2007-07-17: Cheer Up, Angrylena!


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Summary: The Evosoft team plans to group up in the Cain Manor so they can all head for the private airstrip that Jaden owns in the morning together. Eric comes across Elena packing, and in an insanely bad mood.

Date It Happened: July 17, 2007

Cheer Up, Angrylena!

The Cain Manor, Somewhere in New York

She has all of the things she's packing for the trip assembled around her, in one of the sitting rooms of Cain Manor. THIS TIME, Elena didn't fail to tell her father where she is. The entire group was spending the night in Jaden's swanky pad, so they could all head for the airport tomorrow. While her jPhone is out, bright cherry red with her signature cartoon ninja, it's most decidedly off. She only turned it on just for a moment to call her father, before shutting it down again. By all rights she should be excited. She's got her passport in hand. She's going to Spain, land of her ancestors. She's going on an adventure. For the first time in her young life she was going to be someplace else OTHER than New York.

But she's clearly not happy.

In fact, she was ludicrously angry.

This isn't an outward thing. Oh, Elena can yell like no other, but this was more of an aura. Something volatile and strong and agitated lingered around her like a miasma of dark energy. So much so that the servants of the manor avoided her. She's poring through her To Bring list, set side-along with her To Do List. 'Call Family' was already crossed out.

The new music box that had been given to her was on the floor, stuffed with a few of her accessories. It remains shut, and seeing it now only gets her even angrier, but not at the person who gave it to her (though she was pissed at him too), but rather at herself for taking it along because she couldn't -not-. And she hated the fact that she couldn't -not-. She hated herself for being sentimental when she was so angry. When SHE was the one who was ejected from someone's life over something she did BEFORE she even knew said person existed.

"Alright dad alright!" Eric's voice echoes from outside the sitting room, laughter touching it with soft tones. "So maybe I was a bit hard on the board members." A pause again, the young man obviously listening to someone on the phone. "Come-on, you loved the video Jaden got didn't you?" A pause again before more laughter rings out, a note of triumph in it. "Thought so, look I need to finish up some things alright? I'll talk to you after we get back. Of course I'll be careful." Pause. "I love you too, bye."

A soft click from a shutting down jPhone before the door is pushed open and Eric Walker stands there. The look on his face as he enters goes from happy, to surprised, to concerned, to curious as soon as he notes the girl there…and the almost palpable aura she has about her.

"…Hi Elena," He says after a long moment. "…didn't know you were already here."

"I just want to get out of here," Elena mutters, not looking up as she goes through her checklist. Angry Elena is focused. Angry Elena -worked-. "Did you look at the official itinerary yet?" This trip was mostly for business after all. "They changed the meeting with the Spanish affiliate in Madrid to three o'clock on the first day so us Americanos can take advantage of their siesta tradition." She should be excited, but her tone falls flat. Businesslike. She folds, unfolds, then re-folds a shirt, and stuffs it in her suitcase with such vehemence she could punch a hole through the canvas.



"Hopefully I didn't pack too much crap," she growls under her breath. Sitting back on her heels, she rubs the side of her face and looks over at him. No smile - but Eric can probably sense that whatever she's mad about, it has nothing to do with him. "How's the family?" She stands up, and walks to the other side of the room where a few books have been stacked. Would she even have time to read?


What the heck happened to her, what crawled into her brain and died. For all of their time knowing each other the youngest Lancaster had never known Elena to get /that/ angry. Not even when people attacked her dad. He frowns slightly before stepping into the room to watch her pack like that. A raised eyebrow at that.

"You packed just fine I'm betting," A surprised look on his face before she turns on her heel and stalks across the room towards the books. "The family? Just fine. Dad is happy about the board meeting, Harry is working, Brett is still a bastard…" He takes a step closer before thrusting his hands in his pockets. "…and just how are you?"

"You mentioned that before." At the very least, Elena was paying attention. "About Brett." She tries to choose between two books, and since she has no patience to weigh the pros and cons, she just dumps them both in the suitcase. They're both fiction, and delightfully unscientific. And to her credit, it's not chick lit. 'The Alienist' by Caleb Carr was one, and the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in another. Both look like they've been handled many times.

"I'm okay. Like I said, really looking forward to the trip." So why doesn't she sound like she isn't? She's looking forward to the idea of GETTING AWAY from New York for a change. Forget about everything for a while. She can't help the small glare, directed at nothing in particular. "….just a rough day."

She looks over at Eric. "You?" She's not faking a smile at least. Eric was one of the few who could tell.

