2008-03-10: Checking In at Deveaux


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Summary: After finding out what he can, Gene reports back into Hiro to share his information and figure out the next step.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2008

Checking In at Deveaux

Deveaux Building - Rooftop

Paled to near unnatural levels, tired, and seemingly ragged, the down and out young man known as Gene makes his way toward the roof, opening and closing the door behind him. He's dressed in his business clothes, using the black peacoat to keep out the chill that comes from being so high up at the end of winter. He glances around the roof, looking for the man that he called.

"Hiro? Hello?" the geek offers with an uncertain and slightly weakened tone.

It might be cold on the roof, but Hiro doesn't seem to mind - this roof is his now, after all, and he wants to enjoy it. When he hears Gene, he looks up from the notebook he's currently writing in quite frantically and beams, "Superman!"

The young man gives the fellow comic book lover a small almost meek smile and a faint bow of the head. "<Greetings, Hiro,>" Gene begins in Japanese, figuring it best to use his native tongue. He's not too skilled in it, but he tries hard as he speaks slowly and clearly. "<How are you doing today?>"

Oh, Gene is going to speak Japanese? Hiro can manage English but Japanese will probably be best for getting the details across in a more concise manner. Speaking of details, though, what is this all about? "<I'm good. How are you? You look sick.>"

Gene's words have grammatical errors in them, as he is far from an expert in Japanese Just enough to watch anime and survive in Japan if he had to. "<Rough time Had my car door frozing, a stripper threaten to break my hand and dealt with the most boring job ever… But I have found important information involves Pinehearst.>" He doesn't really focus on his illness for whatever reason, perhaps due to what he has to talk about. "<I think they were trying to maybe make some sort of body changes to people. I am not sure what kind or why… But I was breaking into their lab and got some information on it. I tried to go through it in the days to come.>"

"<Body changes?>" Hiro doesn't quite get that, tilting his head to one side, "<What sort of changes? Like extra arms? Oh! More muscles? Like the Hulk?>" Hiro's mind is racing. Body changes! They're manufacturing super soldiers! Nevermind that Gene hasn't really said any of this … trust Hiro to go off on a tangent.

"<Like dead lizards,>" comes the soft reply. Gene shakes his head, remembering the freakish results he saw. "<I'll have more… But I hoped you would be having new directions for me to go forward with.>"

The last bit hits Hiro off guard. Direction? Hiro is barely able to direct himself let alone other people. He looks thoughtful for a moment, not quite willing to admit that to someone technically putting themself in harms way for the Cause, "<I need a layout of Pinehearst's facility if you can get one. But be careful … don't take any risks that could get you hurt.>"

The young genius frowns faintly, but realizes why Hiro has said what he did. He sighs and gives a nod. "<I can see what I can do for that. It should be done easy. I was looking for…>" Gene tries to think of a word. He gets a look of enlightenment as he remembers what to say. "<…Information that might help me. If I know what they are trying to do, we might be able to stop them.>"

"<We will find out,>" Hiro promises with an eager nod of his head, "<Soon. They are keeping a sample of blood there … the healing blood that I told you about. We need to get it. It is dangerous.>" He pauses, "<We will get just enough for you, but the rest has to be destroyed.>"

There is hope given again. Gene is wided eyed at the news. "There is?" he explodes into english. He didn't know that there was a vial of the stuff in the labs. The wheels are turning. He has to get back in there. His life literally depends on it. Drifting back to English absent mindedly as he continues, the young man continues. "I'll do what I can for the floor plans. Should have most of them for you in a week or so tops. Anything else you need from me?"

"Nothing else for now," Hiro says with a shake of his head, "But thank you. You have done a very good job." He looks quite pleased, practically beaming … he'll be of much more help to the Operation now.

"Right… I'll see you later, Hiro." With that, Gene gives a weak smile. Is there a chance he could be cured from his illness? He doubts it at this point, but right now, he's got to have hope. It's the only think that can keep him going. Turning away, the 'Geek God' appears ready to leave, but he suddenly turns his head to speak over his shoulder. "Maybe when all of this is over… We can celebrate by going to a comic convention or something. Take it easy, Hiro." And with that, Gene begins to walk for the stairs.

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