2007-06-09: Check Out His Watchtower


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Summary: Portia, Gene, McAlister, and Evelyn chat in the park. Parker arrives and argues with Portia. The argument is diffused by Ali, and the twins end up talking about what they plan on doing.

Date It Happened: June 9th, 2007

Check Out His Watchtower

New York City - Central Park

It's a beautiful day for Central Park. The weather's nice, sunny, a little hot but for the most part not so bad. Seated in the shade of one of the trees, Portia Maddox is strumming on her guitar a little. She's not playing particularly loudly or anything, and she watches people walk by in the park as she does play. Notably, she's got her guitar case as well as a backpack settled near her. Occasionally she scribbles something down on a notepad she has nearby.

*whap* *whap* *thunk* "You /bolted/. Just /bolted!/" *swat* Apparently, the tall, italian-esque fellow who's laughing isn't too upset about getting beaten about the head with a knit bag, but /hey/. It's the thought that counts, right?

And Ali, who is doing the beating, expresses herself in terms that a sailor'd be proud of. Ancestry, kinship to canines on a parental level.. just par for the course. The fellow endures it with that thinly veiled gravity only the long-suffering (and highly amused) can muster. "And you owe me ice cream!" She concludes. "Fetch. Arf. Good boy."

Wearing a dark blue tanktop, black shorts, and lots of sunscreen, Evelyn makes her way through the open space. She has a small pack on her back and a book in hand, one finger tucked into its pages as if she was reading it not long ago and now just marks her place. Presently, the teen is regarding the park about her critically, especially the shady spaces under the trees. She isn't really keen on getting /that/ much sun, so wherever she settles, it better have cover.

In the distance, the musical theme of Punch-Out begins to play. Who or what could be the source of that? Anyone that knows Gene would likely think of him. Which would be good because he is the source. Trailed by his constant companion, R2-D2, the young inventor makes his way through the park. It's a rather slow jog, but hey, you don't get better just by giving up. While Gene's mindset might be bright and positive, the guy clearly has seen better days, looking a bit on the pale side as he tries to make his way through the park, dressed in a simple sweaty white t-shirt and gray sweatpants.

The dark-haired fellow escapes beatings by the simple expedient of heading in the direction of… well. There's no ice cream /here/, but with a "Sure! no problem!" He's off. In search.

And it leaves Ali staring after him blankly - "Uh. Chris?" And then she eyes her bag, then his retreating back. Retreating at a /jog/, no less. "… right."

Playing her guitar, Portia doesn't seem to have any intention of getting up. In fact, she looks like she's been sitting there for a long time. Shutting her eyes for a moment, she leans her head back against a tree, just resting there for the moment.

Evelyn picks a likely-looking tree. The fact that it has a guitarist under it doesn't hurt, in her opinion. "Hey," she says quietly to Portia. "Mind company?" Ev' doesn't seem likely to be /intrusive/ company, at least. More distant motion - and music - catches her attention briefly, Evelyn glancing over to Chris bailing from Ali and Gene determinedly jogging along. She doesn't know Gene, but they did meet the once, and so one corner of her mouth quirks in a reflexive smile. It doesn't quite become an active greeting, however.

The young man continues to jog until he notices someone is smiling at him. He gives a wave as he makes his way past the tree. As he does, he immediately finds a bench in his way. In a Dick Van Dike manner, he swiftly sidesteps the bench before making his way around it. His little agility act does wind him a bit, so he just looks over to see Evelyn and Co.'s reaction as he puts his hands on his knees and attempts to get a second wind or something.

R2-D2 follows after until it catches up in which case it stops, still playing the music.
"Well.. crap." Ali slings that bag over her shoulder, and… yeah. Shade, there, music - that works. And so, she wanders in the direction of the guitar and the company, still looking mildly mystified. "Huh." And she calls over, unashamedly, "Hey! Know any Michael Hedges?"

And then there's bench dodging. And Ali whistles. "Nice. In a sort of non-broken-nose way, right?" And she? Drops on that bench. Hey, convenient seating. Rock.