"Well…my brother and I never have gotten along," Eric says with a smirk that its obvious that means…well…he's understating things horribly. He watches her back as she goes over the pair of books, his head tilting his head to one side. Noting the titles of the two books he just has to smile and chuckle softly. Such a study in differences isn't it.

He hrmmms a moment before he shakes his head slightly. "…you don't sound too happy about it, but…I could be wrong." He blinks at the glare for a moment before he shakes nods slightly. Being vague isn't she? However he doesn’t press her at the moment.

"I'm having a fine day, except for one thing." He says with a smile towards her. "…and…I'll tell you just what that is, if you come with me to get something to drink in the kitchen. My throat is killing me after talking that long with my dad."

"Hm? Do you know where— " Elena pauses. "…oh….I remember. You and Jaden used to go to school together, yeah?" She shoves the early morning events out of her mind defiantly, sliding her hands in her pockets. She was wearing shorts today. Shorts, a tank top, with her hoodie wrapped around her hips. The ENTIRE manor was bloody air-conditioned, but she was way too riled to wear her hoodie. But now that he mentioned it, she was thirsty. And, embarrassingly enough, hungry. She hasn't had an appetite all day and now her body was rebelling.

"I am….I just…" Her expression softens, reminded that Eric pulled strings to take her along just so she could experience another country. "….ugh. It's nothing. I just had a long morning." She rubs her face. "Come on, let's grab that drink. I'll make us some sandwiches unless we can scrounge up some leftovers. I think Jaden mentioned that he has Emeril come over once a week to cook for him."

She furrows her brows at him. "So what ruined your day…or what was the thing in your day that you didn't like?" she wonders, following after him.

"Yeah," Eric confirms slightly before he sighs slightly. He's amused by those memories. He always was. For himself he's wearing a pair of light black slacks and a deep grey button down shirt with the top button undone. He turns slightly to start towards the kitchen before he rolls his eyes slightly. "Emeril. Well he has Stone Cold on his security team, so why not Emeril as a cook." He says with a laugh and a smile before he makes it to the kitchen.

Which. Of course. Is HUGE…and never been touched by Jaden's hands.

"Tell you what, you look for leftovers and I'll get something to drink." He says towards her as he starts rummaging around for a pitcher and some glasses. He knows that /somewhere/ around here Jaden keeps something good.

"Oh it didn't ruin my day, its hard to ruin my days lately, couldn't tell you why though." He says with a smile towards her before starts rummaging around in the fridge now…well…one of the fridges. There /are/ three.

"…..god. This is almost unfair. Three refrigerators, all stocked, and only -two- people in this house that could eat them," Elena says. Granted, Jaden was doing his part in society. He established a philanthropic foundation, for god's sake. What the eff has she done lately but BE trouble and CAUSE trouble and be IN trouble with everyone she cared about? She stews in that, but she defiantly yanks a fridge door open, dragging out what she could find. She undoes the saran wrap, and sniffs. "Looks like roast beef." She'll grab a baguette, some veggies, Dijon mustard and cheese. She'll make them sandwiches.

"Maybe because you're doing so well. Your father's probably really proud." It was good to distract her for a while, she was conversing normally with a friend. She sets the ingredients on the granite counter, looking around somewhat enviously. The kitchen was state of the art. It was even better than…


She yanks a knife out, and starts slicing some tomatoes and veggies. Er…..is it wise to give her something sharp when she's this pissed?

"I know…but that’s Jaden," Eric replies with a laugh. "He never was into what was fair, or effective…just…what he thought was cool," He smirks as he pulls out a pitcher of sangria. Two glasses follow it quickly enough, and are filled with the cool red liquid. Pushing one slightly towards her he raises an eyebrow slightly.

"…well…" He grins slightly and rubs the back of his neck a moment before his gaze returns to her. "…thanks." He finally says simply. His father /is/ proud of him, and he does like it. A pause though as he watches her pull out the knife, a bit of worry in his eyes.

"…maybe giving you the knife right now wasn't the best of ideas…" He says half teasingly towards her as he nudges the glass towards her just a bit more.

THWACK. "I'll be fine." THWACK THWACK. "The lettuce is just— " THWACK THWACK SHRED THWACK. "Stubborn."


The end of the blade sinks sideways into her thumb, Elena looking up at Eric….but she doesn't seem to feel the injury even as blood seeps all over the chopping board. Given her powers, for some reason they were active at present, perhaps used to block out a certain something. But when the sangria is offered, she pauses.

