2010-05-22: Cheerleaders Unite!


Claire_V5icon.png NPC: April

Date: May 22nd, 2010


Claire and April finally meet while on shift at the Food Court. They chat.

"Cheerleaders Unite!"

The Food Court

It's late morning and time for the lunch staff to arrive. Claire's only been working at the restaurant a week or so, but she's getting the hang of it. There's not that much to get, really — take orders, take money, give change, get food, deliver it to the guest, and all while smiling and looking cute in a tennis skirt shorter than the cheerleader skirts she used to wear in high school. She's not sure she's got the cute part down, but she's been doing all right with the rest of it — she thinks.

The blonde regenerator finds she likes the work — it may not be mentally challenging, but it's a novelty not to have to worry about being kidnapped by the government for a change. Not having to think too hard is a fringe benefit. The only downside, besides smelling like french fries all the time, is that the charming but dorky guy who hired her hasn't been around. She sort of liked his sense of humor and the fact that he didn't know how abnormal she herself was.

Claire enters the restaurant with a smile, pushing her sunglasses up onto her head once inside and striding toward the counter to join the crew behind it and punch in her time card.

Government shmumerment. April Juarez has never been one who has had to worry about them. Of course, not having an ability helps a fair bit in that department. Especially not when it comes to Claire's predicaments with said government. No, she is just your average, everyday rich girl who has landed herself a job. Of course, part of the reason that she took the job in the first place might have partially had to do with the fact that her friend Kiki started working, and that they were almost inseparable since being cheerleaders together at school. That and she hadn't exactly been the top of the class, despite being the 'smarter' of the pair.

The hispanic girl arrives at the Food Court. The only bonus, for her, this week, has been that Wheeler hasn't made appearances. To her, he's just your everyday geeky guy who gawks at the pretty girls. Translation: If she didn't work with him, she probably wouldn't give him the time of day. Probably harsh in the everyday person sort of sense, but perfectly logical in her little world.

Taking the time to change and apply just a little bit more makeup before clocking in and making her way to the front to join her other fellow workers. With a glance at Claire, she says, "You the new girl I've been hearing about?" She asks casually, as if she already knows the answer.

"Oh, hey!" says Claire from her spot up front at the cash register. It's only eleven, and there are exactly four people in the Food Court, all of whom have been served prior to Claire's and April's appearances.

"Hi, I'm Claire. I've met mostly everyone except…" she glances at the chart in the kitchen with everyone's names written beside their shifts, "April and Kiki, and it looks like Kiki isn't on today, so you must be April." She has quite the powers of deduction. "Nice to meet you!" She proffers a hand to shake, with a bright smile.

April gives Claire another look over. Prognosis? Approval. So far. She gives Claire a little smile, "Hi, I'm April. Yeah. Nice to meet you." She extends her on hand delicately to shake Claire's. "Kiki wasn't scheduled to work today. All for the best, probably. She's like…totally been having trouble with her vegan diet. I've gotta go help her like shop for food when I get off work." She shakes her head. "It is not easy being vegan." She states as if it's the hardest thing in the world. "So like…what do you think of it here?" She asks as she gazes out on the Food Court. If it were busier, she'd be flaunting her stuff all over the place. As it is, she'll be lucky to flaunt until the rush starts.

"Vegan? And she works here? Doesn't the whole selling burgers and chicken strips bug her, if she's a Vegan?" Claire says, eyebrows rising in surprise at this news. "That would be hard. I like animals and all, but I don't think I like them enough to stop eating them," she says with a grin blooming across her face. "I like it here all right. I mean, it's a job, which is good enough by itself, but everyone seems really nice so far." She frowns a little. "Any word on Wheeler, though? I mean, he hired me but I haven't seen him since. Did he quit or something?"

With a tilt of her head, April frowns. "Why'd it bother her? It's not like she's eating the burgers. And she can still eat some meat. Like veal. It's actually kinda yummy, veal. I hadn't eaten a lot of it, but me and Kiki made it when she started being vegan. It is so totally delicious." She says quite seriously. "Yeah, people here are alright." She responds. "Wheeler though…I dunno. He's kinda geeky." She shrugs. "If he did quite, it wouldn't be the worst thing around. He's kinda a geeky…weird person." With a roll of her eyes, she continues, "Big Mitch is the person to ask. I mean…he'd like totally know about Wheeler if anything like that'd happened."

Those fierce brows of Claire's go up a bit higher. "You… you can't eat veal if you're a vegan…" she begins. "Hell, I don't eat veal, because it's, like, even for regular meat eaters, some of us even think that veal is kinda cruel. Most vegans won't even eat cheese or milk or eggs, nothing that comes from an animal. You'd think someone who was vegan wouldn't want to … you know. Smell it or see it or serve it."

As far as Wheeler goes, she frowns a little. "He's maybe a little weird, but he was nice and seemed like he'd be fun to work with. I just thought I'd ask. Maybe he's sick or something…"

With a shake of her head, April says, "Of course you can eat veal if you're vegan! 'Cause when you're vegan you can only like…eat stuff that starts with v, e, g, a, or n! So obviously you couldn't eat cheese! 'Cause that starts with a 'c'. But you can eat eggs, 'cause they start with an 'e'! You see?" She nods firmly, as if that settles it.

"Wheeler is like…'Archie and the Gang' weird. And it doesn't help that his first name is Archie. It's like…like…he's totally out of those comics! All we need is a Jughead, Reggie, Veronica, and Betty." Though she doesn't admit that she and Kiki could be seen as the Betty and Veronica, minus the fighting over Archie stuff and the like.

"So…Claire…you haven't done any sports or anything, have you? Me and Kiki were like…huge cheerleaders back in high school. We were totally popular. You look like you could have been too." April says with a sweet smile.

"Ooh. Okay," Claire says with wide eyes at the explanation of what it means to be a vegan. "Um. You might want to wikipedia that word when you have a moment, you and Kiki. I think there's more to it than that." She makes it sound like she is hazarding a guess, when really she's staring at April and wondering how she managed to fill out the application. But then, Wheeler hired her when she had no job skills, so she isn't really one to talk.

"I didn't ever read those comics but I think I remember seeing one of the cartoons once. I guess maybe it helps that I have a dorky little brother. Wheeler seems okay to me." Why does she feel she's back in high school, trying to prove herself to Jackie and defending her friendship with Zach all over again?

"Yeah, I was a cheerleader. Back in Texas. That's what they do best, football and pom poms," she says lightly. "Not hugely popular though. I was more just kinda normal."

One word: Cheerleader outfit. At least that's how Kiki made it through the interview et al. And she had a much more difficult time. April on the other hand…well, she knew enough to fill it out without having to result to cheerleader outfits. "Wikipedia is like…so totally last season. Though it's supposed to be making a come back." April says thoughtfully.

It probably doesn't help Claire much that April is quite like Jackie in the way she acts and the way she views people. "Well, my brother isn't as dorky as Wheeler. Actually, my brother is much of a dork at all. So, I think I'll keep my brother." She says pleasantly.

"Cheerleading is fun, right? I bet it was a blast, down there in ol' Texas." April grins. "Trust me, if you were a cheerleader, you were popular and more than normal. Cheerleaders are special."

"Ed," mutters Claire under her breath, though it's an insult to herself as well as her co-worker. "Oh, hey, look, customers!" she says brightly, when a trio of guys from the Home Depot come sauntering in, in their orange vests. "Time to work." Bright smile, she moves over to the next cash register, to let April man the one they stand closest to.

"Welcome to the Food Court! May I serve you?" she asks, looking up into the face of the tall young man.

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