2007-03-04: Chasing Away The Boogeyman


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Summary: Mohinder returns home after dealing with Sylar and finds Molly having a nightmare.

Date It Happened: March 4th, 2007

Log Title Chasing Away the Boogeyman

Suresh Apartment

It's very late in the evening on Tuesday night when Mohinder finally returns home. It's good that it wasn't his day to pick up Molly from school and sit with her afterwards. Knowing that the girl is in bed and sleeping, he quietly enters the apartment and drops himself down onto the old and tired sofa in the living room. Throwing his head back, he stares up at the ceiling. The knuckles of his right hand are swollen and obviously look as if he had hit something or someone.

Molly is in bed, but her sleep is not restful. Underneath the covers, she tosses and turns, whimpering. It's clear that she's not awake, but she's obviously having some very bad dreams. Mohinder's quiet entrance isn't enough to rouse her - especially when he's being so careful to not disturb her.

Mohinder raises his left hand to rub against his face. He pushes his slight frame up off the sofa and decides to go check on Molly. He knows that she's a brave girl, but the Sylar issue, it must.. no.. that news can wait for the morning. Unaware of her tossing, he approaches her door, quietly, and opens it. Peeking in, he sees that she's not sleeping restfully. "Molly," he says softly and in several quick, long strides, he's sitting on the side of her bed, a hand on her shoulder, "It's alright Molly, you're safe."

Mohinder's voice and the hand on her shoulder does the trick for Molly. Her eyes snap open and flicker across the ceiling as if still trying to search for some exit from her dream. Her forehead is damp from sweat. Then, she realizes that she's awake and in her darkened room. Sitting up, she reaches out to hug Mohinder, blissfully thankful to be out of her nightmare. For the moment she doesn't say anything.

Mohinder wraps his arms around Molly tightly, rocking her slightly. He pats her gently on the back and murmurs comforting words. "It's alright, you're safe and sound. Sssh.." He doesn't reach to turn on a small lamp, not yet. The first thing to do is get the girl calmed down.

It takes a couple of minutes of just holding onto Mohinder and knowing that she's awake, but Molly finally does start to breath normally again. She still doesn't say what nightmare it was that frightened her so and as soon as she's gotten herself under control, she pulls away. "I'm okay now," she tells Mohinder, even though her voice is still a little shaky.

Mohinder lets Molly take the time she needs to calm down. When she pulls away, he reaches up a hand to cup her cheek and he tries to give her a reassuring smile. "What were you dreaming about? Tell me about it?" It's a gentle prodding. "You might go back to sleep better afterwards." He turns and leans over to switch on the small bedside lamp so that there's a little illumination.

It's obvious that Molly does not want to talk about her dream. The very mention of it has her sort of closing off again and she just shakes her head. "I don't want to talk about it." She doubts that words will make the nightmares go away. She even pulls away from the hand on her chin in a stubborn fashion. With the light on, she blinks until her eyes are adjusted and then pauses, staring at that same hand she just tried to get away from. "What happened to your hand?" It's not just a change of subject, she wants to know and she sounds worried about it.

"Molly.. it's not good for you to just bottle it up," Mohinder starts in a placating tone, even as Molly goes all stubborn on him. "You're trying to change the subject," he notes. "Are you having nightmares about Sylar?" he presses onward, because he's going somewhere with this.

"And /you're/ changing the subject, too." Molly is just as stubborn as Mohinder is and isn't about to let her question be dropped. If he's trying to hide it, it must be important. "I don't want to talk about it." She's firm on that.

Mohinder sighs softly, and shifts so that he's sitting more comfortably with Molly. "Very well, then maybe I won't share something with you." He's going to try another tactic here.

"Now you're trying to blackmail me." Molly knows the game. Maybe blackmail isn't the right word, but she definitely knows what he's trying to do. The dark circles under her eyes are more prominent in this lighting and when Mohinder moves so that he's more comfortable on the bed, she pulls away. "Fine. Then I guess we won't talk about it."

Mohinder starts to laugh softly, but stops once he sees those circles and Molly pulls away. "You're too smart for me," he says fondly and a little teasingly. "I'll tell you anyway, because it's good news. At least a little anyway. I was helping Officer Damaris this afternoon with her ability as she has a very difficult time with it." He's really not sure how to soften what comes next, not that candy coating things works with Molly. "Sylar was spying on us and he went after Officer Damaris when she left my lab. I helped her arrest him as he still doesn't have his powers."