Looking up as she hears the voice, Portia smiles towards Evelyn. "No, that's alright. I don't mind the company." She insists, glance back around the park quietly. She doesn't have any real aquaintances here, so no one catches her particular attention. When Ali calls out, Portia laughs a little. "Who?" Yeah, she clearly has no idea. Humming a little along with her music, which was fairly soft before, she picks up the volume, beginning to sing along with the tune. The song's pretty upbeat, and she's enjoying the whole thing an awful lot, and it shows in the music.

The wave is returned - or Evelyn /starts/ to wave back, anyway, before Gene narrowly misses the bench. Ali, however, says everything that needs saying, so Ev' finishes the gesture and looks to Portia. "Thanks." Sliding her backpack off her shoulders, she sits down on the grass nearby. Evelyn glances over at Ali and Gene as she sets her book aside, rummaging in the pack.

"Thanks… I'm glad that worked out for me too. I generally don't like going to the ER unless it's something worth getting hurt over, you know?" Gene offers with a small laugh. He looks over toward the other two ladies by the tree for a second before looking back toward Ali. "Hey, you're the girl from the rally, right?"

"Uh. Yes? Maybe? No? Sort of?" Ali leans back, blinking - and raises a finger to gene, looking across to the chick with the guitar. "Hedges? Michael Hedges? Oh, man.. you need some /educating/. What does school /teach/ these days?" She sighs, theatrically, rolling her eyes, coming back to Gene. "I don't like going to the ER even if it was worth it. You're one up on me."

"Like I said, never really heard of him." Portia comments between a song's verse. "And school definitely doesn't teach anything useful these days. Besides, I've been in Paris for the last year, so I have an excuse not to know about some things." That's her excuse and she's sticking to it. The teen's gaze goes back to her guitar.

Evelyn gives Ali an equally mystified look - but at least she's not a guitarist. That's one excuse for not knowing of whom the woman speaks. She pulls out a clipboard with several pieces of paper on it, along with two sharp pencils. Very sharp. Balancing the clipboard on her knees, Evelyn begins to draw, glancing frequently at Gene and Ali. Portia would hear her humming with the music, at least once she's listened long enough to grasp the tune.

"Artoo… Stop the music," the young man says as he looks back toward his droid. The little companion gives a couple of beeps and whines as if giving a vocal response to the order. Obviously, the music stops, allowing Portia to play without having to worry about competing with NES music. As Ali turns her attention back toward Gene, he arches a slight brow, not knowing that Evelyn seems to doing something artsy involving himself. "You don't know if you were at Nathan Petrelli's thing a night or two ago?"

"Oh! Yeah. That thing." Ali grins, toothily. "Politicians." A slight shrug. "Gotta love the gig, though, right?" She waves a hand at the bot. "Artoo. That's cute. Where'd you get him? He's cooler than an iPod, seriously." But… she asides to Portia. "Paris. Not paris. No excuse." Not that she's serious about it - "You should check out his Watchtower, ya know?"

"Well, I was busy. I can't know about every great musician." Portia does take down the name. "Watchtower?" She seems thoughtful. "Well, I'll have to look it up." She continues to play, glancing over at Evelyn with a bit of a smile. She likes the humming, and she does seem to have picked up that Evelyn's doing a bit of art. She keeps a careful eye on everyone and everything, just to be aware.

Evelyn seems to be focused on her sketch. At least, she's looking at the paper more, and her current subjects less. Portia's glance her way passes unnoticed, evidence that the teen has managed to go and absorb herself in her work. Alert and aware, Ev' doesn't seem to be.

Gene gives a weak smile. "Made him," he states in a simple tone, clearly not wanting to draw any abnormal attention to it. People do stuff like that all the time. Or so Gene tries to tell people. Changing topics swiftly, he hrms, "Well, it was okay. Interesting, but his speech tends to run on the 'crap is crappy, vote me and it won't be crappy anymore' side. I guess it works for some people." It looks like Gene is still unimpressed with Nathan Petrelli. He doesn't mention anything about Watchtower, as he isn't much on music, drawing, or anything involving artist talent.

