2007-04-25: Cheap Plastic Ring With Valuable Memories


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Summary: Directly after Found Elle a Telepath, Peter and Elle talk about what they'll do now, and she hands over a plastic ring she found in her car.

Date It Happened: April 25th, 2007

Cheap Plastic Ring With Valuable Memories

Peter Petrelli's Apartment

Once they're all gone, Peter looks off towards the door, knowing it won't lock behind them, right now. Letting his hand move away from her finally, he starts to walk as if to go after them, asking, "Can you weld the door shut again?" Until he gets the lock replaced, just about anyone can walk in. And the security chain will only hold so much weight.

The blonde looks back at Peter, and finally after a long moment, she nods. She walks over, and when she's close, the blue beam arcs from her palm as she spotwelds it shut. She turns back. "I'm sorry I shot you." she says.

"It's okay," Peter says softly, moving back into the living area now that the door is closed and their privacy might be more insured. "I'm sorry," he emphasizes. "Everyone keeps saying how 'powerful' I am, yet I can't even…" he trails off, voice tightened, before he looks back down at his shirt and suddenly gets reminded to button it up. Shouldn't be a big deal, except…

Elle looks back. "This…is kind of awkward. I mean…you clearly remember me. I barely know anything about you. But I have to bring up the point. The Company…I mean…they're not exactly the most forthright group of people out there. There's the chance that…you and I might have been part of some mission. I might have been undercover."

"It's possible," Peter says softly, settling down into one of the chairs and putting a hand against his mouth, though it lowers as he continues. "You talked me into making a deal with your father. Because of everything that's happening. Sylar— the tornado— do you still remember those?" He doesn't wait for an answer before he continues, "We hadn't signed the contracts yet, but we had a gentleman's agreement, you could say, he was going to give me a satelitte company. I was thinking of working with him."

Elle replies "Some of it." The parts that don't relate to Peter. "Somehow I doubt that would be a good idea." Her tone is a little bitter.

"It wasn't," Peter admits, glancing away still. "But I would have done it for you. Except… a few days ago— two days before your memories were erased… you told me that you were thinking of leaving them. The deal would have broken down with your decision." Now he's looking at her. "No way to be sure, but— you father might have feared losing you more than gaining me— and those who would come with me."

Elle nods. "There's no way I can leave them." she says it matter-of-factly. "I don't think that's an option they're going to put out there, and who knows what they'll decide to take next time."

Peter flinches, and the attempt to maintain calm breaks a bit with a pained exhale through his nose. A shaky breath later and he's trying to speak in the same hoarse tone, "I know. They might just take all this again. And even if I tried to… get you back… they could just take it all away again. Make it as if it never happened. Maybe they'll come after me next."

Elle thinks about it. "That depends." she says. "They seemed willing to let whatever happened, happen…until I was going to leave. Nothing's to say they wouldn't again." Because…push to shove, she doesn't want to be alone.

Looking up, Peter gives her a quietly pained look, before he nods slowly. "Yeah. They didn't take you away until then… But I can't… I can't work with them now." With memory wiping as his biggest contention against joining in the first place.

Elle looks back to him. She crosses her arms over her chest. Defensive body language. "So…where do we go from here? I mean…do we just say so long, nice to meet you? Or…do we try to find what we lost?"

"I'm not giving up on your memories yet," Peter says suddenly, even if they'd just been told it'd be impossible. "I at least have a way to find out how you felt then. Make sure, for both of us, that it wasn't just… an assignment." There's a hint that he needs to know that too. "But I'll need… they took everything I gave you except…" Suddenly he stands up, looking around the bookshelves, and then walking back into the bedroom. Under the sectioned mirror, sits a book. One he doesn't touch just yet. A tongue in cheek book on how to raise mythical pets.

Elle moves to follow. She doesn't say anything, and she clearly doesn't recognize the book. "What are you doing?" she asks, looking at him confused.

"It'd probably be better if I picked something later," Peter says softly, looking over at her almost helplessly. "It's— one of my abilities. Allows me to touch an object and see something connected to it, the past of the object. Can feel the emotions of those involved. Already know how I felt at the time, but— You know, those pictures would probably be the best thing for it. It was in the photobooth that you told me you were thinking of leaving. Do you still have them?"

Elle looks almost regretful. "No. I can get them. But I was having them tested. To make sure they were real." she says, looking back at him.

Peter nods, looking away from the book, "We should use those. Could have been on an assignment originally. Should get as close to the wipe as possible." To be sure, and all. Facing the young woman, he takes in a slow breath. "Wanted so much… to show you everything that you missed out on, growing up with them." For the first time, there's a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth, "Gives me a chance to try again on a few things, and add on the rest."

She looks back. "I don't think…I don't think there's a question, at the end. I know I was happy then." she says, and a slightly crooked smile curls her lips. "I'm not that good an actress." There's a pause, and she says "Wait a second." She walks to the bathroom, to get her earlier outfit; the one she was wearing last night and which was soaked. She rummages about, and comes up with…a small plastic ring. "I found this, in my car." Elle hadn't taken it into the Company that day. Just in case it might have been spotted and raised any questions.

There's a sharp inhale at the sight of the tacky little plastic ring. "That— was a— a stand-in present," Peter admits softly, looking at it quietly. "Kind of a…" There's a sign of hesitation, though not over the item. "That'll do, I think." Backing away, he sits on the bed, and motions for her to join him. "Doing this will knock me unconscious for a while. Maybe thirty minutes… So if you want to get something to drink until I wake up… you can." But at the same time, he holds out his hand for the ring.

She watches him. "Pretty trusting, aren't you?" she says. But she offers it out, handing it to him.

"Even if you try to kill me, I'll just get better," Peter says with a hint of a smile, actually sounding as if he's trying to tell a joke. But then he reaches out to take the ring, and after a few moments of holding it… he falls back completely unconscious. Again. And did he say thirty minutes? Because he's out for a lot longer than that.

She doesn't. Though after about an hour passes, the blonde will get the idea she might be in for a long haul. She takes off her heels, and curls up in a chair, napping.

A majority of the times he's used this ability, Peter hasn't enjoyed a second of it. This one's very different. No crying, or sudden jerks into awareness, no near screams. No overwelming or horrifying emotions. Instead… he's got a hint of a smile on his lips when he comes out of it, still clasping the ring in his fingers. The entire thing took about two hours, and it takes him a few more minutes before he can even pull out of it enough to sit up off the bed, and look around for the blonde woman. "Elle? You still here?"

Elle doesn't answer. Not because she's not there, but because she's still asleep in the chair. She got herself short-circuited, then a long soak in a tub, then questioning…this is the first rest she's had in a while. For the moment, she looks peaceful and angelic. Sleep even does that to sociopaths.

It takes him a few moments to work his way into the living area to see her curled up in the chair, and when he sees her, he can't help but smile. Peter's gotten enough sleep in the last day, so instead he just settles down on the floor next to the chair, where he can see her, and watches her sleep. Before, he'd taken for granted how much time they'd have. Now…

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