2009-10-17: Checking Up On Big Brother



Date: October 17th, 2009


Two very different thieves use very different methods to break into the same office looking for the same evidence. Only one of them makes off with it.

"Checking Up On Big Brother"

Lancaster Owned Offices

It's night, the time where the shadows are longest and strongest and most of the people who are smart enough spend time in bed, all nice and curled up in blankets or watching TV, or reading a book… or simply enjoying being warm and inside.

… of course if that was entirely the case for /everyone/ it wouldn't be nearly as intresting now would it?

Eric Lancaster, newly back in town after a long 'vacation' seems to have decided that this specific night would be useful for something… constructive. If you could call a little bit of B&E constructive at least. Eric would at least in this case.

"… ah big brother… what are you getting up to?" He murmurs mostly to himself as he regards a nondescript office building across the way from the black-clad young man. Its not a very big building, a gray block only three stories high. The first floor dedicated to different businesses, the top floors devoted to private offices. Something anyone would see as normal… commonplace…

…except for the fact that this one is owned by a branch of the Lancaster family. A subsidary of the business that one of the Lancaster children have taken great pains to hide from the rest of the company. So Eric, the youngest of the family, has decided to see what just makes this place so special.

The night time can be very similar to the day time if one moves extremely fast, but it's true that instructions were to 'lay low', so the night time it is. All the best to snoop in, really.

That's how the office building that a certain young man is espying turns out not being so empty as it looks. Bypassing the security on the door was perhaps suspiciously easy, but with all the lights off she's double certain that no camera is going to pick up an identifiable image of herself zooming about the place. If she were any less good at reacting in fast-time to obstacles, however, there might've been a bruised knee to complain home about.

As it is, there's nothing. Which is sort of how her search of the place is going, too. Cradling intel that the government's bad side might be piggy-backing off some money from this very site, the speedster ducks into the next office after having found nil in the first. A little bit of lock-picking and she's in. At the first glance around she doesn't see any safe, but, boy, does she know all the generic places to hide one.

Now Eric /does/ have a little bit of a trick with this, so that he doesn't have to do that pesky lockpicking bit. He simply looks in the room on the first floor though the window and suddenly…


No more Eric outside, because now he's simply stepping out of a patch of shadow inside the room as he glances around the room. Hands still in his pockets the young man simply strolls on. Unlike the speedster he knows just about exactly what he is looking for and where it might be…or at least what office it might be found in…

So he heads upstairs towards the offices with a soft hrmm of questioning. Now the first office he passes up, the second office though he stops at the door of and reaches out to touch the handle…

…only to have it swing open on him…since its the office that a little speedster just blitzed her way into.


"Er…" He mutters half to himself as his eyes sweep the dark room, eyes that have a slight shine to them in the dark, and spy… a blonde?

One whose hair most likely shines as much as his eyes, without any ability to support it, too.

The thief attached to that hair hears the door, so that she's already tensed. And, thanks to recent events, her flight instinct has been amped several times. So, the instant she thinks something's going on, she's on her feet and flying towards the exit. The man's timing is precious, however, and just in time Daphne knows she would run right into him or the door. He simply isn't leaving enough room and she balks out of going under his arm. So, instead, the blur of speedster stops in the middle of the room - having made all these decisions before then - and sort of stares at this other intruder with an expression where frustration hides fear.

A quick glance around at this point shows windows that are locked and blocked, so she angles back at the man, waiting for the removal of any kind of weapon. Then she's just risking it. But, until then: "Who doesn't turn the lights on?" A scoff. As if she could stand there with the right to do so after just being caught in the act.

She's on one side of the room, then she's on the other side of the room, then she's scoffing at him. Well. Isn't that different. He sees something new everyday he's back from England it seems. The young man blinks once, then twice at the young woman. A shake of his head. "I don't have much use for them." Is all he says back towards her for a moment as he stands there watching the woman. No move for a weapon, at least not yet. Maybe he doesn't even /have/ a weapon. You never know. He doesn't look like a security guard at least. Thats for sure.

"… so…" He says after a few more heartbeats. "… you aren't the usual kind of secretary or guard I'm used to seeing at a place like this."

Yes. Eric said all that.

"Right." Said for his dismissal of the lights, Daphne seems to relax a bit more instead of tense up further. At least, she tips to one side to rock the hand on one hip pose and looks far less like she's caught in headlights, even if it seems like his eyes could be some. Although, she's still holding her ground, she's still watching him, and she's probably still waiting to see if he gives her even an ounce more space to slide through. The thought of running past him is less and less attractive, however, considering he's seen her move. It gives him a certain advantage that she doesn't feel like playing him for.

"And you're a little short to be a stormtrooper," she retorts dryly at what appears to be him skirting the obvious issue. Her sarcasm must be obvious, what with how he clearly is on the towering side of height.

Breathing his own sigh of relief Eric seems to relax just slightly towards the woman as he crosses his arms over his chest. Those bright eyes regard the woman for a moment before he gives a slight and soft chuckle. "Nice moves by the way." He adds with that same soft voice towards her as he just watching, not moving an inch. "…as soon as I shift at all you're going to be gone arn't you?" He asks lightly towards her. Again that bright and easy smile flashing to his face.