"Do. He's worth listening to, if you like acoustic." Ali leans back, there, blinking, and looking between the 'bot and Gene. "Well, there's only two ways to go, right? 'More of the same', or 'let's do it the other way'. In the end, that's all they can say - but Petrelli's a good guy, if his wife's any sign. I mean- gotta be better than what we've got." She offers a hand up to Gene. "Ali, by the way."

"Okay, I will have to look him up, then." Portia murmurs, looking back to her guitar, though she can't help but listen to the conversation. It's then that she makes the connection between the Petrelli brothers. "Oh.. he has a brother named Peter, doesn't he?" Yes, that would make perfect sense why Peter was trying to escape the rally for a little while. She strums a few more bars before she moves to her songwriting again, just experimenting with her guitar again as she gazes back out over the park.

"Gene, good to meet you. There are tons of different ways you can go. I'd prefer something along the lines of working together for a better future without making it seem like we are all going to die horribly we if don't vote for him." Gene's words come with a smirk, clearly not meaning this with too much venom or distain behind it. "We'll see how it goes in time, I guess. I take it you're a big supporter if you're appearing on his behalf." He pauses as Portia makes the connection. "Yeah, don't know much about him. Heard he's a decent enough guy though." Gene also takes the handshake, because he is a polite guy. Really.

"Honestly? I mean - I'm probably gonna vote for him, but I was there because I owed his campaign manager chick a favor." Ali grins over at Portia. "No clue. I sort of met 'em by accident when I broke his kid's arm, you know?"

"He's a nice guy. The brother, Peter, I mean. I met him yesterday. Don't know so much about them. I just didn't realize that Peter was connected with them til I thought about the last name a little." Portia's eyes go wide when she looks at Ali, though, stopping her playing for a moment. "You broke his kid's arm?!"

Apparently deeming the sketch done - or as good as it can get, maybe - Evelyn takes the piece of paper off the clipboard, tucking it inside the cover of her book so it doesn't blow away. Noticing the direction the conversation has turned, she looks up at Portia and Ali, blinking. Say what now? The girl pushes a bit of hair back from where it was blown across her face by an errant breeze.

"Campaign manager?" Gene asks, clearly interested at the mention that the woman is leading. Could it be her? Only one way to find out. As for the kid's arm, Portia asks the question for him, but Gene gives a blink. "She did say it was an accident," he replies as he gives a nervous laugh.

McAlister raises her hands, defensive, smile lopsided. "Seriously. It was only sort of my fault, and .. it was sort of a freak thing. And it happened anyway - but, ya know, nobody's /too/ pissed. The DA's being an ass about it, but … it'll work out. But no, I didn't wander in and smack him with a hammer or something."

Up along the pathway comes a young man, a teenager actually. He's looking around at people sitting on the benches and the casual passer-by-ers. When his gaze settles on this particular group, a look of rage crosses his face and he starts walking towards the group rapidly. "Portia! Marie! Maddox! What th' Hell is in your mind, girl!!!?"

"Shit." The word is Portia's first reaction to seeing her twin brother hurrying towards them. She hadn't expected him to catch on to where she'd gone off to so quickly, not to mention for him to actually /find/ her in New York. New York was such a big city, that he should have been searching for at least another day or two, not the day after she managed to get here. "Parker, I've got a good explanation. I promise!" She's trying to stay smooth and collected, but the guitar on her lap quickly returns to its case.

"Freak thing?" Gene repeats, much in the same way he asked 'Campaign manager?'. He looks over toward Evelyn and then to Portia, figuring that one of them will be able to explain the shouting kid he hears coming his way. As Portia speaks, Gene is silent, more than willing to gather input and data silently.

