacie reached her breaking point and drove the seven-year-old over to her father's house and dropped her off. The last words Chase remembers hearing her say were directed at Elliot.

"This is your daughter. Take care of her. Even if she is a percocious little brat sometimes. I just need a break."

She never came back.

Faced with another major choice, Elliot tried his best to keep his distance from the girl why looking for her mother. But even thorns can grow on you and he soon found himself wound around her little fingers. He did his best, sacrificing a big career and lots of money for precious time with his little girl. And they did pretty well, thought his parents, the infamous Roman and Annalie Parks of South Hampton, treated her like an infection. Well, not quite that bad, but they did little to hide that their elder son, Reagan, and his family were by far their favorites. As far as they were concerned, Chase didn't have any class, but she couldn't help it, given where her mother came from.

Over the next seven years, Chase continued to grow, her wit outpacing many of her peers, as well as the curriculum available to her. The less challegened she felt was at school, the more she acted out until, at fourteen, Elliot began to loose control. He knew he had another decision to make. Without the hotshot career of his brother, the best Elliot could continue to give her was that of the mediocre public school system. Ultimately, he sent her to live with her grandparents who agreed to pay her tuition to the same prestigious boarding school her cousins attend. His hopes are that the better education and higher level of class surrounding her will polish the girl off.

And for a while, it worked. Chase began to mellow out. Until she tested into a Seniors English class while in the 10th grade. On the first day of class, she is introduced to the professor who says, with what seemed to be complete sincerity that she was pleased to have the girl in her class. But for some inexplicable reason, Chase's gut told her otherwise and, in response, she took an extreme stance. If the professor didn't believe she deserved to be in the class, then, as far as Chase was concerned, the professor didn't deserve to see her work.

At the end of her sophmore year, the professor gave the class one last assignment, one which was worth enough points to make or break Chase's chance of passing due to her mediocre average. For her final act of defiance, Chase wrote an exceptional paper for the assignment and proceeded to tell her shocked woman, "See, I can do the work. I just don't like you." She passed with superb marks.

This semester has been equally unique thus far. At the beginning, she had a brief relationship with one of the guys on the football team. Brief, but serious. The feelings Chase had for the boy were strong and, though there were rumors about him, she agreed to go out on a date when he asked her to. That date lead to another, which lead to another. Things seemed to be going well, until one night, on the phone, he said he'd too busy studying that weekend to go out like they had planned to. He had a major psychics test. And Chase just knew. Somewhere in her brain, a synapse fired and she knew he was lying. He wasn't going to be studying. Chase figured that there was someone else and she devised a plan.

That weekend she followed him. She saw him shopping, looking for gifts. Gifts that he used like the jewelry he used to give her. She tried to convince herself that they must be for his mother. Or sister. By the time he stopped to buy some flowers, she had become more than a bit irrational and she confronted him. More accurately, she berated him and, before he could defend himself, she turned away and began running across the street to her car. He called after her, trying to get her to listen. She stopped to tell him she never wanted to see him again and the next thing she knew, she was on the pavement, his unconcious body protecting her from some idiot whe had come speeding around the corner while she had her back turned. When she shifted, pulling herself out from under him, a small package fell out of his pocket. With her name on it and she realized with sudden shock and horror that he had been lying. But not because he was cheating, because he was trying to surprise her.

Since the accident, her football star has been in a coma and it's clear that the rest of her student body blames her. If she hadn't been there that night, he never would have had to save her. Nothing they say can stop Chase from knowing the truth. Several weeks after the accident, this uncanny ability to sense when people are lying surfaced again. While her grandmother stroked her hair, saying the things so many people do when they are trying to console someone, a strange wave of cold washed over her. Chase felt like someone had stuck needles into her extremities and she looked the old woman dead in the eyes.

"Do you even give a damn about me?"

The silence that followed and the baffled attempts to remain composed seemed to confirm the strange suspicion Chase had that, despite all appearances, her grandmother cared very little about the anguish her granddaughter was experiencing. As long as appearances were kept and standards met, feelings mattered very little to the woman. Since that moment, Chase began to sink deeper into her sarcastic, cynical ways. She continued to encounter moments where she seemed to just know when someone isn't being honest and the phenomena grew more common every day. Encouraged by a strong desire to break free of her own private hell, Chase pushed herself hard and managed to graduate in December of 2008, half a semester early. She spent the early part of 2009 in Vegas, spending time with her otherwise absent father. Now, she's returned to New York with a mission. No one seems yet to know what that mission is and Chase certainly isn't offering up information.