"And don't you have the wrong hair to be Leia?" He shoots back towards the woman easily before that smile on his face grows just a fraction of an inch. "So… now that we both know neither of us are suposed to be here…"

She squints at his chuckling, not entirely amused herself, and also just getting the best look she can. Daphne's eyes adjusted back in that other office, but she's too cautious right now to miss even a twitch. That does not, however, mean she can't primp a bit at his words. Her chin jerks upwards proudly, slightly to an angle in all her best attitude. "Great moves," she corrects generously, "And would've been better if you hadn't…" She trails off into a sulky pout, lips perfectly jutted out. The sentiment he finishes off quite nicely, himself. Of course she's gone. Just as soon as.

"All the better to make sure nobody ever asks me to wear that hideous bikini." He's smiling, but she's smirking. It's as good a defense as any. "Well, like you said, as soon as you shift… so what's a girl to do until then?" Shooting her words back at him, the speedster breaks from her spot first. She's under no such restraints, but she's happy to use his in order to allow herself to move around the room. The thief goes right back to where he found her, working away at a super-secretly locked drawer in the upper corner of the room's fancy ass desk.

"Great moves," Eric allows towards the once-thief with a nod towards her. "If I hadn't decided to do a little B&E at the same time you decided to do the same thing then we wouldn't be having this facinating conversation now would we?" He returns as he watches her pout for a moment then. He still doesn't move though, not even a twitch now as he seems to just follow the movements of that woman with his eyes.

"I think you would like great in a bikini," Eric quips before he shakes his head slightly as he hrmms, following again the movement of the woman in the office. "Well you could always introduce yourself." He adds lightly towards her before he hrmms slightly. "You can let me help with that too…" He adds as he nods towards the woman.

…and suddenly she can see /much/ better in the dark. Though the colors are still a bit faded.

"Looking for the same things I am I bet if your fiddling with the desk and not that big wall safe behind that truly tasteless picture on the wall."

Daphne's too busy to do much but raise her eyebrows and roll her eyes as the bikini comments continue and, as for introductions, well, she seems similarly noncommittal. It isn't until her eyesight miraculously improves that she startles away from the lock she's working on. Backing up a step, her head raises right to her trapped company. "You did that." Not a question. "What happened to 'let me'? Couldn't wait to show off a bit?"

Pot, kettle. She's been here before. But she does give him a more of an allowing, understanding half-smirk at that, so she's not entirely unaware of it all.
Now that she can see better, though, she goes back to work on the desk and it's like a thousand times easier. Part of it is feel, of course, but with this type of lock the eyes can only help. The drawer front snaps open and she pulls it out. "Was in the safe," she explains off-handedly, "Just as a pick-me-up, of course."

Since he mentions it, though, she glances over at the hiding location and grimaces in surprised disgust. "Annnnd now I wish you hadn't helped."

"Show off? Me? This from the woman with the great moves," Eric shoots back in the direction of the blonde. He really is different than he used to be. Confident. "I was just trying to help." He adds lightly towards her. "And of course. Just as a pick me up." He allows before he winces in sympthoy. "Yeah well I needed someone to share my pain." He adds with a twist of a smile before he takes a chance.

He steps away from the door.

Oh, it's a chance, and she might just flee on him but he's curious just what those papers might say and besides he's curious about this odd girl as well. "The name is Eric by the way." He adds, introducing himself easily enough as he takes one smooth and graceful stalk towards her. The movement is measured and even as the pace of a hunting cat.

"That wasn't showing off, that was natural fact." Daphne replies, easy as that. Hey, if he wants to play it that way, she can go it all night. "You did," she adds after a pause, her voice softening just the tiniest bit, "Help. You totally ruined it with the painting thing. But before that was great." Her 'too bad, so sad' tilt of the head might suggest he canceled out any debt he might have otherwise reaped.

Her gaze, previously falling to what it is she's pulled out of that drawer, drifts slowly up so she's staring at the exposed doorway half-lidded. Freedom.

Maybe now she's spoiled by the idea that she could leave anytime she wanted. Maybe she's curious. Whatever it is, the speedster isn't immediately gone. She lingers. Her weight shifts, just the tiniest bit of putting her lean in the opposite direction of his walk in silent challenge, preparation; she could spook so easily.

"Well, howdy, Eric. Looking for these?" Her hands gently lift a cream colored folder tabbed 'Financials'.

"I see you're humble as well as short," Eric's reply has a soft and easy undercurrent of laughter to that voice. "Well then…guess that cancles all that help out doesn't it?" He says as he stops out of arms reach from the woman and leans back on his heels. "Yes actually, I would be looking for those…as for the painting just don't look at it. Brett never has had any taste." A pause. "… it is like a car wreck though isn't it? Just can't look away."

He pauses again before turning to lean against the desk. "So… just what do you want with those finances anyway?"