"Yeah, but it's not every day you hear about someone breaking someone's arm. Not for me, at least," Evelyn points out, explaining her interest in the event. Her pencil hovers over the next sheet of paper, but before she can start drawing, Parker's shout distract her. She looks at the approaching boy with as much confusion as Gene, offering him a shrug and turning to Portia - since Ev' knows /she/ isn't the object of Parker's ire herself.

Ali just stares.. but quietly explains. Vaguely. To Gene. "Somebody cut a firehose, apparently. Sort of blew up and took the kid with it.. uh. At least he asks direct questions, right?" Oooh. A brewing fight? You couldn't /make/ her look away.

Parker walks up to his sister angrily. "Explanation? Ya'll got an explanation for runnin' off without telling me and scaring me half t' death? You got an explanation that's gonna keep me from tellin' daddy that you thought it'd be a good idea t' run off t' New York without anyone knowing where you were? Girl, you are in serious trouble here!" He's right in front of Portia, but he's still yelling at her. "You are just damn lucky I found you before I had t' call mamma and daddy!"

"How does a radio person get involved with a senator's kid in a situation that involves a fire hose exploding. That's less like freak accident and more like…. I dunno, uberfreak," Gene offers as he moves closer toward McAlister, allowing him to talk to her while still looking at the brewing fight. Because well, rubbernecking is just part fo the American Dream.

"It's not that big of a deal." Portia bites on her lip, trying to calm Parker down. "It's really not that bad. I mean, you wouldn't have had to call them. We don't have to let them know what's going on right now. It's supposed to be a surprise." She bites on her lip.

Evelyn looks between the twins, her expression slightly perplexed. After a minute, she picks her clipboard back up and returns to drawing, this time apparently sketching some part of the park's landscaping.

Parker stares at his sister in disbelief. "Not that big a deal!? Portia…when were you gonna tell any of us? Where are you living right now? What are you gonna' do for money? Play in th' park for quarters? Sweet Jesus, Portia! What if something happend to you? God forbid, but what if you got mugged or worse?"

Ali can't help it. She just can't. For a minute? She let's Gene's question stand - "Hey. Kid? Relax, huh?" Gentle, insistant, she focuses on Parker, with a bright grin. "She's fine. You're fine. Everybody's fine. Lay off - nobody gets anywhere on what-ifs. So quit it."

And with that, she looks back to Gene.. "Oh. I was sort of illegally hosting a block party. Who knew politician's kids liked water? Go figure."

"I'm gonna surprise Mama. I mean, that was part of the whole plan and I figured I'd call you when you got back to Mississippi. Besides, I can take care of myself.. and I'm here cause I'm going to make it big. I don't /need/ to play in the park for quarters. I'm gonna get signed and then I'll be able to show up and show Mama that she can be proud." Portia rubs her neck. "I'll find somewhere to stay." She's not gonna mention the tree she climbed up into to doze in last night.

"Oh," Gene replies as he considers what to do about it. She did something illegal. But she's cute and seemingly nice. Something illegal. Cute and seemingly nice. Illegal. Cute. While smart, Gene is still an eighteen year old that's never had an actual girlfriend. "Well, if there is something I can do to help, let me know. Not sure what I can do, but at the least, I'm smart than I look?" he offers with uncertainity at the end. After all, he has no idea how smart he may or maynot look. He doesn't remark on the fighting siblings or McAlister getting involved. After all, that's conflict… Conflict that is option. He doesn't need to be involved with that!

Parker sighs and seems more worried than upset. "Portia…we're all gonna be proud of you no matter what you do. And I know you can make it big, but it takes time, girl. It ain't gonna happen overnight like you want it to. It's gonna be a long road, but we'll help you get there." He sighs and rubs his eyes. "Look, let's go grab something ta eat, then we can go surprise mama here. WE'll just tell her that we decided to stop in and see her on the way back home. Okay?"