"You caught him?" Molly perks up immediately at this information. "He's…he's gone?" This is something she can't quite comprehend yet. The man is so terrifying that she can't quite imagine the almost ordinary circumstances of him being arrested and put in jail. It's /odd/. "Is that how you hurt your hand? And is Officer Demaris alright? He didn't…hurt her, did he?"

"Yes, we caught him. I had to shoot him." Mohinder states blunt and honestly. "I walked out of the lab and saw him holding a gun to her. Officer Damaris.. she'll be fine. She wasn't hurt too badly." Inwardly however, he's blanching. He hates that she told him to hit her.

"You /shot/ him?" Molly isn't sure if she's impressed or…any of the other emotions that are running through her head. Really, she's at a loss. "So…we don't have to worry about him any more? Is he gone for good?" She's not sure if a regular jail cell can hold Sylar.

"I wish I could promise you that Molly. I really do." Mohinder says as he watches the girl's reactions. "I don't think he can be held for long, but as long as he's powerless, he'll remain behind bars. But for tonight at least, you can put him out of your mind and sleep peacefully." Oh if that were the only thing bothering the child.

If only it were that, indeed. Of course, Molly isn't going to let Mohinder know that it's not the boogeyman that's scaring her. It's something else entirely. "But he can't get his powers back while he's behind bars, can he? He has to stay there. So that means he may not be able to get out again." She's desperately trying to make it in her mind so that he's gone. The last couple of days knowing that he's out there and may come after her has been nervewracking.

"I don't think so, I want to tell you that he'll never harm another person again," Mohinder says, nothing but deep apology and regret in his expression and voice. "I do hope that he'll stay where he is for a very long time. I would like that a lot." He reaches tentatively to squeeze Molly's shoulder, if she'll let him.

Molly frowns. "But does that mean I can finally go out again? Since he's gone now?" Or at least for now. When Mohinder reaches out to put a hand on her shoulder, she allows him to. He dropped the subject of her nightmares and she's not actually angry at him. In fact, she's glad of the contact right now. "I hope he stays there forever."

Mohinder seems to consider Molly's question and he looks unsure. "As long as he's behind bars," he finally answers. "I still think you're in danger however. I don't want you out by yourself all the same." He's clearly uneasy, and Sylar has a history of getting out of captivity. "I hope so as well."

"I'm not allowed out by myself normally," Molly tells Mohinder, though she knows he already knows that. After all, he and Matt laid down the rules. "Do I still have to go to the Petrelli's? Mrs. Petrelli's creepy. Claire and I don't think she smiles at all. It's weird."

"You don't have to if you don't want to," Mohinder says gently, and can't fight the smile that comes. Ah, from the mouths of babes as the saying goes. "She's.. a rather intimidating woman, yes, I have to agree." See he's being all diplomatic!

"Well, I like Claire. I'd like to see her more," Molly hems about that. "The two of us found Peter the other day. Hiro was there. He promised to take me to go see the penguins in Antarctica once this was all over." Now she's just kind of rambling. It's late and she is a little girl after all.

"She's an extraordinary young woman, much like another one I know." Mohinder says indulgently even as he reaches to playfully tweak Molly's nose. Then, well that was unexpected. He's not in any way connected to Peter's location or what happened to him. "You found.. Peter Petrelli?" He looks stunned, too surprised really to even pay mind to the little girl ramblings.

Molly rubs her nose after it gets tweaked by Mohinder. It felt weird! "Yeah," she replies absently, even a little sleepily. "Claire asked me to. Or, she said that my power was helpful because I could find her and I was going to find Peter. So, I thought I'd try then for her. He's in the building where I was. Where I met you."

Mohinder blinks some. Well.. that's news to him. "I see.. well you did a very good thing then Molly. I'm very proud of you." Why was he kept out of the loop on Peter Petrelli surviving the blast? Although, it shouldn't come as a surprise to him. He puts on a smile as he gets up from the bed. "I think this is enough chatter for now. Try and settle back in to sleep and try not to worry about Sylar. He's.. in no condition to try and break out of jail tonight."

"Everyone seems so surprised that I could find him." Molly yawns, punctuating how much she really should be in bed. Slowly, she settles back down into bed, curling up on her side. "But I knew I could." Not because she's good at what she does, but because she was sure he wasn't dead. Optimism at it's finest. "Night Mohinder. Do you know where Anandi is? I couldn't find her when I went to bed."

Mohinder leans over and starts tucking the covers in around Molly. "I know you can. You can find anyone alive." Which is to say, Peter was thought to be dead. "Good night Molly.. and let me go find her for you. I'll be right back." He leaves the room to go fetch the toy elephant from his bag.

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