"…..is that…?" Sangria. Her favorite. Sure she isn't supposed to drink alcohol, but Sangria was BARELY alcohol, and it was good. It was one of the very few alcoholic drinks she actually enjoyed, for someone who couldn't get drunk for the life of her.

She reaches out with a hand, a crimson rivulet sliding down tanned skin to drip on the granite counter. She blinks, noticing it for the first time, and drawing her hand towards herself. "….huh…when did I get this?"

Cue sweatdrop.


Eric sudden exclamation follows the fact that she just sliced the heck out of her thumb. "You…you…" He shakes his head before stepping over towards her and pulling a silk handkerchief out of his back pocket. "…you stubborn woman." He mutters, half in concern and half in amusement. "Here, give me your hand and lets get it to the bathroom, try to find out what Jaden has to bandage this…if anything…" He adds after a moment, taking her hand in both of his and wrapping the hankie around her thumb to stop it from bleeding.

"…you got it a minute ago, when you were so angry you cut yourself and ruined our sandwiches." He answers wryly as he regards her. "…I don't know what happened, but I'm damn curious." Then a smirk.

"Bring the sangria though, and yes, that’s exactly what it is. We'll drink after you get this stopped." He laughs and shakes his head. "Aren’t /you/ supposed to be the nurse?" He adds teasingly after a moment.

Then a pause before he adds quietly. "And its your smile."

"It's nothing, it doesn't even hurt," Elena protests. Because she CHEATS. When he takes her hand and covers the blood with his handkerchief though, she lets herself be tugged towards the bathroom where they could find a first aid kit. It's really not that big of a stretch - she keeps the med kit in their bathroom at home too. "And I didn't ruin our sandwiches, it's just blood, it can be cleaned off," she mutters petulantly. Good lord. She's -difficult- today. Stubborn Elena is Stubborn.

But she lets him lead on anyway, snagging her Sangria with her good hand as they try and maneuver their way around the maze that was the Cain estate. "Um…..I think the bathroom could be over there," she says. Damn it Jaden, this place needs a map! The ones with the helpful 'You Are Here' dots.

But at the nurse comment, she gapes at him, and then she GLOWERS. "-Doctor-, thank you," she growls defensively. Not because of the comment itself but what, or who, it reminded her of. But catching herself at the sudden rise of anger AGAIN, she sighs. "I'm….I'm sorry." She apologizes contritely, sincerely. "I…I've been in a bad mood all day. It'll pass by morning. I don't….I didn't mean to take it out on you." Not when he's being all concerned about a flesh wound!

When he brings up the last part, she averts her eyes, covering that up by trying to look for the bathroom. "What about it?" She wasn't in a smiling mood today. But it was certainly missing.

"Ah yes, that’s what I always thought roast beef was missing, the taste of blood," Eric quips towards her with a shake of his head. "And you cheat remember?" He reminds her…because she doesn’t admit it…but he KNOWS she does. "…and your more stubborn today did you know that?" The young man asks with that same easy smile towards her.

"…I have no clue where the damn bathroom is around here," He adds with a shake of his head. "Jaden seems to have it remodeled every other week." Finally though he finds one, and some band aids within, returning with the box and opening it. At the growl and the glower though he blinks towards her, and then narrows his eyes towards her…he was about to say something when she apologizes. A pause, and he lets out a long breath. "…its alright Elena, I know you don't mean too…and I won't press you as to why…but if you want to talk about it…" He shrugs. The offer is at least there.

As he tends to her finger, gently cleaning away the few runnels of blood with the hankie and a bit of water from the sink he sighs, not looking towards her, concentrating on the task. "Its missing. You wondered what I was missing today, that…would be about it."

"Meat's supposed to be eaten medium-rare anyway unless you're eating pork or chicken," Elena says in her grumpy tone. Trust a sort-of-amateur chef to tell him something like that. But when he points out her stubbornness, she doesn't say anything. She just looks at him, and exhales a breath. She wasn't going to dignify that one with a response….he knows she's in a bad mood. She's TRYING to be friendly, but…

"I thought he only remodeled the media areas?" she asks. Where his hobbies were. And the garages. But it looks like perhaps Candy was. She is about to apologize some more when he glowers back, but thankfully he doesn't….proceed. She knows she had been out of line there, and she can't help but avert her eyes. OH LOOK. A painting. ….of dogs playing poker.

"…I…I know. I'm worrying you," Elena says, looking at her finger when Eric starts cleaning it. When he explains himself, she falls quiet. "I…guess I'm not in a smiling mood today," she says. "I'm…sorry about that too. It's…" She exhales. "I don't know. Maybe I really just need to get away for a week or two."