At the most basic level, Chase is a human lie-detector. Most of the time, it is a skill that is passive, in fact, up until very recently, she had no idea she actually had a special ability. After all, everyone has an intuition; everyone gets gut feelings. The difference is that Chase is almost always right.

On a day to day basis, her power manifests simply has knowing, with extreme certainty, when someone is not being completely honest. When she actually tries and succeeds, she can also, with questionable success, tell the degree to which they are being dishonest. The more she uses the ability, consciously or otherwise, the more her brain learns the ticks and tricks of being a successful liar, making it easier for her to pick up on lies as well as tell her own. In the most extreme of cases, Chase can use this knowledge to undermine a person's natural mental defenses to either force them to be completely honest with her or even impress her own will upon them.

There are two very important drawbacks to Chases's powers. First, when used against certain kinds of people, her power becomes all but utterly useless. If someone lies to her in a language she doesn't understand, Chase can only detect it via their body language. Which means, at best, she can tell you they aren't being truthful and she has no way of telling you what, exactly, they are lying about. For all she knows, they had cheerios instead of fruit loops for breakfast like they said. Chase's power is almost completely negated if she is cut from hearing or seeing the person. In other words, she can't read a text message and know it's false, although she has had some mild success with written notes. Basically, if you eliminate the human aspect of interaction, Chase is useless in telling you if something's a lie. Secondly, and more importantly, if the person telling the lie actually believes the lie, than it's as good as truth to Chase. Similarly, smaller lies are harder to detect the more skilled the liar she is dealing with. For example, if a Sociopath tells her their favorite color is blue, when it is really green, Chase would, quite possibly, believe them.

Perhaps more important that the innate limits of her skills are the mental and emotional drawbacks to being able to know when people are lying to you. The more lies Chase hears, the more cynical she becomes and the harder it is for her to trust people. Given time, she might be able to cope with the fact that even people who love you lie to you on occassion but, right now, she's trying her best to not do something rash while she plays lone wolf.

  • Liar, Liar (Pants on fire) : Lie detection 101. This stunt is Chase's most basic ability, her liar sense, if you will. It is a passive ability and, for all intensive purposes, it is always on. A higher roll with tell Chase, with more certainty, the degree to which a person is lying. Ie. A kid lying about doing their homework vs a serial killer telling their victim "I'm not going to hurt you."
  • Body of Lies : In certain situations, such as if the person isn't speaking English or if they are on TV, Chase's skills tend to fall back on the stunt. She can read a person's body language with ease. If she is physcially with the person, the results are better, but she can still tell if someone is hiding something over the phone, radio, or television.
  • Tell Me Honestly : Building on the success of her Liar, Liar stunt, Chase can, given enough time and willpower, compel a person to tell her what exactly they are lying about… and perhaps even the truth of the situation. She must roll in order to initiate success and must then continue to roll a success vs her target each pose to continue to compel the truth from them.
  • Lie Like You : Almost as a side-effect of being able to detect lies, Chase has adapted the ability to lie flawlessly. Or nearly, anyway. She must roll an initial success pull off the initial lie. The longer she continues the cherade and the more blatant the lie, the more likely it is that her spell will break and the lie will be discovered.
  • You Do VooDoo : An manifestation of her ability that is still in its infancy, Chase can use her intuitive knowledge of the subliminal to actually implant truths rather than just detect lies. Her success is determined by her own willpower and persuasion vs. the willpower of her target.


  • "And here I swore I'd never fall victim to the epidemic of teen angst." - to Fox.
  • "Irony, one of the two best inventions on Earth." - randomly


  • iChase : Chase's IC phone number is 255-5437, spelling, oddly enough, All Lies.
  • Insomniac : Being able to tell that people aren't being honest, without being able to tell what exactly they aren't being honest about can be a maddening experience and, in Chase's case, it keeps her up at nights.
  • Synesthesia : Chase has come to often experience a form of sound-to-color synesthesia. It has been theorized that this is connected to whether or not she is hearing lies, partial truths, or complete honesty. Recently, she has also noticed a developing of sight-to-sound synesthesia, though she has only ever experienced this when reading handwritten notes and letters.
  • Poker Face : Recently, Chase has been getting into playing poker and has found that she has quite a knack for calling people's bluffs.

uLie Playlist

  • "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty
  • "Move Along" by The All-American Rejects
  • "Life On The Moon" by David Cook
  • "Trust You" by Mesh
  • "Into the Circle" by Hungry Lucy
  • "Candle (Sick & Tired) by White Tie Affair


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