Patricia Cherise Pieletta Jones
Portrayed By Brooke Valentine
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 3rd, 1984
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Cherry, Cherry Pie, PCP
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Ex-hooker Drug dealer Booty
Known Relatives Mom, Pop, Leroy (brother), four other sisters
Significant Other Q-Train
Known Abilities Common Sense For Idiots
First Appearance Get on the Bus

Cherise is Q-Train's girl and Leroy's sister with a past full of ILLEGAL. Likes: fast cars, jewelry, gardening, long walks on the beach (in the dark so the po-po don't catch she doing things she shouldn't). Dislikes: idiots. But somehow she wound up with Q-Train, one half of the self-proclaimed "Dudes of Hazzard". Mouthy and no-nonsense, she tries to keep Q and his cousin, Gimmie Dat, out of mortal danger.


Since her beginnings stuck smack-dab between a whole lotta siblings - four sisters, one brother, Leroy, who would have been even more woefully out of place if it weren't for the fact that he was like one of the girls - Cherise has been jostled around. She doesn't mind much anymore. She goes where the wind takes her. Or, as the case may be, the smoke and the idiots she somehow grows attached to. They're like untrained puppy dogs. You can't just ditch 'em or they'll get run over by a mack truck.

Officially born Patricia Cherise Jones, but going by her middle name for as long as she can remember, except to every member above her generation save her parents, she grew up in sunny California. Los Angeles. Her family wasn't rich, not by a longshot. Cherise was a smart kid; she was no future honours student, she just had her wits about her. Even though she wasn't the oldest of the Jones kids, she was the one who tried to make sure everyone was okay, playing a big sister role beyond her years, the voice of reality to the dumbass things siblings get into. Ironic that she got caught up in everything she would have smacked them for? Whatever. In the end, everyone rules their own life. She can be a hypocrite if she wants to be!

She was expelled from high school but went to prom anyway if only to flaunt the dress her brother designed - and to that end, strategize get it on with at least two of the guys with the best cars. Her family soon picked up and moved to Boston "to leave behind the dangers of drugs, alcohol and gangs". Cherise eventually had a falling out with her parents and said good-bye, see ya later by nineteen. She befriended her way all the way to Florida— but she wasn't quite as connected or likeable as she thought, because she found her ass tossed into Jacksonville, flat broke.

What's a girl to do? Work her skills. Do what you know. Obviously. In Cherise "Cherry Pie" Jones's case, that meant working the streets in … an array of ways. Prostitution. Selling dope here and there.You know, odd jobs. After a few years of getting to know Jacksonville real well, streetwise and sharp-witted, she was taken under the wing of a generous drug dealer who taught her the ways of working in, and eventually helping to run, a fairly massive marijuana grow-op. Cherise was a natural.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Jacksonville…

"How the hell we gonna' get this dough, Cuz?"
"I dunno. Sell weed?"

It was because of this career path that she met Q-Train, and his cousin, Gimmie Dat. For some reason she's yet to pinpoint, she and Q hit it off when the pair was hatching a plan to sell weed to make money. After they started dating for reasons, again, she can't quite pinpoint - there's something about him; that's what she says - she got them weed in quantity, they prepared to trek it all the way to NYC. She tagged along to keep them out of the trouble that was on their toes, but instead, they ended up smoking almost all of the pot, making none of the deliveries, and pissing off a lot of people all along the east coast.

Even Cherise can't keep their heads on straight 24/7. It's a full-time job, and instead of paying in cash, it pays in tickets to the Q-Train. Gimmie's hot cars are a nice bonus, too.

So, with GDat's hairdresser cousin Shaniqua as their asylum, Cherise is doing what she always does: keepin' everybody's fool heads on straight.

Good luck with that, Cherry Pie.


  • May 21st: Get on the Bus -> Gimmie Dat and Q-Train get the bright idea to steal a bus and turn it into the Ghettro. Cherise provides pepper spray against guard dogs and she and Shaniqua distract the security guard while the idiotic plan is put into motion.
  • May 22nd: Cherise visits her brother Leroy at the Bitchin' Stitchin' residence! He tries to clothe her.


  • Shaniqua Mishae White: boy's cousin with boobs and slammin' hairstyling skills. Also someone to help smack sense into the Dudes.


  • "Boy, trouble follows you like the tail on a dog, and you just keep chasin' it in circles like my aunt Janita's damn ed in the head terrier." — in the car on the way to NYC


  • Cherise really likes pretty things. All about the bling. She's very responsible with other people's money, but she has a habit of blowing all of hers on fun. One could say she's addicted.
  • She has a tattoo of cherries on her back with her nickname.
  • Like Q-Train, she's terrified of spiders. She's also scared of rodents and anything creepy-crawly. Snakes are not included.
  • Her phone number is 28-DIRTY.


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