"You're tall and noisy." She sounds almost quizzical shooting it back at him, like she's asking herself what they're doing here, sharing quips like a bad adventure movie. Daphne would be having a better time flipping through papers but he keeps getting closer and instinct keeps kicking her to watch him do so. "Brett? That's awfully personal of you. Don't you know it's better to work outside of your comfort zone?" Not that anyone's ever IDed Daphne; they never even see her.

The moment he moves to lean on the desk, she interprets him moving in towards her and she bolts. But only so much as to put several more paces between them. There are still some items left in the drawer - envelopes, money from another country, trinkets - but she has the folder. "Ah, ah, ah," she scolds, "You want to see these, you give me something else. See, they're none of my concern, just an errand. If you can convince me you need 'em more… they're yours." She lies. Easily.

"Noisy… well yeah I guess I am," Eric replies with a slight shrug. "That's not one of my talents… being silent that is." Come on isn't it just a little bit fun to sit here trading quips with each other? Just a little bit. He seems entirely content to lean against the desk, but his hands come up slowly. "Woah there miss, woah… I'm not trying to run you off." He adds with the a smile. "Alright then… what do you want to know then? What can I do to convince you?"

He hrmms for a moment before allowing a bit more information slip. "Well I'm allowed to be personal with Brett. He's my big brother," He adds with a smirk. "Not that we are on real good terms at the moment." He adds with a slight shrug of his shoulders towards the woman.

If she were asked, Daphne would give the same response she told a different man she talked to today — maybeif he was Sean Connery. This also being the instance where the thief, herself, would be wearing a catsuit, so. We all know how close that eventuality is not. She gives an allowing tip of her head when he goes to calm her, those bright lips almost forming something apologetic.

His spill of information gets her to relax even further because she gives what is an obviously undisguised reaction: bemusement. "Oh, those are real good terms, alright. Stealing from your own brother's office. Big brother." She clucks her tongue, tapping fingers along the side of the folder one by one. "Alright, then. What are these to you?" Gesturing with the file again. "What are you hoping to find about dear old family?"

Scottish broque then does it for her? Though her wearing a catsuit might just distract the shadowcaster. Just a little bit at least. If she was Catherne Zeta-Jones is would be even more of a distraction, but that isn't here or there really.

"Well me and Brett don't see eye to eye on most things," Eric replies with a slight shrug towards the woman. "Well on anything really." He adds as he glances towards the papers once again before those bright eyes look back up towards the blonde thief. "Proof thats he's doing something naughty." He replies with a smirk. "I'm not sure what exactly, but something."

Daphne could take Catherine Zeta-Jones. Don't question it, just accept.

She pursues her lips again, staring down with some consideration at the file before tipping it partially open. There's numbers, names, a lot of stuff the thief probably couldn't do much with just from scanning it. Her chin jerks up at little brother Eric after a short reading session. "How about giving money to the bad guys so they can keep doing bad things. Stop me if I'm losing you." She doesn't think she will, though; she's taking the chance that his purposes really are close to hers.

Of course, it's entirely possible that she just stepped into the middle of a really ugly brotherly feud. She'd like to know. "Money… to people who don't appreciate my moves, and your help."

Eric doesn't doubt it.

"I supose that could be it. He's fairly good at giving bad people alot of money," Eric replies quietly as he considers things. "Just for the hell of it usually, but sometimes he does it for a reason. I think I can follow pretty well at least all of this." He pauses again a moment and raises an eyebrow.

"Ah….there /are/ alot of people like that arn't there." He says quietly as those eyes focus on her once again. "Now the question I guess now is which side you happen to be on and if you actually know anyone I happen to know." Pause. "This is what happens when you're gone a year and a half." He mutters half under his breath, those words directed more towards himself.

"And Brett? He's got a few moves of his own I've found out."

"Alright, with this, what you're saying, and that painting, your brother's creep factor is through the roof." Daphne informs him, though it seems Eric might have a clue about that already.

Her head tosses proudly at the next. She shifts to be standing a bit straighter, to the fullest extent of her very, very short stature. "I'm on the good side." And she dares him to say otherwise - anyone. "But, sorry, I'm not in the habit of dropping names. Guess if you're on the right team, we'll just run into each other again, won't we?" She raises her eyebrows haughtily, adjusting her stance a second time. It's a movement that might give away what she's thinking to anyone paying close enough attention at home.

"As for the files," there they are, in her hand, "If you wanted 'em bad enough, you would've gotten here sooner." Oops! Shrug. And then - zip! - there goes Daphne, the unapologetic blur of thievery out into the night.

"Mmmm…don't we all think we are on the good side?" Eric asks wryly. "No one likes to play the bad guy." He adds with a wink before he catches that slight shift, that preperation. A smirk. "Yeah, guess I should have gotten there sooner. Have fun with the files…"


"… Roadrunner."

A shake of his head before he smirks slightly as he turns to look the way she left. A thoughtful look on his face.

"… so does that make Gene Wyle E Coyote?"

The a shrug of his shoulder and off he just casually strolls out the door and into the shadows.

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