Ali leans back again, crossing her arms… and she asks Portia, bluntly. "Got a CD? A demo tape? Something?" And she looks to Gene. "I'm kind of screwed, honest. Don't worry about it. Thanks for offering, though.. I mean, that's pretty brave, throwing yourself out there for somebody you don't know. Pretty cool of you."

"I know, but I just want to.." Portia trails off, defeated. She looks over at her guitar case. "I don't want to go back to Mississippi, Parker. I can't make it big there. I gotta be in New York!" She looks back to Ali, then blinks. "Yeah. I mean, I made a CD of stuff I wrote and stuff. I thought this through.." She folds her arms, then looks back to Parker. "I can't just go to Mama. She'll send us back."

Parker smirks at Portia. "What? You don't think you can make it big becasue you're from a little town in th' South, I guess I don't ahve to worry about you turnin' into Britney Spears any time soon." Feeling more relieved now that he sees Portia is realtively safe, he gives her a big hug. "You can't rush this stuff. But I know that mama and me will be with ya' all the way. You just got to give it more time, Tia."

"Well, I am… But well, it isn't like I promised anything. Just offered to help," Gene offers as his cheeks redden. "As for being 'screwed', don't worry about it. The good thing and the bad thing about the law is there is always an out for people. If there wasn't, my father would have gotten the chair." Gene's frown filled with distain and hate is given for a couple of moments before he realizes the fact he just shared. "Um… Pretend I didn't say that. It was good meeting you, McAlister, if you need help, just head to the Starbucks that has the nice wifi and the nice table in the corner." Maybe she'll find it by chance or something. Or maybe she will stalk the right place to find him. Both are unlikely, but it's a small odd world. "I'll be going, but take it easy!" And with that, he makes his way out. R2-D2, who was just sitting around calmly just follows along like a loyal puppy dog.

"What, the one where that one chick was wallowing on your lap?" Ali manages to look perfectly innocent. "I know that one." She moves to stand, herself, already fishing in that bag. "Seriously kid - if you've got a CD, drop a copy in the mail. I don't do the country thing, but.. if it's got a good sound, and I get past this court crap? Maybe I can help you out." She produces a card, offering it to Portia. The rest of that… unworried, apparently.

Portia folds her arms. "No, I mean no one's gonna notice me unless I get out there and /try/. And come on, you know going back to Mississippi is gonna be so boring after having been in /Paris/. I mean, come on, Park.. do you really think that you're gonna have as much fun there as you would here?" She raises an eyebrow. "Besides.. c'mon, you know it'll be fun to surprise Mama." Her gaze turns back to Ali and she folds her arms. "Hey, just cause I grew up in Mississippi does /not/ make my music country." She does seem a little miffed about that. "But.. thank you. I'll do that." She takes the card.

Parker folds his arms and looks at Portia just as defiantly. "Portia. You know we can't stay here on our own. Hell, you can't even sign a contract wihout mama or daddy signing it too. You're not gonna get any exposure without them signing off first. So, which is it gonna be? Mama here or Daddy back in Laurel? At least with mama, you're in the general area you want to be in. And you can say that you want to try out for some of the summer theater shows here."

McAlister grins, at that, and retreats - slinging her bag over her shoulder and moving away. Apparently, the rest of this conversation's up to the family pair.

Glancing after Ali as she heads off, Portia lets out a sigh. "I guess you're right. Guess that means I'll have to tell Mama, then." She looks back to him. "Do.. you even know where Mama's staying here?"

Parker shakes his head. "Nah. But we got her number, so we can call her. But before that…" he smiles at Portia again. "Can we get somethin' t' eat? I'm damn well starvin' and I ain't had a decent burger since we were home for Christmas."

Portia laughs. "Alright, alright.. I admit I'm kinda hungry too." She looks around. "Lets just find somewhere to eat and then call her." She giggles. "Shame we don't know where she's at. I think it'd be great to just show up on the doorstep. She'd have one of those priceless reactions, y'know?"

Parker hugs Portia warmly. "That's the spirit. But I think we're gonna cause her enough headaches already without showin' up on the doorstep out of the blue."

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