"I'll take the experts word on that," Eric replies with a laugh and a shake of his head. "I survive on take out, TV dinners, and microwave pizza remember?" He adds with a smile. The glower on his face and the annoyance in his eyes banished as quickly as they came. He knows she's trying, there isn't really any need or reason to poke her about it. He already made his offer.

"…mmm…" Eric murmurs an agreement before he sets the bandage on her finger. "Yes, you are…but you'll get over it." He says with confidence in his voice. "…it happens to everyone sometimes." A pause again before he looks up towards her, eyes searching her face once again. "…and you don't have to apologize about it, not to me Elena. No one feels like smiling all the time. I'll miss it, because I like to see you smile, but I'll enjoy it when it comes back to me."

…did he really mean to say it like that…well it made sense to him, in his mind at least.

"…and we are going to be getting away from everything." One hand hesitantly almost reaches up to cup her cheek, the movement gentle and instinctive, not something that was thought out or planned. "So cheer up soon, alright?" He adds softly, offering her a supportive and warm smile.

"You do. And it's not healthy," Elena says, reminded of something she always went after him for and she gives him a petulant frown. But the annoyance and the glower disappear from his face, and she can only sigh with relief. She….perhaps she's already lost one really good friend. More than friend? Whatever, but the point was she didn't want to drive away the REST of them. The thought is a bitter pill to swallow, but she'll deal with it.

"I will," she says determinedly, nodding once. The defiant set on her jaw was there, but her eyes didn't reflect it. When he gets honest….she can't help but look away, a touch embarrassed. "….Eric…" she tells him quietly. "You know….you don't have to be patient with me -all- the time," she tells him, shaking her head. "I can deal with you being mad or hurt occasionally. So long as you -tell- me so I can try and fix it." Or storm out of his life if that's what he wants.

She would say more but her cheek is cupped, her face turned slightly so she could meet Eric's eyes again. But when he asks her to cheer up, she smiles. Just a tiny bit at the care. She needed that. She doesn't pull away. "I will," she says. "Soon." Maybe. She wasn't sure. But she'll do her best. Like everything else, she'll -rise above this-.

She wiggles her bandaged finger. "Thanks. Ever considered being a doctor?" she asks, finding it in her to crack a joke. She knows that's not where his talents lie. Numbers. Technology. To stare down high powered executives. That was his birthright. He was good at it. She reaches out, and links her arm with his in a friendly manner. "Come on," she says. "I owe you a sandwich."

"So sayeth the /Doctor/," Eric replies with a smile towards her. "…and if she recommends it I'll…try to cook?" Pause. "I'll need better insurance if I try that." He says with a wry twist to his lips that makes him look somewhat more like his father. He doesn’t know what she's thinking, he's not Ramon, but if he did he might have a few things to tell her. Things that he believes with all his being.

Things like the fact that she could never lose him.

Its true, he may even realize it one day. She's as much a part of him as anyone else in his life. She's touched him more than anyone else besides his family. He could never hurt her, never abandon her, its just not in his makeup…not anymore at least. Maybe it never was.

He chuckles though at the embarrassment that she shows. "…well if I'm not who is going to be?" He asks with a touch of humor in his voice. He pauses though as she continues, a touch of a frown on his features. Who hurt her like this that she was this…delicate…almost. Delicate isn't quite the right word for it though. Worried. Concerned. Almost like she is afraid of loosing his friendship. He shakes his head a moment before he smiles at her. "…you can't fix everything in the world Elena, but your going to try anyway aren’t you?" He asks before he sighs. "I'll tell you if something is wrong though, I wouldn't lie to you Elena. I…don't think I could." He chuckles. "One of the drawbacks of caring about someone I suppose." He adds softly.

Caring too much perhaps. He doesn’t really know anymore. His eyes search hers for a moment, warm and bright.

"Good," He murmurs with a nod towards her. "Good. Make sure its soon, Jaden won't be as nice as I am about it." He adds, the teasing coming back quickly. He lets his hand almost reluctantly fall away from her face before he shakes his head slightly. "Me? A doctor?" He laughs then, happy that she cracked the joke first. "I'd make a better cook than that. Can you imagine the bedside manner? I'd be reading a book while telling someone they had two broken legs."

As she takes his arm though he smiles, his hand moving to cover hers for a moment. "…alright then. You do owe me a sandwich, and it better not have blood in it." He adds with a grin as he pulls her along towards the kitchen once more.

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